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There sprouted a random thought on my head which I now 100% agree with. That was the fact Stats was an utter fucking bitch.

Why do I say this?

Think about it, what did Stats have that no other host had? A fucking program to make his job 10x easier than any host that was before and after him. Literally everyone else had to do things manually while stats sat back and let the program do 90% of the job. This did grant stats as the most reliable and best host we've ever sadly had but at the same time, he basically went completely AWOL at the most unfortunate time. Nobody knows if he's even alive, and the worst thing he didn't even give us any fucking insight on how his program worked. Imagine how easy the tournaments would've been to host stats AT LEAST given us the program.

To repeat, I don't mean to say stats was a bad host. To the contrary, he was a good host but he left like a bitch.