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Artist Feels 3: 'Writefags Are Allowed I Guess' EditionAnonymous
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Previous threads:

I have nothing to start with, but I've always liked these threads so here we go.
Actually, I guess I can start it off.

>want to draw in small art diary
>don't draw what I want to draw, because I live with people and don't want them to see that shit
>which is a stupid concept because there is already a bunch of dodgy naked ladies in there, but whatever
>i just end up not drawing due to lack of motivation
Should I buy a separate diary for the weird/disgusting stuff and use the current one as a decoy?
>be tradfag
>beside mastering the stuff, anatomy, perpective, etc, I also have to master individual mediums
>There is no ctrl+Z, layers or color exchange

>My only job opportunity is on porn
>I still aproach to it like a fine artist
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image:142173180200.gif(420kB , 225x236 , 2d73ab654fa936f51700496d20ed47a7.gif)
>get really good at sketching and pencilling
>try to ink
>am shit

>later, get really good at inking
>super fucking good at inking
>try sketching
>am shit
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image:142235960100.png(31kB , 400x400 , qviksketsh.png)
The frustration at reaching a good level of skill, then taking a break for a month or so, and find that no matter how much you've accumulated a library of things you can draw, you have to start over regaining your lost abilities. Just taking a week long break is enough to corrode enough skill to make one grit ones teeth and shake ones fist at reality-at-large.

Try being a wage slave and see any dreams you had vanish, not limited to drawing.
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image:142849801400.png(1.14MB , 1280x720 , cute.png)
>looking back in my 4chan screencaps folder
>find a post of my first writefag piece (from a request, posted in a dying thread)
>decide to copy-paste the pastebin link in archive
>two results
>someone reposted it
Oddly enough this often helps me gets to back into drawing in a way most of the time: I draw poorly, then look back on my older stuff and see it's somehow better than what I'm doing now, and feel motivated from knowing I can probably get back up to speed pretty quickly if I already made something like that before.

Also, why was my previous post here deleted? Self-effacement banned or something?
What was the post?
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image:142952100300.gif(131kB , 600x450 , story1272.gif)
Do feels regarding artists count?

>leave fandom/stop searching up porn
>every single artist gets better
>especially the ones that make porn
Oh this is going to be hard.
I said that for a while it seemed like no one posted until directly after I drew something, which made me think either people are just more likely to post if a thread was recently bumped, or I just draw so poorly that people don't want my thread at the top of the page. I'm pretty sure it's the former, but I thought it would make an alright joke? In any case, you're all cool and better at linework than I am.

I really ought to draw on paper more but stuff keeps conspiring against me having control of the scanner, and I like being able to share my work easily. Ideally I'd just get my own house by now and not even have to deal with the scanner being an all-in-one printer.
You could doodle real quick and take a picture of it and put it on instagram.
Apparently, awkward doodlepics are an *aesthetic* now.
If only I would into smartphones.
Its been six years, anon.
Just get one.
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video:143280395900.webm(972kB , 640x480 , Riley.webm)
>see pretty damn good artist with tonnes of fans, on Patreon
>he is basically living off his art
>$100 a month

>see very well known artist with millions of pageviews and fucking good art. SFW, abstract, porn, whatever.
>$9k a year

Welp, I'm getting a job
//youtube.com/watch?v=v21KM0URH3Ayoutube thumb
Griping on Picarto: Courage. Plage teaches how to draw Courage the cowardly dog.
I'm going to post this in /co/ general too.
>get a comment on your submission
>its someone roleplaying
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image:144962596200.png(10kB , 400x400 , surprised.png)
>your most popular submission is the one you hate
"Shiny Happy People" syndrome?
>Follow nearly anyone I remotely like on Pixov
>end up following 1802 people by this point
>21 of them decided to follow me back even though I never submitted anything
>submit something for the first time last night
>soon after, one person follows me on Pixiv without me having followed them first
>look at their account, they haven't subimtted anything
I think I'll follow them anyway.
>no-one I've follow has made a Christmas image
the fuck?
old one
>new writefag
>person asks for a parodic cheesy christmas story (tying christmas messages into a fapfic)
>give it a rushed shot, well received
>next morning someone reposts it in the new thread without context
>>"this is really cheesy and bad"
>>"yeah this, but it was alright up until you talked about [character]'s lips"
>character doesn't have lips
>artist draws pre-established character
>ignores all defining attributes apart from colour, hair and clothing
why even
>that artist you think is the epitome of being a good artist
dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride dont dickride ............
Hey, I started out fanboying at my fave artist and now we're frequent collaborators, buddies and we follow each other on twitter!

Dick riding's fun! Peeps love gettin their dick rode!
>that one piece you didn't expect becomes exponentially popular

not in my case, but
>bonus points if you dont like it
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image:146663124200.png(115kB , 295x300 , Tails_gets_trolled_0083.png)
>oh hey, a comment
>literally someone transcribing a part of your video, with exclamation marks
coloring makes me want to kill myself
>want to draw
>cant draw because obligations
Usually it's the opposite, amiright?
You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your fans.
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image:147919928400.gif(512kB , 480x270 , autism.gif)
>if I make the door open to the left, it will make the image look worse
>if I make the door open to the right, it goes against canon and stains my artistic integrity
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image:147965920400.jpg(85kB , 417x498 , 1323154807460.jpg)
>Be fine artist
>Try to get into porn for the money
>Buy tablet
>Porn bussines fail
>Tremendous buyers remorse because of the tablet
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Where do people submit their smut these days? I've been out of the fanic loop for a long time. Last I heard is that fanfiction.net had a purge of undesirable smut and I would rather not jump down that hole if it's only going to delete my stuff. I finally have the determination to start my writing projects and would rather put them on a site that has a search function.

I know this is a late reply, but I do prefer fanart to look good over accuracy. I have saved so many pictures of Zuko with his scar on the wrong eye and Crimson Typhoon whit it's double arms on the wrong side. Also, I would recommend putting a comment or a description that said artistic liberties were taken. BUT, if the fanbase for the piece is particular rabid in the neck of the woods its posted, canonicity might trump all, for better or for worse.
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>I know this is a late reply
Actually, it's quite early. I wasn't joking when I said /z/ is more active.

I personally have a (unusual) fixation for canonical details, but I'll still save stuff that looks good.

>Where do people submit their smut these days?
What type? Text? Image? Video? Furry? Hentai? Transformation?
There's at least three different places for everything. The tricky part is finding the first.

I don't know much about fics; I've only posted pastebins on 4chan threads. I know that some wikias for cartoons have pages for them.

Which reminds me, I want to promote my SFW videos (alternative humour, I guess) but I haven't been able to find specific communities of like-minded individuals, except for that one dead subreddit.
Previous threads:
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image:148031000800.jpg(59kB , 1280x720 , 1434266914284.jpg)
I plan for it to be a traditional text fapfic. In a perfect world, it would be a really well drawn doujinshi, but yeah. The fapfic I'm planning on writing is a Soul Eater (anime/manga source material) with the problem of it being centric on the pairing of Maka/Spirit. Spirit is Maka's father and Maka's age are duel problems that my otherwise fairly vanilla fapfic has. I heard that fanfiction.net had a purge of undesirable content and would rather not be on the receiving side of a purge. A pastebin or a tumblr would more or less me admitting defeat, as I would rather not use either because reasons. I'm also not planning on posting links on 4chan, as I don't want to post on /trash/ either. I will admit I haven't perused any of the NSFW boards in a long time. They might have a fanfic general for all I know.

Oh yes. I do remember reading that post about /z/ being more active than /draw/. It reminded me that /draw/ still exists.
> I heard that fanfiction.net had a purge of undesirable content and would rather not be on the receiving side of a purge.
As someone who posts copyright content on youtube and gets banned every so often on 4chan, I have no issue on having content removed. It's not good, but it's hardly an inconvenience to me. Heck, if the fic is well received, you might even get a Hydra effect going.
>A pastebin or a tumblr would more or less me admitting defeat, as I would rather not use either because reasons.
I understand aversion to tumblr, but have never heard of aversion to pastebin before.
>I'm also not planning on posting links on 4chan, as I don't want to post on /trash/ either.
/trash/ wouldn't be the right board either. Not sure about /a/ or /lit/ either. Fair enough.

I don't anime, so I'm afraid I can't help you out with this.
>haven't drawn in a while
>draw only using a thick pen, no reference and no real construction
>result understandably looks like bullshit
>get discouraged and stop drawing
Ok I'm just being stupid now.
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image:148197136300.png(98kB , 551x284 , pornography.png)
a bit late, but:

>>[blah blah] porn
>>I still approach to it like a fine artist
Good. I don't see why people feel as if porn can't have artistic merits and values. Don't get me wrong, the video "xxx art" porn is usually crap (slow movements doesn't make something artistic), but illustrated porn tends to allow creators to attempt artistic compositions, especially since much of it uses characters from other art (comics and cartoons).
>hair covers eye
>draws eye over top of hair anyway
>that angry person who makes hateful comments on multiple submissions
I don't understand how someone can be that angry about them, especially those videos. In fact, this is the second person to do it.

The quality of the comments clearly implies the writer was a young teenager (spammy, non-insulting insults, 'F's made of emojis), but nonetheless I don't see how someone can be made that mad by it. Did I disgrace their waifu?
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image:148740538600.jpg(101kB , 1280x720 , Psycho-Pass The Movie.mp4_snapshot_00.23.24_[2015.08.08_15.45.31].jpg)
So, after doing some research, I've come to the conclusion that the place I will be writing/posting my fanfics and smut will be archiveofourown.org

I haven't made a profile yet as I want to make it on a date that means something to me. Now that I have decided on a platform, now begins the slow process of putting digital pen to digital paper and writing shit down.
>I haven't made a profile yet as I want to make it on a date that means something to me.
I like that. Personally, I have never intentionally picked a date to register on, but I am happy to look at my YouTube channel every so often and see:
>Joined Jan 1, 2013

Also, my third most popular video was released Jan 1, 2014. It's just those little things that make you feel better.

I always assumed that was just a text version of archive.org. Is that a fic-sharing site? Is it active?
It's a fanfic sharing site with a tag system and search feature. And more importantly for me is that it, for as far as I have seen, allows Lemon (sexually explicit) fanfics of various levels on it. It better be active with how many fanfics and writers are on the platform. I do recall some fanfics I found in the myriad of generals I lurk or have lurked on /co/ so it definitely has freshblood in it.
>spend about half an hour drawing a part of an arm and hand
>realise it's going to get completely cropped out of the final image
Can I get a refund?
>sudden surge of hits on channel from 4chan.org
>check desuarchive
>/co/mrades shitposting with my art
>it's fucking hilarious
the good thing about tracing is that I know the end result will look alright
I wonder if I can learn from you? Honest question as I wanted to draw porn too but been sidelined IRL.
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image:160894638919.jpg(316kB , 1920x1080 , sure thing.jpg)
You know that post is 5 years old, right?
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image:164631853476.gif(1.87MB , 240x220 , 1444463904074.gif)
Felt this massively
>buy wacom tablet as a gift to myself for my Birthday
>set up everything
>have to confirm my account
>check every corner of the site because I apparently skipped a step
I returned it and got my money back the day after
Technology sucks, we should just go back to cave painting
Ted Kaczynski moment
>Buy tablet for Digital Art
>Get a sub $100 screenless model
>Plug it in computer
>Just Works
I must have been very fortunate, since I was already used to screenless.
I had to take some time and buy some tools to practice traditional sketching again, but I think that was a good choice just for the sake of improving my skills.