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image:140538349100.png(57kB , 360x468 , humphreyisharpy.png)
Crossdressing Thread

Didn't see one so figured i'd start one. i'm just gonna post these 4 pics i did recently of the character humphrey(dressed in harpy gee's garb) from brianne drouhard's webcomic "Harpy Gee" feel free to post whatever else u guys want.
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image:140538350900.png(60kB , 263x459 , humphreynothappytobeharpy.png)
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image:140538352300.png(48kB , 188x473 , humphreydoesntlikeit.png)
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image:140905838900.jpg(226kB , 603x790 , shezow she-s-p.jpg)
Ok, I'll contribute some of my work to this.
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image:140905842500.jpg(273kB , 608x791 , shezow checkin me out.jpg)
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image:141252956500.jpg(115kB , 800x499 , 636035.jpg)
Here's a great drawing made by Elera
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image:141585370000.jpg(155kB , 709x913 , c4e148a7a36e8a6d5ef4f9b8232b88d9ed089f39.jpg)
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image:141585432100.jpg(647kB , 1180x1640 , tumblr_n69q14v7Z81sg6405o1_1280.jpg)
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image:142463457200.png(311kB , 686x409 , lloydinspacewip.png)
here's a quick doodle or sketch i did recently of a pic i found from the cartoon lloyd in space. i tend to do the other characters later as well. but lloyd stood out to me in that outfit.
Haha, that's great. I think you've drawn the first decent 34 pic of that show.
Someone's gotta colour it.

hey thanks but i really need to ink it but my digital inking skills blow.
Inking's really not so hard when you get down to it.

Then again, I've never drawn digitally. Maybe it's tougher.
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image:144264261000.gif(463kB , 500x280 , steven universe dress 1.gif)
could we get some Steven please?
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image:144264266800.gif(372kB , 500x280 , steven universe dress 2.gif)
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image:144264271100.gif(908kB , 500x280 , steven universe dress 3.gif)
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image:144556086300.jpg(327kB , 800x1200 , nicki Steven colors.jpg)
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image:144556088600.jpg(309kB , 800x1200 , Baby Smooth.jpg)
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image:146252605100.png(168kB , 410x513 , lincolndressedaslori.png)
Nobody asked for this but i found it quite an interesting idea and may do others later as well