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Way Above Parr "It's a Working Title"Anonymous
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image:141542652300.png(701kB , 1200x867 , helenvioletbodyenvy.png)
A /co/ created project and fan work of The Incredibles featuring Helen and Violet Parr.

>Tensions rise and asses expand as Mother and Daughter engage in sexy brinkmanship, falling into the depths of depravity...

Since the comic will contain deviant kinks (mind control, expansion, mild transformation, body envy, incest, etc.) and will almost certainly be graphic in it's depictions, I thought it safest to post the WIP thread here. If any mods have a problem, I can post this elsewhere.

I'm VaN, You may know me from my half finished drawings strewn over /co/. I hope to make some full finished pages. I'll be volunteering for art duty but anyone is welcome to contribute pages. What we really need right now is writers for scripts. Please, no "Idea" men, we need to actually produce content.
Might as well post the foolz link to some of the discussion as a resource http://archive.moe/co/thread/66993500
I'll admit I'm just an idea man, but I know a writer who might be able to help with this(I've collaborated with him on multiple stories, and we chat fairly frequently); http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kentenko http://silentsoulken.tumblr.com/ http://kentenko.deviantart.com/
you've got a closer relationship them than I do. If you could bring him on it would be a great help.
oh I'll talk to him about it, just figured I'd let you know of him first(also you should go read his stories he's pretty good)
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image:141543242700.jpg(141kB , 1266x930 , 1415340959457.jpg)
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image:141546771400.jpg(313kB , 1500x1130 , helenvioletbodyenvy.jpg)
Sketch from the /co/ thread

>don't die on me!
save file
image:141547306200.jpg(75kB , 623x906 , 1415423830772.jpg)
i would love to help produce content, but it wouldn't be on the same level artistically and that would make me feel bad, like a kid brother wanting to help with his older brothers calculus homework.
couldn't hurt, worse thing that could happen is it's not used. In the mean time you're getting better anyway.
Silent Soul Ken
So Mister Van my friend has asked me to help you with this... I'm more than happy to extend my services. I only have one question if I mentioned how could you put in futa into this? But if not I'm fine with working what you got.
Silent Soul Ken
Also if you want you can either contact me through E-mail or Skype, or Google hangouts.
you want futa? not sure where that would fit in, if you've got an idea i can be convinced. whats your skype?
Silent Soul Ken
My Skype is Silent Soul Ken SSK and if that doesn't help you can e-mail me yours via sonicer2@hotmail.com and I'll respond that way. and to help recognize you all you need to put down is Incredibles
putting my 2 cents in, futa ruins it for me.
I can overlook most fetishes I dislike but if futa is involved it spoils all the fun.
save file
image:141551301000.jpg(143kB , 1200x800 , wayaboveparr_key_1.jpg)
some work done for the comic, we also have a couple pages scripted. Pencils incoming.
I'm thinking story wise it's hard to work in without someone being hit by a magic dick ray. That said, if it ends up in the story it won't revolve around it, maybe a one off for futa fans.
I don't really see much of a purpose for futa with these two considering between Helen's stretching or Violet getting creative with forcefields, they can basically simulate that basic effect.
I hear you. the writer wants to though, so I'll try to work something out. It won't be shoehorned in that I can guarantee.
If the writer is that big on putting futa in when it has no place, perhaps we should consider a different writer.
>>11156 I totally agree with this
I agree with >>11154 as far as Violet creating a strap on out of forcefields, or Helen stretching/inflating her fingers (or if you really want to get weird with it, have Helen stretch her clit into a psuedo-penis.)
I was going to put up a straw poll, but I like the clit expansion idea, will go with that.
So did that writer have a specific little story in mind for a chapter on futa/pegging or just expressing that they wanted it to be incorporated?
save file
image:141560300100.jpg(177kB , 1154x911 , ss+(2014-11-09+at+10.26.18).jpg)
no, they were asking to incorporate it.

small update, cover.

I think I'll finish up the issue before I release the final. I the mean time I'll post page updates
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image:141563816500.jpg(435kB , 1061x1500 , wayaboveparr_1_page1wip.jpg)
Yes this is an actual thing, pages are being made.
So how many do you estimate will make up the first issue/chapter?
we're shooting for mid-20s, after that we'll decide what will come of the project, if anything.
Needs more Helen force-feeding Violet straight lard.
Considering the whole competition thing, Violet could probably have a bigger appetite on her own as to pack on more clay to sculpt herself with

not sure how the dynamic will work. I'm opposed to giving them the same skill sets, and make it a race to see who can become a bloated hourglass the fastest.

>though I'm sure it would go over well with some.

We came up with the idea that Helen would get volume, and Violet would get to control shape.
Maybe I'm just not as clear on the significant differences. I mean, I'd assume Violet would be able to control how her weight is distributed with the shape/bodytype control ability. As for Helen, I'd imagine she's taking things slow in expanding out in the name of sportsmanship
basically Violet has to put more effort into the actual stretching, but has finer control over how it's shaped, and doesn't need to concentrate very hard to keep her shape, while Helen can stretch out a lot easier, but is a lot worse at molding herself in a precise manner, and can lose her concentration a lot easier than Violet can
I never really thought violet could compete if it was just expansion. The whole shape control thing is supposed to be the antithesis of Helen's ability. Her mother relies on raw physical appeal, to counter her aging she becomes as fertile looking as possible. Helen utilizes base sexuality.

Violet's shape changing represents her covering for her insecurity by modeling herself to perfection. Sculpting herself in the ideal for. If Helen is sexuality, Violet is fantasy and goddammit I've thought way too much about this already.

Helen is visual. Violet, mental.
I think I get it more.

I like the idea of Violet keeping the reinvention of herself pretty fluid and in turn, that youthful experimentation keeps Helen on her toes and feeding her unease. Trying to figure out different forms of perfection, going with top and bottom heavy looks before putting them both into practice for hourglass, variety in a new wardrobe, maybe piercings. Hair-dye might be fun just for something where a tanned Violet goes platinum blonde for a week just to fuck with Helen by reminding her of Mirage.
Would there be any sex scenes or nudity in this comic or are you planning on keeping it tame?
it's going to be graphic, yeah.
Violet's in for a rude surprise when she learns /co/ picks MILF each and every time.
Violet/Helen's one of the few cases where I just really want them both. And a curvy assertive flirtatious Violet is just the sort of underdog I can root for.
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image:141724912500.jpg(96kB , 695x1000 , wapiscoming.jpg)
great taste

Sorry for long pauses between updates, ETA is January/February.
Any WIP panels you'd be willing to share as a tease?
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image:141919720600.jpg(80kB , 983x893 , Incredibles.jpg)
I don't think Violet should have the same body type as her mom, more interesting if each of them has a different sexy angle or genre.
That's been addressed: They're going for different forms of hourglass, Violet being wasp-waisted, Helen being thicker.
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image:141929817300.png(1MB , 1790x878 , Helen getting larger.png)
How thick are we talking about here?
save file
image:141929878100.png(370kB , 937x1263 , tumblr_nh00rwUxAo1tfkzzbo1_1280.png)
So many possibilities with that flexible body...
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image:142067545200.png(1.03MB , 1650x1650 , 0eeb1e5fca290e3838303bf766121ee692ecede1.png)
Mind Control, uh?
save file
image:142179461700.png(2.91MB , 1485x1485 , 3d02cee6d412cc11a81492b37a152cb28496f876.png)
Color version's spectacular
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image:142280939700.jpg(50kB , 392x832 , ss+(2015-02-01+at+11.25.09).jpg)
Alright, 4chan was sort of a bust so I'll try here, I think I want to do a couple one off strips/pages before I start on Way above parr proper. I need fodder for one to two page stories.

Mostly what I was getting were pin up ideas or at the most a series of pin ups, which I don't need atm. Anything with a beginning, middle and end.
Some ideas:

-Violet meets some delinquent girl in the bathroom who introduces her to cigarettes/pot and she starts progressively becoming more like her, getting piercings and tattoos and wearing skimpier and skimpier clothing. Finally, Helen takes notice and scolds her, but Vi fills her mouth with a forcefield so she doesn't have to listen to it while giving her the finger. So Helen grabs at her thong and gives her a mega wedgie using her stretchy arms, while simultaneously yanking at her piercings painfully, which makes Violet see the error of her ways and she gets down on her knees apologetic.

-Violet starts getting a thrill by walking around naked while invisible, going to the school bathroom to strip and walk the halls, masturbating along the way. Maybe squatting on top of the water fountain, getting her pussy near the people going for a drink. She gets cheeky by groping the popular girl's breast, who turns around and slaps the boy she thinks did it, and by grabbing the quarterback's jock, who turns around and looks dreamily at the boy he thinks did it. Finally she sneaks into the boys locker room and stands in the shower, climaxing, which causes her to go visible again, standing there redfaced in a circle of guys.

-Helen and Violet in a contest to see who can make the most guys climax. Each has a row of guys, and Helen stretches her breasts and braids them together, to give all her guys a titjob simultaneously, while Violet forms several forcefields on her guys, simulating pocket pussies. They each run out of dudes, so the tiebreaker is a single massively muscled and equipped guy. Violet tries to get his tool in her little mouth like stimulating his prostate with a forcefield, while Helen coils her fingers around his shaft, and stretches her tongue long enough to dial around his nipples and his own tongue while she makes out with him. It's declared a tie anyway when he shoots a massive load over the both of them and passes out.
I'd go with the second option.
I kinda want to see something with that streaker Violet idea in the second one mixed with something where she's wearing nothing but a forcefield construct and yeah, loss of concentration from arousal or something turning it off.

I like the first idea especially Violet using her force fields to shut up Helen.

I'm not a fan of girls being total sluts for no reason so I'll try to give some alternatives

-Since the story is going to have elements of growth/gain I'll focus more on these: Helen is sitting at the dinner table when Violet asked for seconds. Slightly bemused by her typically scrawny daughter actually having an appetite Helen is about to praise her for the request when she takes notice of how much tighter Violet's clothes have become, her shirt starting to rise up on breasts growing in revealing her midrift, pants that have filled out in back and now hang low enough to reveal the top of her panties. Violet is now happily digging into her extra proportions and Helen is slightly worried about her baby girl developing so much. Later Helen is quietly observing Violet from the couch as Vi is pacing around the living room talking to a boy on the phone. Helen is transfixed on Violet's flirtation body language, hands sliding up and own her side as she giggles and chats, hips bouncing back and forth as if trying to put on a show despite the conversation is not in person. Helen's concern is turning to a brooding sort of envy. Helen tries to engage Bob in some dirty talk but the oaf misinterprets her advances as actual conversation and Helen's predatory hunger bursts along with her ego. As the week goes on Helen is finding herself more and more comparing herself to her daughter. When Violet complains about popping the seat of her pants and begging her mom to fix them Helen is annoyed to find that when she holds them up to her own hips Violet's pants are no longer dwarfed by her own figure but rather not far behind. The story ends with Violet after school in her patched up pants, Helen seemingly did a poor job with patching them on purpose placing a big discolored square over the seam that draws plenty of unwanted attention from teasing girls. Just as Violet thinks she couldn't be any madder at her mom Helen arrives to pick her up from school in some new cute/sexy outfit she's squeezed herself into happily stealing all the attention away from Violet.

-Aside from that maybe a story focusing more on Helen at war with violet over the dinner table, the idea that they are both trying to fill in their curves more and sort of battling over the food as they both start eating like every bite bring them closer to winning this war of the curves. Their family watches confused as Helen's and Violet's requests for seconds turn to demands, the two of them like gunslingers at high noon trying to grapple for bowls of green beans or sparing with forks trying to skewer the last buttery dinner roll. In the end one of them is happily showing off newly developed hips and ass bursting out of their pants while the other is just angrily holding a bit of belly pudge that developed instead of the curves they wanted.
>I'm not a fan of girls being total sluts for no reason so I'll try to give some alternatives

We actually have a reason: Mezmerella getting into their heads
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image:142291907800.jpg(332kB , 880x1456 , 12 copy.jpg)
Man, dat ass
save file
image:142291957500.jpg(144kB , 930x825 , Helen Violet.jpg)
Yeah, I remember this story being worked on some way or another years ago, and if I remember correctly Mezmerella was the one that got into their heads.

I believe that she was passing off as a school counselor and slowly but surely influencing Violet to act and dressed sexier, causing Helen to visit her, and thus also getting hypnotized.

On the previous story Mez somehow gradually conditioned Helen to assume a much curvier appearance, since you know, her body is elastic, giving her that gigantic ass and hips look.
I believe this outfit was the base for how Violet started to dress more like a 90s superhero.

Helen on the other hand by the end was just wearing body paint because of how skimpier and seethrough her outfits got.
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image:142292055700.jpg(661kB , 2724x2188 , 10.jpg)
Crap, I forgot to actually post my pic.

Anyway, people also wanted Helen to basically look like a fertility goddess, and thus why her body had such such exaggerated proportions such as this, and also because she might be the only who could physically have that type of body.
And Helen's descent to just body paint was accompanied with Violet eventually just wearing forcefields with her piercings adding a crackling energy effect
Oh yeah, Violet was mind controlled into getting sexy piercings and tattoos, while Helen was all about embracing her curves and walking around basically naked.
save file
image:142292834800.jpg(90kB , 449x700 , Incredibles.jpg)
>Helen was all about embracing her curves and walking around basically naked
With plenty of callbacks to this particular scene of course.
save file
image:142292885600.gif(289kB , 380x700 , Dexter's mom.gif)
Helen's final form something like this?
Maybe a bit bigger, particularly the bust.

Though personally, when I think fertility goddess, I go all the way thinking Willendorf proportions, though that might a bit far for some people.
So would Violet's final form be Shadman tier?
save file
image:142293161200.jpg(366kB , 1470x1602 , Chunk.jpg)
She definitely needs to be chunky, but still have an hourglass figure.

Also, a certain level of class(despite the fact that she is basically naked) in contrast to Violet's more trashy look.

Reminds me of this other thing
The plan with Violet was basically hypno-spiral themed tribal tattoos/Tron lines rather then the "instruction manual" stuff Shad likes using. Between that, devices in the piercings, and encouragement to use powers creatively, Mez was molding Violet into a jiggling, gyrating hypnotic seduction machine.
save file
image:142293316300.jpg(390kB , 833x1365 , cbddca8550123530f70edaa84d3db86c.jpg)
Yeah, if I remember correctly, her tattoos were more "artsy" and with an actual pattern that was all around her body, rather than just random slutty stuff.

I'm thinking more of something like this than just Shadman usual bullshit
Pretty much. The major hypno-spiral points were at her asscheeks, her breasts, shoulderblades, navel and her crotch and a spiraling vine pattern connected the points.

Also, Mirage ended up getting dragged into it and became a sexy secretary for Mez.
save file
image:142293443700.jpg(754kB , 2370x2024 , Tattoo.jpg)
Yeah, its coming back to me...

Anyway, I like the thicker tattoo lines better I think, like the one in the middle.

Also, wasn't Violet supposed to dress rather normal when in civilian clothes but really revealing and showing her tattoos when in superhero mode?

I forget.
Yeah, but mostly because the corruption was going on after classes during her freshman year of college and Mez was trying to keep off people's radars until later in that story.

We're probably getting off track here, but the trip down memory lane is nice.
save file
image:142293866400.jpg(36kB , 470x622 , Mez.jpg)
Did someone say Mezmerella?
Have we decided what Mezmerella plans to ultimately accomplish with all of this?
Aside from the usual/obvious of corrupting a hero so they can't stop her anymore, I'd say a grander scheme, in keeping with the theme of the actual film, is the idea that heroes and people with powers are a menace who will cause the downfall of society. Seeing these two as sexual deviants using their abilities for the lewd and somewhat disgusting to the general public, has to be demoralizing to the hero community at large.

Also, I imagine Mez gets off on it herself.
There was also Mez wanting to use them as vectors to warp the minds of the public and spread a hypersexualized appearance meme into the super community as she's invested in the skimpy costume market.
So, the whole master plan is about selling merchandise?

Lol, George Lucas is that you?
save file
image:142301174500.jpg(495kB , 1000x1000 , 1346205357463.jpeg)
Indulging in/spreading around some hedonism and making some dosh while she's at it.
save file
image:142301395500.jpg(383kB , 2400x1277 , Violet.jpg)
Eh, I knew this thing would come in handy again.

Anyway, something like this perhaps?

Some fine tuning might be required, but I think I got the overall idea, right?
save file
image:142301501100.jpg(230kB , 550x861 , Rollergrrl Bellydancing 2.jpg)
I didn't think of the crotch spiral being thigh spirals, but now that you have it that way, I think it actually works better.

I also had this idea of a vine traveling up her spine from her asscrack and splitting into smaller branches along her back before splitting into the shoulder spirals.

And if we wanted to add a little extra along the arms and legs, wrapping linework similar to Rollergrrl's serpents comes to mind. But that might be too busy.
save file
image:142302025500.jpg(183kB , 678x1000 , 46c87c8fc7d8aeaae931116435df790c.jpg)
So, are we going with a super-thin/second skin type costume or just plain old body paint?
I always figured plain old body paint. Same body as canvas idea as Violet, but more flexible/fluid for Helen's tastes. Could probably tease Violet with offers to "fill in the coloring book".
I'm assuming the hypnotized Mirage would also double as Mez's personal fucktoy?
Well it is basically a lesbian harem story. And of course Mirage'd have access to Helen and Violet as well. Rollergrrl's around as well and she's the one that gave Violet the tats.
save file
image:142352886000.png(855kB , 3010x1060 , Dash_Parr Helen_Parr The_Incredibles legoman.png)
Helen is all about expansion and body transformation, is it the same for Violet then?
Not as much, there's not much canon things she could do with her powers as far as transformation
save file
image:142361523900.png(1.13MB , 2412x1682 , Mrs Incredible.png)
I think Legoman's art really fits her
save file
image:142361766600.jpg(668kB , 1000x751 , 259312.jpg)
Lesbians and Incest is a given, right?
save file
image:142361775000.jpg(578kB , 1102x820 , 266517.jpg)
What about Helen sleeping around with other men?
So will Mez end up victorious in the end?
I feel like even if they got out from her thrall, enough had been done that they'd retain that lost sense of modesty and whatever.
save file
image:142396866600.png(365kB , 1252x719 , tumblr_n1iim1XURO1rd8tfco1_1280.png)
I like this idea.

In the end they are able to break through her mind control, however, certain things that were done to their bodies and psyches are simply irreversible.

Violet for example would still have the big ass tattoo.

Helen is tricky though, since I'm still not sure how Mez was able to change her body, I mean, is Helen using her powers to be that voluptuous or just got big through other means?

If it has to do with her powers, she would in theory just be able bring her body back to her old self, unless something was altered deep in her mind that prevents her from doing so, like some sort of muscle memory or phantom limb kind of thing.

She could of course be able to momentarily look like her old self, but sooner or later she would have to change back to her new self.

We can actually play with this idea, Helen forcing her body to look like before when attending parents teacher meetings, going out shopping and the like, but has to change back when coming home. It can be a really dramatic change too, she rushing to the door and getting naked to not rip her clothes, before her body violently expands into the figure of a fertility goddess.
Hell, it can even be super sexual as well, something about returning to her curvy body reminds her of the sexual adventures with Mez, like a trigger or imprint, causing her to cum and scream in ecstasy. The act of maintaining that facade being incredibly physical and psychological draining.

It also helps Helen keeps her secret identity, since she would have a super curvy body when fighting crime, unlike her civilian look.

And of course maybe she also kept a certain exhibitionist side, even after defeating Mez, another psychological change that endured.

Anyway, I think I prefer a super tight see-through costume to just bodypaint, there is a certain kinkiness with her being technically be clothed, but at the same time showing everyone her goods.
save file
image:142396918800.jpg(75kB , 720x867 , Violet.jpg)
Because of the tattoos and piercing, I think Violet could have become addicted to pain and being dominated.
Considering the pic you used originally had that "Tonight You" caption and Violet becoming more assertive and confident, could see her domming in addition to sub.

More of an out-there idea I've had in general associated with the whole "gaining a forcefield aura and getting too attached to it" thing in future Violet ideas, but I always like having it result in gradually darkening her skin to a purple hue. Course some people aren't into it when I pitch it.
Would Mez alter Mirage's personality in any significant way?

How purple are we talking about?
Think along the lines of those Demon Violet pics.

Outside corruption contexts like these though, I basically just think of this adult Violet idea as essentially being Jen/She-Hulk's whole arc of finding empowerment in becoming a curvy technicolor woman and the day job being "super therapist" (possible career path vibe I got from the film) instead of "super lawyer". But that's just my weird headcanons.
Kind of like Raven?

Wouldn't it give her secret identity away though?

I get that that Violet and Helen are bound to get frisky when under Mezmerella's control, but what about Dash?

I can see Helen and Dash getting busy, hell, maybe even unable to stop after breaking away from the mind control.
Either X-Men Evolution style holo-watch thing or Violet ends up going public for her solo career.
Mmm, how about we bring back the bodypaint idea?

Violet has to cover up her body with makeup every time she is in public, in order to cover up her skin and tats.
Actors do it all the time when covering real tattoos in a role that doesn't demand it.

It can also be another sexy transformation like with Helen.
I'm perfectly okay with more bodypaint. Though I think it'd be fun if Violet occasionally went out as her real self outside just supering and essentially making that a party girl alter-ego for the painted-up responsible adult she'd otherwise present herself as.
I'm ashamed to admit that I'd like to see Mirage turned into a ditzy bimbo with barely any indication of her true self.
save file
image:142404653200.jpg(847kB , 4096x1720 , Bimbo.jpg)
The whole hot dumb blonde transformation, uh?

I can get behind that.

Does she eventually get some really ridiculous big tits though?
I could see Mez doing something about filling out that twiggy figure. Could also be fun if post-Mez, she ended up as a live-in maid at the Parrs or something.
>ended up as a live-in maid at the Parrs
Yeah, I can see it being hard for her to come back to normal after her brain getting that dumbed-down.

Sort of messed up...yet hot.
Not as big on fully-gone mentally bimbo stuff. Could see her reclaiming some of her old personality mixed in with her now hefty libido, but yeah she's not nearly smart or focused enough for her old spy career anymore.
I wouldn't dumb her down per say, If she's going to be a secretary then she'd still need to retain some intelligence. Though it would be amusing to have Helen and Violet interact with her without knowing her true identity.
save file
image:142410592100.jpg(120kB , 626x783 , helentestthumbs.jpg)
Sorry I've been dragging my feet on this, I've been going back an forth with what I want to do with this, and it's ended up with months of inaction.

So fuck it, I'm going to commit to four pages, due by march 1st. That's about a page every three days, a glacial pace but a definite one. If I don't hit this, I'll have to just furlough this project indefinitely.

Just so it doesn't seem like I'm bullshitting again, here's the thumbnails...
save file
image:142410596800.jpg(611kB , 707x1000 , helenparr_testpg1.jpg)
...and the first page pencils.
Nice to hear something. Good luck.
I'm more curious how all this will effect Jack Jack.
Fuck yeah, I can't wait to see this
save file
image:142412914400.jpg(745kB , 4428x1664 , Mother Love 1.jpg)
I can see Mez imprinting one last super strong command into Helen's mind, perhaps this particular taboo even she was unwilling to cross, despite setting it up throughout their adventure. However, once she knew she was about to be captured and lose control of her sexy slaves, at the last second she triggers it.

Mez had been having Helen flirt and tease Dash incisively all this time, but it wasn't until she was supposedly out of her control that this particular suggestion comes into effect full force.

Now she simply MUST breed with her son.

So yeah, a particularly nasty farewell present from Mez.
save file
image:142412922800.jpg(681kB , 4428x1768 , Mother Love 2.jpg)
Does she succeed? I don't know
save file
image:142421837100.jpg(630kB , 707x1000 , helenparrtest_pg2.jpg)
What a total whore...I love it.
save file
image:142531417900.jpg(192kB , 800x1000 , 1549977 - LordVIP3R The_Incredibles Violet_Parr.jpg)
save file
image:142551108600.jpg(431kB , 707x1000 , helenparrtest_pg3.jpg)
"not dead", one more to lay out.
save file
image:142584761400.jpg(93kB , 759x832 , 1425793606919.jpg)
save file
image:142584783000.jpg(67kB , 770x873 , 1425832839905.jpg)
MILFy ass
save file
image:142586722500.jpg(464kB , 707x1000 , helenparrtest_pg4.jpg)
and that's four, look out for the finished pages.
>Elongated tongue BJ
Oh god, how did I not think of this
save file
image:142625628300.jpg(127kB , 746x850 , 1426143985425.jpg)
save file
image:142653242800.jpg(112kB , 767x920 , 1426287167114.jpg)
I love the idea of Violet using Helen's ass as a pillow
save file
image:142690015600.jpg(333kB , 1314x1038 , 0c424ea555201ac74c6e11298f42a4fdda7a131d.jpg)
I've got a crappy old DaFuze drawing from the /d/ drawthreads of Helen's ass expanding into more of a couch.
save file
image:143084496700.jpg(104kB , 976x726 , 1430843919226.jpg)
I swear, I mean to get this shit done every week. Then every week I want to redraw it. I think if I do it in this style I can get it done.
Is this her new outfit for this story? I like it, believable, and yet sexier for sure.
save file
image:143212009900.jpg(73kB , 540x681 , tumblr_nomxzvqZYf1sudowwo1_540.jpg)
Loving this She-Hulk Helen you did Van. Would love to see a purple She-Hulk Violet
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still procrastinating on this thing
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I ended up getting distracted by Violet's belt thing when seeing the final product.
>Some Mezmerella/Helen/Violet comic thing just popped up on Paheal

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This seems related
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As does this