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image:140894014700.jpg(397kB , 1000x905 , earthmutantsareeasy.jpg)
So, let's see if I can make this work, request thread and general dumping ground for my lewds.

If you can see your fetish in pic related chances are I'll draw it.
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image:140894698000.jpg(212kB , 1000x826 , Centauress Merida.jpg)
Care to do some lewds with Centaur Merida?
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image:140899126200.jpg(51kB , 800x1131 , 8709843.jpg)
While we're on the subject of Disney monster girls, there was an idea of having a teenage Boo returning to the monster world in disguise and gradually transforming into a real monster. Do you think you can take a shot a drawing her monster self? We established that she should have tentacle arms, long horns she's wrapped pigtails around, three eyes, a pubic skirt, purple skin, a tail and cloven feet.
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image:140916660200.jpg(391kB , 765x1000 , frida.jpg)
Working on >>10900 just posting some /d/ sized tits so my thread isn't so sad, also if you really want a quick turn around, I'm in the mood for more Frida or Empowered
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image:140966935500.png(409kB , 596x1341 , captain_amelia__disney_collab__by_littlegreenfrog-d6ptud8.png)
ive never seen wakfu but her look reminds me a lot of captain amelia from treasure planet
i would totally be down with seeing her with out of control lewd proportions
As a general suggestion, I'd say more shortstacks.

You mentioned Empowered, so having Emp become a shorty and fret over her even bigger, even more obvious butt, would be nice.
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image:141023223700.jpg(32kB , 363x251 , 1410125321501.jpg)
Requesting these tiki masks reacting to Shortstack Lilo with Tex Avery-style wild takes.
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image:141324264500.jpg(111kB , 600x936 , BB1_cov.jpg)
What if Panda Delgado shortstack, with even bigger tits and a matching booty?
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image:141450363300.jpg(187kB , 761x1000 , pandastack.jpg)
Whoa, really sorry, I had completely forgot about my second thread!

Here's a shorty panda a recompense.

>Seems I've become shortstack guy...
Guess I'll have to get to these too
it's less that we're pegging you as a Shortstack guy, it's just there aren't many people who draw it and are good at it(not to mention willing to do it, and indeed seem to like doing it) so people are just getting excited, although we should mix it up a bit with requests so you don't get bored with Shortstack(which would suck since you're amazing at it)
Outside shortstack stuff, I would still be interested in more monstergirl stuff with centaur Merida and mutant Lilo.
how about some futa Mabel on very curvy Pacifica action?
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image:141515564800.jpg(94kB , 749x923 , ss+(2014-11-04+at+09.43.23).jpg)
It's hard to design a good hourglass
damn that's pretty tight Van, especially love how the legs came out, and I'd say you handled the hourglass part very well
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image:141532388800.png(19kB , 196x350 , 996-0.png)
Please do a BBW of Thea Stilton
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image:141542482000.png(500kB , 1205x355 , aelita_yumi_sissi_by_armsist2-d7xhm11.png)
Think you can do the Code Lyoko girls in SSBBW?
we talking "fat" or slobs? I'm not into the latter.
Im taking about fat not slob, I dont like slob, but bigger the better
Oh. Oh god. How did I just now discover this thread!?

I need a Demona (Gargoyles) from you. In terms of body-type, I'll just say... "overstuffed". Too much girl for one body.
this is why i want to get better. i love drawing that stuff, oppai loli and milfs, but i'm pretty fucking bad at it right now.
though i thought there were people good at shortstack on /d/?
St. Matthias
Make Thea Stilton a SSBBW then! ^^
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image:141581347500.jpg(89kB , 627x908 , ss+(2014-11-12+at+12.27.48).jpg)
St. Matthias
Rebecca Cunningham as a shortstack/midget playin' with Molly pls
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image:141582823900.png(499kB , 469x687 , 1407970963580.png)
Magee as a shortstack dominatrix holding a riding crop and asking the viewer if they've been naughty.
mmm mmm VaN you are a treasure
i need some painting practice, I'll take the very next request.
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image:141601096600.jpg(228kB , 628x953 , Ms._Marvel_Vol_3_2_Molina_Variant_Textless.jpg)
Well, if no one else is biting?

Kamala Khan a.k.a the new Ms Marvel, in a Milfy/Hourglass/Plumpish state (or outright BBW, if you're into that).
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image:141602123800.png(1.23MB , 900x1824 , gun_girl_a_by_alohalilo-d3g5yrh.png)
Mutant Lilo dressed in something like this.
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image:141643114800.png(737kB , 700x933 , Untitled.png)
can i request a futa makro deepthroating a plump butt sistah spooky?
...fuck, I like it, ok.

Sorry if I've been neglecting my dozens of threads here. Working on the comic and my own shit is going to take precedence for a while, so I'm not taking request for the duration. The one I quoted will be the last until further notice.

Sorry if I promised you something, I am capricious by nature.
Tino's White Horse
shit i meant makro throatfucking sistah spooky, nit deepthroating

sorry i have deepthroating on my mind 24/7 ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

and thanks a lot for taking the request during your hiatus
Needs more Chubby Ninjette being force-fed by a fat Emp.
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image:143252511400.jpg(112kB , 1600x900 , 1432441305819.jpg)
How about shortstack pilot Wendy on final shortstack Wendy?
Not the requester, but that is damn fine work as always!
Fantastic work as usual!
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image:143642254200.jpg(315kB , 1000x1250 , hilly_tits.jpg)
In the mood for goofy expansion, leave requests here.
hmm how about a titty monster version of Pacifica Northwest, don't believe you've drawn her yet, besides that have a couple more ideas;

1. http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t168276.html#p178433

2. one or more of the Sugar Rush racers as Shortstacks

3. more Shortstack Lilo(maybe her boobhatting Stitch in a callback to that one Lilo and Myrtle pic you did before where Myrtle is doing it to Lilo, except where Lilo was unhappy about that sort of treatment)

4. maybe an extreme hourglass expansion of Meg Griffin, with her completely ecstatic about what has happened to her

obviously I don't expect you to do all of these, just spitballing out a couple ideas to see if any catch your eye
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image:143649795700.png(97kB , 208x246 , Magee Holly Height Reference.png)
How about some hourglassed elves?
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image:143651403900.jpg(430kB , 1056x775 , Allmar.jpg)
Marceline struggling to fly as her tits expand.
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image:144527554100.png(191kB , 624x800 , shortstack-elves.png)
Finally got around to doing one of these
Thanks Van!
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image:148408404900.jpg(53kB , 512x384 , IMG_0330.JPG)
can you do olive?
I haven't been here in a while, Have drawn a lot and gotten marginally better since, will take requests here.
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image:154820824376.jpg(147kB , 1110x546 , felinaofficial.jpg)
Ok, requesting a milf Felina Feral with thick thighs trying to squeeze into an old uniform.