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Marvel thread

I'm liking the new Venom dynamic.
is >>241746 not also a marvel thread?
No, it's a poorly designed DC thread that doesn't make it super apparent until after the cutoff and happens to mention Marvel just before it.
The Sneaky Tiki
Yeah, I fucked that up pretty bad.
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Well just happened that both decided to do strange reboots this year. And Kamala is suffering big time from it.

But hey its got some bright spots. Gwenpool being one of them.

With the recent issue giving us some of the Unbeatable Grey Squirrel.
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Hey, a squirrel girl who isn't drawn like crap!

But still to hell with anyone thats giving Marvel Comics their money.
Its pretty much anyone that isn't the actual Squirrel Girl comic alctually draws her well.

But yea their events are a shambles and I think part of that is they need a serious look at their writing staff. Get better editors or they need more new blood like Hastings.
It says a lot that I can't tell if this is an edit.

It really does seem like something modern Marvel would print.
Positive note among all the nonsense and dour. Stane Lee is 94 today. Excelsior to him.

No I don't ascribe to that nonsense that has really gotten old this year.

ruddy auto correct.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Phil Lord and Chris Miller are helming a stand-alone animated "Spider-Man" film that will drop in December 2018. Two things you need to know about it: The film will be shown in theatres, and its Spider-Man will be Miles Morales.
How will they avoid confusing it with all the other Spider-Man movies through a title like that? I wanna be excited but it's gonna have huge hurdles marketing-wise.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>How will they avoid confusing it with all the other Spider-Man movies through a title like that?

Well, for starters, their film will be animated, so…

So Dan Buckley being elevated to head of Marvel Entertainment.

He's the guy that has lead Marvel into this cycle of constant Events.

While he won't be affecting Movies I wonder how he'll effect everything else.
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image:148662296700.jpg(142kB , 934x721 , [Squirrel Girl BUTMU] Try Not Hating Someone.jpg)
"The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe" was a fun read. Not a 10/10, but well worth the time it took me to get through it.
Art aside, can't fault the series on its writing.
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image:148841318300.jpg(448kB , 766x1138 , ENDLESS TRASH.jpg)
Yea America's first issue was just all kinds of confusing and cringing writing of older peoples trying to sound like hip teens. And maybe some time travel?

Ended with her at a University for Superheros named after Sotomayor for some reason.

Its really confusing.

Her suit it great and an good call back to the original Miss America costume symbol. Shame the rest of the book is crap.
Alpharius a go go
My sentiments as well. I'm curious if America can... recover from that 1st volume or is it doomed.
Stop buying their terrible comics, christ.

What kind of beaten spouse still gives them money at this point.
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Neo-Marvel was a mistake and I hope it dies.
Shit, I actually liked Mosaic.
rasputin_zero !!e9Z+3lbULwW
Uh, so I gleaned off a passing tumblr post that Magneto is a Hydra agent now?

I mean, bad enough when it happens to an avowed anti-fascist who became a superhero a year before Pearl Harbour for the express purpose of punching Hitler in the face, but how is it possible to get past the opening thirty seconds of the first X-Men movie and make the exact same mistake?

It's the same writer, too. I was willing to give benefit of the doubt the first time (more the fool, me; that sure went nowhere interesting) but jiminy christmas.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

That writer and whoever hired him should both be fired — out of a cannon aimed at the nearest large body of water.
Thing is his work on the Captain Falconamerica run is actually really good. Also the people who are saying he's doing it because he's a straight-up far right Daily Stormer nationalist setting out to turn heroes into Nazis because he likes seeing Jews be miserable are way off base. He's had a longer history of making comments on the other side that are pro-left but he's just a dumbass who doesn't know how to do effective political commentary without coming off like an incredibly smug douchebag.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>He's had a longer history of making comments on the other side that are pro-left but he's just a dumbass who doesn't know how to do effective political commentary without coming off like an incredibly smug douchebag.

All the more reason to yank him away from writing something like this, then.
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I can smell, hear and taste the desperation in this....but it's not turning me away.
Marvel gonna jump on the bandwagon and Rebirth things back to olden times.

Must say it works for DC as I'm glad to have Superman back in classic form. Jon being a side bonus to that.

Peter could have similar and I wouldn't mind one bit. Maybe a son and daughter like hinted at in OMD before it all went to shite
But according to a recent Slott interview Peter will be forever alone.
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image:149107500500.jpg(109kB , 532x592 , C8WWzODXYAADh3g.jpg)
A response to recent comments from Marvel higher-ups about “diversity” in re: the sales slump that started last October.
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They actually did it, the absolute madmen.

//youtube.com/watch?v=wMnV_eL-D7wyoutube thumb
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Did the stock price for Hot Topic rise after that announcement?
rasputin_zero !!e9Z+3lbULwW
Also, whoops, accidentally posted this in the Marvel thread.

Slave Labor Graphics approves my mistake, obviously.
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//youtube.com/watch?v=to17BT6Lt1Eyoutube thumb

These are fucking awesome.
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Axel Alonso got the boot.
Reaction to this news overall positive.
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image:151201660200.jpg(540kB , 821x1250 , Thanos and Nova.jpg)
Isn't it weird how deceptively heroic Thanos looks? Or at the very least, not blatantly evil? The blue, the gold, the gentle curvature of his ornaments and the clear cut lines of the rest of his costume. He doesn't even hit that intentional uncanny valley of super pure and super bright that artists use to employ irony when contrasted to how evil the opulently glamorous entity actually is. He's probably one of the least sinister-looking interstellar tyrants ever produced.

For example, lacking the snarl and his typical MUH DEATH, he could pass himself of as the Kilowog to Nova's Hal Jordan in this image.
He looks ridiculously happy.
Must say, I am glad that in the comics he keeps the helmet on at all times. Seeing him without it in the Avengers 3 trailer, with ridiculously small ears, and without anything to balance out his giant chin... reminded me why guys like Thanos and Darkseid never take their hats off. :D
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So Iceman is getting cancelled. Thank God.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Jesus Hamilton Christ, what the fuck possessed Marvel to publish that awesome action page with that shitty dialogue?
Thanks to Axel Alonso's insane diversity hires, all good taste was temporarily suspended.
See also: "literally anything in America"

Out of all the cancellations, I'm only really sad about Gwenpool. Kinda wanted to check out generation x, but...
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image:152872123500.jpg(651kB , 1024x768 , 90s heroes.jpg)
This current decade was like the 90s. They tried revamping all their characters, but with the keyword being diversity while in the 90s they just made everything "extreme". Then they found out they failed miserably and reverted everything to be more closer to their classical status quo (x-men went back to being a school, avengers went back to... existing, I guess, etc).

The current stupid trends are already blowing over slowly, and they are only being held up by the political climate. I'm hoping by the 2020s we'll get back to having good comics.