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/hsg/ - To 4/13 and beyond!

old thread >>230173
didnt we have a board for this stuff
it went to shit and no one used it
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We had a board and now it's back on /co/+.
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The UPDATE is soooo close I'm getting all hyped and jazz!
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Wow. Caliborn. That, uh... that kid's something special.
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I completely forgot that the Huss updates 12am Eastern Standard Time.

So many Caliborn shenanigans, so little time. I'm a bit glad that we didn't just jump strait into Homosuck like I was expecting. Also, did you notice that each of those videos had audio that had to be unmuted? The button is in the top left and is hard to see.

that audio is terrifying beyond all reason. The clacking... the clacking....
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>Lord English is Caliborn, Lil Hal, Equius and Gamzee merged

I wonder how long the wait will be now. Also,
Come on, man. Use spoiler tags. The update just happened.
>I wonder how long the wait will be now
For what? Regular updates? Because it sounded like those start next week, according to his pre-masterpiece update. But that there would be more information in an update coming this week.
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image:142908244100.png(184kB , 1280x1134 , Spoiler image)

I can't help but feel that was Hussie talking directly to his audience.
True except that only half of Gamzee was sucked into Cal. The other half of his body is in front of the stage. This may or may not be important considering his whole :o)/:o( shtick.
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That explains why LE had Aurthor.

And why he had Aradia's ancestor as his main bitch.
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Oh damn that's cool
Yeah, it reminds me of the one where he confirmed that Calliope and Caliborn were sharing a body.
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equius has the deepest lore
Snes !v68zTeBMI.

It feels so good to genuinely laugh at a Homestuck update again.
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That update was cool but who was taking all those pictures? And how does Vriska know to do all those things Gamzee did last time? And why was she doing them??

Well, she probably just had a lucky guess 8^D
Out of curiosity checked this out.
Vriska is still the only character I could care in all this mess.
Also, best girl.
And I'm glad that past ghost self of hers is still in lesbians with Meena.

The answer to all your questions is Terezi.

Terezi fixed everything, and she used Vriska to do it.
why don't they just wait for jane to wake up so she can use her life powers on the other trolls instead of prototyping them?
She mentioned something about a time window when she revived Karkat.
Wait, what did happen to bird Dave? I get that in this timeline he died when LOWAS blew up but what about John and Roxy's timeline? I don't remember him dying or anything. Did they just leave him behind?
he was probably on Blowas like Jaspers in all likelyhood.

but maybe he's dead for good this time.

I might be able to diggit


but seriously I've always hated Tavros ever since he tried to "troll" Dave and romance Jade so I am always glad to see Vriska tear him and Jape a new asshole.
I can understand that. But back when she was some pirate ghost, she was beginning to get on my nerves. Hell, even when she was just venting to Meenah, she was whatever to me. With this, that feeling's starting to come back. At least the messing with Tavros is fine. Nothing new there. But just let Jake get his shit together.
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>JohnXTerezi is now the best ship. It is better than all the other ships combined
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I've never been a fan of black shipping, but this... I'm oddly okay with this. I guess it's just a matter of liking the two characters and liking how they interact. Also helped by Karkat's explanation that there's more to it than just hating the other person's guts 24/7. That definitely made the idea more appealing.
Yeah, blackshipping made me uncomfortable based on the characters we've seen engaged in black ships--Terezi/Gamzee was pretty clearly abusive, and Eridan/Vriska didn't seem like it could possibly be anything but uncomfortable. But Terezi/John? I could see that actually being a cute thing where they're just tsundere for one another and neither of them has to be horrible to the other one. Just pranking one another mercilessly and a little slap-slap kiss-kiss, I can get behind.

Though not if it would get in the way of John/Roxy.

I think what works best about John/Terezi is that they're both pretty good pranksters, and are both really silly people.

I mean I was a huge Dave/Terezi fan but I can accept that ship has sailed.
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hoping this comes true, expecting GCAT to interfere a la Bec, though
In my opinion, the best two possibilities are GCATRosesprite and 2xRosesprite.
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I disagree heavily.
the motherfucking is imminent
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
Happy (Hot) Mother's Day!
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more importantly
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image:143132896200.png(43kB , 1024x714 , tumblr_no65fya9tq1r4mss4o3_1280.png)
I don't really like the direction Dave has gone in, having no filter and just embarrassing himself constantly. I don't mind if it's just this conversation but it kind of seems like it's gonna be a running thing now.

He probably picked it up from Karkat now that I think about it.
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I love this Dave. He'll most likely get his shit mostly together later on which is also cool, so until then I'm going to enjoy every bit of him falling down the metaphorical stairs that is his own mouth.
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I'm more than okay with these events as they are occurring.
this'll end in disaster.
I just want it to end

The ride never ends

Like Ghost-Tavros said, whose to say LE is the real big bad and there isn't an even bigger bad behind him?
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when's aradia?
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image:143278824200.gif(135kB , 650x650 , Spoiler image)
Not the cat-rose I was hoping for, but it'll do.
A looping 2 frame pencil tool animation anyone could do?
Are you critiquing the concept or the execution?
Sounds like someone who just resents the fact that people are enjoying something he doesn't.
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Why didn't Roxy put the ring on God Tier Cali?
she didn't see her. I guess.

I just wonder what exactly Calliope is gonna do. Does she have any valuable skills?
Because spoiler is not the one she made friends with.

Remember, for Roxy this isn't about strategy or winning the game. This is about her having a lost friend she's helping to find.
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>KANAYA: Whoops
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image:143348425800.png(181kB , 586x800 , karkat_by_dobie.png)
For a very long time, I considered Karkat to be my favorite character in the comic. But after Act 6 had gone on for a while, it started to feel very much like he just wasn't relevant anymore. He wasn't a leader, he wasn't a good fighter, and after Vriska got back he seemed perfectly content to just take a B-role for the rest of the plot. I am quite happy that this update confirms that no, he still has an important part to play.
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image:143370110400.jpg(445kB , 2430x3150 , karkatkanayaterezi.jpg)
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I think karkat is about to get in on that dream bubble action
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I really hope that Nepeta isn't revived. It'd be a waste of a spare sprite to revive people.
Which is exactly why it's likely.
It raises the stakes so that we have fewer "easy revives." We're reaching the endgame, and having deaths matter in the final battle increases emotional torque.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
Jasperosesprit^2 is either the best thing to happen to this comic or the worst. I really can't tell which.
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>3/4 beta kid sprites
>1/2 Johns accounted for
Terezi and Roxy totally want John's dick.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.

As a request from one of his Patreon backers, Linkara has put up a review of Homestuck's first act. It's okay.
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Yes, good. I'm okay with all of this.
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image:143510374200.png(115kB , 500x350 , 1418189506034.png)
>review of Act 1
>has troll silhouettes in the background
It's nice to see Dave get his shit with Dirk sorted out.

That said I wish the comic would get more humorous again. The only two bits of that whole conversation I thought were funny were when Dave referenced the old fridge gag and "you don't think im cool?"
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image:143556347100.png(451kB , 630x1000 , tumblr_lzzcwwWabq1r33jnoo1_1280.png)
I thought it was super refreshing to see these characters be able to open up like this. The Striders have always been super interesting characters, from being funny to having depth to them that's a bit masked by them being so funny. Both of their vents I thought was some of the most interesting long-reads compared to the others we've been having as of late.

In any case, next up will be Roxy and Kanaya, both of whom I'm sure will have something sassy to say about something.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
It's the Return of the Flighty Broads.
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image:143562851300.jpg(22kB , 320x240 , Upset_Hank.jpg)
Gotta say, I'm not a fan of this historical revisionism that somehow paints Bro as something other than the raddest guardian who ever lived.
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image:143563086900.png(597kB , 800x600 , 37304.png)
Just because he was a rad or badass Guardian doesn't instantly make Bro a good parent. The proof is in the pudding. Dave's always had a problem with Bro, and Dave being Dave, put on a cool face and walked it off. Hiding his true emotions behind his thick shades. I personally always saw Bro as a jerk with a heart of gold that had some twisted views on parenting and could only communicate with Dave in threats or tricks.
All the kids were in weird dumbass living conditions that would be considered fucked up by normal human standards. Are we gonna get a monologue from John too about how screwed his family life was when he attacked his dad with a hammer, or how his dad would leave tests of strength like lifting a safe all over the house?

Or Jade living with a dog and a stuffed human corpse for most of her life, being given loaded pistols to play with before she was out of diapers, etc.

Singling out Dave and Bro like this is just dumb because it was generally accepted by the time those two were even introduced that Homestuck was in a stupid ass weirdo videogame world where ordinary human sensibilities didn't apply.
>All the kids were in weird dumbass living conditions that would be considered fucked up by normal human standards.

Not really, no. The most fucked up thing about John's conditions were that his dad didn't realize he didn't like clowns and that he gave him too many cakes. The most fucked up thing about Rose's living conditions was mostly all in Rose's head as part of her teenage rebellion against an overindulgent mother--Mom did have a drinking problem and an eccentric personality, but all of those acts of "passive aggression" were entirely invented by Rose--Mom meant every single one of them with her entire being. Mom *did* have an issue with irresponsibility in that she was going to let Rose have some of her booze, and that's somewhat concerning (though it should be noted that outside of America letting teenagers have a little alcohol from time to time under parental supervision isn't that unusual), but it's nowhere near the level of Bro's neglect and outright abuse.

Jade's was pretty fucked up, but that's also part of why Jade is as fucked up as she is. Her fucked-up-edness mostly presents itself as naivety and a pollyanna-like attitude, but her social skills are pretty obviously stunted in ways that neither John's nor Rose's are. But you also can't really call Jade's upbringing abusive because her human guardian was dead and her dog guardian did a far better job than any other dog could've done in that situation. Her upbringing was mostly fucked up because of the lack of in-person human interaction, which was brought about not by neglect but by tragedy.

The Aggress/Aggrieve/etc. scenes were fucked up from a real-world human perspective (although it should be noted that they were basically just Tutorial Battles in video-game-world perspective), but you'll also notice that none of the guardians attacked their charges except for Bro. Dad gave John cakes he didn't want and sprayed silly string at him, Mom gave Rose a pony and offered to let her have some booze, and Bec teleported and played fetch with Jade.

None of this is revisionism. It was always part of the story. Hussie always does this, too--something that is presented as a joke becomes all too real later on when we see the ramifications of it all.
I just want a stormcloud composed entirely of asses to form above the head of every version of Vriska that ever has and ever will exist and rain shit down upon them for the rest of eternity.
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image:143573830700.jpg(116kB , 640x480 , mmmmcoffee.jpg)
You seem... upset.
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image:143574118600.jpg(19kB , 400x500 , download.jpg)
We should high five. This is us high fiving.
I'm not caring for any of these characters. Like Meenah and Vriska are just pretty boring to me and this deep scene just isn't hitting me. At all. Vriska'a being a bitch (what else is new), Meenah is and essentially always has been Vriska 2, and other (Vriska) is just getting fucked over which sucks I guess? I don't know, I thought it was pretty cool when they undid her death, but as it went on, it really just reminded me of her personality and how much I don't care for her.
On the list of relationships I never gave a fuck about, this is somewhere in it.
when's aradia coming back? :(
I thought it was actually very nice seeing Nannasprite come back and having a heart to heart with a character. For a character who has been around since the beginning we haven't actually seen that much of her and it was nice to see some emotional development between her and another character.

But why are there two of her?
And does anyone remember where the other sprites are? Dad is still MIA too. And Dirk's robots, though I doubt they'll end up ever doing anything.
There are two of her because one is from the Game Over timeline and one is from the Alpha Timeline. Nannasprite stayed with Jade on the ark, unlike all the people/sprites who were on LOWAS when it exploded.
The Odd Gentlemen stole money from the Homestuck Kickstarter game to fund development of the new King's Quest game.


>at some point TOG apparently just completely gave up working on hiveswap, because they were tapped to develop king’s quest (you can see them admit this in public here at about 1 minute into this video). however, instead of dropping out of developing the game, they decided to just… not tell WP, and proceeded to spend the money they were given on KQ’s development instead.
I'm hesitant to break out the pitchforks and torches over a Tumblr post. That said, if it's true that's pretty shitty.
Alpharius on the move
And it's gone. Here is an archive of it.

Snes !v68zTeBMI.
Everybody's cats. It's cats all the way down.
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image:143624762200.jpg(412kB , 2066x2436 , 1358002631807.jpg)
>alpha sollux and aradia are missing
>there are no human ghosts

Suspicious as hell.

>tavros manned up.
I guess people were right when they suspected vriska and tavros to have absorbed each other's personalities when they were fused as tavrisprite
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image:143632895100.jpg(212kB , 700x937 , 1362940160163.jpg)
But Tavrisprite didn't happen in this timeline. There was only Tavrosprite, remember? http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=009349
ghost tavros was tavrisprite, you nonce. He and (vriska) were tavrisprite in the game over timeline
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
There weren't any human ghosts in the army last time. Vriska and Aranea can only use their psychic powers to manipul8 trolls.

Was he? We know that, when a dead body gets prototyped, their ghost disappears from paradox space. So if this is indeed the alpha timeline Tavros who died, was prototyped in Tavrisprite, and was last seen peace-ing out just before Vriska found the treasure, then who exactly is it that's inhabiting Gcatavropsrite right now? There being a spare ghost Vriska makes at least marginal sense because she no longer died in the alpha timeline. Were there at one point two ghosts of Tavros, one from the old alpha timeline and one from the new? Are there two "alpha" ghosts of everyone?
It's like Sollux said.

>who exactly is it that's inhabiting Gcatavropsrite right now?
Alpha Tavros. The Tavros that was part of Tavriskasprite would have been part of the Game Over timeline, not the Alpha Timeline.
We just saw Aradia a week or two ago.
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image:143641390400.gif(38kB , 650x650 , tumblr_lsdea94ORY1qgvufk1.gif)
Yes, I see now. I had completely forgot about Game Over timeline Ghost Tavros.

Could you post a link to the page? And the Aradiabots in Tavros's Army don't count.
I suppose they *were* set back in time, back at the time of Cascade, but they were part of Vriskagram, so it's in the new timeline version of Cascade at least:

For more recent appearances from their personal perspectives, Aradia was present in the dreambubble where (Vriska) and Meenah had their date and (Vriska) got her tattoo.
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image:143642337000.gif(69kB , 500x346 , giphy.gif)
I'm okay with this event. Dude deserved some form of success for some time.
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image:143648357800.png(91kB , 278x325 , 1298364321687.png)
How about that. I didn't see her last time. I'm still waiting for something a bit more substantial like a conversation or doing something that we haven't already seen in a [S].
Tavros has a moment of epicness when he uses his power of FRIENDSHIP to create the army to defeat Lord English.

Proceeds to give up control of it to Meenah and then becomes her podium.

Keep up the character development Tavros.
See, but while Tavros has developed by becoming better at bringing people together, he hasn't actually done any development vis a vis being a leader. Deferring to Meenah was actually a totally cool thing on his part, not letting the fact that he gathered everyone together let him convince himself he was ready to take on the responsibilities of leadership. I respected him even more for stepping down than I did for gathering the army in the first place.

Admittedly, letting Meenah treat him as a podium was sort of pathetic. But it's also sort of hard for me not to read the tone with which Meenah and Tavros had that exchange as somewhat joking. I'm sure Meenah really did enjoy being dominant and Tavros was legitimately submitting, but at the same time I felt like the manner in which they were doing those things was played up for the sake of mutual jocularity. And possibly to tease Vriska.
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image:143715087100.jpg(13kB , 970x633 , 1437108317364.jpg)
>updates next week then OMEGAPAUSE
Eh, kind of disappointed to see the fusion happen. I feel like they'd be more entertaining characters if kept separate.
I feel like Hussie is just trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible now. Doing things like bringing Nepeta back to life (who was honestly a completely pointless character as far as plot is concerned) and introducing two Nannasprites seems like he's trying to convince us he had always planned to make these characters he tossed to the wayside relevant again. It's almost as if he didn't aknowledge himself that he had to trim the cast down in Murderstuck because there were too many irrelevant joke characters.

Either way, I can imagine him as he prepares for the Omegapause.

"All according to keikaku!" He says, laughing as we all put up with how trite everything has felt since Game Over [S] and yet another impending hiatus.
He's made it pretty clear that this has actual plot significance already though. Dave was said to be the one who will slay Lord English, and of wielding Caledfwlch so he can actually deal him damage. Nepeta has special advantages against the part of Lord English that is Equius. Davesprite has experience fighting the part of Lord English that is AR (assuming AR fights the way Dirk does), and has even more intimate relationship with Cal than Dave did since he had Calsprite as a sprite for a long time.

Plus, there's that theory going around that there's going to be a combination of some sort involving Callie (possibly the one who predominated) and the other half of Gamzee--Davetasprite^2 would be a good piece of that to use to be an analog to the part of Lord English that is ARQuiussprite for this "Dame British" or whatever she ends up being.
But then why would Davesprite be the one to do that? Is it some metaphor for him also being a real Dave all the while proving once again that Dave will always have people covering his ass for him and doing all the difficult things in his life for him? I don't see what kind of advantage Nepeta has over Equius either. It was pretty obvious that Equius was the controlling/dominant one in their relaltionship, always calling the shots.Gamzee on his own was enough to make him completely worthless so her addition doesn't change anything at all if you buy in to the theory of "Dame British." Yes, Davesprite has experience getting his ass handed to him by Bro, but Dave has that exact same experience. Experience which, if you recall, involved never once winning against him. The only difference is Davesprite ended up fighting Jack with Bro, and look how well that went over. You can't honestly believe being driven up the wall by Calsprite -who did nothing but laugh and shoot smuppets at things- could possibly offer any sort of tactical advantage.

If they were looking for strength, they could've dropped Eridan in the mix and used the power that nearly killed Sollux and succesfully killed Feferi and Kanaya to their benefit. Then Hussie could have cashed in on all of that angel foreshadowing he had done with Eridan denying the "angel of double death" and destroying it just like he had done all game.

It all just seems like stupid bullshit to me, and I guess no matter what kind of justification people try to pull I will forever be a bitter grognard and despise the direction things have taken.
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image:143750483400.jpg(151kB , 660x371 , big-bird-AP.jpeg)
I sure am glad that this comic can take yet another moment to remind us that Dave and Rose are troubled characters with faults and problems and depth nobody else has because Hussie only wants to develop Dave and Rose.
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image:143751091400.jpg(29kB , 500x431 , tumblr_inline_nhdf4nAHTD1rggzlh.jpg)
>Not knowing Dave is Hussie's REAL self-insert character.
>But then why would Davesprite be the one to do that? Is it some metaphor for him also being a real Dave all the while proving once again that Dave will always have people covering his ass for him and doing all the difficult things in his life for him? I don't see what kind of advantage Nepeta has over Equius either. It was pretty obvious that Equius was the controlling/dominant one in their relaltionship, always calling the shots.

Someone doesn't remember the extended Equius/Nepeta RP session on the Meteor before they got killed by Gamzee. Equius certainly gave Nepeta orders from time to time, and she certainly obeyed them from time to time (though she was able to stand up to him if she felt like it), but Equius liked Nepeta, and his "orders" were mostly based around seeing that she was safe and that she was given the respect she deserved. He indulged her when he didn't perceive a need to protect her from the ramifications of her whims.

And that instinct to indulge and protect Nepeta is likely to still be present in Lord English. Maybe not enough to control him, but enough to make him hesitate before killing Davepetasprite.

As for the whole "Why Davesprite," it's not Davesprite, it's Davepetasprite. Davepetasprite has more of an advantage against Lord English than Alpha Dave does because Davesprite has every advantage Dave has, and also has a few others--ones which you dismiss as minor, but think of it this way: if they were Pokemon, they would both be the same species with the same IVs, but Davesprite would have a few more EVs than Alpha Dave. And that's before fusing into Davetasprite which brings in a whole host of new advantages.

The "Dame British" thing is like 80% joke. I think it's a funny little bit of speculation and I know Hussie loves his duality themes, so there's at least a chance that they're going to go for some sort of equivalency on the side of the heroes to the equation that made up Lord English. But I don't seriously vouch for a literal 1:1 analog. But I think these sprite shenanigans are definitely meant to be part of the duality theme cropping up to provide the heroes with a way to fight Lord English on more or less equal terms despite his hax.
I sure am glad that this comic can take yet another moment to remind us that Dave is a troubled character with faults and problems and depth nobody else has because Hussie only wants to develop Dave.
The main point is that why is Dave being sidelined by his alternate self when he's supposed to be the big hero? Davepeta seems like a cop out because it automatically eliminates Davesprite's existential crisis by basically nullifying his problems by becoming half troll. This all the while makes it so that Dave doesn't actually need to worry about "being a hero" because Davepetasprite will be the one to take down the big bad guy for him. Thus it eliminates HIS existential crisis, so that he can focus on telling everyone about how gay he is while more than half of the remaining population is gay/bi/pan/whatever.

Typing this response makes your point even more relevant. Dave has faults and problems and depth that we will then forget about as recent developments make everything he has worried about completely invalid in order to introduce new problems that aren't even big deals.

Jasprosesprite said she wanted to make Nepeta her wife. Rose is dating Kanaya. Dirk has dated Jake. Roxy comments about how sexy Jane is all the time, even if she hasn't stated she's actually interested. Jane only had a problem with Dirk and Jake hooking up because she was jealous and was stuck in the middle of their relationship issues. None of the trolls even understand the concept of homosexuality. Jade is probably going to be perfectly fine with everything. John is pretty much the only person who could possibly react negatively to this, and he is usually pretty chill about things. Worst case scenario: Dave announces his crush on John, John says no homo, Dave moves on with his life, just like Dirk did when he realized he wasn't meant for Jake. Big fucking whoop.

But seriously. ARquius felt off to me, he lacked the weird vibe AR and Equius usually have.
So did Hussie finally officially lose his mind, or...?
Nah, you've just started to notice now.
I feel like AR's personality lost most of what made AR's character interesting, and Equius' quirks were blown so far out of proportion that they're just a self-parody now. And considering Equius was a joke character to begin with, that's saying something. Now it's hard to take ARquius seriously in any form because he's just a floating joke with some robotics know-how. "Touch my muscles and give me milk!" Is basically his entire character.
>that slightly dismayed look o Roxy's face.

John's gonna fuck up his relationship with her, isn't he.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
Looked more like a "Yeah, I'd ship it" glance to me.
Looked more like just confusion to me.

But yeah, I doubt Roxy would be cool with John going out with Terezi as well as her, even if it is a different quadrant. Quadrants are for trolls. John and Roxy aren't trolls.
Roxy was raised under a social system enforced by the Condesce though. She even refers to her birthday as her "wriggling day." It's tough to tell how she would feel about quadrants.
I could see hussie going for a parallel with Dave and Roxy simply not being comfortable in a non-monogamous relationship, regardless of quadrants
Yeah but Dave realized that "human society is a plague that gets in the way of growth" and that he has to throw off the shackles that it brought post-retcon. Dave is probably fine with orgies in the streets now for all we know, let alone a little polyamory.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
When did Dave say that? You put that phrase in quotation marks as if to imply that you were directly quoting Dave when you said it, but I can't find anywhere in the comic where Dave says anything like that.
well that was nice I guess.

or it was just another obnoxious ship thrown into the pile of shitty endgame ships this comic has been collecting.
I didn't see the Vriska-Terezi thing as a ship, more as a close friendship moment.

I liked the flash. There have been some moments in the comic recently that remind me of those "you've come far Ness" coffee breaks from Earthbound and this was one of them. I know the comic has gone on a lot longer than a lot of people wanted, admittedly myself included, but it's nice to have sort of a 'review' flash like this now that we're approaching the end.

Also space cracks are pretty.
>I didn't see the Vriska-Terezi thing as a ship, more as a close friendship moment.

I think it was at the very least a pale ship.
Damn. That was actually super melancholy and pretty cool.

Here is a light reading recommendation to help you expand your linguistic horizons. Enjoy, and hopefully you will finally be able to say that Homestuck has taught you something that could ever possibly come up in day to day living.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
Thank you for linking to that Wikipedia article on scare quotes. It made it very clear that they're being misused here. Scare quotes are used by an author to indicate that they're using a word insincerely. When you put quotation marks around an entire passage that doesn't contradict the rest of your statement, you're just straight-up quoting something, especially when you're intent is to convey the thoughts or words of someone else.

Now that it's clear that the original post to which I responded pulled that quote out of thin air, I can go about dismissing it as being completely wrong. Dave never indicated that he has any contempt for human society or any desire to reject it.
you mean at the most.
No I don't.
save file
image:143904683700.png(55kB , 440x1226 , imnotyourrose.png)
>I'll say more about the hiatus soon
well fuck
no updates until next year.
save file
image:144055222600.png(239kB , 253x382 , HRMM.png)
>fat!Vriska gets a ghost wife Terezi

... Well that wasn't pointless at all
I kid, it was really cute. Hussie is at his best when using other peoples' art to tell his own story.
save file
image:145688151200.gif(229kB , 650x450 , ps1458_2.gif)
Buckle up for HOMESTUCK 2.0!
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image:145756740300.png(27kB , 625x225 , 201007121.png)
does anybody still have the edit of this with sollux and feferi? i need it. thx
Aw yeah, three way Jack-off commences. Although at the moment it's only a two-way Jack-off.
Nice to see Karkat has gotten out of his little slump.
save file
image:145936939200.gif(148kB , 492x404 , 1299243188583.gif)
The Felt is back and I'm curious how that's gonna pan out.
So is Homestuck still banned on /co/? I haven't seen any threads except for one just now, and it got deleted after like five posts.
Alpharius on the move
Threads are only allowed when an update happens these days. You might get away with a "update anticipation" thread after the last one isn't up any more. Use a filter to pin the most recent homestuck thead to the top of the catalogue.

This is the thread up at the moment ==> http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/81273875/homestuck-updates
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image:145939675300.jpg(8kB , 208x198 , 1351445470037.jpg)
Looks like Davepetasprite put it in
I guess that's probably it before the end of act 6 animation.

It's kinda funny Jane doesn't get her own panel while the other four are standing up to the condesce. I wonder if that means anything like she snuck away or if she's just less important.
save file
image:145962696100.gif(1.42MB , 650x450 , Spoiler image)
Wow, Becnoir looks really good in this panel.
She's on healing duty with GCATavrosprite.
That actually hurt my eyes to look at.
It's been so long.

I really hope Becnoir does something cool. It would suck if the guy who was the main antagonist for half the comic doesn't have a big finish.
I kind of can't believe it, but I'm pretty excited for this upcoming flash. I've forgotten this feeling of anticipating updates.
So, what did everyone think of Collide?
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
The fight scenes were pretty fun, but it felt like some of the slower parts dragged on a bit too long. I think I like Enter and Cascade better.
save file
image:146005718500.gif(181kB , 650x450 , 1308116951810.gif)
Homestuck coming back so long after I had leart to live without it is overwhelming. I have to watch Collide a few more times, holy fuck.
There's a ton of little background things that are fun to catch on rewatches. I was "meh" about the flash the first time I saw it but after watching it a second time I liked it.

Sort of a shame te last panels leading up to act 7 seem not to have been drawn by Hussie. I know guest art has been a thing in Homestuck for a long time but I'd like for it to finish off with the style I'm familiar with and remember it for.
Poor Kanaya has no super powered fraymotifs so she just sits around passing time.
Those were some pretty rad fraymotifs.
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image:146014184000.jpg(798kB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler image)
Our Jack is still alive though.

I'm starting to wonder if he's actually gonna make it through this. I don't know how he'll escape PM, or any of the others who'll want him dead for the things he's done. But I want him to make it out alive even if he doesn't deserve it.

Who am I kidding he's gonna fucking die.
So it looks like Act 7 isn't gonna be an epilogue like people thought. Considering the number of pages left before the final act, it'll probably just cover what happens during/after the events of Caliborn's masterpiece.

I wonder how big act 7 will be. I'll be surprised if he manages to wrap everything up in a satisfying way. I'm not even saying that as a dig at Hussie, it just feels like we still have a lot of ground to cover.
wanted to post here again cause i first started reading homestuck back when we had /mspa/ and i cant believe its coming to an end after all this time! Hope y'all have a good 4/13
The ending was beautifully animated.

It also fucking sucked.

>The ending was beautifully animated.

>It also fucking sucked.

As expected.
But finally, it's gone!
Looks like it was the right decision for me to never bother with Homestuck then.
save file
image:146053217900.png(394kB , 950x650 , Spoiler image)
I've been waiting for this moment for so very long.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
There's apparently going to be an epilogue that will most likely tie up a lot of loose ends. Even without that, I can't see myself disliking Act 7 for what it is. It was weird, and it left a lot of stuff to the imagination, but what did happen was very satisfying. I'm happy with where it looks like the story concludes.

Saying you were justified in not reading Homestuck because you read some negative stuff about the final act is like saying you were justified in not watching the Lord of the Rings films because you read some negative stuff about the final shot in Return of the King. It literally takes up less than 1/10000th of the entire comic, and isn't even representative of most of the reasons people like the comic at all, namely the characters and dialog.
>Saying you were justified in not reading Homestuck because you read some negative stuff about the final act is like saying you were justified in not watching the Lord of the Rings films because you read some negative stuff about the final shot in Return of the King. It literally takes up less than 1/10000th of the entire comic, and isn't even representative of most of the reasons people like the comic at all, namely the characters and dialog.
The guy you're responding to was never interested in reading or enjoying Homestuck, he's just posturing to try to set himself as being above people who read it. Which is idiotic since he's anonymous, but it's what's happening.
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image:147737406200.png(95kB , 500x381 , 44839.png)
Update, if anybody cares.
>its been almost an entire year since prequel updated
That only happened, like, once to you guys.

it's actually good since I have exams, and I can rely on not being tempted
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image:148070426700.jpg(91kB , 490x490 , 2737.jpg)
I want Hussie to end Homestuck and get on with his next project.
I can't wait for Hivebent either
Honestly I forgot it wasn't over until seeing this post reminded me.

These snapchat updates are so worthless. At this point I'm only ever checking in on this shit out of morbid amusement over how shitty this comic has become.
Alpharius a go-go
Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff updated.

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1679719164.155701 - 0.017901 (0.000013s): rendering reply 237338

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1679719164.155739 - 0.017939 (0.000020s): rendering reply 237346

1679719164.155764 - 0.017964 (0.000025s): rendering reply 237348

1679719164.155788 - 0.017988 (0.000024s): rendering reply 237354

1679719164.155807 - 0.018007 (0.000019s): rendering reply 237381

1679719164.155820 - 0.018020 (0.000013s): rendering reply 237393

1679719164.155835 - 0.018035 (0.000015s): rendering reply 237436

1679719164.155848 - 0.018048 (0.000013s): rendering reply 237451

1679719164.155872 - 0.018072 (0.000024s): rendering reply 237454

1679719164.155888 - 0.018088 (0.000016s): rendering reply 237467

1679719164.155901 - 0.018101 (0.000013s): rendering reply 237579

1679719164.155913 - 0.018113 (0.000012s): rendering reply 237586

1679719164.155929 - 0.018129 (0.000016s): rendering reply 237587

1679719164.155942 - 0.018142 (0.000013s): rendering reply 237588

1679719164.155971 - 0.018171 (0.000029s): rendering reply 237589

1679719164.155993 - 0.018193 (0.000022s): rendering reply 237593

1679719164.156011 - 0.018211 (0.000018s): rendering reply 237595

1679719164.156029 - 0.018229 (0.000018s): rendering reply 237606

1679719164.156060 - 0.018260 (0.000031s): rendering reply 237610

1679719164.156084 - 0.018284 (0.000024s): rendering reply 237611

1679719164.156112 - 0.018312 (0.000028s): rendering reply 237616

1679719164.156141 - 0.018341 (0.000029s): rendering reply 237634

1679719164.156161 - 0.018361 (0.000020s): rendering reply 237637

1679719164.158474 - 0.020674 (0.002313s): rendering reply 237638

1679719164.158514 - 0.020714 (0.000040s): rendering reply 237640

1679719164.158529 - 0.020729 (0.000015s): rendering reply 237809

1679719164.158565 - 0.020765 (0.000036s): rendering reply 237883

1679719164.158587 - 0.020787 (0.000022s): rendering reply 238100

1679719164.158635 - 0.020835 (0.000048s): rendering reply 241817

1679719164.158660 - 0.020860 (0.000025s): rendering reply 241960

1679719164.158684 - 0.020884 (0.000024s): rendering reply 242243

1679719164.158712 - 0.020912 (0.000028s): rendering reply 242244

1679719164.158727 - 0.020927 (0.000015s): rendering reply 242251

1679719164.158740 - 0.020940 (0.000013s): rendering reply 242263

1679719164.158765 - 0.020965 (0.000025s): rendering reply 242266

1679719164.158785 - 0.020985 (0.000020s): rendering reply 242267

1679719164.158799 - 0.020999 (0.000014s): rendering reply 242268

1679719164.158824 - 0.021024 (0.000025s): rendering reply 242287

1679719164.158840 - 0.021040 (0.000016s): rendering reply 242288

1679719164.158881 - 0.021081 (0.000041s): rendering reply 242290

1679719164.158897 - 0.021097 (0.000016s): rendering reply 242291

1679719164.158909 - 0.021109 (0.000012s): rendering reply 242292

1679719164.158923 - 0.021123 (0.000014s): rendering reply 242298

1679719164.158936 - 0.021136 (0.000013s): rendering reply 242322

1679719164.158948 - 0.021148 (0.000012s): rendering reply 242334

1679719164.158962 - 0.021162 (0.000014s): rendering reply 242337

1679719164.158987 - 0.021187 (0.000025s): rendering reply 242338

1679719164.159004 - 0.021204 (0.000017s): rendering reply 242339

1679719164.159017 - 0.021217 (0.000013s): rendering reply 242347

1679719164.159042 - 0.021242 (0.000025s): rendering reply 242352

1679719164.159057 - 0.021257 (0.000015s): rendering reply 242367

1679719164.159070 - 0.021270 (0.000013s): rendering reply 242418

1679719164.159084 - 0.021284 (0.000014s): rendering reply 242419

1679719164.159098 - 0.021298 (0.000014s): rendering reply 242420

1679719164.159111 - 0.021311 (0.000013s): rendering reply 242421

1679719164.159126 - 0.021326 (0.000015s): rendering reply 242422

1679719164.159158 - 0.021358 (0.000032s): rendering reply 242430

1679719164.159177 - 0.021377 (0.000019s): rendering reply 242442

1679719164.159192 - 0.021392 (0.000015s): rendering reply 244458

1679719164.159232 - 0.021432 (0.000040s): rendering reply 244459

1679719164.159247 - 0.021447 (0.000015s): rendering reply 244695

1679719164.159274 - 0.021474 (0.000027s): rendering reply 244749

1679719164.159288 - 0.021488 (0.000014s): rendering reply 244825

1679719164.159303 - 0.021503 (0.000015s): rendering reply 247556

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time taken: 0.00037313 SELECT `boardid`, `parentid`, `postid` FROM `kobapost` WHERE (`boardid` = 2 AND `postid` IN(230173)) AND `deleted` = 0 no error


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