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I've been reading Re:Monster lately and I really like the "Broken Super Nintendo game" universe.

So here's the gist from a thread about it, because for a good long while it seems like a universe made of fan fiction...then you find out it is.

The Gods are divided thusly: Greater Gods, Gods, Demi-Gods and Fallen Gods.

There are only 5 Greater Gods, just two of which have been revealed, they have limitless powers.

Then we have Gods and Demi-Gods, neither of which have limitless power so they need to spread word about themselves to build faith. To do this they literally turn people into main characters in their "epics" and directly give them super powers, but if their stories aren't good no one will care about the god so they god does things like throw curve balls at their MCs by killing their villages and such to make the story more interesting though they have to be careful. A god can only choose one main character at a time and if they die you will be considered a lame god and you get down graded, so if the epic of a God falls apart or is lame people will lose faith in them and they'll become a Demi-God, if a Demi-God fails they become a fallen god and stand a good chance of falling into obscurity. If you aren't one of the original Great Gods the highest rank you can have is God.

For some reason the Greater Gods seem to enjoy fucking with EVERYTHING and since their no limit on their power for all intents and purposes this universe was created by terrible fan fiction writers with limitless money yet at the same time writers who are just trying to scrape together a living have to write their stories within their canon.

The Great Gods seem to pick "Sins" for main characters, so our ridiculously over power protag is the result of The Greater God of Beginning and End trying to fuck up whatever the Greater God of Time and Space is doing.

We don't know why yet, but it makes the universe a lot more fun.
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Oh yeah, Rou is "World Enemy - Glutony" as his sin.
Is the manga worth reading or should I go straight to the light novel? Where do people read light novels anyway?
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image:142474076200.png(621kB , 694x1065 , img000006.png)
Both are good, the Manga is like "here is a cute envisioning of what happened" but it omits a lot of minutia which I personally like so i read both.

Most of the current stuff shows up here. I'm gonna link dump a lot of what I follow.





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We finally get to see his tattoos, soon we'll get to see Airgeatlámh.
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Jesus, I forgot how SUPER GREEN everyone was early on.
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I love that Red and Mi having just decided that they are cool with each other and will only be jealous of others to the point of jealousy combos.
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The tiniest angry wife.
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Sato's general amusement at everything Rou does makes my heart feel good.
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Re:Monster Wiki team styling all over translator team
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