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image:142489953000.png(527kB , 700x718 , chel.png)
Can't find the Chel smut thread, so here goes. Some kinksters on /co/ suggested I do an unofficial "continuation" of Road to El Dorado where Chel goes on the road with Miguel and Tulio, gains weight, and gets into all sorts of compromising sexy situations. I've been playing with this idea for a long time, ever since my original Chel story http://zobstories.deviantart.com/art/Chel-s-Story-1-379208885 and I'd love to give it another try.

Thing is, I got the impression from /co/ that people want to see a lot of different things, from chubby to SSBBW to even a little bit of slob. So I'm starting this thread to gauge interest but also to see just how far we want to go with this. The floor is open to anything from "awkward chubby Chel ecchi" to "WHERE WE'RE GOING, WE DON'T NEED WAISTLINES" level.

The plot is also up for debate, but I'd like to do something where Chel travels between various countries in the 1600s (time travel optional) and ends up here, for obvious fetish reasons: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockaigne The geniuses on /co/ suggested the adventure should go to some mythical place or other, and where better than the original Promised Land of hedonism and debauchery?

So, go nuts! Let me know what you'd like to see in the project. This is predominantly going to be a weight gain thing, but I can make room for strongfat (per the original thread) and maybe even musclegirl, or anything in between. And of course any writefags who want to help out, pitch ideas or spitball are more than welcome. All hail our glorious, plump brown waifu.
Got the foolz link to said thread right here: https://archive.moe/co/thread/69775810

As far as max limits, I'm in a "As long as she can waddle under her own power" camp as far as fat goes.
I support the idea of "WHERE WE'RE GOING, WE DON'T NEED WAISTLINES" level of fat Chel.
I like chubbies but please don't make her obese, zob. I liked the original ideas you suggested where the all food goes to her ass or she becomes strongfat.

If you feel the need to make her obese then at least make separate art/stories for non extreme BBW fetishists.
Just think of obesity as a first step for Chel's transformation into a mountainous strongfat barbarian babe.
Why not have it start out with her and the guys getting back to Spain and, after some time, she learns about the mythical Cockaigne from someone while she gluts on Spanish wines and meals. It could be the catalyst to go to other places like France, England, Italy, and maybe even other regions like North Africa and China as Chel tries to find pieces to a key or something that can unlock the secrets of Cockaigne.

Like a globetrotting Indiana Jones searching for the Lost Ark, but its Chel sampling local food and liquor in search of a way to access the land of hedonism. And when she does find it, its all too beautiful as the landscape is riddled with girls the size of mountains who have spent centuries doing nothing but glutting themselves stupid.
stop with the fucking fart and scat shit. burps and even belching is OK with me but borderline scat is just unnecessary
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image:142499595800.jpg(123kB , 722x1106 , commission___chel_by_grim_kun-d8ejq3m.jpg)
I love the idea of super gluttonous Chel but I don't like anything to the point of immobility or complete degradation of hygiene. I mean I like messy eating but when you start to get the impression she's a giant festering mass of filth it goes beyond any acceptable limit for me. I don't even mind farts so long as they're treated as incidental to the stuffing / gaining and not that she's stanky all the time.
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image:142500348400.jpg(258kB , 900x615 , Chel_is_asking_you_a_Question__by_ShoNuff44[1].jpg)

See, this here is what I'm talking about. I feel like I'm in a session of Congress.

It's sort of looking like I'll need two stories: one where she gets pretty plump (say, 200-250lbs?) but then reverts to strongfat, and then maybe a "non-canon" where Lovecraftian levels of fat are unleashed.

What would you guys like to see in terms of characters? So far I've heard people want to see the following:
>Obviously Chel, Miguel and Tulio
>Kida from Atlantis
>maybe post-Tarzan jungled-up Jane (Or maybe Bustle Jane? What do you guys think?)
>The horse maybe? I don't fucking know

Obviously the other female leads would be side characters, with the main focus on glorious jiggly Mesoamerican badonkabutt.
Why does it need to be one extreme or the other with you? Have your strongfat one and have one where she just stays fat. Why do you feel the compulsion for these oceans of blubber nobody in here is even asking for?
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image:142500950400.jpg(12kB , 210x240 , eris.jpg)

I recommend Eris from Sinbad, just because she's a fellow DreamWorks girl.
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image:142501120200.jpg(77kB , 531x591 , 0003SA.jpeg)
I would like to see Kida, although it would be pretty hard to include her out of nowhere I think. As for the size of Chel I think it looks pretty unanimous that SSBBW is the most anyone wants without getting to full-blown immobility. I know on /co/ you mentioned "can't-get-through-doors-fat' but personally I don't mind it so long as they're still able to walk. Hell getting stuck in a door or anywhere really is something I love especially the old Winnie the Pooh premise where the girl goes in skinny and stuffs herself to a bloated mess and she can't get out easily.
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image:142550383000.jpg(42kB , 452x750 , tumblr_nkmb5cwqNi1rzfgq6o1_500[1].jpg)

That would require me to find a copy of Sinbad. Also isn't she the antagonist? And a goddess? It would be a little challenging to make her fat... I like a challenge.


Kida is actually easy because she's like a million years old and curious about the surface world, I can easily imagine her going too far with the decadent pleasures of Europe.

I think I've got a basic idea of the plot, now all I need is some time to write. Anyone who has more ideas should let me know now, before I start (I will also accept prompts from writefags, as I tend to run out of steam when I'm not burning cash for warmth.)
I could see a chaos goddess deciding to indulge herself.
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image:142552987900.jpg(518kB , 1650x1275 , WE_MTTF_0166_Chel-Complete50.jpg)
honestly now I think you should just focus on Chel and leave the other girls mentioned for something else, otherwise the story will get too unruly and take focus away from Chel
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image:142576719700.jpg(574kB , 948x1200 , 138270479962[1].jpg)

I think you're right. I'll just stick to what I know: fat brown south american girls are awesome. Everything else is superfluous details.

That said, how much sex are you guys okay with? I won't fill the whole story with smut obviously, but I like to think of Tulio and Miguel "sharing" Chel a little, in sort of a weird benign love triangle type of thing. Is that odd / is that an okay dynamic to have in the story?
I think it gets ridiculous and tryhard if it gets too gratuitous and starts to take up too much of the story. If I wanted vanilla porn I'd read that.
Sure, I mean shit, that's basically what I figured the trio's relationship would end up being anyway
All I know is I want more Chel art to punctuate the thread...
I'm considering commissioning some based on the story but at this rate nothing is gonna get done.
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image:143364439500.png(414kB , 893x943 , chelwg-1.png)
Doesn't surprise me in the least that nothing but done, but at the very least this thread served some purpose for inspiring me.

Ah Squid, I just can't say no to your girls. Here ya go.

>The royal court of Spain was exactly as Miguel and Tulio had imagined it: resplendent, glittering and filled with inbred rich people. Everywhere they looked, there was gold: sewn into the curtains, gracing the hems of fine clothes. Every piece of silverware and plate in the banquet hall was golden, which was actually a bit of a problem as Tulio saw a nobleman accidentally bite off the end of a golden fork, the soft metal going down his throat with the rest of the food.

>“Boys! Are we going to stand around ogling all day, or are we gonna scam?” Chel grabbed the mens’ shoulders and steered them towards the table, the pair of them goggle-eyed at the amount of wealth on display. It was nothing, of course, compared to the glories of El Dorado—but after months of trying to screw over sailors, barkeeps and prostitutes, it seemed like paradise. Finally Chel got the boys into their seats, and they immediately launched into an intense and quiet argument over how much gold they could smuggle out, Miguel suggesting a complex bustle-stuffing operation while Tulio insisted that a window exit would work. Chel sighed and sat down; the two of them sometimes seemed more like a married couple than her and Tulio. She straightened her stolen gown awkwardly, her cups running over with smooth brown flesh, and several noble women gave her the stink-eye. She gave it right back; so what if women from the New World were better endowed? Unlike these wrinkled biddies, Chel actually had a figure, and one she was supremely proud of. Even if it was getting a little soft these days. The delicacies of the New World had turned her slender waist into a chubby pot belly and caramel-colored lovehandles that filled out her corset so fully it was hard to breathe, and her newfound love of Old World beers and wines had ballooned her hips and rump to the point that her thighs rubbed together and her cheeks bounced when she walked.
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image:143430888600.jpg(149kB , 897x891 , chel__ascension_of_the_new_goddess_part_1_by_b_mage-d5xtri4[1].jpg)

Hopefully there will be more tonight when I have more time to play with adjectives.

>All this was forgotten, however, when she saw the servants bringing out the feast for the nobility. Roast boar, thick dumplings, duck and game fowl cooked to perfection, and was that an entire beef flank they were hauling in on a platter? They might be here to steal, but Chel simply had to try one of everything, a weakness that had plagued her since coming to Madrid. Tearing into the food with gusto, she did her best to bat her eyelashes at the noble boys, trying to stick to the plan. It was hard to stick to the plan, though, when she was so hungry. Better to have a little bit to eat, first. And a drink or two, to calm her nerves.

>“A little to eat” quickly became a lot, as Miguel and Tulio masqueraded as spice traders and spun a story about giant sand worms to a gullible noblewoman. Chel took advantage of their disastrously dumb scheme to consume several plates of roast pig, two entire pheasants, a bowl of bread soaked in oil and half a bottle of wine. As the remains of her gluttony slowly worked its way through her insides, she fought to contain a deep, highly pressurized pocket of gas that was gradually fighting up through her stuffed guts. Dizzy with wine and slipping into a food coma, she was startled from her anti-belching concentrations by a delicate hand on her shoulder.

>“Disculpe, senorita?”

>Chel turned and her weakened abdominal muscles, fattened by weeks of snacking on Spanish cuisine, let loose the fury of a dozen too-eager swallows: a thick, savory burp that rattled forth from her crumb-flecked mouth like a spirit from a tomb. “What is it? I’m BURRRUPPURRRRPH…” The whole table turned to stare at her. “Eating here,” she finished with a small hiccup. Miguel and Tulio eyeballed her, Tulio disgusted and Miguel disgusted but, being pansexual, also vaguely aroused.
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image:143451556800.jpg(139kB , 850x850 , 84fcf9263d04ee4c776d2fd8e23adabb[1].jpg)
>Chel turned to see who had interrupted her love affair with Spain's cuisine. She was surprised to see a girl with white hair, a youthful heart-shaped face, and a curvy figure stuffed into a soft robin's-egg-blue courtesan gown smile and hand her a small fork, which was covered in cuneiform inscriptions.

>"You are one of us," said the woman, whispering in Chel's ear with a warm intimacy that made the girl shiver in her chair despite her sluggishness. "You will show us the way, across time and in spite of restraint. You will find the land of milk and honey..." She pressed the fork into Chel's hand. "You will find Cockaigne."

>Chel felt another bout of indigestion coming and clutched her stomach; when she looked up, the girl was gone and the golden fork was still sitting in her slightly-chubby palm. Miguel and Tulio, abandoning their plots, came to see what all the fuss was about.

>"Is it a magic fork?" asked Miguel, his blonde hair flouncing as he preened it. "Quick! Stick it in my man-bun! Maybe it'll put a map in my brain!"

>"Idiot! Obviously it's, uh, Ancient Egyptian!" said Tulio, running a finger over it before Chel snatched it away from him, nobles staring at her. He had no idea what an Egyptian even was, but it sounded accurate, and Tulio always wanted to be the first in line for any discovery--a motive he would come to regret, during this quest.

>"Quiet! Estupidos! Do you want us to get thrown out?" Chel grinned weakly at the suspicious guards as Miguel and Tulio ogled the fork, their cumulative plot-hook senses tingling. "Just finish the, urpph... Just finish the..." Chel struggled to contain her distressed gastric system's noises as her native body tried to digest the richness of Spain, and failed. "Finish the jobURRRRPH!" Her enormous, rippling belch rumbled her bosom in its decotellage and shot a speck of chocolate from her tongue into a nearby courtesan's eye. Taking it as an insult to his Moorish descendance, he challenged Miguel and Tulio to a duel, at which point the gruesome threesome were forced to make a hasty exit from the high court, Chel trailing behind them with her overfed rear bouncing like so much smooth brown gelatin, forced into a restrictive high-society costume.