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Characters Who’ve Never Qualified for a MajorAnonymous
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image:170838594269.png(370kB , 1011x720 , 49430bd.png)
A thread to discuss characters who have never qualified once as one of the top 128 characters in a major tournament (Mr /co/, Ms /co/, King /v/, or Queen /v/), especially ones who've gotten close to doing so.
Grinch is very interesting because he's known for a TTT win and has never had a lower vote placing then 209, but he's never broken over that 128 seed barrier either.
Mansley I feel should've qualified at this point, not so much Rogard.
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image:170838618492.png(381kB , 1366x768 , __trigger_alicorn_and_matias_torres_ace_combat_and_2_more_drawn_by_eeversti__ff3bb3d8aceb3973a5bc8971087ce5f2.png)
Within the 10 - 20 spot threshold in King /v/ since 2022
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image:170838653639.png(205kB , 500x375 , Computercouragethecowardlydog.png)
Pic related is one of the most well-remembered recurring characters from the show yet he never once qualified as the third rep for the series. I guess the silent majority are really basic and most of them only remember Courage and Eustace because those are in every episode.

Also check out where I got the picture from https://sexypedia.fandom.com/wiki/Computer
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image:170838722611.jpg(47kB , 817x540 , counting expert.jpg)
Well, if we're talking about notable characters who have never qualified and have Sexypedia pages...
Muppets are rather underrepresented
Outside Kermit somehow becoming one of the major players zero Muppet specific characters have qualified and zero Sesame Street have qualified, and only a few other Muppets like Dark Crystal have qualified
Miss Piggy was able to make it in barred which was neat.
But yeah honestly I can't say I'm very surprised. The Muppets don't really have enough power & strength to consistently make top 128 & Sesame Street has about as much of a chance as Thomas The Tank Engine to win. Maybe things would be different if we had 256 slots instead but I don't think that's happening for a long while.
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image:170871077020.jpg(63kB , 545x595 , B1A80248-5D8F-41D2-893C-DF7C43D840FF.jpeg)
Despite being near universally considered one of the best base game boss, Gehrman the first hunter has never once qualified.
scrungus really deserves to qualify
We could probably make a big list of these characters
Getting closer each year.
I've checked through all qualifier results and I don't think he's ever been nominated.
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image:170872705172.jpg(339kB , 1074x1500 , Gehrman_Concept.jpg)
Big fucking shame too. Bloodborne is really jerked off in /v/ and in the end no one gives a fuck and vote for literally a nobody. At least in queen /v/, The Doll and Lady Maria seem to be pretty consistent contestants since 2020.
And checking in, Ludwig actually managed to qualify for King /v/ 2021 but he jobbed to Demi-fiend which seems fair enough. Ever since, bloodborne characters seem to only like to job there.
I have enough time to do that, any characters you want me to search in the results?
ok greg grassfag
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image:170908453938.png(262kB , 684x1142 , IMG_4379.png)
>One of Disney’s most beloved animated characters from the canon
>Had one of the most catchiest songs in his film
>Was the Star of a (Tail)spinoff series that rivals darkwing duck in legacy
>Hasn’t appeared in a tournament once
Baloo has insane potential of doing good in a tournament and it’s incredible he hasn’t appeared yet