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Best of 2021 tournament-planning threadAnonymous
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image:163470151096.png(2kB , 367x597 , Award categories02.png)
This was something I was considering hosting. Talked a bit about it in the Mr. /co/ afterparty threads so here's a thread here to talk more about it.

>What is it?
A cartoon awards competition for shows and movies that debuted in 2021. Anons can discuss their favorite /co/ media of the year, and which shows they believe deserve recognition. The main goal of this competition is to encourage critical discussion. Have fun with it and don't take too much merit in the results. For fans of less popular shows this is a chance to introduce your cartoon to more people and grow its audience.

>When is it?
January. I don't want to give an exact date until I get a better idea of my Winter schedule.

>How will voting work?
Voting is split into 3 phases: Submissions, Nominations, and the Final rankings
-Submissions is similar to Ms. and Mr. /co/'s nominations phase. Anons will post their submissions to each category in the competition thread, and any submissions with enough replies are accepted. This phase last 24 hours
-For the Nominations, each category will have its own poll with all the successful submissions. On each poll anons can vote for as many candidates as they would like. For example, if somebody wanted to vote on the Show of the Year, they would go to that category's poll, and can put a single vote to each show they'd like to move on. The phase last 48 hours, and at its end the 8 to 5 candidates (varies depending on category) with the most votes will move on to the Finals.
-The Finals will use ranked voting. Anons will rank the candidates in each category from their favorite to least favorite, and the finalists get points depending on how high they rank on each ballot. The winner will be determined by the candidate with the most points. For a more detailed explanation, look here: https://www2.math.upenn.edu/~deturck/m170/wk10/lecture/vote2.html

>What are the categories?
The OP pic is the current list. The number of finalists will vary depending on how much submissions each category gets, but most will have 8 finalists. If anyone has feedback on categories they want added or removed please post them. The competition won't be for a while so we have plenty of flexibility. Some things to point out about the current list.

1. There are no categories for comics. That's partly because I myself know nothing about comics, and also because I want things to stay focused on cartoons for the 1st iteration. If comic fans really want some categories throw out some suggestions because I don't have an idea as to what would be proper.
2. We need to be careful with character awards. It's important that they're different enough from Mr and Ms. /co/, and that they don't dominate the discussion. IMO the best way to do this is to either limit the awards to only characters who debuted this year like in the picture, or split the categories up between roles such as best lead character, supporting character, villain etc.
3. I want to add a category for best independent creator, but I'm cautious that voting for real people can bring in too much politics. A category for VAs is the only one that fits imo. What are your thoughts?
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image:163470196742.png(27kB , 1106x594 , sample schedule.png)
Pic related is a sample schedule, and ,honestly, this is the part that needs work. The biggest thing to notice is that the rounds last for much longer than Ms. and Mr. /co/. That's because, ideally, I want to give people time to actually check out some of the nominations. Hopefully the extra time encourages people to record clips of shows for the technical categories like best animation. There should be a longer time for deliberation in this kind of contest, but it does run the risk of the threads losing a lot of interests and activity.

If people disagree with this format then perhaps we could stagger the awards in a way. "Lesser: awards could have their finals finish earlier in the week, leading up to the main awards on Saturday. I'll try to make another picture showing what this would look like

Remember this is just a sample schedule and is NOT FINAL. Since the competition won't be for a while, and I doubt jannies will let us have planning threads, I made the tournament planning thread here to talk about it during the interim. I'll try to make a subtle hype/reminder thread for the contest on /co/ in late December. That's all I have for now. As said earlier any feedback and suggestions is highly welcome
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image:163503552811.png(29kB , 1080x594 , staggered-schedule.png)
Here's what the alternative staggered format could look like. It starts the same as the one above, but instead each category has its own 24 hour voting period, leading up to the Main awards on the final day. It's important to not that finalists in EVERY category get announced on Monday, but only one poll will be open at a time. Production awards would include the awards such as best animation, art direction, soundtrack, etc. Also the community awards mentioned into the OP will be rolled into the final poll.

The upsides to this is that it keeps the threads exciting since there's something new everyday, and it gives each 24 hour period a specific topic to focus on rather than letting things be aimless. The downside is that it's a very unusual for these type of things, and it could lead to a loss of participation as people leave after the awards they care about.
I think this is interesting
Can I nominate Maya and the Three for best show this year?
any updates?
Of course. Miniseries count as shows

Right now I'm working on more detailed descriptions of all the voting categories and organizing them into a 2nd draft. I'm almost done with that and will post it here in a few days. Once that's done I'll try to finalize a schedule and set up a few test polls to make sure the ranked ballots work right. Hoping to make a few subtle hype/discussion threads on /co/ in December.
Are you going to open the tournament here or in 4chan?
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image:163869040873.png(23kB , 349x638 , categories V2.png)
Alright. Here is the 2nd draft. 16 categories split across 4 groups. This doc has more detailed descriptions for each one and specific rules involved.
The main changes from the pic in the OP are:
>Separating Main categories into Main and Production
It's just a better way to split things up. Ideally you want the lower awards to be more specific and the main awards to be more broad (compare best soundtrack to best song for example). That way the discussion builds up to what shows and films did everything somewhat well.
>Adding best animated short to Main
I want to give more spotlight to short films and indie animations. I hope that pairing it with best show and film can encourage this.
>Mixing the male and female character awards, adding best antagonist and protagonist
This should be the best way to let people vote for their favorite characters of the year without feeling to redundant to Mr. and Ms. /co/. New characters with smaller fanbases get a chance to shine without getting overshadowed by legacy characters, and the main heroes and villains of the year still get to compete.
>Community Awards gone
They felt too tacked on really. Most anticipated show is the only one that seems fun and relevant so I just moved it too the quaternary

Feel free to look over this new info and share your feedback. I'm also going to take this opportunity to ask for a co-host. I have no idea how popular this thing may, and it's the first time doing such a thing on the board, so it'd be a good idea to have an extra person help sort everything out. The date isn't set in stone yet, so for anyone interested we can sort out the schedules for a good date. Ideally some in January

The plan is to definitely do it on /co/. The mods there are a bit fickle though so I hope they let the event stand. I wonder if I should talk to them about it ahead of time or something.
> I wonder if I should talk to them about it ahead of time or something.
No, don't bother them with stuff unless absolutely necessary (aka they remove the thread and ban you)
They will be against you and your ideas if you bother them without anything happening. Don't ask approval, just do the event and see what happens
Alright i'm gonna try to make the first 'hype' thread on /co/ this Sunday. I'll start the OP with a simple question like "what's your favorite show from this year" and then bring out the official proposals for the event a few posts in. Other than that I'm still looking for a co-host. If anyone's interested just post here our you can message me at this gmail account I set up: bestofcohost@gmail.com