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/mu/tant Overlord(s): tournament speculationAnonymous
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>what's this?
a thread about a potential /mu/ tournament, you fucking retard
>who qualifies?
anyone who's involved in /mu/sic, that could be solo artists, duo acts, groups, producers, etc
>>duos?! groups?!? what is this retarded shit, this is a solo tournament!
this could be disputed in the thread but I believe that groups consisting of 2 or more artists should be allowed, as in music they're heard as one cohesive unit when preforming together, and some members never leave a group to make a solo career.
>what about a group with a male and female?
again since they're both heard together this would still allow both in as one nominee, so yes this would be an all gender tournament. this can be disputed in thread
>what if the duo/group disbanded and each started a solo career?
then either submit the solo artist or the group in nominees, or both, then campaign and see which one gets more votes in qualifiers
>is this official yet?
no, not until there's a volunteer with experience using google forms
>can this actually happen?
probably not, /mu/ isn't known for having huge communities, with the vast majority of threads not even getting 30 replies and the only threads to consistently reach bump limit being /kpop general/ and slowly /metal/.
It probably won't happen, but if does it probably should be on here rather than /mu/ itself.
Image:168091285577.jpg(130kB , 713x285 , C2146557-93CB-4C89-9470-223E17D7B08A.jpeg)
I unironically seen this idea float in /mu/ independently several times over the years I’ve lurked in there. Tho most usually include a certain genre and period with a really small contestant number. Having a 128 contestant with bands and solo artists in would give most people in /mu/ a fucking heart attack.
Not happening
I remember some anon made AOTD tournaments, then one for each year. Those were comfy.