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image:164473178598.jpg(1.98MB , 4030x1916 , 7A338414-0AEE-4438-80AB-75E79D984D53.jpeg)
Recently I suffered a major hdd failure and lost my hard drive as well as my backup drive at the same time, with those I lost all of my old sunibee art which I referenced a lot for my own art. Could we get a thread going for his art and potentially some of his harder to find work due to his multiple nukes?

(If somebody has a fairly complete collection of his work they wouldn’t mind uploading, that would also be good)
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image:164473224335.jpg(428kB , 1280x1920 , 9E85A555-4D28-4183-AB6B-B07710ADCF91.jpeg)
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image:164473259398.png(344kB , 1280x768 , 2352B68A-26BF-457D-84CC-EF4697B16CFB.png)
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image:164473262553.jpg(13kB , 437x821 , 1C5F99E5-1441-4041-A39E-7A81AF8AFF7B.jpeg)
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image:164473392086.jpg(787kB , 1188x1035 , C51E79AE-4852-406C-8E0D-68712101B615.jpeg)
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image:164473408074.jpg(429kB , 1470x1287 , 94134403-4A1B-40E5-A383-D857B6889A66.jpeg)
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image:164473903920.png(1.1MB , 2403x3355 , 33BEF1E0-EDD1-474D-B369-60B458BB03ED.png)
also, for what it’s worth, if somebody does upload an autistically complete archive of his work (pre-tumblr nuke, comic doodles of his Tanuki characters, etc) I’m definitely up to doodle a request or two. Dunno how enticing my art is, but I figure at least it’s something to trade.
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image:164473916544.jpg(99kB , 984x837 , 7637C5C9-39FD-44D5-8DB9-1A428C252056.jpeg)
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image:164474239098.jpg(303kB , 1598x1141 , 9EBD4AD0-D38F-4C04-8892-0AA083A5CF5F.jpeg)
The style reminds me of Balak.
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image:164476870889.jpg(456kB , 1280x1920 , A9E1650E-E05C-49FB-8842-DB49D6903C7A.jpeg)
Might be how expressive the characters are.
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image:164486588239.jpg(26kB , 472x327 , 20220214_121100.jpg)
I wish he drew more of the pika girl. I have a huge crush on her
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image:164497174994.jpg(433kB , 1280x914 , A551E091-D44F-471B-B677-166D02B05F60.jpeg)
Found a couple of the rarer doodles I was looking for. They were on one hell of an obscure site, and sadly there still weren’t many.
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image:164497177563.jpg(349kB , 1280x914 , 74876B09-ED91-45F8-A347-8F67A73B9018.jpeg)
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image:164497184798.png(788kB , 3652x3040 , C7049C24-06C4-475B-92ED-0A8F68D4FAF9.png)
I drew a couple chu girls myself back in the day, though some of them were lost with the hard drive.
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image:164504995089.jpg(75kB , 984x837 , 0F6E5275-6CC6-40C7-B6F1-AA55F8F51F08.jpeg)
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image:164504997038.jpg(69kB , 679x600 , 3A2B02D1-8F96-43A5-A4FA-D2822F6F4B31.jpeg)
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image:164521729664.jpg(264kB , 1280x914 , 232C2E7E-3C23-43B8-85AE-5FA09439413E.jpeg)
Unf that's nice <3 good job on her