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The fuck happened to this lineup that the only returning member wouldn't have even made it if it weren't for Moot rigging the poll?
2 of them went up against the winner with 1 even beating Tifa before
They're all boring picks now, apparently /v/ grew more degenerate over these two years since most Elite 8 members are some form of perversion.
>monster girls
>bug girls
>robot girls
And Maya has a loot of feet fans so Morrigan is really the only one without degeneracy involved.
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Tifags admites to having avoided participating in the thread discussion out of shame. The 2020 finals essentially raped them to death.
2B is just a less powerful Chel, even in the OC department. Actually I wholeheartedly believe that this is what would have happened to Chel if anons had addressed her lack of presence since the very beginning, like they did with 2B. Also, BBC spam.
Amaterasu had to go againts the eventual winner in the third round, who is another former bronze medalist mind you. If it weren’t for Midna and Hornet, she would have won the whole thing.
Cirno was considered the heel of the tournament by her last round. I think it’s safe to say she’s not going to make another deep run in a good while.
Chun Li had the least presence out of everyone here and lost to a character who gets weekly fetish threads. Also, Crapcom hate.
Aigis… Eh, she did have some active supporters but the fact she didn’t go far shouldn’t be surprising, looking at her previous placement.

All in all I would say it’s a combination of lack of campaigning and getting the short end of the stick in seeding and matchups. The prospect of the top 8 turning out to be a repeat of 2020 also scared some anons and that could have motivated them into voting for the opposition they otherwise didn’t really care about, but it’s less about spitevoting and more that people thought it would be boring.
Basically "heavy hitters" become boring picks and get booted if they start getting far again, especially as years go on and meta-gaming increases, just like /co/. Midna and GLaDOS were heavy hitters from the first tournament which was several years ago and didn't accrue spiteful attention to themselves over time so they were allowed a comeback.
Hornet was basically emblematic of these attitudes - an indie underdog winning on exceptional campaign and oc (and losing finals by only like 1%). A reason I think she didn't win was the meta-gaming came around on itself in the end when Hornet's meta-advantage was noted.
>BBC spam
>Crapcom hate
I think it helped Darkstalkers' characters because of…you know.
didn't she have scat porn spam also?
anons this year really went all out with spite campaigning
That spammer also posted pics of Midna, my guess it’s that it was just a troll trying to stir up shit.
>anons this year really went all out with spite campaigning
Actually insane how the falseflag campaign went this year, it was so blatant
I don’t exactly disagree with you but I think Queen /v/ has far less metagaming than Ms. /co/. Most heavy hitters from 2020 did badly this year because they didn’t have anything going for them, not because the threads were specifically targeting them, the only exceptions being 2B and Cirno (one for being the embodiment of the Silent Majority’s apathy and the other for being a 2hu with a cancerous fan).
GLaDOS and Midna DID start getting a lot of hate by the latter rounds, and Hornet too to a lesser extent.
>this year really went all out with spite campaigning
Nah not really, it was as usual.
If you browse /v/ in any capacity, you'll know there’s always at least one 2B porn dump thread up, which itself has a very high chance of being filled with your typical BBCposting nonsense. This had been going on for a while but became rampant last year. Most tourneyfags won’t give this any real importance, but silent majority secondaries aka what makes up most of 2B's voterbase absolutely do. I think this was brought up several times during the tourney, in fact.
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Cirno will keep coming back and eventually she'll be the strongest in the elite 8 and she will win!