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Ms. /aco/ Waiting RoomAnonymous
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image:167839530422.png(2.81MB , 2010x1046 , Ms aco 2021 pic.png)
Thread to discuss the possible return of Ms. /aco/ tournaments.
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image:167841808379.jpg(78kB , 377x516 , 18377623-470A-42DA-831C-F44824F722E6.jpeg)
I’ve always wondered, could an /a/ character participate in an /aco/ tourney? Not only are there a few generals for /a/ related media but they’re very commonly posted through out the board.

Also good shit with the banner OP
There are /a/ threads in /aco/ so, I guess they should qualify too but I'd rather talk to Coayynon about it when the time arrives. Also I'm not sure of the consequences that would bring combining /co/, /v/ and /a/ in one single tournament. He said he would try covering Ms. /aco/ 2022 so we can move to 2023, in that way the tournament will proceed smoothly for next year. We can suggest him have a poll for 2022 that lets /a/ characters qualify for 2023.
Forgot to say, thank you. If no one else does it, I'm willing to cover the banner for co-op when the winners get revealed.
How does an /aco/ tournament even work?
Just post lewd to support your girl.
Hmm, well I definitely can't draw that.
Wait, if everything that is on /aco/ is allowed in, then I would still be able to make something.
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image:167846652702.png(198kB , 534x659 , 1621258841617.png)
This thing is worthless if we don't enforce the "/co/ only" rule. I'm not interested in voting for random /a/ bitches.
>/co/ only

Bitch this is /aco/ not /co/. Not only are there three vidya characters in elite eight but there are so many generals that range from /co/, /v/, /a/, /tg/, etc.
From my understanding the only reason why /aco/ and /h/ are different is because ones a western board while /h/ is a eastern board (aka japan). Tho that hasn’t stopped from there being many generals made.
We can leave it for a poll to vote. Having it be /co/ and /v/ should be enough.
Has this already started?
Anyone that would be a good representation of ENF?
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image:167851834176.jpg(3.4MB , 3264x3264 , Hypothetical Ms aco 3x3.jpg)
So... 3x3s?
>Bitch this is /aco/
What do you think co stands for? I'm okay with letting WESTERN vidya in but that's about it. Mods doing jackshit with /a/ spam doesn't mean we have to let it slide too.
How lewd and nsfw are we allowed to be?
Honestly I don't know. Probably gotta ask Black Hand about that.
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image:167857893375.gif(3.77MB , 338x610 , gaycowboy.gif)
Well, I assume it is fine as long as you use the NSFW spoiler, it is here for a reason.
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image:167858161760.jpg(1.04MB , 1280x1280 , Spoiler image)
Fair enough... here are my nominess
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image:167860456591.jpg(2.89MB , 3264x3264 , Spoiler image)
Decided to remake my 3x3 to be more in the spirit of the board.
Great taste. Nice shortstack choices, Cynthia is a based Pokémon pick, and Jaiden is also really good. But is that Velma? I don't think she can join this year lol.
To answer your question
Mei from Overwatch, Rosalina from Mario, Millie from Helluva Boss
Tristana from League of Legends, Konata from Lucky Star (because if zmy Hero can have it's own thread on the board, then dammit other anime characters can enter), Red from Overly Sarcastic Productions.
Cynthia from Pokemon, Courtney from Rookie's ENF comic Finals, and Jaiden from Jaiden Animations
Guess I'll name mine too.
>Midna (The Legend of Zelda)
>Hilda (Pokémon)
>Peridot (Steven Universe)
>Sara Bellum (Powerpuff Girls)
>Tristana (League of Legends)
>Raven (DC)
>Hekapoo (Star Vs.)
>Tips (Gats)
>Harley Quinn (DC)
Ah so it isn't Velma. My mistake. But out of all the anime girls you choose Konata? Interesting choice...
Very based.
Peach is definitely having a massive boost this year thanks to the movie, but I can see Rosalina making it far than the rest as usual.
Gotta say these are some nice nominations so far. I'll be sure to support.
Wouldn't the Girlboss controversy be a negative?
Not when it comes to porn.
People have never played Super Princess Peach I guess.
Can we get more lewd 3x3 nominees?
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image:167984432334.jpg(137kB , 426x498 , lewd erika.jpg)
I probably don't have enough to make a 3x3, but it it's a lewd nominee you want, then here you go.
Coayynon !hJA5r5.WJw
So as of now I'd still like to host this. Situation is hazy though.

For one, I understand some people want a make-up for 2022. I don't know exactly what that would mean though (a quick mini tournament? one held here?). Some people brought up the problem of E8 DQ being too long as a reason for this but it could just be rescinded for the 2023 tourney cause there was a year gap.

Also timing is a bit odd too. I said August but maybe it'd be smarter to wait until tourney's are officially confirmed again considering the situation last tag team. My schedule is kind of tight after August but maybe I could do it September after all. This is when Tourneymaster did it and it acts as kind of a minor addition to ms. /co/. And it's not an especially active tourney or board and shouldn't entail as much work organizing as team tourney's. Or I could wait and see if balls gets the /an/ tourney going as a sign that mods/mod communication could allow board tourney's between now and then. But I don't want to put pressure on him.
I've also been told /aco/ mods don't really care about tourney's going on so... I'll just see if there's any consensus on all this.

As for the /a/ characters I personally don't think i should allow them, even if janny's do, cause /e/ and /h/ already exists for all that. Maybe there could be a 3-character exception rule or something similar to what /v/ does if people really wanted it though.

As a side note i'd totally take up a /trash/ tourney if no one else does. I think it could be a good mid-summer bash. Like sometime in July. /co/-/v/ crossover at some point would be interesting too.
Doesn't sound bad, the idea of doing a mini tournament for /aco/ here I mean. You could make it consist of 64.
>I don't know exactly what that would mean though (a quick mini tournament? one held here?).
I'm of the opinion that we don't have to "make up" for a missed year and should just free the last E8 to compete immediately. Back to back tourneys covering the same characters in the same context seems excessive, and I couldn't see a mini tournament being a satisfying way to retire any characters from full tournaments, permanently or temporarily.
They started a thread apparently.
Like I said before, there shouldn't be any problem with the jannies. However, they DID delete anthro characters during nominations. There should be a way to have them join the tournament but the problem is, there is no way to post content of them either way because they will get deleted anyway. If we insist, it could get us banned.
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image:168019290031.png(104kB , 250x305 , Nagito_Komaeda_Halfbody_Sprite_%2814%29.png)
I've been thinking. Since there wasn't one last year, that means there should be a Ms. /aco/ every 2 years. How about between these 2 years, we do a Mr. /aco/ instead. We could start it next year. Of course, the lack of anthros is not good, since they would probably do very well in this tournament. But I'm sure there'd be enough furless sexymen to do this every 2 years. Or maybe we just ignore this idea since it's just too gay. Thoughts?

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