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image:157588262382.jpg(343kB , 1050x1125 , ELVMbKUW4AIsZgy.jpeg)
Penny's Thread

Penny Gadget mainly and others Penny's are welcome minus Penniwise
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image:157588379551.jpg(385kB , 1099x1556 , 04326f4a0e5b8b8d383a5b1999fa599ac3d32dd6.jpg)
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image:157588384634.jpg(359kB , 820x1158 , caad2ed8d464deb8c2df4d2e274c15637af87bf6.jpg)
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image:157588386593.jpg(219kB , 1556x1099 , 1ef8629081ab9216c7c601c0a81feb9b6a0d72f2.jpg)
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image:157588388560.jpg(225kB , 1170x831 , a77ba73a36cc0992e1f8d0335db01698f2beff7d.jpg)
I´ll finish the one sketch out of those three which is voted more
Go work on your patreon, you lazy bastard. For years you pretended it was gonna be your big comeback and then you barely posted a handful of pics and have been doing fuck all for the past ten months. But yeah, sure, now you're going to finish years old sketches for free if you get ~votes~. But no, those pictures have remained sketches because you don't stick to them. Neither votes nor, apparently, money are gonna get you through your obvious motivational problems. If you wanna draw, just draw, but stop pretending it's up to other people to give you reasons to finish your work like it's some kind of fucking chore.
aren't these by that guy who removed himself from paheal? the duke or duke nukem or something?
He also goes by kapitansmit (on paheal so he could post his stuff despite the ban he himself set up), Starcader (for the patreon he doesn't update) and Kiru on the slave trainer thread on aco for yet another project that's likely going nowhere.
oh, okay. I remember liking his older pics but they got nuked from paheal and I haven't seen them up anywhere since, so he completely fell under the radar for me.

there's a lesson there I guess. Don't nuke your content from aggregator sites.
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image:157593233524.jpg(79kB , 850x602 , ba6d5cba49302ccae20203abde9aed57a222e300.jpg)
ok, next time this place steal art from me, dont come to me saying you had the right to do so, because I wasn´t contributing to the place. I have tried to somehow interact with you and look what you did about it.
I´ll take your advice tough, my bad that I have been dealing with a huge depression, not that you are going to care.

farewell then I wont bother you ever again... but I hope you wont be stealing from me again.
If you're depressed, spend some time outside in the sun and with real people, not on the internet asking for votes on pics you made between 6 to 10 years ago, making up new names and seeing "thieves" everywhere. Your art drive will come back, too.
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image:157593525539.jpg(155kB , 910x1287 , 6794de6ece45bc9c3557bf0c7585b59d7f69c504.jpg)
yeah because walking in the sun is going to get the job done... noted.

listen, if you so much want me to recover, just do me this one favor. do not steal my new sets just one day after I post them in my patreon for my costumers, still I am petty sure where to look for them the next time I do so.... ...wanna make a bet?
You haven't had such a thing as a new set since february
You know, i had my patreon releases leak before they go online before, and i can tell you, people like those are very entitles and think that one is the bad guy for asking not to have dirty done on them.
>ok, next time this place steal art from me

This place is giving you a means of publicly advertising your own content. You are the one who owes us that sweet sweet advertisement money, baby!

But seriously, if you post your own content here, no one will bother leaking your patreon. I'd say that in that case we'd remove any leaks, but I can't promise that cause we kind of don't have any moderation anymore (and since it's paywalled, we can't even tell it comes from patreon or an 8chan loli board).
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image:157594402860.jpg(191kB , 681x935 , edb2d76f929f1eac913393519a786990ee9ef44b.jpg)
I BEGGED the moderator to at least erase some of the pics of the set and let me have some of them in behind the paywall, so you still could keep some here, but what you did? you kept the SIX versions of the whole set.
you fool no one, you made your best to damage me, and that is it, so no sweet words now, please. I dont even know why the hell came here again, i must be the most stupid man in the face of the land.

yeah and BLASTING my brand new sets all around was a huge push in my back right? JUST BRILLIANT.

just keep it up buddy, it´s not like artists need to eat or anything, NOT TO MENTION THE DELICIOUS BACKSTABBING, that sure made my day.... free porn! right? yeah why not. an artist less? who gives?
for your info, if it the case you even care, I am working on several pics at the moment and above that, I am now working for a team, so it actually consumes almost all of my time. dont believe me, just dont forget what I said here, I AM NOT GOING TO BE DEPRESSED FOREVER that is a cold fact, I just feel sad that if it comes the day that proves you I wasn´t liying or procastrinating, i wonder if you are going to still be able to give a fliying f about anything I could deliver so, what gives...
>This place is giving you a means of publicly advertising your own content. You are the one who owes us that sweet sweet advertisement money, baby!

Who are you? seriously?
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image:157594832846.jpg(1.45MB , 1239x1749 , The_Birth_of_Venus_by_William-Adolphe_Bouguereau_(1879).jpg)
>I BEGGED the moderator to at least erase some of the pics of the set and let me have some of them in behind the paywall
there's like five or six pics in this thread only, hardly anything worth begging about.
or is that your complete and total output for the entire year or what?
you're acting like we stole the mona lisa.

>you fool no one, you made your best to damage me
not sure if you realize that there's more than 1 people in this thread, the one mentioning moderators was not the one posting your pics.

also they are posting your pics cause are being such an obtuse cunt.

>yeah and BLASTING my brand new sets all around was a huge push in my back right? JUST BRILLIANT.
here's a brilliant idea: don't nuke your sets from paheal and other sites and then people won't think you dropped off the face of the earth, and then maybe you'll have more donators.

>it´s not like artists need to eat or anything
naaah, pic related is art. your pics are... sketches, at most?
I am anomalous
I am a region
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image:157596655909.jpg(469kB , 909x1284 , eae9eb86f6d6101f0dddab20c155030fcf321090.jpg)
the "art" i am talking about was a set in the roxane thread and that lot was FINISHED PICS. I am not talking about th esketches of penny I have sahred here, go to the roxane thread if you care that much. there is politelly asked the mods to help me with theh leak and I got the axe,
sinceresly I doubt I could come herer again and not feel in danger, me being a cunt? I am defending myself, after being badly treated again and again.

was I a cunt when I came and just asked for a silly votaton, meant to let you DECIDE which sketch you would have wanted to see finished? was a cunt there? or did you all started to attack me? dont bend th etruth, it´s pretty obvious.
I would never pretend my drawings is art, like in the old great art... we say "art" as a general thing so evertone undestnad what we are talking about. anyways, while it is not art, you should be able to masterbate to it, but well, let´s not start a discusion about things you aren´t actually educated about, would be pointless.
oooh you saying my sketches aren´t art?? ooh I am heartbroken really...sigh

you are all attacking me like a hyena pack, so I talk to you as one, while YOU ALL are acting exactly the same in this board for me. EVERYTIME. and now I am just defending myself

and by the way, stating you can tell a drawing quality out of a sketch says a lot on your knowledge and undertanding of arts, just letting you know that.

if an artist is no more pleased by his art or has some real stuff in his life they can get their art away, I am not going to REPOST my old art in my actuall galleries, I cannot do that on a moral and aesthetical basis, I am quite the slow poke now but whatever I do i have to sahre new stuff in there, I´ll need to await untill I have hundreds of pics again, but worry not, that day will come.
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image:157596699609.jpg(471kB , 987x1400 , 3346931cc89e16f70c33be1d4c0c61863fbd9130.jpg)
and by the way, if I removing my pics in th epast was a bad move, or a mistake, that has NOTHING to do with you having the right to steal, and atack me in a completelly unasked way, that is the deed you are doing now.

the pics that were leaked here may be not the monalisa, but it was still hurtfull being stabbed in the back by people who should try to help and support the creator, that is my point. I know I am not entitled to anything, but I am not asking about having your money, I am refering tothe very fact of being treated with some humanity. so you see an artist that is a bit broken at the moment and what you do? hurt him, steal from him and then now atrack me as a pack or rabid wolves....

up to you.
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image:157596806478.jpg(595kB , 845x1165 , 5a36a5665b5a0ecfeb4fcabfde156800b5bc61a8.jpg)
here, some old shit, in the case any of you could actually looking for some pics of penny, not drama
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image:157596808487.jpg(236kB , 988x1397 , 8a2d2ad40190fea8ac85f6ed0419d87aa765b8e8.jpg)
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image:157596810042.jpg(668kB , 1422x1012 , 9c67003190d677e439687cee43af81d210d68caa.jpg)
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image:157596812038.jpg(542kB , 1663x2103 , 16bc9145ed595f681420febb277c24f5ffe540c6.jpg)
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image:157596813385.jpg(189kB , 830x594 , 17ce1978724e2ba860e0b322f40ea2f7243042bd.jpg)
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image:157596815143.jpg(414kB , 539x741 , 76c1db37919b85f88fe95433dd484d36dfbc95b8.jpg)
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image:157596816324.jpg(413kB , 990x1403 , 91a7051c642f5421df8741386839118094c85338.jpg)
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image:157596817940.jpg(157kB , 876x708 , 343ac8d3bb189bc161ecc47cc13c1cf5f97b6ae1.jpg)
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image:157596823294.jpg(261kB , 1007x1421 , 184400e2858aa21b95069f634169ff9cc70ad860.jpg)
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image:157596829031.jpg(561kB , 794x1200 , acca91e59774c5f955cd59ff9d57394570f47fde.jpg)
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image:157596831786.jpg(611kB , 854x1200 , add6f22b277c5f2fc523e8d82891e4c9d84e1396.jpg)
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image:157596841083.jpg(111kB , 775x1100 , cffd7feda20bd4e745e1d9e64bc2a4ddbd3d67d5.jpg)
and there will be more new stuff soon enough, if it is the case that some of you could be actually interested.

just remember this, I am posting my art, new or old, and you try to kick me out, so you then have the excuse to steal my art? insidious, to say the least
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image:157597194035.jpg(11kB , 225x225 , download (10).jpg)
You again?
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image:157597379914.jpg(233kB , 820x1170 , 33761c0324ce0e5ab80cdcc97bf13731b7c2f8e1.jpg)
we have a winner!

well you say I draw no more, ok, if you are willing to take my glove do as follows, go ahead, make a request, of course I have to ask you to keep it simple it coould be an interaction OF TWO characters, if you answer fast enough I´ll draw it for you, and what the hell I´ll even put in it some fast colors so you can go and say I am a shitty artist and what not.

go ahead, just ask for a penny pic with whoever the fuck you want I am pretty sure you´ll go for the trolling but well, it will make a fun pic I can take that much.
See, you're doing it again. Somehow you don't want to draw unless we make it a chore for you. Just go to your patrons and ask them, the four suckers who are still agreeing to pay you for nothing, what they want, instead of staying here and posting pics from years ago. Or are you afraid they'll quit too?
it seems oblivious to you the fact that I have to contribute to this ROGUE board as way to prevent future leak of my new sets in here?
I mean, I know what you are trying to do by all means, but do you think I am going to hapily bend and let you tuck me in the ass?

a chore? lol... so an artist offers you a free request and you say that is a chore?? ha ha ha that is new to me, I have to note that one kek

in the case anyone there could be actually interested, I extent my offer of one free request to anyone reading it.
first come first served, I´ll do the drawing with a dead-line of 24 hours after the request is made.
Eh, it's not the first time you've offered requests, you just end up never drawing them. You were already pulling that bullshit in the wwoec days to excuse your procrastination. Oooh but I'm depressed, oooh but I'm preparing for my awesome patreon which will take ears to start and for which I will draw jack shit, oooh but I'm busy wanking to that one kira pic from which I will pretend I'm gonna do a huge project and then do jack shit again. And, I guess busy changing names and deleting accounts so you can post Penny pics from ten years ago and pretend you're drawing. it's gonna be the same bullshit with that she ra project too, never gonna pan out. But sure, it's this board's fault that you can't muster the will to draw even for the people paying you.
go ahead then, prove me wrong :)

this is no chore, it is A DARE, must I assume you are too afraid to take a dare over a lolicon art request?

about my costumers and the work i do for patreon, well, this is lolicon, I cannot post this line of my work on there so that is your gain. dont you guy susually say that if something is actually artistically oriented, artists should do it for free? and then now you complain that I am willing to draw some loli for you?? ha ha ha

you know what I think of all your chatter?

Chicken Dare #5truth or dareyoutube thumb


could it be that it bothers you that I am still breathing? yeah I am a slow poke, but I´ll deliver in 24 hours, SHOULD YOU DARE TO TAKE MY GLOVE, SIR.
you just dont have what it takes, that is all
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image:157598245323.jpg(716kB , 1432x2043 , pemmy.jpg)
there, brand new stuff, for the inconveniences, chore-man

now you´ll say that it isn´t new, that it issomething I had around in my desk and was just unaired... AND THEN i´LL RECALLYOU THAT THIS IS IN FACT THE GOAL OF TAKING A REQUEST, SO YOU SEE IT IS DRAWN AND DELIVERED BEFORE THE DEAD-LINE

ooh woe is me
Wooh, congratulations for just doing a kinda weird sketch instead of working on a patreon set or that trainer project, just like >>425466 said you would.
You haven't made a set in 10 months and you'll probably hit the 1 year anniversary of doing jack shit before there's a new set to share, so we're good. But of course if there's one, one of your customers will inevitably post it here.
aaw, poor thing is mad that he shat his pants... how cute

go, go clean yourself, you silly cotton-candy boy, YOU STINK!
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image:157601086351.gif(308kB , 267x200 , jacko eating popcorn.gif)
>this thread
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image:157601184828.jpg(33kB , 250x359 , 52b78096eb94b.jpeg)
michael jackson for a loli thread??
You could say I was trying to keep my shitposting as much on topic as possible.
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image:157606481028.jpg(7kB , 186x139 , whatever you say, rolf-y boy.jpg)
At first I was mad about the inflammatory drama and melodrama and driving away the few remaining artists jfc, but now I am happily reading the most recent replies in Rolf's voice.
Wait, isn't this guy TheDuke aka Starcader or something? People said he was scamming people over comissions time ago.
iirc he used to make long ass wall of texts back in the day about it, whinning about everything too and the like here.
I thought he was dead or just gone, but it seems things remain the same.
Anonymous ## Mod
This sucks because I don't want to set a bad precedent by siding against the artist, but this guy really is a huge douchebag.
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image:157611715540.jpg(521kB , 1450x2039 , penny gear.jpg)
I asked you as politelly I could to remove at least PART of the set and you decided to keep it, and maybe I was a bit asertive, but that could be because you guys had already been harrasing me in this place. no I am not a douchebag, you wronged me and there is no other way to put it. THEN YOU SAY TO ME YOU OWN THE RIGHT TO AIR MY PAYMENT PICS because I "dont contribute to the board"... well, now I am trying to contribute, I am posting new art (pic related) and I am trying to be as polite as I can, (holding your hand while you stab me directly in the eye) but you still and obviously still keep atacking me trying to keep me out of the board, thing I am not willing to do WHILE YOU´LL USE IT AS AN EXCUSE to keep stealing, airing my new sets.... sir, what is ging to be?
listen to me well, I trully wish I could use a more friendly tone, but you are making it really difficult.
all that is simply false, I suffered from depression some time ago and that prevented me from finalizing some of the comissons I had at the moment but all the money was sent back penny by penny, and I even shared with those costumers a special mfolder with all the scans of all the sketches and all the art I could share with them as a token of concern, even tho I returned them all their money.
go and try to repeat that 1000 times, and see what do youget out of it.
I used to love and cherish this place, I long and look forward to that day when I could come to this board again and just been TOLERATED.
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image:157614136674.png(459kB , 892x2896 , bsb4free.png)
Could you explain this whole thing to a casual?
What I have gathered from all this tl;dr-rn:
>artist posting OC
>anon has pre-existing beef and starts shit
>anon keeps starting shit
>artist gets mad in response
>people agree that artist was a jerk and deletes stuff and allegedly ripped off commissioners, artist denies
Clearly this doesn't add up. Why are you all mad?

P.S. I would post pennys but I used them all up three years ago in the gumball thread
It's a Penny thread, so just post about Penny and ignore anyone who want the thread to be about them.
True, but I've spent all my good pics plus I don't want to post trash.
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image:157742967428.jpg(105kB , 695x824 , 11211ca5f2af45eb1af2bb55560875dc.jpeg)
A Penny thread you say?
>the implication that she fucks the dog

sometimes the unseen things are what makes it so hot.


Nothing implied.
Bold of you to assume its not a human guy she's with...
Her most frequently seen companions are
- her pet dog
- her uncle, who is a robot

Unless Uncle Gadget decided to get into some kinky roleplay with her niece, there's a high chance she's fucking the dog.
But its Samson's artwork though and, as far as I know, he has not done anything involving Brain.
Futa yeah, but not Brain.
That's why the dog is off screen, duh.
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image:159374692342.png(1.59MB , 2100x2404 , Atsuko and Penny.png)
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image:159374698485.png(1.83MB , 2100x2653 , Penny and Goldie Gold.png)
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image:159374701136.png(1.39MB , 2100x3150 , Penny and Miss Jaye Sex Ed.png)
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image:159374703843.png(1.04MB , 2100x3150 , Penny and Tootie.png)
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image:160770576119.jpg(295kB , 951x861 , 9127f68f2528d0888c4644ff043d5e73c48366a800f8b8cea32bf18611a04f35.jpg)
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image:160770578045.jpg(286kB , 705x1000 , 367bbdb7ea3454c9f9ef906723775255a5669bc44615a9242e02b0411d991fa1.jpg)
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image:160770584881.jpg(288kB , 1122x823 , 69068904_p8.jpg)
So cute
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image:161238988086.png(1.69MB , 2100x2237 , DIC Sucking Contest.png)
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image:161238990162.png(535kB , 1280x934 , 4098651 - G.I._Joe Inspector_Gadget Lady_Jaye Penny Pranky crossover.png)
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image:161238992389.png(802kB , 1658x1164 , SYard999 - LadyJane x PennyGadet x Atsuko SexEd 01.png)
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image:161238994004.png(827kB , 1658x1164 , SYard999 - LadyJane x PennyGadet x Atsuko SexEd 02.png)