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1c) Original Content in Western "style" (for ex.: Ganassa, Kyhu, Owler)
1d) non-Western properties by artists predominantly known for Western art or style (for ex. artist generals or art dump threads)
2) Lesbian and Straight-shota are considered /pco/ material
3) Due to the nature of Western material, furry is allowed on all promotion boards!

- MILFToon
- Jab Comix
- John Persons (The Pitt, etc)
- BannaGalactic
- Slipshine (and related sites)

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image:165818171749.gif(1.63MB , 750x500 , 1663866_sicMoP_animaton_3-3681848898.gif)
This is for all my fans of Aogami and Sicmop and the like
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image:165818173744.gif(186kB , 500x680 , 9dfe455398da765c64c23ee77b80bb16-808361407.gif)
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image:165818175446.gif(1.14MB , 800x800 , 26cdbc2bed6e3d60346e6c47346a1a8d-1555041260.gif)
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image:165818193687.gif(1.21MB , 427x650 , 74e4882eb30b6536815064ea2163b5541243cea8-1950515083.gif)
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image:165818195221.gif(416kB , 720x625 , 157354_willyd_aval0nx_cream_fuck-1-ani-2-191285779.gif)
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image:165818200380.gif(7MB , 800x800 , 566537cdf7179895f01bc967a9559100-1448312059.gif)
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image:165818204135.gif(1.58MB , 414x800 , 1716345_sicMoP_cubmission_1-4183317117.gif)
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image:165818206641.gif(2.41MB , 1053x550 , 1724518_sicMoP_cubmission3-941382748.gif)
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image:165818222374.gif(880kB , 503x800 , 1736346_sicMoP_sequence_2_1-3892030852.gif)
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image:165818231584.gif(1.81MB , 631x700 , 1935817_sicMoP_1-1477765117.gif)
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image:165818234954.gif(857kB , 461x700 , 2089615_sicMoP_animation1-2064778447.gif)
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image:165818245492.gif(2.02MB , 657x800 , a96df10595e6dab63914d26cda8514c2-1534856768.gif)
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image:165818258884.gif(4.72MB , 500x500 , b6a196ffff48423b1501bd5f25305aad-1476545473.gif)
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image:165818265652.gif(1.30MB , 1054x1000 , f1ff4c9f2dc7623c2c999d25f2b9f721-3685720110.gif)
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image:165818267506.gif(83kB , 200x200 , lusciousnet_lusciousnet_255-furry-gif-straight_1597292041-2484602447.gif)
jesus, do we not have enough furry threads already?
Yeah, this could all just go in the general furry thread.

Or not be posted at all.
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image:165825966850.jpg(106kB , 799x671 , 11026c93d76fe3ba30ed6da74beb3111-1905899434.jpg)
never enough cubs to share