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image:158619779923.jpg(19kB , 744x1052 , IVLS Wordgirl Becky_Botsford.jpg)
Since I can't find a IVLS thread here, lets try one

And hopefully other willing to share?
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image:158619785933.jpg(132kB , 744x1052 , IVLS Word Girl Becky_Botsford_Casting-07.jpg)
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image:158619827956.jpg(168kB , 1052x744 , IVLS Word Girl Becky_Botsford_Casting-06.jpg)
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image:158619838257.jpg(182kB , 744x1052 , IVLS Word Girl Becky_Botsford_Casting-05.jpg)
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image:158619862827.jpg(182kB , 744x1052 , IVLS Super_Robot_Monkey_Team_Hyperforce_GO! Jin_May.jpg)
One more..
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image:158619894947.jpg(46kB , 488x97 , IVLS_sample_Nadine_Set_01.jpg)
And now for a request..
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image:158619906298.jpg(45kB , 488x194 , IVLS_sample_Nadine_Set_02.jpg)
I kind of remember this guy, didn't he make a big fuss about his art getting removed from paheal?
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image:158620878120.jpg(295kB , 744x1052 , IVLS Scobby_Doo Goul_School Sibella_Dracula.jpg)
He's the one who had it removed since he's a MOD there...I think.
This artist mainly like to keep everything pay - blocked.
But will only trade art for art..
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image:158622000275.jpg(321kB , 1052x744 , IVLS_JENNY_human_girl_and_robot_01.jpg)
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image:158622010816.jpg(303kB , 744x1052 , IVLS_JENNY_human_girl_and_robot_02.jpg)
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image:158622030630.jpg(324kB , 744x1052 , IVLS_JENNY_human_girl_and_robot_03.jpg)
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image:158622034199.jpg(304kB , 744x1052 , IVLS_JENNY_human_girl_and_robot_04.jpg)
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image:158622109494.jpg(443kB , 744x1052 , IVLS_Zone-Tan Halloween 2015.jpg)
Unfortunately I only have the stuff that's already archived on sadpanda.

Those jenny ones seem to be new though.
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image:158637778673.jpg(64kB , 640x933 , Mr.Ranger.jpg)
Those are from their HF pics when they used to do NORMAL commissions, but they where super $$$.$$ like when Simon used to advertise for commissions staring in the hundreds
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image:158637927090.jpg(43kB , 488x194 , IVLS Velma sample_set.jpg)
Plus I was hoping that after the kind anon shared the Phoebe vs Lila set it would have encouraged others to share such rare sets. >>161960
But the artist just hunkered down and threatened life block...I think?
It's kinda redundant to just horde it, just wish more would share these and others of the like>>427264>>427265
plus you can only get commissions unless you do a monthly patron for a YEAR.
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image:158638568600.jpg(241kB , 744x1052 , IVLS Gadget_Boy Agent_Heather.jpg)
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image:158809198856.jpg(111kB , 744x1052 , 1_C2D7CA84_A844_446F_8E5B_F8028FF72C13.jpg)
Some were posted on Delicious, but it just got nuked.
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image:158809200190.jpg(185kB , 744x1052 , 2_6FD4C4EB_11DC_48D6_827C_FAF72586AD72.jpg)
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image:158809201478.jpg(193kB , 744x1052 , 3_877589C8_F973_4190_8537_0FF302D95706.jpg)
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image:158809202764.jpg(102kB , 744x1052 , 4_C49B9F51_2237_41BE_8D4D_056CA2DA0252.jpg)
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image:158809204259.jpg(192kB , 744x1052 , 5_B76B5653_ED6F_406A_B8A5_855A0816253A.jpg)
Thanks bro..
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image:158856574429.jpg(17kB , 744x1052 , 0442bd133426526416753bd57bc2f700343aba76.jpg)
Some more from the Delicious thread.
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image:158856576469.jpg(17kB , 1052x744 , 69563601592b6e9380f046118a5d027a19fb223a.jpg)
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image:158856577659.jpg(159kB , 744x1052 , 7423a36d99f0dee089a67448a8723522d66397d0.jpg)
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image:158856583371.jpg(145kB , 1052x744 , 5b9f5845a377b57e25db5b950bfa0d2a2c5215b0.jpg)
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image:160780801087.jpg(72kB , 588x194 , sample_lor_tish_set01.jpg)
Another set we'll never see:
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image:160790884979.jpg(188kB , 744x1052 , IVLS KND Numbuh_86 Fanny_Fulbright.jpg)
Indeed, even when you make a commission you can't post something you've paid for without a life band.
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image:160791004664.jpg(146kB , 744x1052 , hey-arnold-porn_IVLS_Phoebe.jpg)
That's a real shame, Weekenders had cute girls.
I remember this guy. It was a pain to work with him. Can't believe I actually went and got 2 pics from him, because even from the first time he was a really difficult person. My pics are there in the wild after all these years so you ain't missing anything.
Whatever happened to him? I know he had a site and whatnot. Did it get nuked?
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image:163208260490.png(437kB , 600x600 , Shit_Storm.png)

That's how you lose customers and popularity, I remember artist Conoghi had the same rules and almost faded away.
But then started to be more open and now is getting more commissions.
I wanted to commission some Peridot, Twelve-Forever and Hey-Arnold, but if you can't post what you pay for...what's the point?
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image:163212589023.jpg(25kB , 585x97 , sample_MP_keiko_rosie_set01.jpg)
Last updated 6/24




Via Google Translate:
~ I tried to respond to requests.

-There was something like a request in the exchange of some kind of kettle, so this time I tried the pattern of multiple people appearing.

-The theme is two little children who patrol at midnight (originally a group of four, but the request was nominated by these two).

-I thought it was the first time in half a year to post an article, but was it actually the first time in two months? This time, I was defeated in the interval of my main business, but I was reminded of how troublesome my main business is.

-Maybe because of the influence of the main business, the content of the picture is strangely mechanical, and if the period of concentration on the main business is long, how the picture of the back family business is adversely affected ... I was in trouble. I was really in trouble.
>Plus I was hoping that after the kind anon shared the Phoebe vs Lila set it would have encouraged others to share such rare sets

Back in the WWOEC days, he'd posted the (password protected) zip of that set on his art thread, and all you had to do to get the password was to ask him for it (and promise not to repost the set anywhere). Then someone did just that...
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image:163224724972.jpg(163kB , 744x1052 , IVLS_Olga.jpg)
What country do they live in?
It's mainly due to that, they make the excuse that you can't post their work (even when you pay for it) without some life long BAN.