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See because ancient magic puzzles and gems.
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image:140009969200.png(24kB , 469x404 , Steven Universe ponders an undersized Submachine portal.png)
And now I re-upload.
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image:140124093100.png(22kB , 757x589 , Spoiler image)
Your fortune: Excellent Luck

Spoiler if you aren't caught up on Kill Six Billion Demons.
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image:140130533600.png(13kB , 522x436 , Bomberman knows bombs but is unsure what they do in computers.png)
Your fortune: Average Luck

First time I accidentally had Shii-Painter's eraser icon in the picture, so I immediately replaced it.
Your fortune: Very Bad Luck

It's banner time.
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image:140133118400.png(2kB , 300x100 , Oekaki)
Your fortune: Very Bad Luck

...Let's try that again.
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image:140168147600.png(11kB , 400x350 , favorite gal.png)
Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン

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image:140172610900.png(9kB , 400x350 , compostie doll, now colored.png)
Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

And then I color it in MS Paint because I forgot Oekaki retouch was a thing.
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image:140788786500.png(17kB , 610x406 , Sodas before Pagodas.png)
Drew this for a project on /co/ where they're trying to make a cartoon, I'd asked what to draw for practice and someone told me to pick from a group of characters they made. Two had sodas, so I made them hold a toast.
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image:142078366300.png(30kB , 743x448 , Spoiler image)
People were drawing Peridot crushing her bot, and someone asked for a picture of her as the sub.