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image:167988319162.png(612kB , 716x768 , Bill_Wilson-0.png)
A Mr and Ms /tv/ will never ever ever ever ever happen.
But if it did what would be your nominees?
Juno MacGuff (Juno)
Olive (Little Miss Sunshine)
Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks)
The Log Lady (Twin Peaks)
Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz)
Christine "LadyBird" McPherson (LadyBird)
Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
Lydia Tar (Tar)
Cleopatra Jones (Cleopatra Jones)
Cady Heron (Mean Girls)

The Narrator (Twilight Zone)
Jesse (Before Sunrise)
George Costanza (Seinfeld)
Wayne Campbell (Wayne's World)
John Shaft (Shaft)
Charlie (The Whale)
Peter Warne (It Happened One Night)
The Creature (The Creature From The Black Lagoon)
CIA Agent (The Dark Knight Rises)
Dale (Twin Peaks)
A mr. /tv/ tourney would definitely be the most meme and funposty of them all.
>Patrick Bateman
>Michael Scott
>Tyler Durden
>Walter White
>Jeffrey Lebowski
>Frasier/Niles Crane
>Napoleon Dynamite
due to recent meem culture, I feel a breaking bad rep is inventible
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image:167988524550.jpg(107kB , 820x637 , 41-415020_meem-tf2-meem.png)
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image:167988539654.jpg(38kB , 982x720 , 9C2B5D25-2060-4156-AA2F-E34F85300EED.jpeg)
don't forget Uncle Phil
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image:167988621232.jpg(10kB , 320x240 , 124.jpg)
Could reality tv shit like To Catch a Predator and JCS Psychology be included? Cause there's A LOT of potential there.
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image:167988795109.png(3.07MB , 1149x1770 , ashwilliams.png)
Hail to the king, baby.
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image:167989510588.jpg(42kB , 500x500 , audrey-hepburn-gettyimages-517443052.jpg)
You can make damn sure that I am going to nominate Audrey "Sweet and Wholesome as FUCK" Hepburn for Miss /tv/ and make sure she gets into the brackets!
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image:167990957346.jpg(743kB , 1106x1100 , Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.jpg)
George Costanza, Dale Cooper, and Ash Williams would be my top picks. Maybe also Tobias Funke.
First two posts are great but for me personally:
>Mr. = Either McMurphy from Cuckoo's Nest or Alex from A Clockwork Orange
>Ms. = Either Clarice from Silence of the Lambs or Veronica from Heathers
I prefer Katherine.
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image:167996515013.jpg(418kB , 1536x2048 , p6987_p_v10_ae.jpg)
Would Dorothy Michaels qualify as a male or a female?
My picks would be the following for a hypothetical mr /tv/
>Rufous T firefly( Duck soup)
>Nick Charles(the thin man)
>The invisible man(1933 version)
>Peter warne(it happened one night)
>Inspector clouseau(Pink panther franchise)
>Robby the robot(forbidden planet)
>The tin man, scarecrow, and cowardly lion(The wizard of oz)
>Saul Goodman(better call Saul)
>The mask(1994 version)
>Davy jones(POTC series)
>Sheev palpatine(Star wars franchise)
>Ruby rodd(The fifth element)
>Spartacus(film of same name)
>Sinbad(Columbia pictures film series)
>Robin hood(1938 version)
>King Kong
>Dracula(either universal or hammer films version)
I don't know probably