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Sony General - Onimusha Souls Edition
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PSX keynote just happened.
Anything that caught your eye?
Personally the most excited for Ni-Oh and Hob. FFVII:R was obviously exciting, as well. Though I still remain cautious.
But I think what I appreciated the most was Sony's willingness to go fucking weird with all the VR stuff. I'm not even interested in most of it, but kinda feels like we're back to the PS1 days were they're just throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks.
Bought The Order: 1986 for $9 during PSN's Black Friday deal. Haven't played a lot of it, but it definitely relies too much on its impressive graphics and tedious quick time events to get by. I also picked up Until Dawn and was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it was. An engaging "cinematic" game that subverts some of the tropes - like how we respond to QTEs - while overall being a fun horror story that hits all the right notes.
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PS4's share function actually has gotten me into making webms now. It's fun.
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Relevant to this thread. Kojipro is a Sony go go.