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Anthro threadAnonymous
File deleted
old thread >>223052
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image:152678926500.jpg(88kB , 1200x927 , Dddaw-jXcAAE8dz.jpg)
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image:152678946200.jpg(74kB , 804x1199 , DdmIUQfUQAETnVE.jpg)
Wasnt there a similar pic about cheating and such, with Judy and those guys?
their dicks look quite weird btw
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image:152804735400.png(410kB , 1500x1500 , b3232a8af9e5a7504f0b495ad88ec683.png)
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image:152804743200.png(1.26MB , 1500x1500 , 4FwBJzLwNG_w22iAYq110PtXVeXReAWxISmTGaq4OJWzB68fVjrP6QckvVX8sscm.png)
Mister Twister
Don't particularly care for what is implied to happen next, but the way she is being held is erotic as FUCK.
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image:152843306600.jpg(208kB , 828x1280 , 1511669972.heresyart_2017-06-23_carmelita_01.jpg)
Might as well post here. HERESY is known and everything, but some might not have seen, or known he made it.

This is true erotica ART. Not dirty porn, but real arght.
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image:152843308500.jpg(364kB , 828x1280 , 1509853829.heresyart_page_1.jpg)
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image:152843310600.jpg(1.01MB , 1080x1670 , 1509940849.heresyart_page_2.jpg)
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image:152843314800.jpg(268kB , 828x1280 , 1510714996.heresyart_page_3.jpg)
The best fucking page, objectively and scientifically.
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image:152843318800.jpg(295kB , 828x1280 , 1511038858.heresyart_page_4.jpg)
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image:152843321000.jpg(1.62MB , 1080x1670 , 1512274813.heresyart_page_5.jpg)
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image:152843322900.jpg(207kB , 828x1280 , 1512639966.heresyart_page_6.jpg)
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image:152843325900.jpg(379kB , 828x1280 , 1512959274.heresyart_page_7.jpg)
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image:152843328300.jpg(310kB , 828x1280 , 1513749389.heresyart_page_8.jpg)
The best fucking ending.
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image:152992272400.jpg(193kB , 1100x733 , 2646145 - Lt._Judy_Hopps Zootopia miles-df.jpg)
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image:153048365000.jpg(334kB , 1218x1095 , hbsofia5.jpg)
Cedric Sneer and Sofia Tutu from The Raccoons.
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image:153071674200.png(157kB , 658x786 , Necrolepsy_4th_of_July_Maggie_Reed.png)
From Necrolepsy's Tumblr Blog for the 4th of July
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image:153071678200.png(160kB , 658x786 , Necrolepsy_4th_of_July_Busty_Maggie_Reed.png)
An alternate version of >>418983
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image:153094048200.png(1.85MB , 1375x1944 , 2319302_funkybun_they_wont_mind16_female_scaled_23_5_2018.png)
>artist does different versions of a drawing for female and intersex
that's cool
>artist does an entire different version of a comic for female and intersex, complete with altered dialogue and plot themes
now I'm impressed.
(I posted a page of the female version here, name and artist in filename but be warned the default version is intersex)
Also damn Inkbunny is so much better than FurAffinity in so many ways and I hope it gains majority userbase asap.
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image:153159981100.jpg(351kB , 1500x1712 , hbboopies1.jpg)
Boopies, a Twitch mascot.
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image:153183734700.jpg(180kB , 1240x827 , tumblr_pc0l2rWt7z1wi91wro1_raw.jpg)
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image:153183735800.jpg(161kB , 1240x827 , tumblr_pc0l2rWt7z1wi91wro2_raw.jpg)
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image:153183736900.jpg(169kB , 1240x827 , tumblr_pc0l2rWt7z1wi91wro3_raw.jpg)
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image:153183738200.jpg(170kB , 1240x827 , tumblr_pc0l2rWt7z1wi91wro4_raw.jpg)
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this is so sad
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image:153220705600.png(1.91MB , 1755x1062 , tta_t__n_a_by_facreamytea-dchtak0.png)
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image:153224193600.png(860kB , 990x1160 , Darma by Fuel.png)
Posting this scandalous image.

Rock Dog is seriously underrated.
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image:153274928200.jpg(152kB , 690x1054 , hbnicolewat3.jpg)
Need some good art and more importantly some film screen shots of her, seriously you only see a glimpse of her in I think like 2 scenes in the whole film at least that I noticed.
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image:153315567800.jpg(123kB , 668x1280 , 1523125842.summerlong_amunet-oddjuice.png.jpg)
Figures Amunet would be into bondage
Is that someone specific or just some random canine?
Oh wait, so that was you who posted me that comic on FA?
Well, fuck. He beat me to it. Just inked mine yesterday. Should have guessed he lurks on these boards too. So anyone find out what her name is, yet?
LOL I can already tell from the filename this was a commission from Ospreyhawk. Probably 80% of the Goldie R34 is thanks to him. :)
What are these MP4s? Characters from something or just random flash vids?
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image:153315579500.jpg(260kB , 1280x902 , 1511643176.otakon_femmefatale.png.jpg)
This is rather terrible art, but I am posting it since there is just soooo little R34 of Muffy Vanderschmidt.
I'll take screenshots when the BR-rip is out. There is a screener up on KImcartoon in the meantime if you want to check but it is not great quality. I have not watched the movie yet, so I am resisting the urge :)
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image:153315592600.jpg(205kB , 1444x2518 , 63b71867f3bedfc533f0a509ffec8bc7.jpg)
Smexy Amunet. Yeah she was not this chubby on the show...
catrina from the G1 MLP movie Escape from Catrina
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image:153315917800.png(699kB , 1092x1409 , 1532388279.lecame_ms-fortune_blowjob.png)
LeCame did Ms Fortune from Toonstruck. Wish he did not give all characters such derpy faces.
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image:153315919100.png(1.17MB , 1260x2000 , 1532388101.lecame_ms-fortune_fuck.png)
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image:153316150900.jpg(643kB , 1068x964 , dontfapgirl_katrina.jpg)
Oooh. Did not recognize her. Generally she is colored more darker reddish brown.
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image:153316442500.png(805kB , 1519x2000 , aa9e61b88daf1ed8af82170a233bfc5c0c184495.png)
Miss Cougar from Wabbit.
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image:153316444200.png(274kB , 731x742 , 05796066d261e72fcbb793e2503a9c8ebd3daf7c.png)
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image:153316445600.jpg(147kB , 1060x1280 , 1515732253.lotusshade_1515721865375.png.jpg)
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image:153316477700.png(520kB , 2565x809 , Rock dog female.png)
This is the best I could find of the female from Rock Dog. Yeah she is... flat.
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image:153316498600.png(310kB , 675x745 , Sultry Lafemme03.png)
Sultry Lafemme
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image:153316548300.png(451kB , 842x1200 , b42930e00f0099b65f767943c6fc04f3a7f9f241.png)
Ally Cassandra from Bubsy
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image:153324877100.png(592kB , 2500x2000 , maggie_reed_popiscle_redout.png)

hollywood, classy.
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image:153349278900.jpg(1.39MB , 1675x2000 , Spy Penguin-Femme Fatale Kitty(color).jpg)
Femme fatale kitty from Spy Penguin.
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image:153349335100.png(550kB , 1154x2406 , toon_1533443044155_7bf634668eec112bc6aee90c6e201c8341f14ec9.png)
More Amunet - and more close to the cartoon version.
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image:153349343100.png(390kB , 1280x1400 , toon_1533442858275_3e00d475aec5bff793fda115e78f92c1.png)
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image:153356802300.jpg(1.01MB , 921x1283 , 8ddfc971672a9175713f20684f2de5ae.jpg)
they're Vimhomeless' characters. he used to do animation for Planet Dolan
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image:153365756900.jpg(131kB , 597x783 , 3kitties.jpg)
Nice, have not seen Bimbette around much these days. :)

Oh, that explains why that pink cat on the show looks so smexy. :-)
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image:153422965900.jpg(536kB , 1228x1619 , butnt_059.jpg)
Posting here though this is not fanart, because uncensored dicks and boobies - egyptian gods from Immortel Ad Vitam, the comic. Yes this was a comic before the (shitty and incomprehensible) french movie.

These are ancient and have been posted before. If you want to post Claduette, post something more recent people have not seen yet. These are like, 1-2 years old. Everyone who is interested in R34 of that show knows them by now.
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image:153422971300.jpg(423kB , 1296x1709 , butnt_089.jpg)
Yes, Anubis and Bastet have a kid together, called Anubast. That is just 'daaaw' adorable. :D "Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!"
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image:153520330400.jpg(1.68MB , 1800x2443 , e7fddd10e96351531796c7b459ab058f.jpg)
Looks like a good sidekick for the old Disney Bonkers cartoon character
reminds me of stimpy's happy happy joy joy dance XD
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image:153540569200.jpg(219kB , 1280x1067 , 1534875116.shilohsmilodon_sheila.png.jpg)
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image:153540571500.jpg(341kB , 1280x1112 , 1534869706.blazedthylacine_sheila.png.jpg)
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image:153540572700.jpg(146kB , 1280x1175 , 1435776443.fireminion_skylandersluck_colorpsd.jpg)
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image:153546004200.png(172kB , 355x600 , 70151554_p0.png)
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image:153553235700.jpg(2.05MB , 2463x1743 , 1516050370.salkafar_chain_gang_col_.jpg)
Salkafar drew the Lizard Women of Mongo!
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image:153553238600.jpg(114kB , 606x850 , 1524745458.jblrules316_lizardqueen.jpg)
Lyza the Lizard Queen
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image:153553241300.jpg(123kB , 923x1280 , 1528066736.jblrules316_lizard2.jpg)
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image:153570309800.png(849kB , 1300x975 , 1535613744.xenoda_66a.png)
Have some Tiamat... even though the artist for some reason used the 4E green dragon head (HERESY!) it is pretty nice.
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image:153589692900.jpg(89kB , 1152x1280 , 1532656148.bigdad_fini.jpg)
what the christ
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image:153689856800.jpg(887kB , 1080x1335 , 1533144057741.jpg)
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image:153689858700.jpg(444kB , 1080x1671 , 1533685800954.jpg)
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image:153689860300.jpg(221kB , 1280x1129 , tumblr_pehmwntoub1ud8n12o1_1280.jpg)
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image:153848328400.png(403kB , 392x700 , 70895330.png)
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image:154407352500.jpg(286kB , 1988x1536 , c2IVZpFw.jpeg)
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image:154407362200.jpg(272kB , 1988x1536 , DsSpJxsg.jpeg)
Four variations of gadget from Joe Randel