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Tournament Idea: Lord of /fit/Anonymous
image:166604986695.jpg(30kB , 480x360 , scooby.jpg)
A tournament for anons to vote on their favorite bodybuilders and fitness personalities. Will most likely involve both men and women. Rules would be the same as the other tournaments, although due to the smaller nature of /fit/ personalities, I might limit the bracket to 64 instead of 128. I could also be able to host seeing as /fit/ is slower than /co/ and /v/ so it could fit into my schedule easier. What do you guys think?
Run it by fit. See their reaction.
Would it have a female counterpart?
I wouldn't think so nor would I want that given the fewer /fit/ celebs plus fitness is for everyone
I'll try it out tomorrow since it's getting late where I am, plus I want to think on more specific rules and such for it.
Nah, mixed-gender would overall be better due to the smaller pool of /fit/ celebs and the endless amount of LONDON posting it would cause.
I remember seeing a campaign ad for some nominee of a Mr. /fit/ in early 2021.