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Assuming Stats anon is dead or too busy, who else could run /co/ contests in the future?
>Assuming Stats anon is dead or too busy, who else could run /co/ contests in the future?
nobody. you need mod permission dumbass.
Stats is a fantastic host, but his only issue has only been a lack of communication. Which is why we're in the situation we are now. If something came up and stats is busy this weekend, or just doesn't feel like hosting, that's perfectly fine! But we could have used some forewarning. I don't think we even had an official start time for the tournament which is why things are so messy right now.
I thought the problem was that the Zukofag was hogging the tournament spot during the designated start time and the hour after
So we just nominate someone to trip and present their bootyholes to the mods to let them know that he's our host for the year.
stats would have showed up by now regardless. For whatever reason he's gone, which is something I expected to happen eventually but I figured we'd have more time to prepare.
Nah. Stats had a good time to show up at/around 6 PM - 7 PM CST and he didn't. Whatever happened, he's gone for today.
I guess stats is dead for real, huh?