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Empty's Cat & Kittn ClubAnonymous
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image:166938831449.jpg(58kB , 600x682 , 523055 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure Empty Tai_Kamiya Yuuko_Kamiya.jpg)
Anyone remember the series "Cat & Kitten Club" from artist Empty? If not, this thread should help you remember.
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image:166938846746.jpg(61kB , 600x718 , 537746 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure Empty Matt_Ishida Nancy_Takaishi.jpg)
Starting off with the Digimon related images.
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image:166938852294.jpg(56kB , 600x539 , 523048 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure Empty Izzy_Izumi Yoshie_Izumi.jpg)
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image:166938863211.jpg(49kB , 600x599 , 525337 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure_02 Empty Kari_Kamiya.jpg)
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image:166938866326.jpg(63kB , 600x788 , 525329 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure_02 Empty Mimi_Tachikawa.jpg)
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image:166938869345.jpg(59kB , 600x758 , 525334 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure_02 Empty Yolei_Inoue.jpg)
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image:166938872861.jpg(69kB , 600x819 , 536064 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Tamers Empty Mie_Matsuki Takato_Matsuki.jpg)
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image:166938876871.jpg(6kB , 600x737 , 524212 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Tamers Empty Henry_Wong Li_Mayuri.jpg)
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image:166938887697.jpg(66kB , 600x860 , 537832 - Akemi_Kitagawa Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Tamers Empty Kenta_Kitagawa.jpg)
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image:166938890565.jpg(76kB , 600x958 , 537744 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Tamers Empty Masahiko_Katou Shizue_Katou.jpg)
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image:166938895563.jpg(79kB , 600x840 , 523058 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Frontier Empty Shinya_Kanbara Takuya_Kanbara Yuriko_Kanbara.jpg)
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image:166939025953.jpg(237kB , 1237x1324 , 523767 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Frontier Empty Kouichi_Kimura Kouji_Minamoto Satomi_Minamoto Tomoko_Kimura.jpg)
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image:166939030646.jpg(78kB , 600x899 , 537900 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Frontier Empty Tommy_Himi.jpg)
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image:166939036381.jpg(71kB , 600x850 , 537745 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Adventure_02 Empty Ken_Ichijouji Mrs._Ichijouji.jpg)
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image:166939040701.jpg(135kB , 1189x952 , 522357 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Digimon Digimon_Data_Squad Empty Keenan_Crier Michelle_Crier.jpg)
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image:166939049864.jpg(72kB , 600x835 , 524705 - Ash_Ketchum Cat_&_Kitten_Club Delia_Ketchum Empty Porkyman.jpg)
Next up, a couple of Pokemon images.
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image:166939053335.jpg(67kB , 600x791 , 523764 - Caroline Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Max Porkyman.jpg)
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image:166939059028.jpg(66kB , 600x697 , 740938 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Haruka_Hikari Hub_Hikari Lan_Hikari Mega_Man Mega_Man_Battle_Network Megaman.EXE.jpg)
Next couple are related to Mega Man.
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image:166939062356.jpg(64kB , 600x691 , 524348 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Geo_Stelar Hope_Stelar Mega_Man Mega_Man_Star_Force.jpg)
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image:166939078126.jpg(9kB , 600x1244 , 525237 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Chi-Chi Dragon_Ball_(series) Empty Son_Goten.jpg)
Next couple are Dragon Ball related.
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image:166939081904.jpg(65kB , 600x805 , 525238 - Bulma_Briefs Cat_&_Kitten_Club Dragon_Ball_(series) Empty Trunks_Briefs.jpg)
For these next few images I'm gonna put the series that the image is connected to so you know what series the characters are from.
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image:166939108179.jpg(59kB , 600x723 , 751691 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Chidori_Tenryou Empty Ikki_Tenryou Medabots.jpg)
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image:166939112042.jpg(84kB , 911x600 , 1137744 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Ikuko_Tsukino Sailor_Moon Shingo_Tsukino.jpg)
Sailor Moon
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image:166939118669.jpg(82kB , 600x992 , 523887 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Gundam Keiko SD_Gundam_Force Shute.jpg)
Gundam/ SD Gundam
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image:166939123058.jpg(62kB , 600x675 , 524347 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Empty Inuyasha_(series) Kagome's_Mother Souta_Higurashi.jpg)
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image:166939127679.jpg(69kB , 600x787 , 521247 - Cat_&_Kitten_Club Chris_Thorndyke Empty Lindsey_Thorndyke Sonic_X Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(series).jpg)
Sonic X
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image:166939137356.jpg(49kB , 600x680 , 717035 - Bakugan_Battle_Brawlers Dan_Kuso Empty Miyoko_Kuso.jpg)
Bakugan Battle Brawlers
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image:166939142231.jpg(65kB , 600x857 , 538181 - Aki_Taylor Cat_&_Kitten_Club Dinosaur_King Empty Max_Taylor.jpg)
Dinosaur King
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image:166939170832.jpg(75kB , 600x1035 , 40.jpg)
Also Dinosaur King
I don't remember this series, but I remember the artist. He was doing mostly Princess Peach from what I recall.
I like Empty but his body of work has fuck all to do with /pco/
>western artist
allowed on /pco/.
>artists predominantly known for Western art or style
Animu style artist who draws exclusively animu