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/ic/ didn't give me a clear answer and I really need advice.
I want to make a webcomic and also make fetish art,
I'm unsure if I should start with the webcomics and then move to fetish art or vise versa because I'm afraid one will affect the other and drive my audience and respect away.
I'm leaning towards starting with fetish art because I need money.

I've heard there have been some people who did fetish art and had successful careers but my fetish diapers dosn't get my ny friends on town.
Disclaimer: I have no experience.

If you do the (I assume clean) webcomic and then do fetish art, some people might be deterred, but they really shouldn't. However, if you do fetish art and then a webcomic, people may look at your history and think WTF. Either way, you MIGHT lose a couple of particularly queasy people.

The way I see it, there are two good choices: disregard the fact that a couple of people may not like it and keep going; they should just deal with it, or you can use separate identities and separate accounts to do each (but if they are both found by someone, you may have to choose whether to deny or confess they are both you).
Ah yes, I should had mention that I want to make a non fetish webcomic; I thought the distinction was clear.

I also mention the source of my worries is the fact I want to promote my comission bussines by taking requests here and in the main /co/ drawthread.
Will people respect me if I start by making fetish art and then move to clean requests? Will people respect me if I go the other way around? Will they dissmiss my webcomic?

I got a worries mind and I only think that bad things can happen.
As someone with experience in fetish-to-clean, let me tell you, its totally cool with people.
Its really just Work Variety. Nobody really bats an eye at it. If your work is quality, peeps'll appreciate it.

If you skimp out on putting effort into things with the actual fetish work making up for lack of it, it'll get a few headshakes.
Oh, quick tip though.
Do keep your work under separate names, or give your fetish work a pen-name.
Maybe don't keep it COMPLETELY segregated from your usual work. Don't deny it nor consider it nonexistent in your usual stuff.

But do establish you've done work in both and you yourself keep it away from your clean career.
Don't think "they can blackmail me with this!" but do think "Hey, alright - this stuff is totally out there than the stuff I'm mainly associating my image with." There's nothing really WRONG with sex, so don't really consider it wrong yourself.

I went through the same little 'crisis' myself and man, just keep a chill head.
>if you are good enough they will not care
That phrase always sound on my head but it dosn't coinvince me, probably because I don't think that I'm that good but I know is truth.


I know I have to keep my stuff separated but what to do when somebody brings it up really bugged me.

Thanks man.
I'm not sure why you can't do both. I don't mean launch your comic and carry a full list of commissions at the same time, but post quick pieces for one while focusing on the other. Let's say you do comms first, you can set up a clean site where you kick ideas around or put up concepts or just plain build hype. The important thing to this approach is building up a fanbase and keeping them coming back by being active and consistent.

Probably you can put a direct link to your comic from wherever you do commissions, but maybe just mention you do fetish work under a different name and where to find it on the comic site.
Building a fanbase for clean art with drty comsm?
Kinda? OP is leaning on fetish to clean anyway. Mostly you want to build an image as a professional worker that delivers things in a timely manner. You don't wanna be that guy people talk about needing half a year to do a single comm or who throws a fit when a few go all "eww your stuff is weird."
Yeah a reputation is important but I'll keep my fetish stuff separated from my normal stuff.

I think I'm ready to walk on my own now, thanks everybunny.