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image:157006732820.jpg(794kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 cover.jpg)
In an effort to put my comic out for more to see I'm going to make it a habit of posting them here! Deviants is the main comic for Sexyverse Comics, a world where various "monster" races live alongside humans.

Jameson has been given a very important job by his mother. He’s to become the new sex servant for a succubus?! Satisfying the carnal desires of a woman over twice his age will require a lot of blood, sweat, and every drop of cum! Updates every Monday!

Vote for Deviants on TopWebcomics! It's fast, free, just a couple clicks, and you can vote everyday!

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image:157006740720.jpg(778kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 1.jpg)
Nothing better than having your mother hook you up with a hot older woman! Thanks mom!
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image:157006742670.jpg(787kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 2.jpg)
I liked the idea of the Enforcers being a special police force that dealt with criminal activity involving deviants. So the Benefactors operate in the same way except they help benefit deviants and their needs. Putting Meredith in this group makes it easier for Jameson to be brought in at a young age. How fortunate it is that Cheryl requested a hot young male and Meredith just so happened to have one on hand.
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image:157006745155.jpg(804kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 3.jpg)
It’ll be expanded upon later but Meredith and Cheryl have known each other for a long time. Jameson doesn’t know Cheryl but he was just a baby when the two women stopped being around each other. They’ve kept in touch but Meredith had moved away to pursue her career. This is also how Cheryl’s specific request was so conveniently filled. And as we can see, Meredith knows quite a bit of intimate details about her son.
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image:157006747194.jpg(692kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 4.jpg)
Of course Meredith is going to turn down the offer. This is a family friendly comic completely devoid of any taboo subjects!
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image:157006748693.jpg(792kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 5.jpg)
Nope! I know what you’re thinking and the answer is “no!”
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image:157006750228.jpg(657kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 6.jpg)
Cheryl’s favorite quotes are “sharing is caring” and “the more the merrier.”
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image:157006751515.jpg(763kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 7.jpg)
Jameson is definitely not against any of this. But Cheryl is a breathtaking beauty and she’s not giving him a chance to breathe!
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image:157006753783.jpg(610kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 8.jpg)
I always thought about how slow I should take this. I could very easily have the rest of the chapter just be stripping, kissing, and groping. But I want to keep the chapters at 15 pages each and this only updates once a week. If updates were twice a week like it used to be then I probably would take a bit more time with this.
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image:157006755012.jpg(659kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 9.jpg)
There’s going to be more foreplay as these two get used to each other but for now Cheryl will be rightfully taking the lead. Jameson needs a lot of training and Cheryl will happily train him.
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image:157006756464.jpg(687kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 10.jpg)
I wish I had the luxury of having several pages of Cheryl and Jameson enjoying this moment more. Cheryl would be astounded at having the cock of her friend’s son inside of her and the sensation taking every bit of space inside of her. Meanwhile Jameson would reach a state of nirvana as the years of masturbation couldn’t prepare him for the tight and juicy insides of his new lover.
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image:157006757615.jpg(708kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 11.jpg)
Consistent with her past self, Cheryl loves to be in control. But that doesn’t mean she’s entirely against being the one that gets dominated. She likes being on top regardless.
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image:157006759220.jpg(771kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 12.jpg)
Cheryl has experience but Jameson has energy and excitement on his side. Not only did his mother say he has a big cock but that he also masturbates a lot. So even though he’s literally entering new territory he’s got enough simulation and stimulation to go the distance. And speaking of distance, that clock will be very relevant over the next couple of pages.
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image:157006760980.jpg(825kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 13.jpg)
Cheryl may be a succubus with her fair share of bedmates but she’s met her match in the inexperienced yet physically resilient Jameson. All the porn he watched and all the times he jerked off has finally paid off for him.
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image:157006762038.jpg(663kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 14.jpg)
Thank god for porn logic or everyone would get knocked up in no time. The Sexyverse is filled with people having all sorts of unprotected sex and cumming all over the place.
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image:157006763306.jpg(663kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 pg 15.jpg)
And that’s the first chapter! Thanks to everyone that has helped make this happen!
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image:157006767162.jpg(770kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 cover.jpg)
You know what they say, sharing is caring! Jameson is going to have his work cut out for him in this chapter, not to mention all the other chapters! Poor guy, if Cheryl isn’t draining him then she’ll have someone else lined up to do it!
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image:157006768690.jpg(775kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 1.jpg)
For those familiar with the previous comic’s chapter 2, we started that with Jameson cooking Cheryl breakfast. Some things never change!
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image:157006770870.jpg(824kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 2.jpg)
Even though Jameson is still cooking (and burning) breakfast, Cheryl is shown playing with her food.
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image:157006772076.jpg(711kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 3.jpg)
Hmmm, I wonder why Cheryl is having a friend of hers stay over. Maybe they’ll watch movies and paint toenails. Poor Jameson, he’s probably going to be feel left out… NOT!
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image:157006773631.jpg(724kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 4.jpg)
It should be obvious that this is one of Cheryl’s kinks. This also means that even though Jameson is more than happy to be with just Cheryl he’s going to find himself sleeping around regardless!
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image:157006774917.jpg(838kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 5.jpg)
One thing I wanted to do was to keep the characters from the original series and reintroduce them in some way. So you’ll see all the familiar faces from the past but in new ways. It’s not a surprise that Lisa takes an immediate liking to Meredith.
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image:157006788024.jpg(677kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 6.jpg)
Nothing wrong with flirting your friend’s daughter while drinking wine! Reminds me of some videos I’ve seen on the internet!

And now we're caught up! New pages go up every Monday and I'll be sure to keep this updated! If you want to see the next page in full resolution and gets WIPs and textless pages and PSDs then Patreon is the place to go to support the comic! And if you got a few seconds then please head over to Topwebcomics and vote for Deviants! You can vote everyday and it really helps out!
Here's hoping the guy ends up with the werewolf daughter.
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image:157057906282.jpg(383kB , 900x1420 , cheryl pin-up 1.jpg)
It’s just Cheryl being naked and sexy. Expect the next comic page next week!

I guess we'll have to wait and see!
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image:157109107610.jpg(784kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 7.jpg)
Jameson and Cheryl cool down as things between Meredith and Lisa are heating up!
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image:157170756479.jpg(690kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 8.jpg)
Lisa and Meredith have a head start on Jameson and Cheryl. Then again the latter pair has already had over a day’s worth of gratuitous sex.
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image:157214927138.jpg(687kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 9.jpg)
Lisa’s ready for another round and her mother is getting ready to start her little marathon session with Jameson. For the rest of the chapter it’s nonstop sex!
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image:157255124442.jpg(906kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 10.jpg)
Jameson knows a lot about deviants so he’ll sometimes spout out random facts if he doesn’t know what else to say. It’ll be a great way to put in some info and not have it be that awkward.
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image:157311273775.jpg(754kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 11.jpg)
And here we go!
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image:157371785657.jpg(887kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 12.jpg)
Quite an interesting set up, mothers having sex with their friends’ offspring. It’s only fair, right?
It's a bit hard to keep the characters apart when the two scenes are mixed together like that.
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image:157428852126.jpg(771kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 13.jpg)
Jameson is like an animal at this point, getting whipped and told to keep going and to go harder. In fact, that sounds like something that would happen to him in a more literal sense.

Whoops sorry about that!
I think it's because the characters look alike. The ones with the pink hair even have the same hairdo, and there's a blonde in both groups.
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image:157460893952.jpg(826kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 14.jpg)
I’m a fan of parallels so expect people to take after their parents quite a bit.

I see what you mean.
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image:157479907638.jpg(737kB , 900x1420 , ch 2 pg 15.jpg)
And that’s another chapter wrapped up! Next chapter is introducing another character from the previous series!
>doesn't pull out
A real gentleman, I see.
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image:157540203185.jpg(655kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 cover.jpg)
New chapter, new character and it’s… Jameson’s sister?! Jamie is back and this time she has to compete with her twin brother’s new lover. Brother and sister, Jameson and Jamie have been inseparable. So it shouldn’t be a surprise she’s mad at finding out that this woman took her dear brother’s virginity. Cheryl doesn’t mind, this might be fun for her!

Cum stays inside. Always.
>Cum stays inside. Always.

Just for that, you gained a subscriber.
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image:157596927232.jpg(733kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 1.jpg)
The resemblance is uncanny!
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image:157660917495.jpg(780kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 2.jpg)
Well this is awkward. And sexy. At the same time.
that's rude, she should've let them finish.
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image:157714525137.jpg(758kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 3.jpg)
They’re about as close as it’s allowed on Patreon.
Patreon is a fuckin' cop.
It's the only way I get money for the comic so sadly I have to follow its rules.
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image:157791968382.jpg(792kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 4.jpg)
Jameson, Jamie, and Meredith are all very close and have a tight, tight bond. Each one is dedicated to the other two, although Jamie and Meredith seem to have a bit of a rivalry over who gets to be more affectionate with Jameson. That will be fun to see play out in the future.
Are they twins? The resemblance is too much.
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image:157834210365.jpg(695kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 5.jpg)
Cheryl knows the twins have been together since birth but she plans on catching up as fast as possible and having Jameson cumming inside her nonstop might speed up the process. Cheryl getting Jamie’s brother in the sack is her best advantage over the possessive sister.
This is going to end up as a threesome, right?
It's gotta.
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image:157869474297.jpg(705kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 6.jpg)
Jameson is definitely a momma’s boy and now there’s his sister? Can’t wait for other women in Jameson’s family coming out of nowhere and knocking Cheryl further down the list.
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image:157913859367.jpg(766kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 7.jpg)
Jamie means all of that in a completely PG-rated and normal family way. I swear.
save file
image:157914552155.jpg(214kB , 1877x799 , 1490565383524.jpg)
>that side mouth

damnit, no, those don't work. You don't see a hole in the side of someones face from that perspective. That kind of mouth only works when the face is in 3/4th perspective, or close to, anyway.
panels 1, 3, 5 - nono
but on this page, the blonde girl on panels 3 and 4 are CORRECT, and on panel 2 wrong again

sorry for being pedantic but this irks me more than it should.
No, it's a completely reasonable critique. The last panel triggers a trypophobia-like reaction in me. Humans shouldn't have a hole there.
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image:157956043826.jpg(686kB , 900x1420 , Justice Lust Chapter 0001 Cover.jpg)
The start of a new comic diving into the DC universe! When the son of Eros turns eighteen, his lust aura starts affecting the women around him. It’s up to Wonder Woman to help him get his newfound powers under control and that means taking him to the Watchtower and banging his brains out! You won’t hear Diana complaining although you’ll hear her screaming at the top of her lungs!
You have my attention.
Wait, so the previous story is completely on halt now?
No. Deviants is continuing as normal and a new page will be up on Monday. This is just an additional comic series for Patreon.
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image:158038160014.jpg(674kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 8.jpg)
Having your mom walking in on you while getting eaten out is only awkward if you let it be.
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image:158101239167.jpg(733kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 9.jpg)
Cheryl is way too hot to be single and lonely but there’s a good reason as to why. Nothing dramatic or tragic but it’ll make sense in the next chapter.
save file
image:158128064170.jpg(882kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 10.jpg)
Should be obvious that an ongoing theme in this comic is age difference (and still legal). I like characters with some kind of difference to be paired up, spices things up.
save file
image:158163389962.jpg(208kB , 1000x500 , ch 1 pg 1.jpg)
Justice Lust is a comic series exclusive to the Sexyverse Comics Patreon for $5 patrons! Help support this comic and we can put out more pages of your favorite DC women getting naked and getting fucked! Not only that but you'll get access to all sorts of additional perks such as early access to Deviants pages at full resolution, WIPs, and more!

Making an OC for stories such as this is always a bit of a gamble for readers. I can see some not liking someone’s self-insert having sex with popular superheroes but this main character is meant to be YOUR self-insert! His name is Sean but you’ll never hear the comic actually mention his name and he doesn’t talk.
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image:158163392596.jpg(720kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 11.jpg)
Cheryl doesn’t feel as threatened and seems to be after something else. Maybe she’s trying to complete a set?
tbh I'd rather see him get it on with the sister. Or the cute pink wolf girl.
Those old bag titty monsters are just a tad too ripe for my taste.
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image:158184202800.jpg(769kB , 900x1420 , valentines day 2020.jpg)
For most couples this is the most romantic day of the year. For Cheryl and Jameson it’s just an excuse to have even more sex than they usually have every other day.
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image:158206523234.jpg(736kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 12.jpg)
I actually wrote the end of this chapter differently but felt it was too spicy and suggestive that it might get me in trouble. But I think it’s better for Jamie that she does move on and find a lover of her own.
save file
image:158269739135.jpg(211kB , 1000x500 , ch-1-pg-2.jpg)
Diana wastes no time, not like she can really hold back due to her libido being amplified. Luckily our young male is fully equipped in satisfying her growing urges.

Justice Lust is a Patreon exclusive comic for $5 patrons and updates twice a month. With more support we can put out more comics every month.
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image:158269742089.jpg(685kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 13.jpg)
Kennedy is still a tomboy that’s a bit rough around the edges but a nice girl deep down. And even she’s not prepared for the bluntness that Jamie has on display.
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image:158331083443.jpg(805kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 14.jpg)
You know this chapter was severely lacking in Jameson just pounding Cheryl’s brains out. So why not sneak that in before wrapping this chapter up?
save file
image:158385628427.jpg(750kB , 900x1420 , ch 3 pg 15.jpg)
Kennedy may not be Jameson but she’ll do a great job of filling in for him… inside of Jamie!
save file
image:158502982445.jpg(779kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 cover.jpg)
Quite a bit of stuff is happening this chapter but the main thing will be these two. If you’re not into futa, don’t worry, there’s plenty of other stuff to enjoy in the chapter. We’re going to be touching upon a few things and setting up the next chapter which will really open things up.
save file
image:158502986692.jpg(818kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 pg 1.jpg)
Bit of a spoiler but Jameson and Cheryl don’t have much to do this chapter so expect a few pages of them fucking and sleeping. I personally don’t like the main characters being absent for too long but this current chapter is mostly for the other characters.
save file
image:158502995266.jpg(351kB , 1000x1000 , pg 3 and 4.jpg)
Justice Lust is a Patreon exclusive comic for $5 patrons and updates twice a month. With more support we can put out more comics every month.
Page 3

Diana is a sensual and loving person. Everything she does is full of passion, from fighting to fucking.

Page 4

For a woman that spent most of her life on an island inhabited by only women, she really knows how to suck dick.
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image:158566008497.jpg(820kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 pg 2.jpg)
Kennedy is just like the typical bachelor male. Lots of dates and lots of attempts at getting girls in bed. And Jamie is just down to fuck.
This is fucking great, but if you are gonna post futa here, please use the nsfw/spoiler tag since that content (normally) has its own board.
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image:158646435709.jpg(769kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 pg 3.jpg)
Introducing Jack, a vampire teen that will act as the tsundere of series. He’s trying to be cool and calm but Natalie won’t make it easy for him!

Okay and if there's still a problem I can just skip the pages that show it.
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image:158646442764.jpg(550kB , 1000x1500 , pg 5-7.jpg)
Page 5
Diana’s done her thing and now it’s his turn to show her how good he is.

Page 6
No surprise, he’s a natural and Diana is more than ready to take it further!

Page 7
Diana’s pussy is going to get quite the workout but first it needs to some stretching done.
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image:158671570634.jpg(149kB , 1000x500 , ch 1 pg 8.jpg)
Time flies when you’re having fun!
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image:158691522961.jpg(779kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 pg 4.jpg)
I think it’s safe to say that the Jamie and Kennedy experiment is paying off! Let’s see if anyone gets the reference!
>Let’s see if anyone gets the reference!
I'm probably way off, but Slut Girl?
Jamie Kennedy Experiment is a TV show from the early 2000's where Jamie Kennedy pretends to be different people to prank others. Jamie and Kennedy being named the way they are and now becoming a couple wasn't on purpose so I had to reference the show.
Oh, okay. I guess that's something that only americans would get, I've never heard of that show.
save file
image:158760602687.jpg(766kB , 900x1420 , Spoiler image)
And the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the debut of Kennedy’s cock!
save file
image:158760624719.jpg(229kB , 1000x500 , ch 1 pg 9.jpg)
It’s okay. She’s not pregnant. I checked.

Justice Lust is a Patreon exclusive comic for $5 patrons and updates twice a month. With more support we can put out more comics every month.
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image:158804526201.jpg(278kB , 1000x500 , episode 1 title screen.jpg)
And here we go! The start of a sexy experiment! Follow the story of Harley and her new boytoy as she turns this poor guy’s life upside down. Luckily she’s just as horny as she crazy!

Introducing a new weekly series exclusive to Patreon! What happens when you come from work to find Harley Quinn naked and waiting on your bed? The smart thing would be to call the police and hope you get out alive but where's the fun in that? What follows is a series of nonstop sexy shenanigans and gratuitous nudity and hardcore fucking! Never stick your dick crazy but sometimes it's worth it!
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image:158820239322.jpg(724kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 pg 6.jpg)
Well if mom can have someone stay for a sleepover, so can I!
>Harley and her new boytoy
That really sounds like it could be some shota comic. That 3d texture work is really creepy by the way, especially in contrast of the black outline shader.

Will we see the teenage characters bone each other with all the passion of puberty, or will this always have an older adult / teenager pairing?
>Will we see the teenage characters bone each other with all the passion of puberty, or will this always have an older adult / teenager pairing?
There will be teenage pairings at some point.
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image:158849123317.jpg(234kB , 1000x500 , episode 1 scene 1.jpg)
So a naked woman with pale skin and huge tits is just chilling on your bed. What would you do? Don’t worry, I’m a mind reader.

Life with Harley is a weekly series exclusive to Patreon! What happens when you come from work to find Harley Quinn naked and waiting on your bed? The smart thing would be to call the police and hope you get out alive but where's the fun in that? What follows is a series of nonstop sexy shenanigans and gratuitous nudity and hardcore fucking! Never stick your dick crazy but sometimes it's worth it!
>So a naked woman with pale skin and huge tits is just chilling on your bed. What would you do? Don’t worry, I’m a mind reader.

Play videogames?
Harley Quinn is fucking garbage
That was totally what I was thinking!
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image:158874911107.jpg(661kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 pg 7.jpg)
Were you expecting it’d be anything but that?
save file
image:158936593109.jpg(317kB , 1000x500 , episode 1 scene 2.jpg)
The time between this scene and the last was about a few seconds.
save file
image:158985089144.jpg(616kB , 1000x1000 , episode 1 scene 3 and 4.jpg)
Fun fact: The best way to get on a woman’s good side is to eat her out until she cums. The tricky thing is that you kind of have to be on her good side in the first place in order to eat her out.

Harley’s a slut but she’s a fun slut. If you can satisfy her then you should take that as an accomplishment.
save file
image:158985094016.jpg(244kB , 1000x500 , mai 1.jpg)
Mai is very confident in her skills and refers to herself as the best ninja. But does she have what it takes to take on… The Final Boss?

Powerful. Wealthy. Unstoppable. This famous fighter is running a women-only fighting tournament. But when all the ladies come after him, they'll all realize why he's... THE FINAL BOSS!
save file
image:158985099316.jpg(879kB , 900x1420 , Spoiler image)
A little bit of preparation for the main event!
save file
image:159020199015.jpg(719kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 pg 9.jpg)
Jack is a lot more submissive than even Jameson. His personality always has him unwilling to take any sexual initiative. Fortunately for him, Natalie is very aggressive.
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image:159046056615.jpg(896kB , 900x1420 , kat pin-up.jpg)
Just a Kat pin-up.
save file
image:159046147345.jpg(610kB , 1000x1000 , life with harley episode 1 scene 5 and final boss mai 2.jpg)
Life with Harley 1-5
Harley may be recounting things that already happened but she also remembers the sensation she felt at the time. Sensations so strong that it’s as if you’re about to make her cum all over again.

Final Boss Mai 2
And just like that she lost!

Life with Harley and Final Boss are two Patreon exclusive series made possible thanks to our wonderful patrons! Get access today and help us put out more content!
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image:159058188599.jpg(761kB , 900x1420 , Spoiler image)
Kennedy has always been mindful of her size and doing her best not to hurt her lovers. The best ones are the size queens that want it all and then some.
save file
image:159127852666.jpg(216kB , 1000x500 , episode 1 scene 6.jpg)
Harley gets bored so even if you’re plowing her like a driveway after a blizzard, she’ll want to change things up after a while.
save file
image:159127856367.jpg(229kB , 1000x500 , mai 3.jpg)
Mai can handle a big cock but that along with the relentless thrusting is proving too much for her.
save file
image:159127870762.jpg(331kB , 1000x1000 , ch 2 cover and pg 1.jpg)
For this chapter we’re doubling the busty naked ladies!

Imagine finding out you’re the son of a love god and you make all women horny. Then you get taken to a space station and fuck a demigoddess until she cums and now you’re about to do the same to big titty superhero friend!
save file
image:159127873793.jpg(733kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 pg 11.jpg)
Usually people put on more clothes when answering the door, not take it all off!
Got to love a girl who knows what she wants.
save file
image:159503948729.jpg(799kB , 900x1420 , Spoiler image)
Deviants Chapter 4 Page 12
Jamie’s a tough girl, she can handle this… Maybe.

Thank you anon from a month ago!
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image:159503952564.jpg(794kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 pg 13.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 4 Page 13
The walls may not be paper thin but if someone in the next room is loud enough then it’s still very easy to hear them. There are many instances where either the mother or the daughter is getting some and the other may be incentivized to join them.
save file
image:159503955782.jpg(667kB , 900x1420 , ch 4 pg 14.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 4 Page 14
When I titled this chapter “Everyone’s Getting Some” I really meant they were getting some!
save file
image:159503958672.jpg(764kB , 900x1420 , Spoiler image)
Deviants Chapter 4 Page 15
We end the chapter with the chapter’s prophecy being fulfilled. Cheryl’s succubus senses are tingling!
save file
image:159503965951.jpg(757kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 cover.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Cover
This chapter brings back an older version of the leprechaun girl. Introducing Shauna, Cheryl’s boss! She has an opening and she wants Jameson to fill it!
save file
image:159503969247.jpg(758kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 1.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 1
We find our favorite couple starting the morning off right!
oh hey, I thought you stopped posting here for a moment. Thanks for the updates!
Just kind of didn't for a month. I still update on the site so I never really miss an update.
save file
image:159547260937.jpg(720kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 2.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 2
Jameson is properly equipped for what Cheryl and our mysterious caller has in store for him!
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image:159613064319.jpg(707kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 3.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 3
Natalie isn’t the most responsible person but Jack is quite the opposite. He’s not too mad about being late.
Making the kid be late on his first day of work seems to be setting a bad example.
She is certainly a bad influence on him.
save file
image:159680149536.jpg(853kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 4.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 4
Jennifer is motherly and affectionate. She’s still as horny as the other mothers but she’ll baby her lovers and smother them in various ways. Various good ways.
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image:159732199626.jpg(820kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 5.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 5
Nothing like getting passed around a group of friends!
save file
image:159790666580.jpg(755kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 6.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 6
Shauna is always blunt and to the point. It’s how she operates in business and in the bedroom (or wherever it’s convenient to get laid).
>a slut appears!
save file
image:159859844269.jpg(741kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 7.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 7
Cheryl has to keep Shauna focused and make sure the business is running smoothly. Because this busty shortstack has a nasty habit of getting distracted by young bodies.
save file
image:159910654681.jpg(832kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 8.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 8
It seems everyone has a very close relationship with their mothers. How wholesome!
save file
image:159963670271.jpg(746kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 9.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 9
Everyone’s getting comfortable!
save file
image:160038157640.jpg(855kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 10.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 10
Jack just needs some convincing but we already know how this is going to end!
save file
image:160045880118.jpg(595kB , 900x1420 , Justice Lust Chapter 2 Cover.jpg)
Justice Lust Chapter 2 now available on our Gumroad Store!
I take it the one in the middle is not the rich and attractive?
save file
image:160085590177.jpg(827kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 11.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 11
I still don’t know how she’s fitting all of that inside of her.
That shit is dumb
save file
image:160163677346.jpg(911kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 12.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 12
Jack should get used to having his clothes taken off of his body for him.
save file
image:160163680537.jpg(816kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 13.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 13
Fill ‘er up!
>Fill ‘er up!

save file
image:160218016578.jpg(725kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 14.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 14
No surprise but the new guy is the one that all the women want to try out.
save file
image:160288058484.jpg(661kB , 900x1420 , ch 5 pg 15.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 5 Page 15
Looks like next chapter is Jennifer’s turn to get a ride!
save file
image:160331065910.jpg(633kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 cover.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Cover
Oh yes, Jennifer is going to really, really enjoy herself this chapter.
save file
image:160421871329.jpg(828kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 1.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 1
Time for Jack to tap out and let someone else… fill in for him.
save file
image:160421873906.jpg(744kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 2.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 2
Just how badly does Jennifer want Jameson? Pretty damn badly it seems.
save file
image:160470898129.jpg(788kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 3.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 3
It’s hard to think properly when you’re being suckled on by a busty shortstack.
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image:160510568823.jpg(796kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 4.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 4
All the workers at Hidden Pleasures are great at their job. It’s pretty rare when a client can keep up with the veterans.
Here's hoping Jameson gets to meet Lisa and they smash.
save file
image:160607080973.jpg(716kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 5.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 5
Best Laid Plans

Always a possibility!
save file
image:160634763445.jpg(674kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 6.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 6
Jameson is really digging in deep!
>Jameson is really digging in deep!

That's the proper way to plant your seed in a woman.
save file
image:160675780615.jpg(9kB , 474x265 , OIP.jpg)
*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* whoever is making these comics, you are a true artist so clap clap clap
save file
image:160694400072.jpg(631kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 7.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 7
Jackin’ Jack!

Step 1. Go balls deep.
Step 2. Empty balls.

Glad you're enjoying the comic!
Check out the artist's Deviantart page.
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image:160762568880.jpg(784kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 8.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 8
Cheryl and Jameson are working hard!
That's the type of job I would like to have
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image:160828044925.jpg(749kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 9.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 9
First they talk then they…

Don't we all...
>Don't we all...

As a young man, sure. But once you get older, you won't be able to have that much sex, and then it just becomes a chore to do it nonstop like that.
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image:160876833297.jpg(832kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 10.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 10
One of Jameson’s heads is in one place (Jennifer) while the other head is somewhere else.

It wouldn't be the most problem to have.
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image:160936003166.jpg(690kB , 900x1420 , ch 6 pg 11.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 11
This is usually how Shauna conducts her business deals. And what do you know, she always ends up on top!
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image:160976626422.jpg(846kB , 900x1660 , ch 6 pg 12.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 12
It’s only been about a couple hours and these two look like they haven’t seen each other in two days.
I like this comic :D Been following it for some time. nice faces.
I've been thinking and I realized that most of the people on /pco/ are prob male. So if you recomend someone to go to coq, then you're requesting them to go see gay shite. Just saying. Thats odd.
Nothing odd about that. /coq/ was made specifically because people were bothered about the gay content in /pco/. Same for /cod/.
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image:161003723427.jpg(878kB , 900x1660 , ch 6 pg 13.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 13
Confession time!

Glad you enjoy it!
Damn, some real action is going on now. Before it was just about getting laid, but now there's some spicy action!
When is the next page coming out? I can't wait to see what happens next.
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image:161057211431.jpg(980kB , 900x1660 , ch 6 pg 14.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 14
A very favorable interview for Jack. His background check will reveal some claw marks left by Shauna.

Pages show up on Sunday night at:

I normally post pages everywhere else a few days later.

And if you pledge at least $1 on our Patreon then you get pages a week early ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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image:161117257545.jpg(1,022kB , 900x1660 , ch 6 pg 15.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 6 Page 15
Looks like these two are taking their relationship to the next step but aren’t they going out of order a bit?
Man I was hoping for that guy to end up with the pink haired teen girl.

>aren’t they going out of order a bit?
No, hentai comic rules say they have to fuck first, then confess their love, and only then can they can share their first kiss.
>Chapter 6 Page 15
I hope this isn't the last chapter.... That would make me sad.
I hate cliff-hangers.
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image:161203071372.jpg(774kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 cover.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Cover
Looks like it’s time to get mother’s approval. But she’s a succubus so you should already know what that means!

As long as there's a lot of sex involved, it's all good!

Nope, this comic is still going strong with no end in sight!
Hold on, HOLD ON, is that Cheryl's MOM!
What's gonna happen when this thread hits the bump limit?
save file
image:161240105538.jpg(824kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 1.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 1
Jameson and Cheryl will go on a date tomorrow…

Yes it is!

Then I'll make a new one and link to this one for those that want to read the past pages.
Bravo oh smart one *clap* *clap*
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image:161305645481.jpg(873kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 2.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 2
Time for some mother-daughter bonding. No, not that kind of bonding!
save file
image:161358438670.jpg(829kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 3.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 3
For once, Cheryl outlasted Jameson. But it’s been a much busier day for him than it was for her.
>But Succubi courtship is a bit more... exotic than that
Hmm... I think I know where this is going...
save file
image:161473965001.jpg(918kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 4.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 4
Now who can that be? Well… you probably already saw the cover…

save file
image:161473968056.jpg(931kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 5.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 5
Just some playful teasing, no need to read too much into this!
>Just some playful teasing, no need to read too much into this!
save file
image:161491780894.jpg(925kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 6.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 6
Jamie’s got the hookup!
Are the Super Sons comics available anywhere anymore? I dont see them on gumroad.
There's probably websites that have them archived.
Panda has two or three but the last one seems incomplete, dunno if that's because it stopped updating or if because there's not any more.
I thought 3 had finished because I saw them advertise a beach chapter.
When are we getting to the part with the "succubi courtship"
The first frame has a typo
>Natalie ti's been so long!
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image:161541029780.jpg(898kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 7.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 7
Whenever Jameson meets a new woman, he might as well just start making out with her.


Thanks for pointing that out. I'll have that fixed!
that's unfortunate if they never finished the third one
Damn, she's pretty hot for her age.
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image:161615027126.jpg(1,000kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 8.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 8
Just the typical soon-to-be mother-in-law inspection. She has to make sure her daughter is investing her time in the right person.

Aged like fine wine.
save file
image:161663595875.jpg(949kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 9.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 9
Looks like Operation “Mama Gonna Get Some” is underway!
save file
image:161725042493.jpg(896kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 10.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 10
Jameson tends to spout deviant facts if he’s got nothing else to say.
HOLY SHIT! I just realized something. So far in this comic there has been no anal. This maybe the moment when it happens...
Anal is a waste of effort and sperm. You can't impregnate women that way, so why even bother.
For some, it's fucking sexy. The fact that it's unnatural makes it a popular thing to draw.
save file
image:161782813854.jpg(991kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 11.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 11
Shantelle is committed to testing Jameson but that doesn’t mean she won’t be enjoying herself!
save file
image:161854287472.jpg(892kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 12.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 12
Jamie’s the Godfather, making offers others can’t refuse.
save file
image:161906410240.jpg(912kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 13.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 13
Jameson launches his counterattack!
save file
image:161962322587.jpg(954kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 14.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 14
Kennedy’s confusion is matched by Meredith’s lust.
save file
image:162047962098.jpg(803kB , 900x1660 , ch 7 pg 15.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 7 Page 15
Well, obviously that’d happen!
save file
image:162047965957.jpg(983kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 cover.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Cover
Just in case you were wondering who’s getting some this chapter.
>cumming from getting creampied
I love this.

So, next chapter will have mostly milfs?
>So, next chapter will have mostly milfs?
Yup! Nonstop mom fucking action!
save file
image:162086825178.jpg(1,000kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 1.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 1
Having sex with the mother and talking about how you love having sex with her daughter? Jameson’s living the dream!
save file
image:162147670447.jpg(971kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 2.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 2
Jameson’s a big boy down there but Kennedy is overkill.
save file
image:162215161479.jpg(966kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 3.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 3
If Jameson keeps this up, Shantelle may start thinking about stealing him away from Cheryl! Or at least sharing him with her.
>Shantelle may start thinking about stealing him away from Cheryl!
Is that foreshadowing?
save file
image:162244906034.jpg(940kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 4.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 4
Kennedy’s warning is for liability purposes in case she’s sued for medical costs. And yes, it has been an issue in the past.

Who knows?
save file
image:162269083080.jpg(825kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 5.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 5
Naturally that worked up an appetite!
save file
image:162334808855.jpg(920kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 6.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 6
Like mother, like daughter!
save file
image:162399054719.jpg(854kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 7.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 7
A nice meal, little bit of relaxing, and some fun throughout it all!
save file
image:162456050595.jpg(1.16MB , 900x1660 , Spoiler image)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 8
Kennedy’s idea of supporting someone is her carrying them around.
save file
image:162516682593.jpg(902kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 9.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 9
Shauna showing off her newest acquisition.
save file
image:162552715855.jpg(931kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 10.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 10
I’d say “stick a fork in her, she’s done” but something else is currently stuck in her.
At this rate they risk getting dehydrated.
save file
image:162576760245.jpg(736kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 11.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 11
One down, one to go!

All characters maintain a safe amount of hydration. It's the law.
save file
image:162632785380.jpg(924kB , 900x1660 , ch 8 pg 12.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 12
Cheryl has a cute guy to come home to and Jameson has a hot woman to welcome home!
save file
image:162688922286.jpg(996kB , 900x1660 , Spoiler image)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 13
Next thing Kennedy knows she’ll be like a mall Santa with a line of thirsty women lining up to sit on her lap!
save file
image:162750698751.jpg(839kB , 900x1565 , ch 8 pg 14.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 14
Mother approved!
save file
image:162783606188.jpg(878kB , 900x1565 , ch 8 pg 15.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 8 Page 15
Jameson is going to be even busier than before!
save file
image:162809425175.jpg(801kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 cover.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Cover
Clothing optional is just an invitation to be naked!
save file
image:162870945697.jpg(888kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 1.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 1
What a fun and amazing night that happened between chapters!
save file
image:162942514486.jpg(991kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 2.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 2
Lisa was left out of the last chapter so she’s getting a little loving to make up for it.
Will the protagonist get it on with the pink wolf girl?
save file
image:162994361447.jpg(264kB , 1000x500 , ch 1 cover.jpg)
I'm just posting a crop of the image because it's futa but I started a thread on /cod/ for this series.

Spinning out of Deviants! Jamie and Kennedy are enjoying their new life as a couple living under the same roof. But when Kennedy suddenly loses her job and has no way to pay for her house, Jamie proposes a new way to make money. Renting out rooms for a lovely beach house is an easy way to rake in cash but things get interesting when another girl that also has an… extra feature down there comes along. Futa fans rejoice, this is the comic you’ve been waiting for!

At this time, no plans on that happening.
save file
image:163004722461.jpg(877kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 3.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 3
Jameson might be more used to being seen naked if he knew he was the main character in a sexy comic!
save file
image:163062361145.jpg(973kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 4.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 4
He’s like a Duracell battery. He keeps going and going and going and…
>He’s like a Duracell battery. He keeps going and going and going and…

That was the Energizer bunny.
Energizer: “Just Keeps Going” Commercialyoutube thumb
Not to be the smart-ass, but Duracell lasts almost two times as long as Energizer. Not a bad analogy.
That depends on which type of batteries you use, all brands have "normal" and ultra ultimate lithium quantum procell eneloop power plus max turbo super championship edition versions. Plus the ad in question dates back to the 80s, and back then the situation could have been different.

The point was that the "keeps going and going and going..." phrase originates from the Energizer bunny ad.
save file
image:163128051213.jpg(874kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 5.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 5
Reminder that sex on the beach is more than just a drink.

How embarrassing! I'll just have to change the reference in other places that I have posted that page.
save file
image:163175980232.jpg(872kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 6.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 6
At this rate, Jameson is going to accidentally fertilize some fish eggs or something. Maybe this is how we get some androgynous fish people.
save file
image:163244401267.jpg(1.02MB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 7.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 7
A lot of fun to be had in the shower!
save file
image:163324614524.jpg(931kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 8.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 8
Deviants has more than just twinks for males.
I never really considered how a cyclops looks when drawn from the side until now.
save file
image:163368488560.jpg(922kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 9.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 9
Oh, we all know where this is going!

Now you know!
save file
image:163429956236.jpg(887kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 10.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 10
What Cheryl wants, Cheryl gets!
save file
image:163486079009.jpg(866kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 11.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 11
Mimi probably wasn’t expecting to get manhandled and overwhelmed by two lusty lovers but she’s not exactly complaining!
love that green and red contrast.
save file
image:163539316968.jpg(849kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 12.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 12
And she won’t be walking right for a week after this!

save file
image:163627944398.jpg(875kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 13.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 13
Couples share everything!
save file
image:163667341676.jpg(959kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 14.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 14
Cheryl is content with watching Mimi getting worn out.
save file
image:163736562267.jpg(875kB , 900x1565 , ch 9 pg 15.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 9 Page 15
After all of this, Mimi will have to have breakfast in bed because she won’t be able to get up.
Did they just fuck her nonstop all night long?
save file
image:163798048605.jpg(852kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 cover.jpg)
They had a little nap but continued early in the morning.

Deviants Chapter 10 Cover
It’s mating season for werewolves! But some are just in it for the experience, not the results!
>It’s mating season for werewolves! But some are just in it for the experience, not the results!

Can't we have both?
>Can't we have both?
Seconding that.
save file
image:163857770017.jpg(880kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 1.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 1
What is it with people answering the door naked?

Well some definitely end up getting both.
>What is it with people answering the door naked?

As far as I'm concerned, this doesn't happen often enough.
save file
image:163953195428.jpg(1,006kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 2.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 2
Best laid plans!

Very true.
save file
image:164015140737.jpg(901kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 3.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 3
Sorry Jameson but it’s “mating season” not “waiting season.”
save file
image:164066289459.jpg(981kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 4.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 4
An experienced older woman knows how to please their partner.
save file
image:164151020878.jpg(860kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 5.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 5
A little play before it’s time to work.
save file
image:164151024098.jpg(994kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 6.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 6
We haven’t seen those two for a while. Well, there they are, in case you were wondering what they’ve been doing most of the time.
Wish it was the wolf loli who got some dickings, she looks adorable in heat.
save file
image:164285932312.jpg(958kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 7.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 7
They seem to be very good friends.
save file
image:164285934688.jpg(893kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 8.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 8
Jameson just doing what he does best. Older women.
save file
image:164399462183.jpg(870kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 9.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 9
Meredith may have done some things with Jameson but she never crossed that one line with him. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t figured out how to get around that.
save file
image:164399464865.jpg(910kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 10.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 10
When you start mating with a werewolf, you don’t get to pull out!
Silly thing to say, when you start mating you don't pull out no matter the species.
I'm a bit disappointed, I was hoping for the loli to get a creampie.
save file
image:164508799316.jpg(1,006kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 11.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 11
Double the Jameson, double the fun!
save file
image:164508801903.jpg(863kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 12.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 12
Jameson has been milked dry! RIP!
save file
image:164508804100.jpg(958kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 13.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 13
Jameson isn’t even there and he’s getting two women off!
save file
image:164508892099.png(9kB , 296x367 , boomerang_hd.png)
>double jameson

no, that's clearly the Boomerang.
save file
image:164678065312.jpg(712kB , 900x1420 , ch 10 pg 14.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 13
Cheryl’s home! Time for her to… unwind!
Don't sue!
save file
image:164678070221.jpg(761kB , 900x1565 , ch 10 pg 15.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 10 Page 15
Natalie will be all mated out after this!
save file
image:164726073728.jpg(962kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 cover.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Cover
A new direction for the series! Jameson’s libido is out of control and the only solution is to get him more girlfriends! Time for this guy to get a harem!
save file
image:164762763327.jpg(787kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 1.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 1
Since the start of the series, we’ve seen Jameson going nonstop and bouncing back in record time. In comparison, even a succubus like Cheryl can do only so many marathons back-to-back-to-back.
So Jameson can outfuck a succubus?
Guy has gusto.
save file
image:164858727388.jpg(857kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 2.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 2
A harem license? Only in a comic like this can such a thing exist!

He's just that good!
save file
image:164922980377.jpg(941kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 3.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 3
Time for Jameson to catch his own fish.
This plot twist is all so tiresome.
I won't mind if this means the guy will have "put-your-baby-in-me" sex with the pink loli wolf girl.
save file
image:164938263790.jpg(796kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 4.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 4
Can’t have a harem without a large house.
save file
image:164989726118.jpg(986kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 5.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 5
That’s right, Jameson. Whip it out. Now.
He's looking pretty He-Man on the second panel.
Is the green chick a shapeshifter? She looks huge on one panel, and all tiny on the next.
save file
image:165063446123.jpg(898kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 6.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 6
This girl is very impatient!
She is standing on her tippy toes and Jameson is on his knees in awe.
save file
image:165142083687.jpg(809kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 7.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 7
It’s like a job interview but for sex!
save file
image:165200952083.jpg(769kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 8.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 8
Monica tastes very good!
save file
image:165246289002.jpg(709kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 9.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 9
Size queens would love to lose that game.
save file
image:165295718017.jpg(829kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 10.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 10
And there they go!
save file
image:165406965127.jpg(886kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 11.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 11
Ready for more?
She's shifting in size between panels
save file
image:165442565213.jpg(770kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 12.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 12
Jameson working hard and Monica getting worked hard!
save file
image:165476930953.jpg(880kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 13.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 13
Oh my, what does that mean?
Will Jameson ever hook up with the wolf loli?
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image:165544650891.jpg(781kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 14.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 14
Cheryl impressed with Jameson’s catch.
Next chapter. And she ain't a loli!
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image:165607216265.jpg(886kB , 900x1565 , ch 11 pg 15.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 11 Page 15
Busty and busted!
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image:165741376349.jpg(944kB , 900x1565 , ch 12 cover.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Cover
Lisa’s ready to try the real thing!
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image:165741379090.jpg(955kB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 1.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 1
Looks like there’s an opening and Jameson will be filling that in!
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image:165804860885.jpg(876kB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 2.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 2
Typical morning for Jameson, Cheryl, and now Monica.
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image:165878352931.jpg(895kB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 3.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 3
Witches have all sorts of spells that make things easier for them. Also makes them lazier.
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image:165960055996.jpg(920kB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 4.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 4
Boo! Jameson didn’t even try to get this one! Then again, he didn’t really try to get Monica either.
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image:166235654752.jpg(966kB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 5.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 5
That was too easy!
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image:166235658048.jpg(936kB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 6.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 6
Have fun!
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image:166235677258.jpg(950kB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 7.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 7
Time to get wet!
Finally, those two look like they make a great couple. With all their young energy, they'd probably make more intense sex than any of the pairings.

>hugging your mom with a huge boner out
Yeah I can see where this is going.
>Second-to-last panel
This chapter might turn out to be pretty nice...
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image:166377214334.jpg(910kB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 8.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 8
Just going to slip this in…
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image:166377217169.jpg(999kB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 9.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 9
There’s the mile high club. Is there a mile under club? Then again, I don’t think the pool is that deep.
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image:166377220217.jpg(1.03MB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 10.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 10
A great place to finish but they’re not done yet!
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image:166377222813.jpg(1.01MB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 11.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 11
Things are about to get hotter!
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image:166377225542.jpg(1.09MB , 900x1565 , ch 12 pg 12.jpg)
Deviants Chapter 12 Page 12
Jameson feeling left out? Not for long!
Having a romp in the pool isn't actually that fun. All that water makes it much harder to move around, so you can only really do slow caressing passionate sex, not fuck-like-wild-animals sex.