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image:143974719200.png(607kB , 1280x1095 , 1429216223997[1].png)
Would anyone be interested in collaborating on the "Flavor High" concept from /co/? Basically it involves girls in varying sizes made of food, cute schoolgirl shenanigans, and Gordon Ramsay as a fitness coach. Ecchi or sexy stuff was not possible on /co/, which is why I'm bringing it to +4.

Original artist:


Reference threads:


I'll delete the thread if there's no interest, but I just thought I'd ask as this seems to be the right place to tinker with the setting and ideas. The artist has updated the character models several times, so I'll be posting those as well.
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image:143974993000.png(136kB , 800x2140 , 1429909988587[1].png)
The Plot (such as it is)
>Humans and Food people (called Foodies) co-exist. the Foodies had to disconnect themselves from humanity due to the humans constantly trying to eat them and they now live on a large island. The story follows a high school filled with Teenage foodies and the shenanigans of the main characters. the only humans on the island are an older Flint Lockwood who is the principal of Flavor High, Gordon Ramsay who is the school's P.E coach and a reporter named Hank East who disguises himself as a foodie to do a news story\documentary on them.

Main Cast
>Chantelle (Chocolate) - the new girl who doesn't know where she belongs
>Sally (Spaghetti) - painfully shy and socially awkward girl
>Zuri (Zebra Cake) - the reliable, sporty girl
>Betty (Butter) - the bubbly, air headed fatty
>Patty (Poptart) - the cheerleader and nervous peace maker
>Pauline (Pizza) - the new age metal punk chick that's "too cool for school". she's close friends with Patty
>Yuki (Yakisoba) - the mean, snobby rich girl who has a secret love for fatty food but teases them to hide it.
>Max (Mountain Dew) - the hardcore multi-plat gamer girl who's usually very nice and sociable but get's extremely intense and angry when "in the zone"
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image:143975013600.png(1.48MB , 2060x2044 , 1429231956138[1].png)
Supplementary characters:
>T-Bone: the douchbag jock and the quarterback of the foodball team
>Sirloin: T-Bone's friend who is actually more intelligent and less obnoxious then him, he interacts with the main characters more peaceful like.
>Prince "Azarel" Piemon: A pumpkin pie goth and the only pie person in school. he's obsessed with everything gothic, odd, creepy and just plain scary. despite his odd personality, obsessions and borderline anti-social behavior he is a decently close ally to Chantelle and the her friends
>Hazel: a girl made of Haggis, she's a foreign exchange student from Scotland.
I like it, but where do we go with it?
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image:143975209000.png(229kB , 613x642 , tumblr_nqbsz9KfDR1tfymo3o5_r1_1280[1].png)

Depends on the resources of /pcod/. /co/ wanted it to be a webcomic but that's very labor intensive, so I was thinking of just starting off with basic smut and seeing where our ideas take us. The idea is for it to be a collaborative project: people can make OC or pitch ideas as they see fit. Personally I was thinking of writefagging some vignettes, ones much more "saucy" (hue hue) than what was permitted on /co/. Betty, Zuri and even Max are all too cute not to write about. Especially Max.

>Hardcore gamer who is also kind of a shut-in
>Big gut and a huge ass
>Gets bigger when she's frustrated

So much potential here.
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image:143986370000.png(102kB , 479x833 , tumblr_nqbsz9KfDR1tfymo3o7_r1_1280[1].png)
Bumping with art.
>Girl made of chocolate
I didn't even know I had a fetish for this. Thanks, Internet!
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image:144106439900.png(61kB , 1280x1076 , tumblr_ntuuybH8iP1rqnr6co4_r1_1280.png)
New pic.
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image:144164089300.png(504kB , 1024x823 , 1441411922286[1].png)

I see you lurkin' there pal!

Anyone got any ideas? Or should we just have a general food-girls thread? Pic related.

>death by ass

There are... Worse ways to go.