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image:166938831449.jpg(58kB , 600x682 , 523055 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure Empty Tai_Kamiya Yuuko_Kamiya.jpg)
Anyone remember the series "Cat & Kitten Club" from artist Empty? If not, this thread should help you remember.
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image:166938846746.jpg(61kB , 600x718 , 537746 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure Empty Matt_Ishida Nancy_Takaishi.jpg)
Starting off with the Digimon related images.
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image:166938852294.jpg(56kB , 600x539 , 523048 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure Empty Izzy_Izumi Yoshie_Izumi.jpg)
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image:166938863211.jpg(49kB , 600x599 , 525337 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure_02 Empty Kari_Kamiya.jpg)
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image:166938866326.jpg(63kB , 600x788 , 525329 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure_02 Empty Mimi_Tachikawa.jpg)
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image:166938869345.jpg(59kB , 600x758 , 525334 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure_02 Empty Yolei_Inoue.jpg)
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image:166938872861.jpg(69kB , 600x819 , 536064 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Tamers Empty Mie_Matsuki Takato_Matsuki.jpg)
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image:166938876871.jpg(60kB , 600x737 , 524212 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Tamers Empty Henry_Wong Li_Mayuri.jpg)
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image:166938887697.jpg(66kB , 600x860 , 537832 - Akemi_Kitagawa Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Tamers Empty Kenta_Kitagawa.jpg)
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image:166938890565.jpg(76kB , 600x958 , 537744 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Tamers Empty Masahiko_Katou Shizue_Katou.jpg)
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image:166938895563.jpg(79kB , 600x840 , 523058 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Frontier Empty Shinya_Kanbara Takuya_Kanbara Yuriko_Kanbara.jpg)
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image:166939025953.jpg(237kB , 1237x1324 , 523767 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Frontier Empty Kouichi_Kimura Kouji_Minamoto Satomi_Minamoto Tomoko_Kimura.jpg)
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image:166939030646.jpg(78kB , 600x899 , 537900 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Frontier Empty Tommy_Himi.jpg)
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image:166939036381.jpg(71kB , 600x850 , 537745 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure_02 Empty Ken_Ichijouji Mrs._Ichijouji.jpg)
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image:166939040701.jpg(135kB , 1189x952 , 522357 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Data_Squad Empty Keenan_Crier Michelle_Crier.jpg)
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image:166939049864.jpg(72kB , 600x835 , 524705 - Ash_Ketchum Cat_&_Kitten_Club Delia_Ketchum Empty Porkyman.jpg)
Next up, a couple of Pokemon images.
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image:166939053335.jpg(67kB , 600x791 , 523764 - Caroline Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Max Porkyman.jpg)
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image:166939059028.jpg(66kB , 600x697 , 740938 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Haruka_Hikari Hub_Hikari Lan_Hikari Mega_Man Mega_Man_Battle_Network Megaman.EXE.jpg)
Next couple are related to Mega Man.
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image:166939062356.jpg(64kB , 600x691 , 524348 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Geo_Stelar Hope_Stelar Mega_Man Mega_Man_Star_Force.jpg)
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image:166939078126.jpg(90kB , 600x1244 , 525237 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Chi-Chi Dragon_Ball_(series) Empty Son_Goten.jpg)
Next couple are Dragon Ball related.
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image:166939081904.jpg(65kB , 600x805 , 525238 - Bulma_Briefs Cat_&_Kitten_Club Dragon_Ball_(series) Empty Trunks_Briefs.jpg)
For these next few images I'm gonna put the series that the image is connected to so you know what series the characters are from.
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image:166939108179.jpg(59kB , 600x723 , 751691 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Chidori_Tenryou Empty Ikki_Tenryou Medabots.jpg)
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image:166939112042.jpg(84kB , 911x600 , 1137744 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Ikuko_Tsukino Sailor_Moon Shingo_Tsukino.jpg)
Sailor Moon
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image:166939118669.jpg(82kB , 600x992 , 523887 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Gundam Keiko SD_Gundam_Force Shute.jpg)
Gundam/ SD Gundam
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image:166939123058.jpg(62kB , 600x675 , 524347 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Inuyasha_(series) Kagome's_Mother Souta_Higurashi.jpg)
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image:166939127679.jpg(69kB , 600x787 , 521247 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Chris_Thorndyke Empty Lindsey_Thorndyke Sonic_X Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(series).jpg)
Sonic X
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image:166939137356.jpg(49kB , 600x680 , 717035 - Bakugan_Battle_Brawlers Dan_Kuso Empty Miyoko_Kuso.jpg)
Bakugan Battle Brawlers
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image:166939142231.jpg(65kB , 600x857 , 538181 - Aki_Taylor Cat_&_Kitten_Club Dinosaur_King Empty Max_Taylor.jpg)
Dinosaur King
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image:166939170832.jpg(75kB , 600x1035 , 40.jpg)
Also Dinosaur King
I don't remember this series, but I remember the artist. He was doing mostly Princess Peach from what I recall.
I like Empty but his body of work has fuck all to do with /pco/
>western artist
allowed on /pco/.
>artists predominantly known for Western art or style
Animu style artist who draws exclusively animu
Johnny Bangman
I don't think there are more pictures of this series. And the artist (Empty) has been AWOL for over a decade minimum, but maybe two (but I hope someone can prove me wrong on that account).
Don't bump it if you've got nothing to add.
I do remember that unfinished comic the artist did.
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image:169965462433.jpg(101kB , 500x832 , 1.jpg)
What say we include the unfinished comic?
It's technically considered part of the "Cat & Kitten Club" series.
And that was the end of the comic.
We may never know how this story would have ended if the artist chose to continue this comic.
What do any of you think the comic would have ended?
I love vintage porn like this.