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image:140863677000.png(170kB , 1024x768 , A_Close_Up_Mary.png)
This is Mary from Johnny Bravo

Mary, a very beautiful Zookeeper from the very first episode of Johnny Bravo, and she is, in Johnny's opinion "smokin' hot". This was that girl that he ever tried to "score". He did it by attempting to catch a runaway gorilla and then going on a date. She has auburn hair, but the other girls that look like her have black and blonde hair, with the same hairstyle as Mary does. She is voiced by Soleil Moon Frye.
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image:140863690900.png(84kB , 1024x768 , Johnny Bravo and Mary with her Black Mini Dress.png)
Mary is the only girl I ever know and of course there are few fan art of her and Johnny Bravo. But I want more.
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image:140863698800.jpg(90kB , 783x558 , Mary from Johnny Bravo.jpg)
So I want you, and anyone to draw Mary from Johnny Bravo. And Make her look sexy, and make new outfits for her and make her make her look naked and have sex with Johnny.
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image:140863702500.png(166kB , 640x480 , Mary.png)
You got it. And can you do it please?
Man these threads started by someone trying to get art drawn for their obscure cartoon waifu are always weird

Exactly what it said on the cover. Threads started by someone trying to get art drawn for their obscure cartoon waifu are always weird.
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image:141333110800.jpg(89kB , 600x700 , 1408939621665.jpg)
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image:141333117700.png(126kB , 303x574 , 1408983188782.png)
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image:141333119800.png(23kB , 529x529 , 1409006032037.png)
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image:149521710500.png(422kB , 646x673 , Mary_photoshoot.png)
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image:152003164100.png(836kB , 1139x2328 , 2494009%20-%20Johnny_Bravo_(series)%20Mary%20relatedguy.png)
Goodness, she's voluptuous. More?