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/cog/ General: Still bickering, still not caring

So yeah, if you want to keep talking about all that wankery/bickering fest of those people, keep it over here ok?
In other more worth news, what have you been playing lately?
I'm currently unemployed, so I've been playing a bunch of stuff, because I've got nothing else going on in my life and still have a decent amount of money in the bank. Divinity OS, Hearthstone, Baldur's Gate 2 and a bunch of stuff on my Vita. Actually looking forward to revisiting Dark Souls 2 once all DLC is out and I'm gonna play through it all at once.
The Sneaky Tiki
Final Fantasy Tactics never stops.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Lit Crit students should be forbidden from using the internet for the entirety of their college education.


Mike mentioned this thing on twitter awhile ago saying it talked about how TWA had deep seated anti-woman sentiment and that it was a "Great Privilege Checking moment," but didn't link it at the time because, well, you know. My thought at the time was "well that sure sounds like you're thanking someone for horribly insulting you but whatever Mike." And hey, turns out, that's exactly what it is!

I swear to god online LitCrit is just "making shit up" most of the time.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Team Fortress 2.

It's always Team Fortress 2.
It will always be Team Fortress 2.
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Official or not, could you save this shit for the fanart thread at >>187306
instead? It's not like it's on the last page or anyhing.
I actually have a bunch of games on steam I wish play, but sadly I seriously need to update my PC if I want to play with some of them.

I wish I could play TF2 more often, since I want to get better at it.
But I'm either distracted or busy over the last few weeks.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
Pat and Woolie's LP inspired me to reinstall Dark Souls 2 to play the two DLCs that are out and screw around with a bunch of strength weapons. Forgoing ranged weapons unless absolutely necessary really has made it a lot more fun, and having a dozen fully upgrades weapons to switch between really helps shake things up now that I'm past the point where level ups are much use.
So, who got their Mighty Gunvolt from either PAX or the Mighty nº9 kickstarter?
I need a proper Megaman charge shot.
Beck does a useless dash with no iframes that gets me killed because I can't not always be charging if not shooting.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I play on buying it next sale, in part because Dark Souls 1 has become such a bitch to get running, but I really like the game type.
>in part because Dark Souls 1 has become such a bitch to get running
Did it? It was always kinda shitty. I didn't notice any changes when I replayed it a month or so ago.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
there were some tweaks that got it running well but whatever they did to GFWL fucked it all up again
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image:141079122500.png(259kB , 585x347 , 1410786878183.png)
And here we go.


And here's Notch on why he made the decision.

I like how even the guy who made Minecraft doesn't understand how it's exploded like this.
I wonder if I'll see any minecraft trick or treats this year.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>Anyway, my price is two billion dollars. Give me two billion dollars, and I'll endorse your crap.
>12:51 PM - 18 Dec 2012

Funny enough, Mojang seems in the same situation Rare was in (but that was probably the point of the tweet.) Rare's quality/output had dropped significantly, which is why Nintendo was okay with letting them go (and either Microsoft horribly mismanaged the studio, or Nintendo was right to do so). Mojang barely brought out a second game, which has mild interest at best, and is putting most of their work towards porting Minecraft to anything with electricity. While Minecraft is still wildly popular, I can't see how Microsoft will gain any significant traction by this $2.5 Billion purchase.
MS expects to break even on the deal by next June. Minecraft merchandise and licensing sales will drive up the bulk of that.

Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Oh yeah, I forgot about merchandising. That makes more sense, then, especially if Microsoft doesn't try to can the game on other platforms.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
This is a misreporting. What Microsoft believe is that it will be done by the end of FISCAL YEAR 2015, which ends in June 2016.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>Ubisoft: The French don't have accents in Unity because the Animus is translating for you
Okay, that makes sense
>to make the game more serious
>and we gave everyone British accents
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
>EA no longer wants to win the golden poo.
Yea okay what are they going to do to change that
>Release Sims 4 that has less content than Vanilla Sims 3.

Yea swing and a miss there. Since everyone knows damn well where that content will reappear.
Final Fantasy XIII coming to PC on October 9 for about $13. Might actually get it for that price. Played it for a bit when it first came out and didn't care much for it. Maybe someone will do an undub so that it's a little more bearable.
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image:141111512000.png(1.52MB , 1920x1080 , dcs 2014-09-18 01-39-24-62.png)
The Sneaky Tiki

Despite the Minecraft buy I'd be getting a little sweaty if I was in the games end of things.
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image:141120057700.jpg(705kB , 1281x1190 , 1410510283998.jpg)
Those who dig classic side scrolling, Freedom Planet is top quality and worth a buy.

It wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't blatant Sonic Fanboyism

>Main character is a dragon
>Looks like OC DONUT STEEL

>Edgy scenes

>Unoriginality at its finest

I'm not even going to go further....
MiG-21bis Fishbed-L !!+BvcO/ZBxqN
So, play without the cutscenes.
God you sound like you came from /v/.

>blatant Sonic fanboyism
It began development as a ROM hack of a Sonic game. Then it became a Sonic fangame, and now it's this.

She looks nothing like any Sonic character and is completely original, so this argument is invalid. "OC DONUT STEEL" is meant to be used on recolors passed off as OCs, not actual OCs. By that logic, any OCs designed by the Archie Sonic team fall under the same banner.

Oh please. This is what Sonic 4 should've been. I haven't seen a "Sonic ripoff" game that was anywhere near this good come out in...ever.

>I'm not even going to go further....
Because you can't think of any actual criticism.

Except you just proved my point that it's pretty much based on the Sonic franchise.

And one has to be dense to not get what I meant by "OC DONUT STEEL", as this phrase has essentially evolved to refer to a character made from a "template", most likely taken from another concept, and just give it small or super kawaii changes; it happens that the characters resemble a lot with the characters of the Sonic universe. If you have a different grasp of this phrase, I'm now making it clear of what I meant originally.

AND not because a game should have been something that another game should have been, means it's original; same game mechanic (Fast-phased platform) =/= same artstyle, same or similar moves , same freaking functions-- who can guess from where the name "Freedom planet" comes from?

I'm pretty sure what I said here and before is criticism, someone not being able to take it is another thing.

Also, I was just talking about its originality, I was NOT implying someone shouldn't enjoy things. If you actually like this game, go on, be my guest, and have fun.
This is not /v/.
>most likely taken from another concept, and just give it small or super kawaii changes

You think the characters in Freedom Planet are just "small changes"? Really? Yeah, they are based on a template. But how exactly is this a problem?

Your argument is essentially "it's bad because it's based on Sonic but passes itself as an original product." My argument is "who fucking cares?" How is it any different from, say, Mighty No 9? A game based on Megaman but passing itself as an original product? It's created by Sonic fans for Sonic fans, especially those aching for a good 2D one that isn't hold-right-to-win. There's nothing wrong with that.
MiG-21bis Fishbed-L !!+BvcO/ZBxqN
It goes beyond that, too. While they outright admit that it started as a fan game project, there's more than just Sanic to it. There's influence from Ristar and Gunstar Heroes prevalent in the gameplay.
The story and characters are straight out of bad fanfic, but the gameplay makes up for it quite well. I guess it depends what your priorities are for the game to be enjoyable.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>FFXV demo will be longer than the entirety of Ground Zeroes
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image:141145441500.jpg(51kB , 256x360 , Dirgeofcerberususbox.jpg)
Inb4 2.5 of those 3 hours are cutscenes.
>Tabata's also in pursuit of a Final Fantasy that's not as overwhelming as its predecessors, and one that can be enjoyed by a broader audience. "With Final Fantasy 15, I do want to make it more casual," he says. "Of course the depth of the game is going to be there, but I want to make it so players can easily experience the satisfaction of the depth of the game." There's an option to set that car to drive itself, allowing players to sit back and take in the sights - although there is also an option to drive it manually, should they want to engage more fully with the world.

>"Another example is in the combat," explains Tabata. "With the hardware specifications of the newer consoles, it's possible to set it up so you have different enemies and different choices of attacks you can enter in, but I want to simplify that. It'll basically be a one-button action, and the AI intuitively outputs an action that kind of satisfies, gives you that instant gratification, and it connects with the simple touch of a button. I myself am not getting any younger. I don't want to be frantically pushing buttons. I also want to utilise the intelligence of the hardware spec, and not have to go through too much hassle or trouble in order to execute moves."

Is it possible for him to say anything worse at this point?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yes: ‘We’re also remaking Final Fantasy VII to play just like this.’
Man just fuck the Final Fantasy franchise
This is utterly indecipherable marketingspeak.
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image:141148414100.jpg(2kB , 294x273 , geo-jetson3b_mam[1].jpg)
>It'll basically be a one-button action, and the AI intuitively outputs an action that kind of satisfies, gives you that instant gratification, and it connects with the simple touch of a button.
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image:141149188400.jpg(5kB , 248x185 , joker.jpg)
>"With Final Fantasy 15, I do want to make it more casual,"
>it's possible to set it up so you have different enemies and different choices of attacks you can enter in, but I want to simplify that. It'll basically be a one-button action, and the AI intuitively outputs an action that kind of satisfies, gives you that instant gratification, and it connects with the simple touch of a button.
>I don't want to be frantically pushing buttons
Is there any way to get them to understand that this sounds horrible before they release yet another mistake?

I appreciate that they're always trying to experiment and innovate with battle systems, but when they're continually disappointing, taking a step back might be a good idea.

Who knows, it might not be so terrible, but the way he's saying it makes it sound like battle is going to be a boring and unengaging distraction. What's the point of having it if it isn't exciting and involving? "Instant gratification" mechanics are fleeting and often crippled by quickly diminishing returns. How am I expected to be invested the whole time if the battle system lacks any sort of recognizable complexity to keep me interested?
Sounds to me like it's just gambits from FFXII, except you can map them to a button. I don't see the problem.
After 8 years people just want it to be bad to continue the SE Is Dead narrative.
See, if Nomura was still directing, we wouldn't be in this situation right now. I told you Tabata was bad news.
Yes, terrible Tabata, maker of those famous bad games "Crisis Core" and "Type-0."
Well, Xenoblade managed to have a pretty nice combat system despite being mechanically simple controller-wise, but that's not what I'm getting out of this guy's comments.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>battle is going to be a boring and unengaging distraction
Of course you don't want it to distract you, you have important cut scenes and chocobo breeding to get to.

Now, re-reading what he said, it could be that he doesn't mean only one button (which is what I thought on first reading), but that buttons are mapped to either specific attacks (>>190422) or perhaps even something from fighting games where you have a heavy attack button a light attack button, etc. Even so, the whole "AI chooses for you" does sound there's just an "attack" button and you press that and only that to attack.
Crisis Core was good, not great. And besides, there comes a time when you realize not everything a director makes is going to be gold, despite whatever they'd made in the past.

Nomura wanted XV to play like Kingdom Hearts. Probably with a generic attack button, a "reaction command" like button for specific things, and more buttons to do during a combo to spice things up. That's not counting magic, which is a whole other thing altogether.

Tabata wants to combine ALL of that into one button.
What Tabata wants is buried under a bunch of generic Japanese marketing gibberish. Let's wait for that demo, it's only til March.
If that's what it turns out to be, I might warm up to it.

I don't want it to be bad. In spite of my issues with the character hair I think it looks great.
//youtube.com/watch?v=4uaPImEg13syoutube thumb
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image:141257054100.gif(667kB , 480x270 , no fucks given.gif)
Would be better without that extra frame.
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image:141277586200.jpg(54kB , 640x360 , 2014-10-08-154142.jpg)
Gods damn, I love good will stores!
So, any reviews on Alien: Isolation yet?
General consensus seems to be that it's OK.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Oh Joy another Remastered Edition, this is going to be a thing for games now isn't it.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Dunno what game you're talking about, but Remastered/Director's Edition have been a thing for almost as long as there have been games. We're just seeing a lot of them now as it's easy money to take a game made for last gen, up the poly count, toss in any DLC and one or two other extras, and release it on next gen.

Same thing happened during the transition for last gen. Hell, Nintendo had a whole (short-lived) "New Play Control!" line for Gamecube remasters on the Wii.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Just seems to have really picked up recently. Was fine with Witcher games when they did it (they didn't charge for it)
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>Just seems to have really picked up recently.
Expect more until late next year.

I also wonder if these are useful for studios to get used to working on a new system. They don't have to spend the time and money on general production, just porting the code over and fixing bugs. It can help them ramp up for new projects while making money doing so.
Man, Sunset Overdrive looks like shit.
Fuck you, Square.

If Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD had a skip cutscene feature, there was literally no reason for you not to add one for FFX HD.

Instead I'm having to watch your shitty fucking 10-minute cutscene every time I fail your bullshit, impossible, rigged Blitzball game.
I'm pretty sure you could lose that one and all you get is a bonus item for winning.
Playing through the PC version of FFXIII. It's not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be after trying it on 360 when it first came out. Being able to play with the (in my opinion) better Japanese voices helps, since I couldn't stand Vanille and Hope's English voices.
The battle system is actually pretty fun, and fights have so far been more challenging than in all the other numbered FF games I've played.
The story isn't bad (even without once checking the datalog so far), but I've spent 17 hours so far going down corridors escaping from the same pursuers from the very start of the game. Also, haven't once been able to actually pick my party members yet. Took I think more than two hours to even be able to earn experience.
I'm hoping that 20 hour mark everyone talked about does open things up, because the game is passable as is, but could definitely be better.
I don't like the battle system. I feel like I'm just sort of directing battles. Like I'm just sort of coaxing the game along.
Almost done with the big airship level and I assume the game opens up after that?
It feels like people who self-identify as "gamers" spend more time arguing on the internet than actually playing games.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

Well yeah, it's an oppositionally-constructed identity. The whole point of it is to argue with the mainstream. That's why it's completely obsolete now that gaming IS the mainstream, but some people just can'[t let go.
I can do both at the same time now.
>watching a playthrough of The Evil Within
>phone's text sound, set as the Zelda item obtain jingle, goes off right as Joseph falls out of the tub
Had a pretty good laugh.
For all intents and purposes Hatred looks like a terrible game. But Jesus Christ, /v/ is eating that shit up like the stupid brainless muppets they are. The devs definitely knew who they were targeting.
Just watched the trailer. It looks like an angsty emo teenager made a black and white isometric dual stick shooter.
T4 was here
Eh, atlest its more artsy and less vulgar then Postal.
May even be more fun to play too as long as animal crualty dont come and ruin my buzz again...
And maybe if the babies gets there bottle they will calm down.

But the player avatar look way to much like Jacky from the Darkness games and that makes me miss the super powers and eating the hearts of my enemies.
And the first one also had cop killing in it.
(and cops kissing~ no really, if you watch them at the start of the bathhouse level you can totally see a male and female cop make out)
So guess we can add rip off to the list of bad things.
I was expecting a /v/ thread full of eye-rolling pshaws over Hatred's patronising tryhard edginess and came away VERY disappointed.
I know /v/ is terrible and everything, but I anticipated at least a bare minimum possession of irony. Jesus wept.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y
Fun note about Hatred: the people making it are actual, literal Polish neo-nazis.
One more reason for /v/ to suck their dicks, then.
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image:141367263700.png(535kB , 1024x1404 , 1413657292260.png)
//youtube.com/watch?v=2uYSlhC9zVIyoutube thumb

I knew this would happen. Mighty No. 9 was all hype to bring back Inafune's baby.
Nah, Islamophobes more like the Polish equivalent of the BNP but close enough.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

In addition to the anti-immigrant group thing, one of the devs is wearing Polish neo-nazi iconography in a group photo.

I knew the Baltic nations and surrounding areas had white supremacist problems but them not even hiding is fucking ridiculous.
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image:141373509000.png(132kB , 500x281 , edgy on purpose.png)
Oh good. One extreme responding to another extreme, thus giving both extremes a reason to further polarize and exaggerate.
I'm glad this will never lead to anything bad.
The Sneaky Tiki
Dude, you been looking at Europe lately?

//youtube.com/watch?v=NFEeS2OXpoIyoutube thumb
After playing the HD Collection, I guess FFX isn't as great as I remember it being.
Now play X-2 and begrudgingly admit that it's actually not bad and the better game of the two.
X-2's battle system was definitely incredible but I don't know if all the other gameplay-related bullshit was worth it. Also the music ranged from mediocre to outright bad with the exception of a few tracks.
Playing XCOM: Enemy Within on Classic Ironman made me realize two things:
1. I'm amazing at getting my teams through missions alive
2. I'm FUCKING TERRIBLE at the base building bit
I am absolutely convinced that if they had given it a cheesy 70's soundtrack, it would still be remembered as one of the best games in the series.

Clickhole continues to be the greatest site of all time.
Playing Symphony of the Night for the first time. Dark Souls really is the spiritual successor like some people keep saying. Complete with losing half an hour of progress, because you can't find the fucking savepoint. Fuck me.
You know what bothers me? Developers in interviews always refer to games in a series by "version". Like, when talking about Paper Mario games, they always say "the Gamecube version" when referring to TTYD, and "the Wii version" when referring to Super Paper Mario. Or when talking about Zelda games, "the Wii version" means Skyward Sword, and "the N64 version" means OoT.

When I think of "different versions", I think of the same game, but on a different system with minor differences. Or major differences, but it's clearly meant to be the same game. There's a version of Sonic 2 on Genesis, and a version on the Master System. With the above examples though, they're not the same game. At all. So if referring to them, why not use their individual titles?

I think I posted about this before, but I can't remember
Because all games undergo several name changes during development, so to be safe they just say what system it's for instead of accidentally calling the game by its working title and nobody knowing what they're talking about.
But I'm talking about when they talk about games that have already been released.
So do I?
Why would they be afraid of calling the game by its working title if the game is already out?
Habit? Clarity? You could try asking the more open devs.
I dunno, I'm getting more a EVERYONE WHO CRITICISES QUINN IS A DIRTY OL' TROLL vibe, just phrased in a snarkier way than usual.

Not saying there haven't been trolls on the anti-Quinn side, but conflating all criticism of Quinn as trolling is the most obnoxious tactic for pro-Quinn articles.
That usually relates to the fact that anti-Quinn criticism usually refers to her personal life as opposed to any actual professional critique.
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image:141447214400.png(148kB , 299x296 , we wouldn't have hot dogs.png)
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image:141447576800.jpg(264kB , 1400x836 , yu_li_momohime.jpg)
I got Muramasa Rebirth in a recent sale. I never played the original; are the battles random encounter-like? I kinda wish they were static spawns so I can combo my way through the game.
They are static spawns that will always appear at the same spots on the map. It honestly makes the endgame really tedious, because you'll need to travel a lot. Otherwise great game, though. Have fun!
The whole debacle began when it was revealed that her private life consisted of manipulating people around her to promote her game, which only got greenlit on Steam after she told everyone she was doxxed by Wizardchan. It's the lack of transparency that pisses me off, especially after Quinn made sure nobody could discuss her actions on so many sites, then went to every mainstream news site she could find to talk about how mean everyone was being to her.
Not that it justifies the disproportionately insane mistreatment from the usual Internet suspects, but most of the criticism I'm seeing from the antis that I've been paying attention to come from stuff like fake DMCA claims and the huge scale of the takedowns of posts relating to her (aka Internet censorship). Even if she was just trying to do damage control over false libel, that's not the most rational thing to do at all and basically the Barbara Streisand Effect in action.
I thought we were pissed off about Kotaku articles.
People have had it out illogically for Zoe Quinn for a long long time now. I'm not surprised people are finally feeling justified about a chance for ragging on her.

Keyword being feeling.

You mean when her bitter ex wrote a big long rant designed to discredit her personally, the only verifiable claim contained within it turned out to be hilariously false?

Oh, that crazy Ubisoft.
Jesus christ between all their shit with FPS and now this they're at hilarious levels of damage control.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I think companies spent years hyping up 1080p/60fps for consoles when graphics were "stuck" and it was easier to go for that then up the poly count and improve animation, but now that they can up the graphical power they find themselves being held to their previous claims and are now backpedaling so fast they'll win the Tour de France.
save file
image:141454018000.jpg(112kB , 1280x1280 , 1411794538698.jpg)

Honestly, it just seemed like he was fed up of her shit, and wanted to make sure nobody else had to deal with it... which backfired, because every news site either talked about how Gjoni was a creep and how GamerGate was exclusively trolls, or they had warnings from their server hosts to take their articles down.

What exactly am I supposed to be getting from this interview? Beyond the fact that this guy is a delusional piece of shit with a grudge the size of montana?
You know, it wouldn't be so bad to have 30 FPS and lower resolutions in games. Game companies spend too much money on AAA titles, and cutting back a bit is fine. But goddamn, don't try to be a martyr about it.
He quit his job to be a GamerGater, and the reporter is clearly trying to get some juicy bites for an article they'd already written in their head. A dumbass and an asshole, as personifies most of the movement and some of its biggest detractors.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>Game companies spend too much money on AAA titles, and cutting back a bit is fine.
I agree, but many of them spent years saying they were pushing for 1080p/60fps, so the turn around is funny. Plus, it's Ubisoft, who told us that women are too hard to program, so coming from them it adds another layer of humor.
Or everything with Watch_Dogs. Damn that company is so fucking shit when it comes to resource management.
Playing Final Fantasy X-2 fresh after X.

Writing is just as cringe-worthy as I remember it. Imagine the laughing scene, for the whole game.

Gameplay so far is better than X. Faster paced, more variety, job system continues to be awesome.

But the music? Oh god, the music. This has to be one of the worst, most generic, repetitive, and boring soundtracks for any game I've ever played. It seriously is one of the worst soundtracks I've ever heard. I can accept Uematsu not being involved, but they seriously dropped the ball here. None of the themes are anything I would ever listen to by themselves, and they don't fit the areas they play in at the slightest. Yoko Shimomura would've been a perfect fit for this game. I like the vocal themes though...they're a guilty pleasure.
>Imagine the laughing scene, for the whole game.
Aside from the fact that "everyone" agrees with the fact that the laughing scene was bad, can you tell me what it is that you found disagreeable about the laughing scene?
You seem to be confusing the actual transcript of the interview with the interview Buzzfeed put out.
Yeah, that part about quitting his job was weird. To be honest though, most of the pro-GamerGate people I've seen are just pissed off at being labelled ultra-misogynists.
I thought Besaid and Yuna's theme were pretty good. Not particularly memorable but decent enough. A lot of it was indeed terrible though. I remember Rikku's theme being particularly bad.
I agree that most of the X-2 soundtrack is painfully generic and even the better pieces are marred by the fucking terrible battle music, but X-2's theme for the Macalania Forest remains one of my overall favorite pieces of videogame music. It's legitimately beautiful.
//youtube.com/watch?v=nypiWFPYGwsyoutube thumb

Nope, I never read that interview. That is exactly what I get from the transcript.
Thing is, the laughing scene isn't badly acted or anything. It's supposed to be awkward, and sound as fake as possible. But taken out of context, it makes no sense and went on for way too long with no way of explaining it to anyone who walked in the room, IE their parents. The crappy facial animations just make it worse.

The point is, the laughing scene was meant to convey a message or emotion because of Tidus being told to laugh and cheer up after so much shit's happened in his life, and producing the most fake, awkward laugh ever because of it. This was conveyed poorly and so it's cringe-worthy.

Similarly, in X-2 there are so many moments that are supposed to make the player laugh or smile, but only make me groan and roll my eyes.

Another thing that pisses me off about this game is that X didn't have skippable cutscenes, ever. X-2 does, but you still have to watch them, otherwise you won't get 100% completion.
//youtube.com/watch?v=btNg-kJMPTwyoutube thumb

Happy to see Insomniac land back on its feet, after the disaster that was Fuse.
Anyone who played it know how it is? Probably one of the few games for the Xbone at E3 I was remotely interested in, but even then it doesn't look like it has much meat in it beyond the first few hours, not helped by all the lulzmemeshit.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
According to Brad over at GB and several other places the first few hours are actually the weakest part, partly because you don't have all your mobility options yet. I was pretty down on the game for awhile because all the gameplay they showed didn't look like it felt fast enough and had a lot of forced ATTITUDE bullshit going on, but apparently that's mostly proven to not be the case. There is some internet meme garbage in there but it apparently never gets any worse than Guacamelee did (as opposed to say, Watchdogs).

Brad also mentions that there's a mission later in the game which is almost certainly a riff on the whole Overdose/Fuse thing, and claims it's even more vicious than Jeff's idea of a mission where you focus test the energy drink.
Its full of MEEMS.
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image:141463283900.jpg(52kB , 600x450 , B1JqbT8CYAEFRA1.jpg)
Tonight will be a good night.
>never gets any worse than Guacamelee
Shit, Guacamelee had that?
Did you somehow miss all the signs in the background? Unless you didn't play it, in which case yeah, background stuff plus maybe a couple lines. I haven't played SUPER TURBO ULTRA CHAMPIONSHIP ARCADE THIS IS THE LAST ONE FOR REAL edition though.
Aheh. No. But that sorta decisions kinda forms my thoughts on potential purchases.

ohgod somebody put up the video.
Ugh. While some of the stuff she discusses in her videos is good (and that's usually the extremely obvious, low-hanging fruit like "damsels in distress are a tired cliche"), quite a few of her other ideas and bizarro beliefs about gender roles really rub me the wrong way as a fellow feminist and a woman lots of people would consider "masculine". If it's true she said that shootings are the fault of excess masculinity and not the failure of our country to address problems with mental health and gun laws that it is, then yeah, that's fucking bullshit. I wish someone with a less skewed and potentially harmful set of views ended up being the big "spokeswoman" for feminism in video games, if that makes sense.

At least this will piss off the right-wing trolls like InternetAristocrat who went out of his way to stick up for Colbert because he was under attack by an honest-to-god SJW.
>I wish someone with a less skewed and potentially harmful set of views ended up being the big "spokeswoman" for feminism in video games, if that makes sense.

Then do it. That's the thing about all the Sarkeesian hate, even the "I like her, but..." stuff--the answer to this is not "Sarkeesian needs to X..." it's that "More people ASIDE FROM Sarkeesian should be talking about this."

Sarkeesian is not the "spokeswoman" for feminism in video games because she's been elected to the position or because she's 100% right about everything or because she has claimed the role. She is the "spokeswoman" because she is one of the people who is having the most success at getting her voice out there. And the first step to getting your voice heard is to start speaking up. She doesn't own the format of Feminist Criticism (Virginia Woolf was doing this sort of thing in the 1920's, and Rebecca West predated her by about twenty years) If you are indeed a feminist who has a different take on things, then start making your own essays and videos.

I firmly believe that more voices would be the best possible thing right now.
What exactly HAPPENED in that episode?
Thank you.

She's obviously not representative of all schools of thought of feminism. And while I do disagree with some of her opinions (particularly on Bayonetta - while obviously handled as well as any other female character by the dev team, the designer[s] put quite a lot of care, respect and personality into her design and character) I do think she's become an important figure in the discourse of feminism in videogames recently.

Maybe not as a point-maker, but as someone to arrange and create conversation.
Heh, it's not as easy as it sounds you know, especially if you're as introverted as me. I do respect Sarkeesian for having the courage to present in front of so many people constantly, especially when dealing with so much bullshit. And she does at least increase visibility for a lot of commonsense ideas about women's representation that have yet to take hold in the general public, even if they get canceled out by a lot of other really Bad Ideas (a lot of stuff in Mrs Male and her views on True Grit in particular really leave a bad taste in my mouth).

But you're absolutely right about the need for more feminist voices. I guess I don't really resent Sarkeesian the person (she's entitled to her personal opinions) so much as I'm just frustrated by the lack of other feminists in the world of gaming who are prominent enough yet to make the dialogue more diverse so I have someone I feel comfortable rallying around. I agree that Sarkeesian getting all the spotlight and media fellation isn't all the fault of her being an "attention whore" (it's a dumb insult, if anything being able to use negative publicity to market yourself is a really useful skill for a professional IMO) so much as because there's nobody else to give it to.
>If it's true she said that shootings are the fault of excess masculinity and not the failure of our country to address problems with mental health and gun laws

Those two things are not exactly contradictory statements, you know. Why do you think we have so many young men with untreated mental health issues, or such insane gun laws?
Because of a history of anti-socialistic sentiment and frontier mentality.
If being male really was as major of a cause as was suggested, then you'd think such shooting sprees would be far more common in other Western countries than they are.
Quite an accomplishment for the "feminist" equivalent of a Club 700 preacher.
Other western countries don't give the same ease.
That said, its not like bad mental health care and social stigmas regarding it are exclusive to the US, either.

Again, goes back to the ease of hand.

You can thank the 'Gators.
She was literally just a random youtuber before she adressed vidya.

Not being male itself, but the toxic cult of masculinity and machismo that is incredibly pervasive throughout our culture. It's almost as harmful for men as it is for women.
Yes, the West has a problem with valuing aggression and stoicism more highly in men, but fighting it tit-for-tat with reactionary "femininity is superior" glorification I see all over Tumblr isn't the most productive response. Masculinity isn't anymore inherently toxic than excessive femininity, especially considering what counts as "masculine" or "feminine" is often so vague and different between cultures. I really hate how that term is catching like wildfire among some feminist circles.

Likewise I'm sick of the implication that women viewed as having "machismo" are all self-loathing, internal misogynists, or wannabe men with tits. Maybe it's just how they are to begin with. One of the goals of feminism is the idea that such women deserve as much respect as a more traditional "girly girl". Therein lies my biggest problem with Sarkeesian. A lot her most toxic and counterproductive ideas boil down to gender essentialism and threaten to set back women's rights 25 years.
>"femininity is superior"
How bout I explain this then.

That whole mantra was ... built up as a response to that subtle idea that feminine is weak feeble and undesireable if you want to be considered an actual person.
And not even 'superior'.
But 'its valid if you want it to be a part of your personality.' Its the same as "fat people are cute" "black is beautiful" "you rock, girl" its a response to a harmfully oft heard message.

The whole idea is to disregard the role Gender Roles plays on our society. Sarkeesian is right in bringing attention to it. Thats valid. Feminine people are right in celebrating their own desires. Thats valid. Who the hell considers women with machismo as misogynists for chosing to act how they like. Thats not fucking... what?!

Why is this on the video games board.
Can we just agree that gender roles in general are really shitty? Some parts of masculinity are bad, others are good. Same goes with stereotypical femininity are good (sensitivity, empathy, strong communication skills), but others aren't (passivity, vanity). Instead of attacking masculinity wholesale maybe people could work on promoting the good aspects of stereotypical masculinity (assertiveness, directness, independence) while avoiding transmission of the more harmful ones (violence, thuggishness, coldness). Or by promoting other non-traditional masculine role models like Atticus Finch instead. Or by decoupling these character traits from gender in general.
>Masculinity isn't anymore inherently toxic than excessive femininity
But it is more prominent and present. Nobody thinks excessive femininity can't be a problem, but it's not the gender role that has ended up dominating the culture. Masculinity gets shit the most because it's the one that's everywhere and affects damn near everything.
The way you describe it is reasonable enough, but going by the examples you mentioned, the way I've usually seen it presented is more analogous to "thin people are disgusting" or "only black is beautiful". It's not necessarily a bad idea, it's just that it's not often utilized in a way that's constructive or beneficial to feminism. Also I need to spend less time on Tumblr and Twitter.
>that one guy even other GGers consider a raving loony in a tinfoil hat
top lel
Yes, totally. Feminine is just always associated with being a porcalain doll with a personality malleable to whomever possesses said doll - while Masculinity somehow became possessing the doll.

Sometimes people don't WANT the doll. And sometimes people don't want to BE the doll.
But man, at that point you really take a step back and say "Man. I understand how women can be getting the short end here."

Gender roles as a whole suck? Yeah. Totally agreed.

Youtube shows! 99% don't get you talking in Universities!*

Not an official statistic.
D-did you guys see the new 3ds th-thing?
It recently release in Australia, right?
Is that one compatible with western games?
Just European ones!
Australia counts as PAL.
Awwww, damn.
But anyways, what does Australia says about it?
Can you play Smash in a better way with it?
Well, dunno about that but looks like we finally figured out why we're not getting the nu3DS until later...

Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>We can't give you guys the New 3DS because you don't buy enough Old 3DS
That's stupid. Why would the sales here increase when all gamers are well aware of the New 3DS coming at some point? 3DS sales will just flatten out until the N3DS comes out.
save file
image:141476256800.png(19kB , 480x464 , 1410309519129.png)
>Valkyria Chronicles is on Steam
The New 3DS is coming out in Japan because they're running out of people to sell 3DS to. In America or Europe, that's not the case. It's not a matter of "not enough sales", it's "the 3DS still has new customers it can attract".
Yeah a disheartening number of Tumblrinas despise characters like Ripley or even Mulan for stupid reasons like "trying to hard to fit in with the boys" or repudiating their femininity or being bad role-models because they encourage women to be more masculine and masculine bad, feminine good. Even I've been called an antifeminist or secretly a dudebro inside a few times by morons because I love stuff like FC3 Blood Dragon and Killing Floor and made jokes about the Dear Esther remake for being a boring walking simulator (believe it or not, women exist who genuinely like FPSes and consider gameplay mechanics higher priority than story and characters!). It reminds me of similar vocal minorities of gays who call the str8-acting ones or bears Uncle Toms to the LGBT community because they're not over-the-top flaming queens. These people are fucking dumb and the best thing after ignoring them is to get as many other impressionable people to also ignore them and not get suckered in by their stupidity.
How is the port quality? It's Sega isn't it.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I could see that... if those who had been considering a 3DS purchase weren't now waiting for the N3DS. I'm sure they'll still sell a lot of 3DS this Christmas in the states, mainly to little kids and those who need to play Smash now, but I will be surprised if it's more than they sold last year in the same period.

'Course, maybe they're realizing that the moment the N3DS comes out the Old model will have its sales go to 0, and they can either take loses on those by cutting the price significantly or get rid of them some other way. So by holding out during Christmas they can get rid of a lot of existing stock before the N3DS comes out.
MiG-21bis Fishbed-L !!+BvcO/ZBxqN
Well, it unlocks on the 11th. 10 days to go. Though, previews claim it'll be at 1080p and 60FPS.

I've been eager to play this since I first saw the game on the pstripple. I'll post when I get it.
Playing Final Fantasy X-2 still. Am at the tower calibration minigame.

I have come to the conclusion that tower no. 7 is literally impossible.

The human brain cannot process given symbols fast enough to input them in a single second.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Press X to break out a wicked drum theme on that casket
I can't help but feel this is related: //youtube.com/watch?v=YwOys7qEhGUyoutube thumb

Most sense he's made in a while.
>using Anita Sarkeesian, of all people, as a critical thinker
I can't watch the video right now, but I haven't hearn anyone mention the guy in years. I think we got over him when he was kicked out of court, or whatever discredited him.
>as a critcal
as an example of*

i hate myself
It isn't so much about him as much as it isn't about bringing up his ghost whenever someone criticizes the game community.
Turns out it actually IS impossible due to input lag. Through lowering the resolution among other things, I beat it. And I am realizing the true reason why Final Fantasy X-2 is a shitty game.

No, it's not the story, in fact I kinda like the story and how it doesn't feel like a forced sequel, it's more lighthearted and energetic, and YRP are honestly strong, interesting female protagonists. It continues the story in a way that feels natural and necessary, and it doesn't make any more or less sense than X. It's just that a few moments are, well, cringe-worthy.

And no, it's not the music, because even though I said it was fucking horrible earlier, it's only a few themes that actually hurt my ears. The Miihen Highroad theme (which also plays in Moonflow and a few other places as well) and the Chocobo theme are obnoxious and make me mute the game. But as a whole, it's a mixed bag. Some shitty tracks, a lot of generic and boring tracks, and some honestly pretty good tracks.

No. The reason this game sucks is that 90% of it is awful, shitty, scum of the earth, not fun at all MINIGAMES. FETCH QUESTS. PADDING OUT THE ASS. Make me do dungeons. Fight bosses. Do things that actually are relevant to the plot. ANYTHING other than your shitty fucking minigames. PLEASE.

And sure, I don't HAVE to do those. I COULD just skip them and play the actual game. But then I'd be missing out on a lot of the story, and most importantly, not get 100% completion, and therefore not get the best ending. There could not be a more passive-aggressive way to pad out your game, and disguise it under nonlinearity. Fucking disgrace.

And the director of X-2 went on to direct XIII. Why is this man still employed?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Shadow of Mordor is being what I kinda wish Tomb Raider had more of, that being artifact hunting. how come a game that is primarily about slaughtering masses of Orc has better and more rewarding Treasure Hunting then the game that is supposed to be primarily about that.
T4 was here
Little Big Adventure is free on gog.
Just so you do.
save file
image:141547821200.jpg(96kB , 780x438 , E5MWeIx.jpg)
So this is a thing from the latest Call of Duty.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

And the Internet mocked it quite thoroughly earlier this week, as well it should have.

I’m almost surprised there weren’t any Mountain Dew cans or Doritos bags sitting on the casket.
I don't see anything right or wrong with this, I just don't get it. Can someone explain?
Maybe it has to do with the fact that this is a mission objective and you can't progress unless you do it, unlike the optional "Pay your respects" moment from Arkham City.

save file
image:141549523300.jpg(705kB , 1500x944 , ozai_s_operatives_by_jdeberge-d5xpyts.jpg)
...I still don't get it. Is the funeral scene just haphazardly thrown in there or what? Is the deceased a major character or some random dude? Either way, it probably should've been a regular scene than require player input, which I see is one of the criticisms.
The deceased is the main character's best friend.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Isn't he also the son of Kevin Spacey's character?
I think it's kind of funny. You take a moment which is meant to be solemn and respectful and you boil it down to PRESS THE ACTION BUTTON BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL PLAYING A GAME WE SWEAR.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Its interesting, in that its a moment like that can cause a game to be less immersive. Because its just such an odd thing to do that it can just take a person right out of the game.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

It's one of the big issues facing videogames these days: where to draw the line between interactivity and passivity. (See also: any goddamn QTE in the Resident Evil games past 4.)
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Companies want to take gaming into a richer narrative, but realize that doing so will wrest control from the player. A lot of companies still haven't done the Half Life model, where you can at least do stuff while other characters talk out whatever, though you don't have the option to skip the "cutscene". This is probably some attempt at that, but falls on its face and shows the limitations of our regular controller-based input. The Kinect would have actually been useful here, as the player could have stood and saluted or reached out for the casket or whatever it is that happens after you press X. More immersive and keeps them within the scene.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Indeed, this and that D4 could have shown how fun the system could have been with Kinect, shame they are dumping it from bundles.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Hitman: Bloody Money perfected funeral tech years ago, I don't understand how people don't just copy that.
D4 works because the inputs remain extremely simple, also I don't know who to credit for this but most importantly they actually fucking work and the Kinect can recognize those motions as inputs.
Oh no

Oh nooooooo
Is it better or worse than '06?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Which is weird, is it the programming for the motions on the game side? I mean hearing Best Friend LP its the only time I've ever heard someone lament not playing with the Kinect. But yea the way they talk about it the way its programmed should be how people use that device, not try to do some realistic movement.
Sega sent review copies of 06; there's no review copies for Sonic Boom.
Sonic 06 is like The Room. It transcends "so bad it's good" and "so bad it's bad" to the level of "so bad it's hilarious". Plus, if I play Sonic's segment, I can squint my eyes and convince myself I'm playing Sonic Adventure 3. There are moments in that game where I could genuinely have fun with it.

Sonic Boom on the other hand looks to be so awful, so utterly putrid that it makes me, as a Sonic fan, hang my head in shame.
save file
image:141560911600.jpg(153kB , 1280x720 , overwatch_tracer.0.0_cinema_1280.0.jpg)
Blizzard really knew what they were doing with Overwatch. Any other class-based multipayer shooter would've been nothing more than a blip on people's radar, but Blizzard put a bunch of perfectly engineered QT waifus in it and now 4chan can't stop talking about it.
save file
image:141561557300.gif(2.57MB , 520x284 , ZNBH02r.gif)
It's glorious.
Obvious graphical glitch aside, what's up with the weirdly inappropriate music as a bad guy ship attacks?
save file
image:141563319100.gif(2.79MB , 384x288 , TlK63EHB5Vb6TBh5sPK.gif)
Jesus Tails
So apparently
Series: Okay
Game: Complete mess
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo

Probably another glitch. I imagine that's the regular level music; the music was likely supposed to change when the ship appeared. Cnsidering how badly everything else is going in the video it's not surprising.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>Series: Okay
Not really.
save file
image:141564513600.gif(2.4MB , 414x229 , ChillySmartArabianwildcat.gif)
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Its got a good Eggman and that is all some are looking for really.
save file
video:141564853100.webm(921kB , 384x288 , 1415624419445.webm)
Pop quiz. How many things are wrong with this?
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Trick question; there is nothing correct in that video.
save file
image:141570856200.gif(1.69MB , 463x345 , Uc0toN8.gif)
>99% done on VC download
save file
image:141572148600.png(1.93MB , 1920x1080 , Valkyria 2014-11-11 07-36-47-67.png)
It's a passable port, thus far. It suffers from Console-itis, but it's still a compelling game thus far.
save file
image:141572815900.jpg(4kB , 1024x576 , B2LRggVIIAAr1qY.jpg)
Ubisoft just saved Sega's ass by making a game more buggy than Sonic Boom.

Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Heh maybe its supposed to be that way since now you dive into these memories for the purpose of making Vidya Games.
What's odd is that, at least in my experience, Black Flag had very few glitches and bugs. Ubisoft took two steps forward and five steps back.

I suppose that this confirms that Shadow of Mordor is the best Assassin's Creed title of the year.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>that image
save file
image:141574425000.jpg(113kB , 1024x576 , huYDJC2.jpg)
I'm fucking dying here.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
At least in the Boom one you had to purposefully jump over the invisible wall (at least, it doesn't seem like they intended for you to go past the treasure chest.)

Not that this excuses Boom, as there are plenty of other videos of horrific bugs, but that particular one isn't nearly as bad as the AssCree one.
Is the 3DS Sonic Boom just as bad?
save file
image:141575440700.jpg(52kB , 700x396 , pharah-gameplay.4fwzw.jpg)
Really digging Pharah's design above all the others for some reason. Really makes me yearn for ZoE3 even harder. Even the chestplate makes me think of Jehuty somewhat sans massive cock of a pit.
The Sneaky Tiki
From what I've heard? Nah, but wow the WiiU version is so bad no one will care that it's average.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
In the UK, is the term "computer game" used a synonym for "video game" more than it is in the US? I've noticed a show written in the UK always used "computer game" even when talking about a game on a console, and can't tell if it's just whoever writes that show.
Looks like Blue Samus.
//youtube.com/watch?v=HZBgxS9KUY0youtube thumb
STAR comments about the comparisons between TF2 and Overwatch.
In my experience as a bonglander the two terms have always been fairly interchangeable. Personally I was rather militant about calling console games "video games" and PC games "computer games" when I was a kid, but then I'm an autistic fuck. In the grand scheme of things: they're games, they're played on computers, you see them through a video screen, you say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to...
? As in UK?
save file
image:141583909100.jpg(35kB , 636x358 , French kissing.jpg)

Between this and Watch Dogs, I have a bad feeling about Far Cry 4.
The Sneaky Tiki
Far cry 4 is the A team I'm pretty sure so I wouldn't worry.

Like Watchdogs was a really bad fuck up but everyone knows they are phoning in Assassin's Creed at this point.
save file
image:141587304000.gif(335kB , 400x488 , cc8.gif)
>Talking about XV, when I joined the project, it was just at the point that we changed over from calling it Versus XIII to XV. And at that point, the world development and building had gone up until that time. There was a lot of crystal mythology mixed in, it was definitely part of the world. But when I came to be in charge of the project, we did a sorting through all the elements, the stuff that had to be in there for the story, and the stuff to take out or move away from. But one of the main things I wanted to try was to make sure you weren’t assaulted by the very specialist terminology used in the crystal legend straight away, so you don’t have to play Type-0 or any of the XIII games to enjoy XV. You won’t have to understand complicated concepts to get into. That was one of the main things I did that maybe moved slightly away from the mythology. But it’s still very much part of the DNA of the game and the game story. But there are no l’Cie for example in the game, unlike Type-0 and XIII.

Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Why is that an issue? He's saying you're not going to be listening to "Falcie lcie crystal crystal lightning" right off the bat and the script will instead be meant to be understood by human beings.
What was the gameplay of Type-0 like? Because the only things I ever see people willing to talk about are about the characters, setting, and plot, none of which are very good at all.
>? As in UK?
Sorry, chan in-joke. Yes, I mean I'm British.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
//youtube.com/watch?v=gYap2XiXHakyoutube thumb
I feel like you should be hearing Yakety Sax or something during this.
save file
image:141590070200.jpg(43kB , 304x304 , 1311137098607.jpg)
I'm crying. Remember to mute the audio first.
save file
image:141592265200.png(35kB , 681x262 , kcLArit.png)
Good to see Ubisoft has their priorities in order.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>We've made sure you can give us more money, though you'll still fall through the floor at random. But, hey, credits!
After seeing all this bullshit with AC:U I can totally see why Jade Raymond wanted to call it quits.
I highly doubt she's quitting over that.
Welp, Jim Sterling just left the Escapist. Wonder why the hell they let him go considering I'm sure he's the reason most people even go there anymore.
Sterling leaving was inevitable, after he called the website out for its shitty pro-GG that became a mockery.

I hate this Gamergate bullshit. I hate how both sides have their own arguments and serious flaws to the point where this is literally politics.

I just want to play video games and love video games without having to be bothered with this shit.
This whole thing has shown me how anonymity and hyperbole can utterly destroy the intent behind any idea to anyone. How people who fight against monsters end up being monstrous themselves. And how political camps arching over thousands of issues are little more than an excuse to prevent analytical thinking and rational compromise.
>I just want to play video games and love video games without having to be bothered with this shit.
That actually *is* taking a side in the whole debacle, though. It is saying you want to maintain the status quo, which is the pro-Gater stance.
>I just want to play video games and love video games without having to be bothered with this shit.

Then you'll just have to deal with the fact that you'll be considered degenerate. Better not let anyone know what games you play if they don't happen to be the 'right' ones. Better yet, don't admit to caring about videogames at all. That Penn Jillette meme exists for good reason after all.

Welcome to the future, it's almost exactly like the past.
>If you're irreligious, you're automatically atheist
"Neutrality" implies at the very least tolerance of the status quo.
No, that is not what is being said at all. It is more like saying "Sweden staying neutral in World War II implies that they would have been okay with the Nazis winning."
How fucking dare you compare a tyrannical government enslaving the the rest of the world, to an argument over what constitutes sexism in video games? And besides, that's not even comparable, since by your logic, Germany was just "changing the status quo".
Avoid Godwin's law.
Don't have a conniption fit whenever anyone invokes Godwin's law.
I'm not comparing the video game thing to World War II. I am illustrating the logic at work here using a historical event that people would recognize. It is not meant to say that one side is the Nazis and the other side is the Allies. Jesus, people misread Godwin's law so badly.

And the status quo during World War II had become "Hitler takes whatever he wants and kills whoever he wants."
I don't support GG at all, but fuck off. Your ultra-polemic WITH US OR AGAINST US attitude is demonstrating precisely why so many people like him want to opt out of the discussion entirely. I wish I never mentioned Jim Sterling at all.
I think you meant to reply to >>191461
Take your head out of your ass and stop being an exemplar of everything wrong with the anti-GG side of things. You're only making shit worse by acting like a turd.
Just answer me honestly: do you think the way the community behaves now is acceptable? And if your answer is "no," why do you think that it is not your responsibility to do anything about it? And if your answer is "yes," then in what way have you not chosen the side that thinks things should stay the same?
save file
image:141609413200.jpg(11kB , 480x360 , sad weegee.jpg)
I just want to play video games.

Please stop.
Videogames are dead. There's only politics now.
Welcome to adulthood. Your decisions affect people other than yourself.
Nobody likes someone who flips their shit because they read offensive things into a post that weren't there. Face it, you had an overreaction and people are calling it out. That doesn't say anything about whether they implicitly condone sexism or not.
Who says I am in favor of the feminist argument? Perhaps I am arguing that you should be in favor of fighting the feminists. You are the one who is reading things into a post that is not there. I am saying that you think you can choose not to be part of this argument and you are wrong if you think that. You are choosing a side and just saying that people shouldn't be allowed to judge you for it. I did not say which side you should come down on. Only that you are acting with moral cowardice by pretending as though you haven't chosen a side.
I never said whether I was on either side of the feminist argument either. I'm talking about you going ballistic over the fact that the other person used a WWII metaphor, even though it was painfully obvious to just about everyone else that their metaphor was not about equating Nazis and sexism. You could've at least apologized for it instead of going out of your way to justify it and digging yourself deeper.
>do you think the way the community behaves now is acceptable?
People act as they will. My only responsibility is to myself.
I have no control over the actions of others, nor do I have any compulsion to control them.
Is that an acceptable neutral answer?
It's not an answer to the question that was asked at all. If I had to classify it as anything I would say it is an antisocial philosophy, rather than a neutral answer.
I can only imagine to see this "conflict", a decade later, and most of the people involved on both sides and saying to themselves: What where we thinking?
I could also say their embarrassment will never go and this will be remembered as one of the biggest wastes of time in entertainment history; but that would give them way too much credit for this.

I'm glad that this bullshit is mostly US only at least, and that the rest of the world would never care about it.
God, same. Unless its like the Emo or Princesos stuff that took like 5 years to come south.
Not antisocial.
What is that by the way? As a 'Murrican I do agree that this mostly our fault, borne primarily out of American political values and suffers from our... ahem, unique (ie stupidly narrowminded and self-reinforcingly tribal) approach to such issues.
Ah yes, the internet and social networking, famously used only by Americans.
Seriously. Pretty much all the important figures are all Americans or immigrants to America.
No, the belief that you don't have a responsibility to anyone other than yourself is pretty much the definition of antisocial.
We aren't talking about your shitty little political issue anymore, so please, do as this man said:>>191484
The last six posts, seven if you include the one you are responding to, were nothing but politics. You are a silly person.
They're not politics so much as taking the piss out of it.
>>191496 and>>191492 are the ones obsessed with trying to drag everyone back to the issue or read faux racism into statements for the sake of starting another fight.
It sounds like you believe no one has or states opinions contrary to yours other than because they want to start fights.
I don't know, taking >>191491 from >>191492 even though nothing even close to it was stated there sounds like trying to start a fight, even if nobody was dumb enough to respond to it unironically.
I don't understand what you're saying. Are you saying >>191492 is a response to >>191491 ? Because it seems to be a response to >>191486, and seems to be suggesting that he disagrees with the interpretation that this is an "American" thing rather than an "Internet" thing.
Guys stop feeding the troll. No matter how tempting it is to respond, just do as this man >>191484 says and please, please, PLEASE stop feeding him.
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This is truly such a bait night.
It's strange how a thread can be dead for days, and then it suddenly gets activity, but because a few people don't like the topic of the conversation they just fill it up with shitposting about how they wish people wouldn't use the /cog/ general discussion thread for general discussion about /cog/ matters. And they don't have some other matter they would rather discuss, they just really hate that anyone is having a conversation that they personally don't want to involve themselves in.

I mean not STRANGE, because if you've been on imageboards long enough you start to realize that's about 90% of what goes on in them. But I guess continually amusing in a "Geez, what's wrong with people" sort of way. "Better dead than talking about things that trigger me," is pretty much the way all nerds think.
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>"Better dead than talking about things that trigger me," is pretty much the way all nerds think.
And the baitening continues...
Honestly, I find forced dismissive charging with standard reaction images circa 4chan 2014 to be far more annoying than talking about current issues.

No. That is the asocial definition. Avoidance of society, not in contrast to it.
But the point is, if that's a stance one would take, it nullifies the other expected responses. It's basically a roundabout way of saying "I don't really care" to the question of "do you think the way the community behaves now is acceptable?".

Personally, I find choosing sides and taking residence in camps of ideology causes more problems than it solves. People get defensive and emotional if any of it is challenged. They prop each other up even if what they're doing ends up being detrimental to their cause. It inspires group think and an attitude that you don't need to act or think as an individual as long as you're a piece of the whole. Even with the best intentions, the circle-jerk nature of a brotherhood can easily end up a twisted mess of irrational near cultist behavior. This whole debacle has helped to solidify my own philosophy in that regard. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe something will convince me I've made a mistake later on, but for now, the culmination of my life's experiences tell me that "taking sides" ultimately gets you nowhere.

The gateway to knowledge is understanding. Understanding does not come from echo chambers and coming up with bullshit excuses to blame the "other side" for everything wrong.
But branches off on an unrelated tangent.

Point is, I've taken my own side in this debate.
>No. That is the asocial definition. Avoidance of society, not in contrast to it.
"I have no responsibility to other people" is not avoiding society, it is contrasting it. Avoiding society is "I am avoiding other people so I don't end up in a situation where I have to act upon my responsibilities toward other people." Saying that you have no responsibilities to other people is saying that your happiness and satisfaction are the only things that matter, and other people's happiness and satisfaction don't.

>It's basically a roundabout way of saying "I don't really care" to the question of "do you think the way the community behaves now is acceptable?".
See, but that's my point. When the question is "Is X acceptable" the answer "I don't care" is "Yes." Because "Is X acceptable" is asking if you have any objections to it, and you have said very clearly "No, I do not have any objections to it."

You haven't taken your own side. You have just come up with your own excuse for why you chose the side you chose.
Just fucking stop.

That's all you have to do, and you'll be free of this.
I keep reporting for shitposting, but nothing's happening.
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FFXIV is such a pretty game, but I'm kinda bummed that I will never play it. The MMO grind is just such a deterrent to me.
So, did anyone else here play Binding of Isaac Rebirth?

I love it. It's everything the original was but better in several ways. More variety in terms of items, enemies and room layouts, some rebalanches, many bugfixes and small but significant improvements (e.g. secret rooms no longer re-sealing themselves) and superior performance since it's no longer made in Flash.

This is how expansions are done right.
How is XIV compared to XI?
Playing it on my Vita, since it's free on PS+ and stuff. It's great on the go, but speed ups are even worse on a system where you control it with a stick, making Eve nigh unplayable since she already starts pretty fast. Otherwise item synergies seem to have increased drastically. There's some amazing combinations.
It's simply not having responsibility to the way other people behave. Because you don't. That's just nature. You can't control other people and you don't have to. They are responsible for their own emotions and thoughts. I don't need to waste any more time or energy trying to appease strangers. I've already wasted enough of my life on that. I'm not against people, I'm just not going to worry about them any more.
And I don't care is not a "Yes". It's an "I do not care". It's an "I'm not vested enough in the issue to make a polarizing decision towards this."

Tiny but nicely detailed world. Most of the content comes in instanced raids and pattern boss fights. There's a lot of bonus shit to find. It has a Glamor system so you can look how you want with standard limitations. Jobs are sectioned into the traditional trinity role system. You can build a house with an obscene amount of gil, but people tend to buy up lots as soon as they appear. Gilsellers and bots are a big problem, you can get spammed a few times a day so you should do a weekly clean out of your blacklist. Crafting and gathering jobs are a lot easier, still a bit slow if you're not willing to have calm time with the game. Community varies. You won't hear much chatting outside your linkshells, and duty finder is a grab bag of decent folk and assholes. If you choose to main a DD class, be prepared for long wait times due to a lack of tanks and healers, but you can still change your job at any time outside of instances. Also, you can jump (With a good deal of invisible walls at logical enough places).

I think that covers the bases. I can help you with any specific questions if you have any.
Man, I am really itching for a collectathon platformer, but I've played all the N64 ones to death.
What, like a Metroidvania? I could go for one of those. Played all the big-name ones already.
I think he means a Rareware game.
Heard good stuff about the DK Country Returns games!
Have you played Psychonauts?
Cleared them both. Fantastic games.

End to end. Thoroughly upset that we may never get a sequel.
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If you're itching for a 3d exploration platformer you could play pic related. I actually really enjoyed it when I played it, but it really depends on how much you're willing to tolerate the dated stuff in the game. For example, you have to stand still to pan the camera behind you, and this takes a few seconds to do every time. That's the only thing you can do to control the camera. Usually the auto-cam is fine but it does get annoying when you want to line up your view for a jump. It's also kind of hard to know where you're supposed to be going at times, but some people like that kind of thing so make of it what you will.

There aren't too many collecting elements, though there are what are basically heart pieces and heart containers scattered around the world, which is pretty well sized. There are other upgrades you can get for your characters like new moves, but nearly all of them are mandatory I think.

I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for, but I played this game less than a year ago and it really made me remember what it was like playing games like Mario 64 for the first time. If you haven't already played it, you might want to check it out. Just know that you'll need one of those controller save packs to save your data.
I have played every Goemon game I could down to the code. Mystical Ninja is one of my Favorite N64 games ever.

I'm beginning to realize I may have drunk the whole well on this.
Hm. That's a bummer.

Have you ever played Super Mario Star Road? It's a fanmade ROM-hack of Mario 64, and it's actually really good. I highly recommend playing with a controller if you can, but keyboard controls are definitely manageable.

//youtube.com/watch?v=_JBdxcnyxeQyoutube thumb
Actually, I did play a little bit for a while, but I stopped around the big fall tree level for reasons I can't remember. I'll go ahead and boot it up again.
Thanks for the help man.
>I'm beginning to realize I may have drunk the whole well on this.
Did you drink the whole Sony side of the well, too? Spyro, Medievil, Ratchet & Clank, etc.? I haven't played any of them apart from Medievil (which was amazing at the time, but I heard it hasn't aged well; didn't go back to play it yet myself), but I heard many good things about those series.
I didn't know Medievil was a collectathon platformer. I always assumed it was a typical action/beat em up. Games "aging" means practically nothing to me, so I might try it out anyway.
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Oh boy, it's like each time one band shoots themselves in the foot, the other just escalates it!
Please, that kind of political gaming is so weak, there's no need to say "You're loyal to us but don't even know it!". That kind of lame reasoning only leads to corrupt practice like what GamerGate supposedly organized to prevent. Just let the handful of people who care support to the degree they want to. Gamergate is an arbitrary affiliation and can easily get replaced if something filling its purpose is needed again.