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image:156942811176.png(1.23MB , 1785x2500 , 01_Page0.png)
Powerpuff Girls thread

Well, since there's so much PPG porn on the web, I guess we may as well have one dedicated to them. Starting with 5 comics from a site called ppgfans.com

This comic is called Powernoia X
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image:156942817490.png(1.18MB , 1785x2500 , 04_Page3.png)
It might take me a while since I don't want to flood them.
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image:156942841769.png(1.43MB , 1785x2500 , 14_Page13.png)
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image:156942844352.png(724kB , 1785x2500 , 16_Page15.png)
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image:156942847095.png(1.45MB , 1785x2500 , 18_Page17.png)
One comic down, 4 to go.
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image:156942851456.png(1.13MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page00_Cover_Gotofap.tk_71895867.png)
Next up it's The Very Special Lesson.
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image:156942853241.png(1.80MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page01_Gotofap.tk_12440680.png)
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image:156942854552.png(1.17MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page02_Gotofap.tk_89051627.png)
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image:156942855781.png(1.11MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page03_Gotofap.tk_99882020.png)
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image:156942856995.png(1.22MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page04_Gotofap.tk_78130050.png)
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image:156942858862.png(1.26MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page05_Gotofap.tk_83616642.png)
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image:156942860476.png(1.27MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page06_Gotofap.tk_56784102.png)
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image:156942862056.png(1.38MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page07_Gotofap.tk_69947629.png)
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image:156942863524.png(1.24MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page08_Gotofap.tk_24624730.png)
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image:156942865412.png(1.32MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page09_Gotofap.tk_99362397.png)
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image:156942867151.png(1.31MB , 1785x2500 , The_Very_Special_Lesson_Page10_Gotofap.tk_95731795.png)
And that's the second comic.
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image:156942870723.jpg(456kB , 1785x2500 , 0.jpg)
Next up, it's The Home Alone Adventure.
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image:156942898782.jpg(429kB , 1785x2500 , 12.jpg)
And 3 comics done already.
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image:156942902598.jpg(1.50MB , 1785x2500 , Page00.jpg)
Comic 4 is called Brought and Scold
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image:156942921737.jpg(1.61MB , 1785x2500 , Page10.jpg)
One more comic to go, guys
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image:156942926089.png(916kB , 1786x2500 , Page00.png)
Last comic from is is called Femme's Revenge
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image:156942948286.jpg(558kB , 1785x2500 , Page11.jpg)
And that's all the comics I've got from ppgfans.com. You're welcome, amigos.
Nice comic dump. I think I've seen them before while checking out Xierra's works.

The only PPG comics I have is that old Hindernburg book, and the one where Mojo hypnotizes all the bitches to be his so the professor makes the PPG because the city has nobody to fuck.
Thanks. There are other pics out there, but not all the pics are released like the Bianca Bikini one, or the Zombie Orgy one that I posted on /b/ once. (see >>423205 for details)
Supposedly there's a new PPGfans exclusive comic that's currently in development
I wish I could get it when it arrives, but like I said, I'm banned. So looks like someone else is gonna have to grab it.
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image:157442731025.png(116kB , 895x505 , official.png)
Alright peeps: HUGE UPDATE! Apparently, the extra corner is nuked due to Bubbles' tight security. Instead, he thought of another way of tightening their so-called grips.

He's charging them in euro, and at a high rate too:

On top of that, he also added extra scenes to Bubstar's weird dreams 2 - Bought and scold X, and PowernoiaX.

I don't know if it'll work for me since they have my IP address banned, and I have commissions planned, but I'll consider buying some as a test.
TLDR: he paywalled the exclusive stuff like a corporate shitbag he always was.
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image:157442732282.png(100kB , 214x525 , 65.png)
A new comic too.
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image:157442733958.png(356kB , 485x750 , url.png)
And all the doujins I yet to rip.
ahahaha oh wow. People actually pay that much for those?
Yeah. And just by adding up the total, the total for the unleaked content is 528.9 euros. (which is roughly $584)
Or in british pounds £460 (ish)
Anyways, since Bubbles is on my shit list, he may not send the content to me after all. (even if I paid for it)

Just gave it a try, and of course the payment went through, but I haven't got the content.
Those are the kind assholes who I'd just report to 1. whoever owns those characters (for a DMCA), 2. the authorities (for selling underage porno), 3. their host (for both), and 4. whoever handles the credit card transfers on their site - I'm guessing from the button that it's paypal, but I really doube they'd be dumb enough to use that.

>Just gave it a try, and of course the payment went through, but I haven't got the content.
Pretty sure you could report them for fraud too, if they do not pay you back. If they use Paypal then you definitely could report them.

If you have that much money to burn you could ask for someone else to act as a proxy, but I imagine this is the kind of autist site which heavily monitors user behaviors, and simply wouldn't let anyone but the most frequent users to buy the content in question.
Just sent a dispute either way.
Apparently, he said there was an error in the filename, and he just resent the file via the paypal dispute centre instead.

At the end of the, I've got one of the doujins, but I don't want to spend all of my xmas money on ppg smut, so if someone were to pay for them, I would be extremily grateful.
Keep in mind that he could probably identify you from all that info you posted, so if he checks here, he'll know it's you either way.
True. Still, if you want to buy the doujin/comics yourselves, be my guest. I would pay for them all in one go, but I haven't got the time and money to do so.
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image:157470286128.png(510kB , 1170x1221 , Blossom 26.png)
Alright, peeps. I've managed to buy all of them. Overall, it costed me between 400 and 500 euros. I know they're expensive, but I did it to save you chaps some money. I've uploaded every one of the doujins on exhentai.

Evalla - The Chemical Sisters: https://exhentai.org/g/1523659/29f3d66808/
Jikasei - Chemical Fruits: https://exhentai.org/g/1523662/2aeba73166/
Pony Farm - Powerpuff Pony: https://exhentai.org/g/1523664/4af38ac52c/
Muu Sasaki - PPG Flash: https://exhentai.org/g/1523666/9ad81785fc/
Komachiya - Truth you know?: https://exhentai.org/g/1523668/364a8a435d/

As for the western stuff (aka Xierra099, Gameppgfan, ect), here's some of thier stuff.
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image:157470290173.png(445kB , 1380x1195 , Blossom 27.png)
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image:157470293790.png(1.76MB , 1288x1472 , Bubbles-licklick.png)
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image:157470309497.jpg(275kB , 2300x1150 , B2.jpg)
Oh, and an alt from one of the previous images leaked
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image:157470311805.jpg(218kB , 857x1200 , 001.jpg)
Alt versions of both Brought and Scold and Powernoia X.
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image:157470318913.jpg(534kB , 1785x2500 , Page Cover.jpg)
Finally, a new comic.
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image:157470326704.jpg(568kB , 1785x2500 , Page5.jpg)
Keep in mind that these 6 pages cost me 65 euros. So basically they're worth less than they're actually are.

Also, make sure you download the doujins on exhentai since I'll probably won't reupload them to mega/ect.
Silly question, but could you tell us what was the filename of each archive? Not the link, just the zip/rar file name.

Thumbs up on buying all of them so they could be put up on galleries, by the way.
Well, I kind of deleted the zip/rar files after I finished uploading them to exhentai and here. So I kind of already forgot.
(continued from >>425129)
Though, it would have been nice if some people actually contributed towards the help by buying some. Then again, if you were planning on buying some yourself, you can always send the money to my paypal. We'll discuss it privately via discord
Shouldn't the filenames still appear in some of the emails the site sent you?

It was found out that the sales just link to the files, which are hosted on a wordpress blog with zero protection - half of them were already leaked just by guessing the filenames. I was waiting for the rest of the file names to be found until posting them here. So I'm sorry that I didn't mention it before, could've saved you some money I guess.

The reason I'm still asking for the file names is because I'm curious as to what kind of pattern they followed with them.
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image:157470837765.png(127kB , 844x502 , Untitled.png)
There are no emails sent. As far as I'm concerned, after you paid for the product, you just type your email via the field, and it'll send you straight to the download link. (which is all random generated) Sometimes, you get the rar inside the random generated rar.
(continued from >>425132)
As for the rest of the content (Bubstar's Weird Dreams/Pony Pharm) the filename was so unexpected that you wouldn't get them unless you paid for them.
i like t
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image:157901242765.gif(5.76MB , 480x270 , 3448389 - Femme_Fatale Pedroillusions Powerpuff_Girls animated.gif)
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image:157946087742.jpg(380kB , 1783x2003 , 12592026_915636691824512_1952294300_o.jpg)
Another update on the PPGFans premuim page. This time, there's 10 new images.
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image:157946092034.png(839kB , 1600x1600 , Bubbles tentacles.png)
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image:157946098667.png(415kB , 1464x1547 , Buttercup 44.png)
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image:157946100547.png(1,017kB , 1159x1103 , Buttercup-panties.png)
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image:157946102003.png(1.20MB , 954x1021 , Buttercup-smout.png)
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image:157946103565.png(1.63MB , 1273x1097 , Buttercup-tn.png)
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image:157946104928.png(1.17MB , 3500x2500 , NotatallBlossom.png)
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image:157946108105.png(118kB , 223x766 , Untitled.png)
And keep in mind that pack one has 20 images, while pack two has 10 images.
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image:158171317516.png(224kB , 1023x932 , 021.png)
More PPG smut from PPGfans premuim page
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image:158171326861.png(1.37MB , 1200x1300 , Bubbles15189116.png)
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image:158171332218.png(1.13MB , 3400x2550 , PPG Creation1.png)
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image:158171333897.png(1.15MB , 3400x2550 , PPG Creation1nn.png)

And that's all. (for 49.90 euros)
Thanks for sharing... but man 50€ for just those ten pics? Someone is raking in mad dosh from that site.
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image:158247867143.png(2.45MB , 876x1242 , 00.png)
IKR. Another day, another doijin PPGFans uploaded (and somewhat charges so many money over)

To view it all, check out https://exhentai.org/g/1576199/4f3d5a7f54/ or https://workupload.com/file/FnaLTCqG
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image:158569132969.png(288kB , 775x1200 , dc5000d65ea7ce9a[1].png)
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image:158576435323.png(469kB , 1041x1500 , df26f61fa145aad8.png)
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image:158688151458.png(206kB , 1200x908 , PPG Teen Bubbles good morning.png)
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image:158688155611.png(104kB , 623x800 , PPG Teen Blossom thong.png)
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image:158688159560.png(374kB , 1071x1500 , PPG Teen Blossom bra.png)
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image:158692110125.png(195kB , 742x1000 , 52c509a0c3083068.png)
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image:158692111454.png(237kB , 1050x1200 , abf25c7e9c5fa25b.png)
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image:158692112730.png(324kB , 1050x1200 , ef69c786809ef7c2.png)
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image:158692128849.png(312kB , 839x1200 , 6318484b77dd3950.png)
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image:158692130084.png(296kB , 839x1200 , 9c15015f15f01cc8.png)
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image:158844254275.png(244kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 1.png)
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image:158844259336.png(86kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 2.png)
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image:158844261356.png(387kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 3.png)
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image:158861154075.png(808kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 4.png)
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image:158861156311.png(467kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 5.png)
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image:158861158545.png(603kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 6.png)
@DogmaLord on twitter
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image:158869667208.png(483kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 7.png)
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image:158869669913.png(328kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 8.png)
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image:158869673236.png(426kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 9.png)
>Blossom, I...
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image:158878557331.png(377kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 10.png)
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image:158878560363.png(395kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 11.png)
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image:158878562879.png(394kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 12.png)
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image:158887174808.png(236kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 13.png)
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image:158887179484.png(425kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 14.png)
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image:158887182071.png(459kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 15.png)
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image:158895650653.png(661kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 16.png)
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image:158895654511.png(324kB , 1082x1514 , PPG Blossom Princess comic 17.png)
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image:158968440453.png(4.89MB , 2297x1452 , bubblegum bubbles.png)
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image:159250149415.png(370kB , 1886x384 , PPG Blossom shower.png)
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image:159505838276.jpg(528kB , 3000x3800 , 3225901%20-%20Blossom%20Bubbles%20Buttercup%20Highware%20Powerpuff_Girls.jpg)
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image:167458373202.png(424kB , 1268x1500 , PPG All Together pin up.png)
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image:167458374943.png(702kB , 1402x1479 , PPG All Together hooligans.png)
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image:167752246393.jpg(286kB , 1211x1712 , 5532395 - BombHentai Bubbles Powerpuff_Girls.jpeg)
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image:167914819750.jpg(213kB , 875x1238 , Las_Chicas_Super_XXX_1_El_Comienzo_JinxSex_01.jpg)
Can someone post a link to an english translated version of this comic by Jinxsex if there is any?
I only seem to be able to find the Spanish one.
Same with me, that's why asked.
What's with the horrible AI spam?
Yeah its pretty over the top.
what is wrong with you, porn is porn, if it has no finger salad or any other obvious boner killing defects and looks better than your amateurish ms paint scribbles than why not?
Black Hand ## Developer
Some of my favorite artists draw amateurish ms paint scribbles.

anyway the problem wasn't even that, it was that the board got a large amount of posts, with the same kind of content, in a short period, all from a first-time user, who is on a flagged IP address.
who now started rotating his IP.
that was me, im on a VPN due to work related reasons, and sorry i just wanted to share what i cooked up in stable diffusion, not sure why that was a problem because all posts were on topic of the threads, there was nothing in the rules about how frequently you can post and all the pics were in differing artstyles and subjects, i understand the new ip suddenly posting a ton made you panic, but just one look into what was being posted should have put your mind at ease
Black Hand ## Developer
What I saw was a bunch of non-human made images, all using the same generated filename pattern, posted from a user who never posted anything on the site, in a bunch of random threads including ones from 2014 (and who needs more Simpsons porn anyway), and some of them being on the wrong board. This raised all sorts of red flags, and the one thing we have a zero tolerance on is spam.

This is disregarding the fact that a lot of people find AI art extremely annoying.
like an attack by some automated AI frankenstein chat gpt style bot that crawls the board and automatically generates and posts pics to threads?

also if posting pictures of lest say, power puff girls, in a thread for posting power puff girls, is spam to you because of file name or the method in witch the images were made, than isn't half of this thread's content spam then? like the comic page spam, or the ms paint looking series of pics by the same artist in a row?

also the only people annoyed by AI art are twitter artists who are having some existential crisis and their followers, not horny people who just wanna get off to their favorite cartoons and dont care for the technicalities of how the pic was created as long as it does the job
Black Hand ## Developer
>like an attack by some automated AI frankenstein chat gpt style bot that crawls the board and automatically generates and posts pics to threads?
Wouldn't even be the weirdest bot spam I've seen this week alone.

>because of file name or the method in witch the images were made
I already explained this. It was a blacklisted IP posting automated content with easily distinguishable repeating patterns, all the signs of bot flood. The only mistake I made was thinking it was an automated attack when it was just a moron.

Here's the low down. Flooding the board with AI art will inevitably annoy people because you can generate so much so fast and it all looks the same. I removed it because I'm not waiting until it starts to make up a third of /pco/, similar stuff happened before, I'm taking a preemptive stance on this right now. Just to clarify, the problem isn't the AI art (we have other threads with it), it's the flooding. If you want to post 86 permutations of Buster Bunny's AI generated anus, do it elsewhere.

Speaking of which, you also posted several male-only nudes here when it should go in /coq/, which however is a rule violation, so I have an excuse for banning you. Or your VPN. whichever.
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image:168840172422.png(109kB , 857x1200 , PPG teen buttercup hair tie.png)
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image:168971088332.png(276kB , 985x1000 , PPG Bubbles messy.png)
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image:168971089710.png(211kB , 734x1000 , PPG buttercup messy.png)
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image:168971091516.png(280kB , 958x992 , PPG blossom messy.png)
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image:169112189493.png(1.14MB , 2000x2500 , 4397c4bd8001a601618609e91693934c804d9d7a.png)
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image:169112348067.jpg(384kB , 2184x2812 , 4532672475.jpeg)