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image:147090025800.jpg(74kB , 478x652 , Ugly clown cosplay.jpg)
so, what is allowed here? I can post blue naked babies?
Did you draw them, and are they /co/ related?

I assume you've read the sticky. Use NSFW tags for pornographic material (the top right button in the reply form, above the minus sign and to the right of "Mail" textbox)
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image:147090478800.jpg(155kB , 1166x1920 , Penny.jpg)
>/co/ related
Oh, so I can only post western comic or cartoon characters? (the two above are OC of course I'm thinking to do a rough comic about her) maybe I need to find a blog or something
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image:147092108600.png(7kB , 292x348 , $0.01.png)
>Oh, so I can only post western comic or cartoon characters?
Well, we aren't strict (no-one really posts in /draw/ anyway) but it's better to keep on topic. A western style is usually enough to pass (which your characters fall under) so it's fine.

>maybe I need to find a blog or something
Never hurts to have one.
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image:147096924100.jpg(95kB , 662x884 , Romi ross.jpg)
Ok! thanks for the help
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image:147170912100.jpg(37kB , 529x544 , 56756765.jpg)
yellow lizard pussy...in b/w
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image:147235082600.jpg(73kB , 450x802 , Pink bunny as white bunny.jpg)
Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail

by the way, you might want to also post TAWoG stuff in the /pco/ thread.