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Marvel General: I love the Powerglove, it's so bad or After The Apocalypse Edition
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Remember to use spoilers.
Is it all down hill from here? Has Disney's Marvel cinematic universe set the bar too high? Will audiences ever reach peak super hero fatigue? Is anybody actually watching the Marvel television series?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
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Quasi-spoiler-ish image attached because HAH.

Random assored thoughts on Infinity War: That movie did not feel like a three-hour film. Every one of the major heroes got themselves a great moment, and that was just wonderful. Watching Widow, Okoye, and Wanda team up was such a great thing. Strange's Time Stone trip is going to play into the endgame in the next Avengers film and I can't wait for it. ROCKET YOU AMAZING ASSHOLE, WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE CONSPIRE TO MAKE YOU FEEL SO AWFUL. Thanos is the second-best MCU villain behind Killmonger, and neither one of those assertions are subjective. “You should have gone for the head” was such a chilling and perfect line. Ten bux says all the deaths caused by The Infinity Snap will be undone, but all the other deaths will be permanent. If Phase 3 does not end with Tony and Pepper’s wedding, I will be so nettled.
Mister Twister
Infinity War was a very good film. Anybody dismissing it as a "silly superhero film for manbabies" is an idiot and wrong.
I liked Thanos better than Killmonger.
Killmonger was cool, but ultimately he was just a plot device to complete T'challa's character arc that was started in Civil War. Thanos was actually a character, and a well developed one at that.
Until further notice, I'm just going to presume that Thanos's understanding of interplanetary resource management was shaped by Mojo somehow manipulating him his entire life, for the purpose of turning the wars against him into a television series. It'd both cover why he has such a bad grasp of how population growth works (Does he plan to keep snapping that finger every fourty or so years?) and be an excuse to have Mojo in a movie.
So how far before Infinity War does Ant Man 2 take place?
Are they abruptly going to go oh snap in the post credits?
Saw Deadpool 2. Overall pretty good, but I have mixed feelings about it. Very weak first half, full of stupid bullshit, and the jokes were not funny. Actually the whole film isn't as funny as the first. But once Cable arrives it picks up and stays strong, and rockets to awesome whenever Domino is onscreen doing her luck hax. Also the post-credits scene is legendary.

(Meant for here but I accidentally posted this in Godzilla thread)
Can't say I didn't se it coming.
Well now with Guardians now in limbo. Will we get an accelerated intro to the Fantastic Four? Will Peter Parker run into them as he treks through time and space.
With Endgame and Captain Marvel coming out soon I wonder if they'll make any casting change or actually bring in the X-men
That Doom Patrol commercial was good. I think a couple episodes are out by now.
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Man only 10 posts. That seems a shame.

Have some spicy marvel content.
>Man only 10 posts. That seems a shame.

I'd say most of us are fucking sick of capeshit movies by now.
That's fair.
So, Falcon and Winter Soldier's wild wacky adventure? More of modern superhero media where everyone is just being dumb twats to each other and the antagonists are disappointing.
It's odd but my dad is talking about how much he is enjoying the new Daredevil series, despite how he usually hates everything superhero related (he liked the Punisher movies but that was it). The ironic part is that one of my comics he tore up in anger when I was a kid was actually an issue of Daredevil.