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image:156484283542.jpg(136kB , 636x480 , THE_LION_KING_2.Title222.mp4_[2019.08.03_16.24.21].jpg)
Seems the max response limit was reached for the previous thread.

Well FINALLY! Only reason I was watching that show to see if the Outsiders finally return.
Just rewatched Lion King 2 today, incidentally. There are some nice extras / making of video on the BR, including design sheets shown. If anyone is interested I can share.
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image:156484293194.jpg(9kB , 636x480 , THE_LION_KING_2.Title222.mp4_[2019.08.03_16.23.02].jpg)
Man Zira still remains one of my favourite Disney villains. Mostly because... she isn't cartoonishly evil. The scene with Nuka and other moments show that she could love others, it's just that she let the need for revenge consume her.
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image:156484302148.jpg(141kB , 636x480 , THE_LION_KING_2.Title222.mp4_[2019.08.03_16.27.35].jpg)
It seems to be flash animated?
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image:156484409377.png(1.69MB , 2160x1536 , dde08aed7b2a4db56031ba008c96a808167-168.png)
What I feared... the face and body is human just with animal ears and tail. Seems this will be like most anime, where only the males get proper anthro forms.
On that note, the tasmanian devil girl finally transformed into full anthro form on Killing bites then gets killed right after... sadly.
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image:156484538136.jpg(215kB , 636x480 , THE_LION_KING_2.Title222.mp4_[2019.08.03_17.15.01].jpg)
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image:156484547018.jpg(247kB , 636x480 , THE_LION_KING_2.Title222.mp4_[2019.08.03_17.17.29].jpg)
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image:156484548427.jpg(23kB , 636x480 , THE_LION_KING_2.Title222.mp4_[2019.08.03_17.17.01].jpg)
Mistir Twistir
When you go for humanoid shaped, it is hard not to go that route. Especially for the females. Have to make them attractive in a conventional way.
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image:156492248342.jpg(211kB , 1280x853 , 1550434594.nordicfuchs_bagi-y-ryu-valentin-conefecto.png.jpg)
But being a furry I KNOW that's not true. They can have animal faces and still be cute and even attractive. Why do you think Renamon was like the goddess of furries for a long time? While nobody remembers these cat-eared "nekomimi" girls names ever.
Hell, or you forgot about Bagi, the pink kitty that launched a thousand R34 drawings? :D
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image:156492252541.png(1.55MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30763).png)
Boy, this was lazy. They upscaled the models a bit and we are meant to assume years passed between seasons.
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image:156492344641.png(965kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30801).png)
This is pretty ridiculous. So Scar was an OK guy and he did not turn evil because he wanted to be king instead of his brother... no, he just got bitten by a snake and apparently that turned him evil. And there was another lion before him with a scar who was also evil. I think this show does not understand what venom is or how it works...
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image:156492396050.png(1.53MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30836).png)
Also, after a season of buildup, Scar just gets extinguished by rain. Seriously, I am not considering this show canon...
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image:156492477217.png(2.21MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30872).png)
LOL and apparently they walked to CHINA during 2 episodes???
'cause last I checked red pandas only live there.
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image:156492488610.png(1.31MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30881).png)
Still, they meet a cute snow leopard girl
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image:156492531299.png(1.81MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30912).png)
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image:156492533430.png(1.19MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30924).png)
Apparently cats don't always land on their feet.
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image:156492661813.png(1.06MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30959).png)
Well FINALLY they show a normal looking cheetah. Not sure why Fuli has a design that is totally unlike any cheetah ever, when even the original 2 movies and Timon and Pumbaa's show had cheetahs like this guy.
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image:156492683125.png(1.34MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (30986).png)
His name is Azad
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image:156492711784.png(1.83MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (31033).png)
Seriously they look like different species.
File deleted

>Anime has been such a big influence on True Tail. We were very sad by what happened with Kyoto Animation Studios and want them to know they are in our thoughts. Thank you for making such wonderful icon characters that push us as writers and artists. #kyotoanimationstudio
Mistir Twistir
And that fanart piece is VERY much a hairy human body with animal accessories. Not saying it's inherently bad, but the BNA concept and your example are one and the same thing.
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image:156499060197.jpg(46kB , 640x480 , Nekonelle61.jpg)
The body was never my point. The HEAD is. I was talking about how most anime only gives male anthros proper animal heads while females just have cat ears and tails. To which you said it's to make them more attractive. Wasn't that your point?
Using Sailor Moon as an example, here is Nekonelle to illustrate what I mean - she is your typical nekomimi, human body and face with a tail and cat ears...
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image:156499069149.jpg(52kB , 640x480 , Falion43.jpg)
And Falion, from the same anime, who has a feline face, snout and all.
The body is always gonna be a furry human body, dude. If it stays an animal's body then there isn't much anthro about the character and it is just a real animal standing on its hind legs.
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image:156499074890.png(1.92MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (31067).png)
Short appearance (literally just this) by Bast on Scooby Doo and Guess Who in a rather unfunny crossover with Ricky Gervais.
Mistir Twistir
Got it.
File deleted
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image:156510332097.jpg(1.54MB , 1920x2071 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 04 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][2DE70C62].mkv_[2019.08.06_16.29.04].jpg)
More on the subject of what I mean is a "proper" anthro anime catgirl - Hiou from Kamisama Kiss. She is some underworld goddess' familiar.
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image:156510335505.jpg(962kB , 1920x1080 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 04 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][2DE70C62].mkv_[2019.08.06_16.31.13].jpg)
As long as it has a proper cat nose and mouth, it is not a nekomimi but a proper anthro in my book.
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image:156510337300.jpg(951kB , 1920x1080 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 04 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][2DE70C62].mkv_[2019.08.06_16.32.29].jpg)
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image:156510338848.jpg(9kB , 1920x1080 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 04 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][2DE70C62].mkv_[2019.08.06_16.36.15].jpg)
Boobs away!
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image:156510343614.jpg(917kB , 1920x1080 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 04 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][2DE70C62].mkv_[2019.08.06_16.37.05].jpg)
She gets comically defeated and blasted away like Team Rocket.
Show is basically an Inuyasha KO by the way. Main kitsune dude even totally looks like him.
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image:156510421020.jpg(1.05MB , 1920x1080 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 03 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][50351B66].mkv_[2019.08.06_17.09.28].jpg)
Also, some tanuki geisha gals
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image:156510423278.jpg(1.01MB , 1920x1080 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 03 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][50351B66].mkv_[2019.08.06_17.09.34].jpg)
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image:156510425434.jpg(1.02MB , 1920x1080 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 03 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][50351B66].mkv_[2019.08.06_17.10.17].jpg)
They look a lot like Wakfu Pandawas.
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image:156510433180.jpg(1.14MB , 1920x1080 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 03 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][50351B66].mkv_[2019.08.06_17.11.03].jpg)
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image:156510440741.jpg(1.56MB , 1920x1080 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 03 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][50351B66].mkv_[2019.08.06_17.12.49].jpg)
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image:156510441816.jpg(1.39MB , 1920x1080 , [AC] Kamisama Kiss S2 - 03 [BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC][Dual-Audio][50351B66].mkv_[2019.08.06_17.13.01].jpg)
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image:156647480060.jpg(1.18MB , 1200x1818 , bear come at me bro.jpg)
>the tail puns that never end
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image:156652375708.png(1,017kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (32142).png)
So apparently this is DC's next animated movie... sadly based on the costume still set in the dumb New 52 universe. Cheetah was conspicuously absent until now from these movies, but she is here...
Wonder Woman: Bloodlines - Official Exclusive Traileryoutube thumb
... and man, she has been working out.
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image:156652378658.png(1.12MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (32145).png)
Honestly, at first I thought she was a man. :P (That actually did happen in the comics once, when the god powering her chose a guy instead). That said, it seems she does have boobs, at least in some shots. And she has a far more anthro cat head than ever.
Mistir Twistir
He should just admit he really likes animal ladies.
"I'm not a furry, but..."

You just dont announce it!
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image:156665631416.jpg(194kB , 1920x974 , MomOnlineEpisode7_medhidragon.jpg)
The ending of episode 7 of Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? had Medhi transform into a dragon with breasts. It has come to this, Okaa-san Online now has furry bait.
Mistir Twistir
OR the director really wanted to draw boobs, but the script forced him to draw a dragon. Extremely unlikely, but possible.
Mistir Twistir
Well, I cannot seem to find a way to watch Jason and the Heroes of Mount Olympus in English. How can I know if the writing is bad or not? I have to watch episode 1 at least to make my joodgement.
the gools movie
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image:156713923267.png(1,017kB , 1680x1050 , screenshot014.png)
Well, since I am now a happy owner of the Spark Blu-Ray, might as well post a few screenshots. As for the resolution, I have 2 BD players installed, one plays without hiccups, the other takes screenshots in internal resolution.
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image:156713928021.png(1.72MB , 1680x1050 , screenshot008.png)
Obligatory "god I wish this were me" shot.
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image:156713934571.png(1.38MB , 1680x1050 , screenshot010.png)
The animation in this movie is fantastic. FUCK details, and FUCK detailists. Expression and movement are more important.
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image:156713937635.png(1.67MB , 1680x1050 , screenshot000.png)
Also, the backgrounds are fantastic too.
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image:156713941731.png(295kB , 1680x1050 , screenshot005.png)
Also, props for making the CG models look EXACTLY like the final 2D concept art.
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image:156727429576.png(2.13MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (32345).png)
New cartoon that is basically Small Soldiers as a series. Pretty good so far.
And one of the good guys is a nice looking lizardman.

Yeah, the movie had some nice animation and designs. And great voice actors. Just pity they wasted all of it on the most barebones cliche story ever. Did this even come out in cinemas at all, or was it a direct to DVD movie?
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image:156727444543.jpg(23kB , 720x576 , PDVD_024.JPG)
At this point it is pretty 100% he is a furry even if he keeps saying he isn't...
I mean check what he reviewed next:
What the HELL is Renny the Fox?youtube thumb
I had Renart le Renard for ages. Probably got it for less than a 1$ in a paper sheet at Tesco in 2007 or so. And yeah the Sheriff's wife, ugly face and all, has some epic boobjiggle.
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image:156727449817.jpg(108kB , 720x576 , PDVD_017.jpg)
Renart's wife is far nicer.
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image:156727502407.jpg(9kB , 720x576 , PDVD_002.jpg)
Also creepy lion queen.

There are two torrents of it on Rutracker. Maybe one has english audio.
I saw some episodes in german ages ago and the show was nothing memorable, I'm afraid. And Venus isn't that hot.
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image:156727750790.png(1.3MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (32390).png)
Wow, nice thanks! This is a weirdly titled anime, and I dislike how her mouth doesn't move in dragon form when talking (are anime still this cheaply animated?) but the design is great and I do like that she keeps the hair in dragon form.
Episode 8 has more of the fight.
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image:156727752283.png(2MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (32400).png)
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image:156727754794.png(1.12MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (32379).png)
These boobs are sure epic.
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image:156727781913.png(2MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (32424).png)
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image:156727813744.jpg(311kB , 1920x752 , gools-bh1.jpg)
Is this chinese? 'cause the translation really makes little sense. Will this be a movie or a show?
Hermelin lady looks nice, but has a weird name
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image:156728438975.png(1.97MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (32449).png)
Lizard toy dude's name is Dynamo.
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image:156728446634.png(2.24MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (32451).png)
"First transformation selfie!"
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image:156728469622.png(609kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (32459).png)
I love how he has "stick to the wall" powers
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image:156729054204.jpg(199kB , 1600x858 , 7_july_Troekurovo_smartians.jpg)
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image:156729691353.png(1.24MB , 1680x1050 , screenshot003.png)
It was somewhat of a passion project for the team. It did come to a few theaters for just one day, which is a shame. I actually went to Manhattan just to see it, enjoyed myself immensely. And there is nothing wrong with a story that is "stop the bad guy", as long as you can make the aforementioned stopping entertaining, and your characters are fun. And IN MY OPINION the execution of the journey was just fine, earning the movie a solid 7.7/10 from me. Pretty much everyone is likeable.
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image:156729704016.png(1.42MB , 1680x1050 , screenshot004.png)
Also, the space pig is basically male Gadget (but no one noticed).
Mostor Twostor
This is so sad, I really don't want to hear my "mother tongue" if at all possible.

It seems like the descriptions was translated from chinese, yes.

that image is distorted, how she is creepy?
Mostor Twostor
90° tilted eyes.
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image:156740238286.png(95kB , 1680x1050 , screenshot016.png)
Posting more screens from Spark, because nobody can stop me.
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image:156740240234.png(78kB , 1680x1050 , screenshot019.png)
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image:156740241797.png(2.17MB , 1680x1050 , screenshot021.png)
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image:156740243684.png(1.3MB , 1680x1050 , screenshot023.png)
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image:156740914740.png(2.14MB , 1640x1402 , I'm a furry no buts.png)
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image:156761565844.png(1.21MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33090).png)
New dark brown lions in the... Himalayas? Seriously whoever wrote this show, needs a geography lesson. One episode they are in Africa, then next they are meeting Komodo dragons...

This show has given up any semblance of reality at this point. The main characters look exactly the same as last season, but are we to believe Lion King 2 took place in this time, and Kiara and Kovu and Vitani got redesigned to their Lion KIng 2 appearance? Also BOO-URNS as this means Zira died off-screen and will not return to the show.
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image:156761572057.png(1.3MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33100).png)
I have no idea how lions could tattoo themselves... or why that'd even show, with the fur over it.
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image:156761611127.png(1.25MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33126).png)
For fuck's sake, I guess Mufasa was no-one special. Everyone can talk to their ghost parents nowadays?
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image:156761675136.png(98kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33134).png)
Nirmala is cute though.
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image:156761708739.png(1.83MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33166).png)
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image:156761750141.png(1.31MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33174).png)
ARRRRGH! For reals?
Will they be going to America for the next season, because why the hell not?
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image:156761769150.png(1.47MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33175).png)
... no I have no words even for how stupid this is.
Sets back good shows that taught real biological and zoological facts to kids by decades.
Will they encounter dinosaurs next?
Mostor Twostor
Well, crocodiles and horseshoe crabs are dinosaurs.......
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image:156762046323.png(1.31MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33256).png)
They did not even try with Kiara. She looks half the age than what she was in Lion King 2...
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image:156762070723.png(1.75MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33254).png)
And are these the same lionesses as in season 1? They look half their age compared to that... Not to mention we saw all of them were adults in the movie.
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image:156762281536.jpg(189kB , 720x576 , dvd_snapshot_01.29.05_[2019.09.04_20.45.29].jpg)
Wait if you are russian, why even look for english audio? You can understand the episodes, then. And yeah i downloaded both torrents, sadly russian audio only. >>421194
It is? odd. I took the screenshots a decade ago. Here is a current one. Anyway, as Mr Twister said, the reason she is creepy is due to the weird way her eyes seem to be rotated downwards...
Hmm, seems no matter what I do the snapshots come out compressed. I tried using VLC or Mediaplayer Classic but the results are the same.
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image:156762290455.png(474kB , 720x576 , vlcsnap-2019-09-04-20h22m36s870.png)
And because nobody asked for it, an underskirt shot of the wolf sherrif's wife. Yes, she does not wear panties. :P
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image:156762344538.png(1.57MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33309).png)
My problems with the show aside, Vitani's Lioness Guard have some neat designs. This'll give fuel for R34 artists for years, LOL.
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image:156762476978.jpg(263kB , 1024x576 , RENARD_Title_03_01.mkv_[2019.09.04_21.18.04].jpg)
Managed to rip and convert the movie and that seems to have fixed this weird ratio problem. Odd, 'cause the movie displayed fine when ran from DVD but produced compressed screens.
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image:156762510016.jpg(246kB , 1024x576 , RENARD_Title_03_01.mkv_[2019.09.04_21.20.01].jpg)
Here is a nice cleavage shot of Renart's wife. I think her name is Ysengrin
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image:156762513164.jpg(224kB , 1024x576 , RENARD_Title_03_01.mkv_[2019.09.04_21.17.57].jpg)
And the lioness is called Fiere
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image:156762556138.png(918kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33323).png)
I never knew about this, but apparently there was a french animated show about Renart the fox, where they were all anthros!
[DA] Moi Renart - Episode 01: L'aventure de Renartyoutube thumb
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image:156762560018.png(574kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33327).png)
You can tell from the intro alone and all the scantly clad ladies that this is french. :P
Mostor Twostor
>give a woman a fox snout
>she's an anthro now

Based PAL format.
The Saprophyte

I mean, that was the series finale, so there isn't any more show for her to return to
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image:156766084773.png(1.13MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33331).png)
Some look better than that, but yeah the bodies are mostly human.
PAL format? Odd, I have a lot of DVDs from that time and none had this problem
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image:156766120882.jpg(2.44MB , 1680x2583 , Flash Gordon Holiday Special-005.jpg)
Yeah, I know it existed. Sadly, no lizard women in it, just rather ugly lizardmen.
The later comic got a bit closer with the anthro designs to the toon, but not well enough.
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image:156766129420.png(2.56MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33354).png)
Damn these hacks. They had to make a sequel to the best Scooby Doo movie, and of course, totally ruin it.
It's not as terrible as The 13th Ghost but just as uninspired and dumb. But at least the cat people now look more anthro.
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image:156766157001.png(1.89MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33374).png)
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image:156766178349.png(1.11MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33393).png)
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image:156766191093.png(1.71MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33398).png)
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image:156766192128.png(1.36MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33394).png)
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image:156766413999.jpg(43kB , 720x405 , mpv-shot0039.jpg)
PAL is a good format (when it's not interlaced).

Anyway, one of the characters in Gen:LOCK is a furry.
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image:156766416130.jpg(55kB , 720x405 , mpv-shot0058.jpg)
Her online avatar.
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image:156766419605.jpg(56kB , 720x405 , mpv-shot0086.jpg)
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image:156766446927.jpg(36kB , 720x405 , mpv-shot0093.jpg)
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image:156766448451.jpg(6kB , 720x405 , mpv-shot0094.jpg)
The Saprophyte
Oh nonono, you didn't read carefully enough. Specifically page 16, panel 1.


Those make for some good reaction shots

Is she by chance from Abu Dhabi?
Mostor Twostor
>Is she by chance from Abu Dhabi?
If she was, perhaps she seen Nermal?
the german answer to renart: reineke fuchs
Mostor Twostor
>when good fanart is all you get from a bad movie
Mostor Twostor
Darn, I don't speak German.

Hermeline is doing great, for a milf.
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image:156788518557.jpg(53kB , 1280x720 , Blood Leopard04.jpg)
No, no they aren't.
They are unchanged because they are generalists (like sharks) and they hit that evolutionary "sweet spot" but that's not what the word dinosaur means.
Yeah I saw one episode of that show. Any military organization that lets soldiers wear bunny ears to battle is one that I cannot take seriously. :D Anyway the whole thing is a very thinly veiled Robotech/Macross knockoff.
Ugh, all the furry options and she chose a Pikachu lookalike for an avatar? Laaaaaame.
Blood Leopard had better tastes. :)
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image:156788553869.jpg(13kB , 336x256 , Flash Gordon - The Greatest Adventure Of All (1978).avi_snapshot_00.43.01_[2010.07.21_23.45.31].jpg)
Yeah I got that the human lady used to be a lizard woman... but well, she looks human now, so to me that's sadly pretty pointless. Guess they thought back in 1978 that Flash kissing a reptilian beauty would upset readers? Luckily the cartoon creators had no such problems. Ah, poor heartbroken lizard gal from the movie...
-Yeah the cat-lady has some nice expressions. Always makes me wonder how these people should just go to Hollywood and sell their incredibly expression-ranged rubber masks there to Andy Serkis instead of trying to scare teenagers and a dog. :D
-Abu Dhabi? Sorry... I don't get the joke. Nirmala is an arabian name?
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image:156788581250.jpg(27kB , 500x388 , 41yhSHtODOL.jpg)
Interesting! Thank you whoever you are, nameless stranger. For less then an Euro this is something I will buy - the queen (also a lioness) looks nice based on that shot. As does Hermeline.
I am not sure why there are 2 versions of the DVD. This seems like the newer one.

That looks like a 2D version of Hermeline from the Renny the Fox Luxembourg version. Where did you find it?
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image:156788596210.jpg(585kB , 1146x1600 , s-l1600.jpg)
Better pic of the DVD. Also, based on what it says... Reineke aka Renard is a giant asshole and just wants to make the life of his uncle (a minister here) difficult without much of a reason.
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image:156788656322.png(1.02MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33448).png)
Heh. Della Duck is Samus!
The Saprophyte
Dude, they're canon herms!
Also, WTF, I've only seen the full movie once but I don't remember any snoot smooching.

-Nirmala, sounds like...
Mostor Twostor
Well, if you watched all the episodes....... you would know that the pilots that are compatible with those robots are super rare and extremely valuable, and as such are given special privileges (like redesigning their mecha in any way as long as it still works). Plus, the "bunny ears" serve a function.
She said she turned human from that orb thingie, not that she turned woman from a man. She was already their priestess.
There was no kissing but one lizzie had the hots for Flash and came on to him. Thun then told him the rumor they eat the weak slaves, and Flash refused her by saying "Sorry lady, but I don't think I am your type" making her sad and amusing the others.
I know that, I saw what happened to the spy dude who tried to bond with one and got his brain fried. I just dont like this type of writing. So fanfic/anime like. Could not watch RWBY either
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image:156793158971.jpg(18kB , 336x256 , Flash Gordon - The Greatest Adventure Of All (1978).avi_snapshot_00.41.24_[2010.07.21_23.43.03].jpg)
And here is the image that should go with this! (but I was posting from bad via tablet, zzzzz) :)
Man, I would NOT have declined her advances.
save file
image:156793166099.jpg(16kB , 336x256 , Flash Gordon - The Greatest Adventure Of All (1978).avi_snapshot_00.40.59_[2010.07.21_23.42.04].jpg)
It's a criminal offense the movie was never released in any way, as far as I can tell. We have Hitler to "thank" for that, I think... not many companies would have released a cartoon movie with nazis in it (even if they are barely in one or two scenes)
save file
image:156795821191.png(352kB , 634x637 , I could've had a V-8.png)
"It's radiations changed me from one of them - dull-witted androgens, neither male nor female - to what I am."

Neither would I. Have indulged fantasies about same. Poor shmuck's got to stay loyal to Dale though, or at least hope she doesn't find out.
save file
image:156797362616.jpg(55kB , 640x480 , Chain Gang09.jpg)
FYKI, posted my drawing of the Chain Gang in /pco. (Has a nipple slip so it goes there, but it is mostly cheesecake otherwise).

Oh. Must have missed that, sorry. I started reading the boards in the morning when I woke up, on my tablet, still sleepy. Probably did not notice that part. So they have no genders? Odd. How do they reproduce, then?
Well Flash is quite the ladies' man, loyalty to Dale is being tested constantly by Princess Aura and all the various witches and princesses whom he encounters in the cartoon and all of whom want to bone him. :D What's one more lizard lady to that? ;)
Thanks! I guess it is just fanart then.
Btw good news, seems the Moi Renart cartoon has subtitles in french on youtube that I could download - will check if I can throw them into translators and get something!
save file
image:156797733699.png(923kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33773).png)
That's one buff hamster Launchpad employs as a booster!
save file
image:156800277622.jpg(46kB , 720x405 , mpv-shot0039.jpg)
In the meantime, posting some more stills of Cammie's TOTALLY NOT MECHA FURSONA.
save file
image:156800278783.jpg(46kB , 720x405 , mpv-shot0042.jpg)
save file
image:156800287091.jpg(47kB , 720x405 , mpv-shot0058.jpg)
save file
image:156800289662.jpg(43kB , 720x405 , mpv-shot0086.jpg)
save file
image:156800300014.jpg(3kB , 720x405 , mpv-shot0091.jpg)
If I went full autistic into this I would be like RABBITS ARE PLANTIGRAbut my IQ is high enough to understand this is a fantasy mecha rabbit based on a fantasy critter online avatar, so anything goes.

Anyway, I like the design.
save file
image:156805199636.jpg(74kB , 1120x840 , dill_tmnt_alopex.jpg)
Hey, remember Alopex? The 2012 NickToons TMNT version. Always liked her better than the pantless but also boobless IDW version since they actually gave her a different origin tied to Tiger Claw instead of making her a Ninjara knockoff.
Anyhow, this guy designed her and many other characters on the show, and has the models on his page.

You got any bigger pics? Hard to make out the details -especially the face- given the white color and also clear sky on such small pics,
Mister Twister
Well, I downloaded a bunch of lower res files. I have no clue where to steal something of higher quality. There is only the first episode on YT, an official upload:
gen:LOCK FULL EPISODE 1youtube thumb

I'll buy the first season later, but that..... is in the future.
save file
image:156809647601.jpg(118kB , 1000x1000 , 56-R021-PCS__69040.1541084888.jpg)
LOL, you can find anthros in the unlikeliest of places. Like as cat food ads. :D
The art is pretty professional, and the cat ladies look great. Would not be surprised if whoever drew this was a furry artist. Heck it kinda reminds me of Heather Bruton's stuff.

Oh I thought you had a better version. Kimcartoon has the whole show but I dunno which episode is this robot suit in and I don't care for the show to watch through them.
I just watched an EZ:PZ episode that took RWBY apart... Did they at least improve the animation from that show here? 'cause the movement especially was stilted there a lot.
save file
image:156809649058.png(59kB , 572x700 , RAWZ_Aujou_Chicken_Breast_Pumpkin_Cat_Food_Pouch_x700.png)
Mister Twister
It's a shame you didn't like the show.
Mister Twister
Anyway, a /co/topia thread.
save file
image:156814819972.png(1.41MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33978).png)
Some nice pirate gals on Ducktales. Also, Bubba is back! Thankfully seems just for this episode.

It's not surprising to be frank. I could count the anime I like on one hand. I just really dislike most of its cliches and art style. The whole "only kids can save the world because we made our super powerful robot suits that way for reasons" is just one of those cliches this show has in abundance. But at least the character models are less ridiculous than on RWBY.
What's 4channel? A subsidiary of 4chan? I guess they do roleplay there on that thread? Pass.
If anyone could direct me to a good RPG material sharing chan, I'd be thankful. Used to get my D&D and Pathfinder stuff at 8chan but after some idiot shared his shooter manifesto there it closed and I could not find another place to get them since then...
save file
image:156814825101.png(1.85MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33975).png)
These sure are some equal opportunity pirates. Very progressive for vicious marauders! :D
save file
image:156814827626.png(1.4MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33977).png)
Is this anthro bird Jesse from Toy Story?
save file
image:156814846724.png(1.33MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33988).png)
Really liking this green pirate gal.
save file
image:156814850772.png(1.14MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (33994).png)
Great outfit.
save file
image:156814881364.png(1.54MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34012).png)
save file
image:156815069928.png(1.47MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34027).png)
Poor Magica. Oh how the mighty have fallen...
The Saprophyte
Because cats crave the taste of pumpkin.
Honestly, there's a lot of regular illustrators who do animals in period costume just because. Saw one once selling 2d ornaments in the back of a Victorian decorating magazine.

This must be where they get the chicken breast from. I'd marinate her in my au jus.
>What's 4channel? A subsidiary of 4chan? I guess they do roleplay there on that thread? Pass.

It's where 4chan serves blue boards from. The domain got split due to advertisment reasons (so one domain is technically porn free).
Mister Twister
Have you been living under a rock?? Blue 4chan has been 4channel for over a year now.

Also, half the cast of Gen:LOCK are not kids.
File deleted
don't know if anyone saw these before. these are concept arts from a animated movie of Cats that never got made
Mister Twister
People (see: furries) are VERY upset, yes.
I don't visit 4chan like, ever so in that regard, yes.
Hard to tell age with anime. Everyone looks the same young age. EZ:PZ even made fun of this in his RWBY review that he guesses one of the characters must be an old man because he has grey hair, but his face looks the exact same as everyone else's.
Blue boards? That's euphemism for porn? I am also surprised anyone advertises on chan. Thought they were all about no rules and no loyalties. Guess the owner sold out to financiers?
LOL! Indeed, that explains chicken breast. :) Not the first gal on that show with boobs mind you. Already have plans to pair her with Gabby McStabberson - pirate vs ninja, after all!
And yeah, some weird cat food there. Pumpkin?
save file
image:156831833315.png(1.45MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34053).png)
Never expected to see the living mummies again. I am totally shipping D'jinn and Amunet now. :D

I never knew about this. Not really a fan of musicals so I never saw Cats. But those drawings look cool. When was this (not) made?
Hey, we are people too!
save file
image:156831858240.png(1.64MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34054).png)
Gabby is back too! I guess Scrooge hired her?
save file
image:156831872725.png(1.3MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34055).png)
Also Fenton's mom apparently figured out his secret identity as Gizmoduck
save file
image:156831912321.png(1.27MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34064).png)
Must say Gabby is being quite badass here. :)
save file
image:156831973771.png(1.24MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34076).png)
Guess Mickey Mouse finally cameoed on Ducktales ... in a way :D
Mister Twister
More of less making a point that furries have the good taste this time (and normies don't).
1995. it was cancelled in 97
save file
image:156840035953.png(1,018kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34078).png)
LOL. It's weird to see that not the Asylum or some no-name company but a bigger one is trying to ape the success of another animated movie. 'cause this thing looks almost exactly like Secret Life of Pets even if the main plot has more to do with a rich dog getting sent to the streets (I am getting Roadside Romeo flashbacks... ) The designs are almost straight out of Secret Life of Pets.
Trouble | Official Trailer ตัวอย่าง ซับไทยyoutube thumb
The company that makes this is also behind the upcoming Addams Family movie, so I assume they are not just nonames.

It's just you often talk about furries as if you weren't one of us, when well, you ARE posting in this topic. ;)
Interesting! I guess demand was not high for Cats in the nineties... especially with a ton of animated movies with cats being around at the time like Oliver and co. and... I forget whether Artistocats was then or earlier.
Mister Twister
Being self aware is a good skill.
save file
image:156844890293.jpg(565kB , 1538x2048 , Boss-Fight-Mimi-Lafloo-003.jpg)
New Mimi LaFloo toy - or rather, her first, as she never got one in the original toyline!

Being self aware that you are a furry? Why would one NOT be aware of that? I think that'd be hard to miss. Or is it like those people who are gay but deny that they are gay? Honestly can't say I met (m)any.
save file
image:156844892375.jpg(381kB , 1913x1238 , Boss-Fight-Mimi-Lafloo-004.jpg)
Pre-ordered of course. :)
Mister Twister
Self aware ≠ aware. English.
The Saprophyte
I like that they went that extra mile and included an alternative bukkake face.
save file
image:156853522397.png(267kB , 309x404 , IsabelleV.png)
Never was really interested in card games, nor this anime, but just saw an advert for the new pack that has a sexy busty pink kitsune on the cover. Doing some research, she is called the tongue-breaking loooong name of Holy Great Sage of Black Shadows Isabelle - though she like all the other card characters is just a card they play in the game, same as in Yugioh, not a sentient character sadly.

I am sorry, I still do not understand what you are getting at. Or you enjoy being cryptic and mysterious and hardly writing more than a few words?
save file
image:156853535644.jpg(382kB , 1353x2048 , Boss-Fight-Mimi-Lafloo-001.jpg)
True! That I think was meant to be a winking and blowing a kiss face, but... yeah. It looks totally like that. :D
Btw the hat is removable.
Hope the quality will be better than Jenny's. Her feet broke off right when I first tried to pose her.
Mister Twister
Do I really need to write a paragraph to explain what I think? Sometimes it's obvious.

Self aware means ability to criticize yourself and make fun of yourself. Aware is a more general word for "knowing what is going on around you". I also am all too happy to make fun of "teh furry fandom", since it is full of many cringy and generally unpleasant people.
save file
image:156859040287.png(2.57MB , 1208x1694 , 10 - c9l5UfY.png)
Some more screenshots of the Huntress skin from Realm Royale. Maaaan nice legs.

Sorry, I generally prefer longer sentences. Maybe 'cause I am not native english but I tend to misunderstand such short blurbs of expressions, yes. To me it was not obvious whether you took a jab at me, the whole board, or yourself, or whatever with that "aware" sentence.
save file
image:156859042623.jpg(447kB , 3840x2160 , 14 - 0NSoCMK.jpg)
That skirt sure is short. :P
save file
image:156859044693.jpg(975kB , 3840x2160 , 13 - cVFBFXH.jpg)
Flying fox!
Mister Twister
Soon to be squishy fox, when the lack of parachute becomes apparent.
Mister Twister
It's fine. I was not a native speaker too.
File deleted
Mister Twister
>things this world did not need for $400
save file
image:156865767663.jpg(63kB , 404x408 , 1568365434525.jpg)
Seems some folks on /toy had the same idea. :D Are also doomsaying that Mimi will kill the line because female figures don't sell... geez. As if we were still in the 80ies. Have they seen Jenny's aftermarket prices?


I have not played the game so dunno how that goes... Feather Fall maybe? Though casting rolls - especially from a scroll - must be super hard to make while plummeting to your death. :D

I still could not bring myself to watch that movie. Or its sequel. Is it at least marginally tolerable? I mean...more tolerable than Open Season's sequels were? I can say I at least somewhat remember those.
save file
image:156869803043.jpg(725kB , 1296x2012 , RCO005_1464775831.jpg)
Huh, did not know Mickey Mouse had his Catwoman expy too in Katarina Kodorofsky
save file
image:156869999454.jpg(511kB , 1415x2113 , WDC&S_687_15.jpg)
Sadly she appears in only two stories as far as I can tell.
save file
image:156870006089.jpg(497kB , 1402x2086 , WDC&S_687_19.jpg)
Quite the badass thief, too.
The Saprophyte
And here I thought you didn't browse 4ch.
Great minds think alike? I'm a little disappointed they didn't take advantage of the pistol-grip hands too though.

Several of these panels would also find some nteresting use out of context.
save file
image:156884480080.jpg(799kB , 1308x2016 , RCO015_1464775831.jpg)
I actually almost never browse 4chan, that is the regular /co and other parts... just /toy and only when I find some toy news leak via google where the reddit posts and imgur pics are have already been removed. :D Case in point being the leaked SW9 toys. Odd how Disney seems to have removed them from everywhere but 4chan is untouched despite hosting the photos for days!

And yep, Katarina has some amazing facial expressions that could easily be taken out of context. Especially when she has to beat her claustrophobia and crawl through a tunnel. (And Mickey gets a great view of dat ass!)
save file
image:156884489655.png(1.01MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34628).png)
Hey Twister, that channel with the very well animated but creepy anthro sergal-things was on Nostalgia Critic's latest review of The Wall!
The Wall - Nostalgia Criticyoutube thumb
Mister Twister
I knew that for 2 days. Still don't understand how that happened.
save file
image:156900135753.jpg(634kB , 1280x1987 , RCO027-Batman Beyond-Trillia-cat people21.jpg)
A race of cat-people called Mangals, from Batman Beyond comic.

Well, he needed something just as creepy as the Wall's animated sequences, and this guy's creations fit the bill perfectly.
save file
image:156900889949.gif(1.54MB , 522x350 , anon made this GIF just for fun haha.gif)
Mister Twister
Posting here because catgirls
Daystone Episode 3youtube thumb
Mister Twister
save file
image:156978498036.jpg(348kB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2019-09-27-10-39-19.jpeg)
Bear lady from Grizzly and the Lemmings. Pretty good funny show btw, totally Tom & Jerry wibe.
Bad Cat (2016)youtube thumb
Endamın yeter Misket!youtube thumb
Mstr Twstr
Yes, I know, butt. But the second video is not something you upload if you want your movie to be taken seriously.
We posted about this movie innthe last topic. Whole thing is up on Kimcartoon but mistitled as Bat Cat
save file
image:157047725530.png(1.23MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34682).png)
Seems Cheetah is mostly the same human-faced version in the new movie, and she only turns buff - and more anthro - when she injects herself with a drug given to her by Dr Poison.
save file
image:157047738326.png(988kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34691).png)
She also becomes super fast.
save file
image:157047757940.png(935kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34722).png)
She has brighter colors originally but they fight in the dark.
save file
image:157047765461.png(7kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34732).png)
Gotta love the face
Mstr Twstr
A truly blessed Secret of NIMH thread. Minimal shitposting, and even the last post is great:
save file
image:157064705273.png(625kB , 1472x800 , I don't know where this rare Brisby is even from.png)
Reportedly, Don Bluth was afraid he would not be able to design a mouse that would not look like the hundred or so famouse characters from animations past. So, he tried a few things.
What the HELL is Fish Police?youtube thumb
Saberspark reviews Fish Police. It's odd that this is apparently a cancelled cartoon - I saw it a LOT on TV as a kid. The diva fish gal and the waitress (could never remember their names) have some amazing racks, but I dunno... I just never liked this luscious lips style. Makes them too human looking. I prefer more anthro faces. Odd that this got released despite being cut to I think only 4-5 episodes.

Huh. She looks more like Chip&Dale on the last two.
Honestly, I just never got into this movie. I mean the NIMH stuff was interesting, magic and rat society where they use clothes and weapons... But they never go anywhere with it. What was even the villain's plan? And after lifting a whole house, will Mrs Brisby use this magic to benefit mouse-kind? Or just forget it and go back to her normal life? It felt more like a first chapter in some long saga, like Watership Down and Silverwing, where they should have continued this story as a TV show.
Mstr Twstr
The villain's plan was to stop the leader wanting change, and continue stealing resources from the farmer.
save file
image:157089913027.jpg(139kB , 640x480 , Fish Police 06 No Way To Treat a Fillet-Dy (bobo) [andruska].avi_[2019.10.12_18.50.21].jpg)
Seriously, Angel and Pearl are basically the same design, Angel just has much bigger boobs.
But he knew NIMH was coming, so that was doomed to fail from the get-go, he would have died with everyone if he stayed
Oh yeah, I saw that show a lot too, never realized it was a cancelled show. I mean I saw it released on VHS, on top of it being played on Cartoon Network a lot. I really liked it, wasn't in my top ten but it was a great change of pace to see noir style stories, with some romance too - the protagonist kept going back and forth between the redhead and the diva. But then every time I think back, I can't think of more than two or three episodes.

I remember there was an episode where they made a copycat of the protagonist. The diva girl tries telling them apart by which one is the better kisser. She keeps trying multiple times until they hold her down, since by that time the detectives she is kissing are firmly knocked out.

And of course there's that famous scene in the beauty contest episode, where the redhead comes at the diva with a scissor, and the diva (rightfully) thinks she had enough of her moving on her man all the time, and decided to take revenge... but instead she tears up her bikini so it looks more wilder, so she can win the contest.

What was really strange is that there was a scene with the diva girl talking on the phone, naked, as she was in the bathtub having a bubble bath. In the bathtub. Under water. How does that even work.

>Seriously, Angel and Pearl are basically the same design, Angel just has much bigger boobs.

On that picture, maybe. But they had enough distinctive features - different ears, hair, eyes. You can only design "attractive female fish-girl" so many ways, especially for a cancelled, western cartoon in the 90s.
save file
image:157090778111.jpg(12kB , 640x480 , Fish Police 03 Beauty's Only Fin Deep (bobo) [s-mouche].avi_[2019.10.12_19.15.24].jpg)
Their names are Angel (the singer with the huge boobs) and Pearl (the redhead waitress). But yeah, as Saberspark explains too, the episode plots were pretty forgettable and the characters rather one-note. Angel is always super sexual but rather dumb (because she is blond... what a stereotype). Catfish is the typical black friend buddy cop... Gill himself is such a hardhead he never tries to engage with Pearl despite them clearly having a connection, and always lets Angel wrap him around her finger.
Yep that scissor-cleavage scene is gold. "Let these beauties float!"
save file
image:157090789178.jpg(137kB , 640x480 , Fish Police 03 Beauty's Only Fin Deep (bobo) [s-mouche].avi_[2019.10.12_19.09.25].jpg)
Indeed, no idea how the bubble bath works. And Gill says "I am more of a shower fish"... How would he shower under water? But they even drink stuff out of glasses... it'd just dissolve! That's my main problem, unlike other shows dealing with anthro creatures or being living in a strange environment, they did not think much about how to make it logical.
save file
image:157090801910.jpg(129kB , 640x480 , Fish Police 06 No Way To Treat a Fillet-Dy (bobo) [andruska].avi_[2019.10.12_18.43.22].jpg)
Another gal from the last episode, Donna. Here is another problem I have with the show - all the females look the same, same head shape, just different fins and color.
save file
image:157090805504.png(1.46MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34796).png)
From the new Pixar/Disney movie, Onward.
save file
image:157090812475.jpg(2.49MB , 2930x4827 , Chain Gang-Boomer (Color).jpg)
I did a separate character version of my Chain Gang pic (from Adventures of T-Rex), so I am posting the 3 clean ones here (maybe more people learn of these awesome gals this way). Boomer first.
save file
image:157090813985.jpg(3.81MB , 4134x4790 , Chain Gang-Slammer (Color).jpg)
save file
image:157090815496.jpg(2.43MB , 3118x4219 , Chain Gang-Maim (color).jpg)
And their boss, Maim
save file
image:157090831151.png(1.45MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (34798).png)
I think the manticore is a lady, though not sure.
Mstr Twstr
He didn't know. Miss B learned that first, he did not know and did not believe her.
I kind of liked the fact that the ladies were all more human like. They had way more sex appeal - buxom chests, hourglass figures, and dick sucking lips.

You have to be blind to not notice the differences in their design though. Yes, the basic shape is the same, but they all have different "hair", different fins on the chin, fins on the forearm, etc. Maybe they could've had different fish types shown as females too, but they went with the route that was common with 90s shows, in that the male cast had varied body types in regards of height, level of muscles, etc, while the female cast had varying degrees of sexiness. Which is fine with me.
The Saprophyte
I vaguely remember watching it when it first aired but it wasn't particularly engaging.
Was looking for stills of it awhile ago and there's one ep with a street scene with a bunch of what are obviously fish hookers hanging out on the corner.

Spongebob rules.
save file
image:157095409443.jpg(15kB , 640x480 , Tetra2.jpg)
Yeah there are differences but only as far as maybe in anime (plus skin color).
I did like this Tetra gal who Angel gave the price over to, though. But I wish they had more "snout-ed" faces to be frank, like some of the guys on the show did.
save file
image:157095420354.jpg(132kB , 640x480 , Fish Police 04 The Codfather (bobo) [s-mouche].avi_[2019.10.12_18.58.05].jpg)
I just screencapped that episode, and yeah, totally fish hooker. :)
And indeed, same rules as Spongebob. But it makes little sense sometimes, since everyone swims everywhere, yet they have stairs and elevators, and there is an episode where Gill tries to talk someone out of jumping from a building... when they could float down???
save file
image:157095423655.jpg(14kB , 640x480 , Fish Police 04 The Codfather (bobo) [s-mouche].avi_[2019.10.12_18.59.42].jpg)
Gal in the window I think even out-does Angel in bust size.
save file
image:157095434125.jpg(948kB , 1332x2048 , TMNT-#72-RCO003.jpg)
So apparently they R63ed Jagwar to a jaguar godess at IDW. Why doesn't anyone post these here? Guess not many read this comic?
Odd though - so they can use Jagwar and even Dreadmon was in the comic, but they could not use Ninjara and had to invent Alopex in her stead?
save file
image:157095440619.jpg(1.43MB , 1988x3056 , TMNT-UNiverse-11RCO006.jpg)
Another gal I never heard about before, Sally Pride - she is a mutant lioness and part of the Mutanimals
oh man, now I remember why I liked that show, that sparkling blue suit looked absolutely amazing. I don't remember seeing any other animated character wearing anything that good looking.
save file
image:157095560088.jpg(457kB , 1280x1278 , Sallylindsey.jpg)
Sally kinda looks different in every issue, given how often this comic replaces artists.
save file
image:157097998354.jpg(1.17MB , 2960x1440 , Screenshot_20191013-184233_VLC.jpg)
Christmas came early this year boys!

From African no Salaryman.
save file
image:157098004286.jpg(1.3MB , 2960x1440 , Screenshot_20191013-184532_VLC.jpg)
save file
image:157098009811.jpg(1.39MB , 2960x1440 , Screenshot_20191013-184709_VLC.jpg)
From Beastars.
save file
image:157098012759.jpg(1.33MB , 2960x1440 , Screenshot_20191013-184736_VLC.jpg)
Mstr Twstr
I just want to see Brand New Animal already. I know it's at least a year away, but still.
save file
image:157100069863.png(24kB , 457x324 , Fox Spritesheet.png)
FYKI, posted a R34 pic of these fox gals from the obscure 1995 South-korean PC game Shakii the Wolf. Thanks to TMP999 for the sprite extraction!

Never heard of this... new anime?
Oh this is out already? Thanks.
Forgot what that one is... anime as well?
save file
image:157100743445.jpg(593kB , 2816x3884 , Elder-Scrolls-Online-Tzik'Nith-whereshadowsthrive-5281816.jpeg)
Found a new(er) Tzik'Nith pic
save file
image:157100818441.png(959kB , 1600x1094 , TESO-The-Elder-Scrolls-LAMIA-argonian-5352994.png)
Also Lamia vs Argonian
I actually feel sorry for Magica. She's the only competent villain and since the whole Webby & Friends storyline started, Webby and the others get on my nerves HARD.

It's like she got literally crippled and the show mocks her. If the writing didn't go downhill, they would have added some kind of Walking Dead style Alpha/Omega dynamic, where Magica actually wants Lena back and pulls the mom-card on her. Just to add some depth and to make it harder to resist her, and Lena always being on the edge towards evil. But naaaa... at least we have that with Goldie.
save file
image:157104212388.jpg(788kB , 1920x1080 , [Erai-raws] Cannon Busters - 10 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv_[2019.10.14_10.33.15].jpg)
Stripper kitty from Cannon Busters (episode 10). Meee-raooow, she is hot!
save file
image:157104237072.jpg(766kB , 1920x1080 , [Erai-raws] Cannon Busters - 10 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv_[2019.10.14_10.38.06].jpg)
No nipples, so I am posting it here... :P
save file
image:157104315226.jpg(517kB , 1920x1080 , [Erai-raws] Cannon Busters - 10 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv_[2019.10.14_10.51.02].jpg)
save file
image:157104317646.jpg(114kB , 1920x1080 , 1565983936236.jpg)
I guess her tail is sometimes detachable?
Her design reminds me of Dr. Pussycat (from Peepoodo).
save file
image:157104339065.jpg(866kB , 1920x1080 , [Erai-raws] Cannon Busters - 10 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv_[2019.10.14_10.55.52].jpg)
Also in her other job, she is the town sheriff. No kidding.
save file
image:157104379894.jpg(907kB , 1920x1080 , [Erai-raws] Cannon Busters - 05 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv_[2019.10.14_10.23.25].jpg)
Episode 5 also has some other kitties.
save file
image:157104380995.jpg(37kB , 268x710 , [Erai-raws] Cannon Busters - 05 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv_[2019.10.14_10.21.01].jpg)
save file
image:157104383329.jpg(77kB , 607x785 , [Erai-raws] Cannon Busters - 05 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv_[2019.10.14_10.08.35].jpg)
These two are totally doing it in the background...
Mstr Twstr
Just an anime girl with a cat nose.
save file
image:157108599926.jpg(508kB , 1920x1080 , [Erai-raws] Cannon Busters - 10 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv_[2019.10.14_10.50.59].jpg)
No, from the side you can see she has a snout.
save file
image:157108605714.jpg(56kB , 1440x1080 , 101 Dalmatians - S02E80-81-Animal House Party.mp4_[2019.10.14_22.39.06].jpg)
101 Dalmatians - sexy mouse gal in a hot red dress. Only appears for one scene. S02E81.
save file
image:157108607538.jpg(545kB , 1440x1080 , 101 Dalmatians - S02E80-81-Animal House Party.mp4_[2019.10.14_22.40.08].jpg)
Lizard couple from the same episode
Mstr Twstr
..... and a regular human chin.
save file
image:157118134494.jpg(52kB , 333x867 , [Erai-raws] Cannon Busters - 05 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv_[2019.10.14_10.23.50].jpg)
Well, maybe this one is more to your liking then.
But overall I am just appreciating that we got an anthro striptease. When was the last time that happened? I can only recall the anthro snake gal from an obscure anime movie.
save file
image:157118156089.png(1.58MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (35346).png)
So, Africa No Salaryman... isn't very funny. Mostly short office stories cobbled together into an episode. And the show style oddly changes from CGI-cellshaded to traditional to even abstract chibi on the drop of a dime.
Girls have no boobs and no feminine figures, but some nice face designs. Lioness high school gal is a recurring character with extra small story segments after the credits
save file
image:157118160212.png(1.31MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (35303).png)
Yeah apparently real, not sentient animals exist in this world too, which is how predators can eat meat.
save file
image:157118170113.png(1.6MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (35266).png)
Cheetah gal is Chiko, fennec is Jackie, red panda is Ms Redd. These have nicer designs. Only appear in episode 1 for a blind date story.
save file
image:157118172860.png(1.36MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (35290).png)
save file
image:157118175480.png(1.77MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (35330).png)
Kappa girl from episode 2
Mstr Twstr
>the basic hair in the bathtub joke
File deleted
from the 3rd episode of Family Guy season 18
save file
audio:157132324669.mp3(878kB / 00:22s / 320kbps , 48kHz / buns.mp3)
(for /pco/, .mp3 files are disabled there)
save file
image:157142987746.png(1.81MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (35576).png)
Heeey, finally Sophie and Charlotte, the werewolf twin scouts, are back on Hotel Transylvania (the show)!
save file
image:157142989611.png(1.68MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (35582).png)
THis pic just begs to be edited...
save file
image:157142991396.png(1.87MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (35584).png)
This scene even more so... :)
The Saprophyte
I'm a little disappointed. So far it looks like they're following the pattern of Introduce unique and interesting standalone characters in season 1, Proceed to revive and milk those characters to death over the coming seasons.
save file
image:157143588263.jpg(177kB , 642x630 , img_2.jpg)
Managed to find a low res scan from the japanese manual of Ardy Lightfoot - you can see Catry there on the right. Would buy this but just the manual alone goes for 80-90$ on yahooauctions.jp... Would be nice if someone scanned it if they have it.

I don't mind seeing those characters again, frankly. PLus they did new things too... loved the Jurassic Park parody with cloned humans, and the second episode parodied Pleasantville of all things! I doubt any kids got that reference.
save file
image:157143592362.jpg(965kB , 1280x1102 , tumblr_n5i25aMgwY1r9bxbyo1_1280.png.jpg)
Someone did scan and translate the manga from the end of the manual, though!
save file
image:157143593511.jpg(1,023kB , 1280x1159 , tumblr_n5i25aMgwY1r9bxbyo2_1280.png.jpg)
save file
image:157143594969.jpg(985kB , 1280x1156 , tumblr_n5i25aMgwY1r9bxbyo3_1280.png.jpg)
save file
image:157143596219.jpg(957kB , 1280x1231 , tumblr_n5i25aMgwY1r9bxbyo4_1280.png.jpg)
save file
image:157148418501.png(1.67MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (35875).png)
Scout werewolf gals are back in this one too.
save file
image:157149958598.png(1.26MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (36004).png)
The Duckforce Rises Walkthrough iOS/ Androidyoutube thumb
Duck Avenger android game. Anyone has any idea who this girl is?
save file
image:157149961079.png(421kB , 1147x1080 , artwork.duckforce-rises.1147x1080.2015-12-11.7.png)
Saberspark reviews Fritz The Cat. Man hard to believe there was animated furry porn before I was born!
What the HELL is Fritz the Cat?youtube thumb
Fritz the Cat was spectacular. There's a HD rip of it out now, btw.
Mstr Twstr
Time for a story. It's 2008, I just got my very first Internets. Watching TV, see a program about "adult" and "alternative" animation, see Fritz mentioned by Stan Lee. Go to YouTube, find a clip, watch it. The watermark says "furries dot extension". My very first thought was "furries are probably people who like adult cartoon animal content".

Was pretty much correct, from the first guess. And that was before I knew anything (including bullshit ED drama).
save file
image:157156024384.jpg(211kB , 720x480 , Dinosaucers.S01E64.480p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.H.264-BLUTONiUM.mkv_[2019.10.20_10.29.31].jpg)
Hey, I KNEW that feather boa neck-thing was NOT part of her body, and I was right!
save file
image:157156063055.jpg(185kB , 720x480 , Dinosaucers.S01E64.480p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.H.264-BLUTONiUM.mkv_[2019.10.20_10.36.54].jpg)
save file
image:157156074858.jpg(197kB , 720x480 , Dinosaucers.S01E64.480p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.H.264-BLUTONiUM.mkv_[2019.10.20_10.33.50].jpg)
Funny. I was drawing furry art long before the internet was a thing, and I never knew what the name for my particular fetish was up until university around 1997 or so when I could first start to look up things online. Still remember the early days when the best place for furry art was VLC, and how impossible it was to upload R34 of cartoon characters there, as they were deathly afraid of being sued by companies, LOL.
save file
image:157158936862.png(2.01MB , 1024x768 , 1024-B~1.png)
WOOOOW. Epic find today. Remember the Diablo II Lacuni aka Pantherwomen? Sexy quad-boob cat ladies from Act II's deserts, and probably when I got on hard to doing R34 pictures, as for quite some time I was the only one doing art of them.
There was one CGI promo picture with the Barbarian that showed what we could tell even from the pixel art, that they were often topless... :P But Blizzard had the pic censored - although the original can be found.
save file
image:157158946979.png(125kB , 640x480 , Pantherwoman Huntress-Medium01.png)
But now, I located the original renders of these gals (and pretty much all the Diablo II monsters and NPCs) here: https://www.mobygames.com/game/diablo-ii/promo
Maaan, still love these girls. This is what I called the "medium" armored version, who has a high corset that covers things up to the upper row of breasts (with some nipple-slip)
save file
image:157158949686.png(81kB , 640x480 , Spoiler image)
The light armored Slingers though... yeah you can see everything. :P
Mstr Twstr
I would not call it a fetish. But you can call it however you want.
I dunno, pretty being turned on by furry art in itself is a fetish. At least, it is mine.
But the furry fandom is huge and there are many, many sub-fetishes in it.
On that note... this is hilarious. Eggman used the R34 ray! It is super effective! :D
Sonic vs Rule 34youtube thumb
save file
image:157165479244.jpg(598kB , 1920x1080 , damon-woods-neko-fullibody.jpg)
Epic sexy egyptian robot-kitty from Sprint Vector (racing game).
save file
image:157165485912.png(1.93MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (36030).png)
save file
image:157166776200.png(1.41MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (36157).png)
Sexy griffon from the Sega Saturn game Princess Crown. Check those epic underboobs hanging out from all the fluffy feathers!
IPAT: Princess Crown, Part 12youtube thumb
Princess Crown is a pretty crap game though.

Check out Odin Sphere, it improves on the concept in every way. I don't remember if it has any griffons, but it has fairy ladies, rabbit people, and talking frogs.
Mstr Twstr
Something to add: the PS2 and PS4 versions are different, the gameplay was changed. Not improved, just changed (to make it easier for most players). If you want the original version, the PAL release when played at 50hz has no slowdown, while the NTSC version has slowdown in at least one level. Emulation probably equalizes things.
save file
image:157170687517.png(1.54MB , 1680x908 , Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 19.37.16.png)
A completely random find from a NativLang episode.
save file
image:157170688864.png(1.89MB , 1678x904 , Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 19.44.32.png)
save file
image:157184421763.jpg(27kB , 421x390 , Griffon.jpg)
Yeah I could not even get through the training stage, controls are crap... and it is in japanese so I lost it when I had to talk to people and select options. Well, hope someone can rip the sprites from the files.
Yes Odin Sphere has griffons too. Not sure if female.
save file
image:157184482472.png(1.49MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (36302).png)
From rise of the TMNT 21A. She used to be Splinter's pet fish. Pieball has some boobs at least, but sadly continues the trend of female mutants on the show looking pretty ugly.
Also seriously, what sort of powers does she have? It's like she can do anything.
If this was a better written show, she could have become their sister or something - like Karai on the previous show, or Slash . After all she was their pet before being mutated. But this show is just not smart enough for that.
Also the 4 are really scared and acting like idiots instead of ninjas here...
And Splinter continues to be the worst father ever.
save file
image:157184483771.png(1.64MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (36323).png)
save file
image:157184485705.png(1.7MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (36318).png)
save file
image:157184571966.png(2.38MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (36339).png)
Nah, I checked the griffons in Odin's sphere -they do not seem female.
Game does not seem my cup of tea. Just endless combo hack and slash, punctuated by annoying cooking and plant growing minigames. Platforming is minimal and the levels are linear.
save file
image:157184594186.jpg(247kB , 2048x1536 , P160707160.JPG)
I managed to run it fine in Yabause a Sega Saturn emulator. But as stated above, don't really feel like bothering to play 2/3 of this game to get there. Really boring combat, you essentially just slash and block then wait for your energy to recharge. And needs good timing and reflexes, something I do not have. Plus whole thing is in japanese, I cannot understand the dialogue choices I am supposed to make.
Dunno if I posted this - found an artbook pic of the Griffon ladies. Love how they snicker behind their arm when hitting you.
Princess Crown is really boring because it's extremely slow paced, and powerups are useless cause they get removed when you get hit - and you get hit when equipping them.

Odin Sphere is way more streamlined and faster paced. The plant growing is extremely simple and gives you your own supply of restorative items, which also boost your XP a lot. Then later on you can use them to make potions which are far more powerful. The cooking is only there to make it easier to grind XP late game, since complete meals give you 10 to 25 times more XP than growing plants.

You can't just endlessly hack and slash, your character will get tired and dizzy out. You have to know when to stop and run away to catch your breath. It's actually refreshing compared to simple mindless hack & slash games.

The levels are not entirely linear, since each level connects to the other from different directions - you can go around and skip some levels, take alternate routes, etc.

As for platforming, the bosses often involve platforming, particularly because they tend to be 4-5 screens tall. The final boss Dragon is something like 12 screen tall and you have to platform up its entire length (you are literally running up the back of the dragon until you reach its head).

What makes it really great is the story and how it is presented. The romance between Gwendolyn and the Black Knight is a tear jerker. And it's told from different perspectives and different timelines (you have a book to keep track of the timeline), so it gets quite fascinating once you learn the events from the others point of view. The ending is extremely beautiful too.
I really recommend that game. Easily one of the best games on the PS2.
save file
image:157185751864.png(618kB , 1000x700 , 1565959129.bassywolfeh_newpics_lizzieb.png)
Was it Mr Twister who really liked this Lizzie toon?
save file
image:157186694399.jpg(183kB , 720x576 , dvd_snapshot_00.08_[2019.10.23_23.38.04].jpg)
So my DVD of Isegrim und Reineke finally arrived.

From gameplay vids that I saw, it seems just really simple, where they just hit the enemy and stun-lock them. Maybe it is harder to actually play, but to be frank the gorgeous art aside I just don't care for it. And japanese storytelling is especially not something I care for - I could count the anime I liked on 1 hand. But yeah I saw the giant snow troll boss needed some platforming. It just feels weird in both games (were these two and Dragon Crown made by the same studio? Even the art style seems the same) that combat is something that happens pre-announced and you get a score and XP afterwards instead of being more dynamic and not stopping the pace of the game, like in most platformers.
save file
image:157186696913.jpg(209kB , 720x576 , dvd_snapshot_00.14_[2019.10.23_23.38.24].jpg)
Hilariously, Isegrim's wife is even more busty here than in Renard le Renart.
save file
image:157186701702.jpg(192kB , 720x576 , dvd_snapshot_00.27_[2019.10.23_23.43.03].jpg)
Gonna take more screenshots while watching the episodes.
I wouldn't bring up the storyline if it wasn't good, I dislike anime bullshit storytelling too, but this game doesn't overcomplicate things. Most twists come from the shared perspectives, not some made-up bullshit thing. Actually it feels closer to European storytelling in some ways, with all the dragons, a prince cursed to turn into an animal, a princess cursed to eternal sleep until a kiss of love awakens her, one of the protagonists is practically little red riding hood, and so on.

The levels have a set of creatures in them, after you beat them, you can move around freely and decide which direction to go, or do some seed cultivating or look for hidden mandragoras. IIRC the faster you beat them the more rewards you get too, which is also different from stage to stage. So you have to find the best place to get whatever item you are looking for. I'd say the game is half RPG, half beat-em up. And again, unlike Princess Crown, it feels very good to play, and the story is great - and not in an anime bullshit way.

And yeah, same company made both Princess Crown and Odin Sphere, as well as Dragon Crown and Muramasa the Demon Blade.
Then again, I haven't played that game in ten years, so I might remember it wrong. But I remember playing through the entire game at least twice and really enjoying it every time.
Mstr Twstr
I already have all of it. Would pay for a Blu-Ray, but Disney doesn't do that.
Mstr Twstr
That aspect ratio is wrong. 4:3 PAL is supposed to be displayed at 768:576. Do not be afraid of using VLC for DVD playback.
The Saprophyte
I just watched this horror movie called Fragile earlier and during one sequence these kids are watched this funky Dreamworks-style version of Sleeping Beauty that's almost a 1 to 1 reshoot of scenes from the Disney version, including their own interpretation of Maleficent and her dragon TF and I'm like WTF, I've never heard of this before. Looked it up on Wiki and apparently the animation was made especially for the movie. Unfortunately I could only find the scene in Spanish:
Sleeping Beauty Fragileyoutube thumb
save file
image:157200250091.jpg(955kB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 01 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_10.41.19].jpg)
Hey guys, just became aware of this new anime via the obscure character discord. It's called Hataage! Kemono Michi but it should be called "A Japanese furry pervert in King Arthur's Court, the anime"
It is... well, super weird and somewhat insulting to us furries. The main character is a rather simple-minded wrestler called Animal Mask, who wants to open a pet shop because he is pretty much a huge furry - or kemono-lover, whatever they call those in Japan. He gets summoned from our Earth to a fantasy land (yes, that tired cliche again) and immediately starts molesting the local anthros without their consent (male or female)
save file
image:157200252252.jpg(827kB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 01 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_10.42.28].jpg)
Sadly, apart from one exception this anime follows the tired old "females of the species are just humans with animal ears/tails). The main gal is a wolf but she looks the same as this girl. Now... the wrestler gets horny right away and starts to molest the poor wolf guy without consent, pouncing him and petting/scratching him what is clearly an erotic way... Yikes. Guess the anime makers think us furries will just jump on anyone we like and bone them on the spot?
save file
image:157200254457.jpg(1.08MB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 01 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_10.42.35].jpg)
save file
image:157200255786.jpg(763kB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 01 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_10.43.25].jpg)
save file
image:157200257603.jpg(1.09MB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 01 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_10.45.36].jpg)
save file
image:157200262483.jpg(1.11MB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 01 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_10.50.41].jpg)
Anyhow, he keeps doing this to every magical beast he finds, molesting cerberi, salamanders, gryphons, unicorns... and always being utterly uninterested in "normal humans".
I mean fine, I would too prefer anthro girls as company in such a world, but at one point he wants to leave the vampire lady to die because "she has no fur or animal ears, I don't care".
save file
image:157200266117.jpg(833kB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 03 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_11.04.15].jpg)
Buuuut. There is one main exception to the furry girl category, their neighbor is a super cute kobold lady. Japanese RPGs/anime follow the ancient first edition kobold designs... so they are small doglike creatures, not tiny dragons. That said, she is still adorable.
save file
image:157200267606.jpg(1.13MB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 03 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_11.04.24].jpg)
And wears an apron that is open on the back... :P
save file
image:157200268845.jpg(1.07MB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 03 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_11.04.41].jpg)
save file
image:157200272232.jpg(831kB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 04 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_11.13.06].jpg)
He continues to try and seduce her and stay stuff like "I want to bury my head in your belly" ... despite her telling him that she is married and has 20 kids.
save file
image:157200273734.jpg(964kB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 04 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_11.13.19].jpg)
save file
image:157200275373.jpg(802kB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Hataage! Kemono Michi - 03 [1080p].mkv_[2019.10.25_11.05.45].jpg)
Wow! I like that dragoness. Not as busty as Maleficent was but more sleek. And the cyan color belly fist her well. So is this some Spanish or South American movie, or was just recorded in a local theater? Is it a recent movie?
save file
image:157200576944.jpg(222kB , 720x576 , dvd_snapshot_00.01.12_[2019.10.23_23.57.31].jpg)
Sorry I always use Mediaplayer classic for these, I hate VCL how you cannot determine where to save screencaps.
Btw those are from a slideshow not the actual episode. How is this?
save file
image:157200612954.jpg(9kB , 1032x829 , Comparison.JPG)
Okay I want to show you... see? Both Mediaplayer Classics and VCL displays them with the correct resolution. So why the hell does MPC cut it back in size when I take a screenshot??? Why the hell isn't it taking the screenshot based on what I see on screen?
It's taking a screenshot of the actual video pixels, which get squashed a bit when you are viewing the movie at the right aspect ratio. It's an anamorphic format so to speak.
The Saprophyte

It's a Spanish-British spook flick from 2005, starring Calista Flockhart. The original's in English. I get the feeling they really, really wanted to use the Disney version but either couldn't afford it or couldn't get permission, so they just completely ripped it off. Surprised they didn't get sued.
save file
image:157202053066.jpg(168kB , 720x408 , ISEGRIM___REINEKE.Title1.mp4_[2019.10.25_17.47.34].jpg)
So I ripped the DVD and tried it that way. Comes out to 720*408.
save file
image:157202054354.jpg(98kB , 720x408 , ISEGRIM___REINEKE.Title1.mp4_[2019.10.25_18.21.22].jpg)
save file
image:157202616672.png(842kB , 1600x900 , I will now buy your game thanks.png)
That is even more wrong.

I didn't know I could be insulted by an anime.

Anyway, what a perfect time to post this.
I always assumed those "I will now buy your game" pictures were a bit of an exaggeration, apparently not. I'm disgusted.
save file
image:157216921486.png(665kB , 1024x576 , vlcsnap-2019-10-25-14h18m53s924.png)
Guess VLC it is then.
save file
image:157216926181.jpg(1.14MB , 1920x1080 , BoJack.Horseman.S06E08.1080p.WEB.X264-AMRAP.mkv_[2019.10.27_10.34.26].jpg)
The Bunnisher! :)

Nah, it is a constant problem with anime and games from Japan
Mstr Twstr
But why is it stretched so much now? It's a 4:3 movie, not widescreen. If your version of VLC cannot detect the intended aspect ratio of a DVD, just set it to 4:3 manually.
DVD native resolution is 720x480 NTSC, 720x576 PAL. The movie will either have its "real" aspect ratio within those limits and cover up the rest with black borders (letterboxing), or it will use all the available screen resolution and tell the player to stretch it to the right resolution, ultimately having more pixels and higher quality screen (anamorphic). This is assuming that you are viewing on a telly that has more than 480i lines of course, so there's enough screen estate to squish into, but keep in mind that the higher end CRTs of the early 00s (when anamorphic was popular) already used higher resolutions, see the Sony Wega line for example.
Why Are There SO MANY Kung Fu Panda Ripoffs?youtube thumb
Saberspark reviews all the various Kung Fu Panda ripoffs. And here I thought I knew them all, but I never heard of the Prodigy. Now I wish I hadn't...
Also, pretty sure now he watches this topic... He next gonna review Great Warrior Wall, about which I posted shortly after adding one of his reviews, I think :)

I am not an expert in such technical matters. I only know that usually I do not have to bother with such details because Media Player Classic detects the resolution (I have it set on automatic fit to screen by touching on top/bottom) and that's that. And again, you seen my screenshots, it looks fine on screen... but the screenshot it takes looks different. Again, only happens with a select few DVDs, nothing else. No idea why.
save file
image:157229815979.jpg(335kB , 1500x728 , temp.jpg)

All I know is that animal people in anime is treated as "kid's stuff" or serving as a metaphor for unattractive foreign people. Artist that draw the furry porn in Japan are much more popular in the west than in asia.

Personally I think it's a side effect of their racism or a sort of close mindedness..
New thread: >>421738
I do feel too that's the case. Same how they treat otaku too, as if they are scum of the earth but they have to cater to them because there is a whole industry serving them now. I forgot which anime was it (has an anthro lizard butler and his wife who only appears in transition shots though) where the Japanese government sends over a giant otaku nerd and pays him in manga and anime (literally) with he idea to get a fantasy kingdom in another dimension addicted to otaku stuff. Yes, that's the plot. That show insulted me by its portrayal of nerds, elves and dwarves too. :D