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image:162994349033.jpg(930kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 cover.jpg)
Housemating - The Futanari Spin-Off of Deviants!

Housemating Comic
Deviants Comic

Spinning out of Deviants! Jamie and Kennedy are enjoying their new life as a couple living under the same roof. But when Kennedy suddenly loses her job and has no way to pay for her house, Jamie proposes a new way to make money. Renting out rooms for a lovely beach house is an easy way to rake in cash but things get interesting when another girl that also has an… extra feature down there comes along. Futa fans rejoice, this is the comic you’ve been waiting for!
>specifically makes a /cod/ topic for his futa spinoff comic

God bless you.
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image:163030480722.jpg(1MB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 1.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 1
Well it is that kind of a comic so no surprise we start off in the bedroom!

Thanks! I usually try to follow the rules.
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image:163097956623.jpg(1.11MB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 2.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 2
And just like that, Kennedy’s unemployed.
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image:163154363041.jpg(1.01MB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 3v2.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 3
Hilarity ensues. Sexy hilarity, that is!
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image:163217528034.jpg(993kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 4.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 4
Well, so much for that!
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image:163272971554.jpg(914kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 5.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 5
After they agreed to being landlords, they also agreed to being naked!
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image:163333926480.jpg(914kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 6.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 6
Having such a lustful girlfriend can be very… handy!
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image:163393062491.jpg(968kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 7.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 7
Kennedy says: Properly handle your girlfriend to reduce risk of injury!
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image:163475715537.jpg(901kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 8.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 8
Jamie’s so wet she should put up a warning sign so nobody slips.
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image:163539298430.jpg(845kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 9.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 9
Just a little bit of preparation before the real fun begins!
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image:163603698099.jpg(906kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 10.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 10
Kennedy has enough muscles to thoroughly work Jamie’s body.
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image:163637320516.jpg(996kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 11.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 11
Thar she blows!
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image:163703893302.jpg(968kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 12.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 12
Damn! So much for round two!
It's so strange to see the characters drawn by a different artist.
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image:163763655131.jpg(855kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 13.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 13
I’ll give you one guess as to what this new girl has in her pants.

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image:163825408512.jpg(1,009kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 14.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 14
This princely and seductive woman knows what she wants and Kennedy knows what that is as well.
When you post the other chapters?