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image:151267659000.png(2.49MB , 3300x2485 , Jinora x Ikk4.png)
Let's have a threat about Anaxus. I love his stuff and it frustrates me that he STILL hasn't reached his patreon goal to make a visual novel. It bewilders me that MITY has so much more support than Anaxus. Don't get me wrong, I love 4 Elements Trainer and I am supporting that project too, but I think that the art of Anaxus is a lot better than the art of MITY. So why does MITY makes ten times more money than Anaxus?
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image:151275822900.jpg(31kB , 863x1300 , 3c89Xlg.jpg)
Who is MITY?
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image:151276563500.png(1.26MB , 2000x1440 , _sunbathing3.png)
The artist behind Four Elements Trainer.
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image:151276582000.jpg(324kB , 1322x992 , 238143 - Anaxus Avatar_The_Last_Airbender Jin_(Avatar).jpg)
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image:151276590000.jpg(165kB , 869x512 , 226565 - Anaxus Avatar_The_Last_Airbender Azula.jpg)
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image:151276649100.jpg(149kB , 1200x1730 , katara x jinora.jpg)
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image:151276650300.jpg(146kB , 1200x1730 , katara x jinora1.jpg)
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image:151276664800.jpg(107kB , 965x1448 , 2254652 - Avatar_the_Last_Airbender Ikki Jinora Pema The_Legend_of_Korra anaxus.jpg)
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image:151276666500.jpg(93kB , 1200x1020 , Jinora x Ikki x Pema.jpg)
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image:151276678500.jpg(317kB , 1146x893 , 225330 - Anaxus Ikki Jinora The_Legend_of_Korra.jpg)
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image:151276680100.jpg(226kB , 745x1004 , 239594 - Anaxus Ikki Jinora The_Legend_of_Korra.jpg)
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image:151276681400.jpg(125kB , 1200x1854 , Jinora_x_Opal_2.jpg)
Anaxus is the reason I decided to try out drawing after learning his style. He used to have a link to a video showing how he does all the poses. Essentially, it's just tracing a body pose from an actual person into a drawing, then replacing the head with a redrawn version of the character of his choosing.

I still have to figure out how he does loli characters as one of the goals I'd like to do is to create a Steven Universe h-comic featuring Connie, but I struggled figuring how to do that while maintaining her body-type.
Yeah he’s a tracer. For lolis, you’d need knowledge on their anatomy. I’d say he manipulates a model to loli proportions (ie: removing curves/ altering breast size) before doing a trace.
he uses real kids pictures but claims it to be his niece posing for him and gullible people eat it up.
I don't care as long as the product is good.
Yeah same
As much as I like SunsetRider's Avatar art, I have to agree that Anaxus' work is about the most on-model art of the show out there, which is what I most desire when I peruse adult themes from cartoon shows. It makes the erotic fantasy seem more realistic. Like PalComix's art, it's good and all to look at and close to the look of the source, but it's not on-model with most of the characters they eroticize. Most artists draw lesser cosplay-ish forms of the original characters. Even Incog. His newest Avatar comic is well drawn and really nice to look at, but it's far from being on-model. (*Ducking flying beer cans being thrown at head by Incog's fanbase*)
Agreed. What puts me off the most is when artists give characters giant breasts just for the sake of it. They even enlarge the breats of characters who already have giant breasts. I can't fap to that. If I look for rule34 stuff of a character, I am interested in THAT character and not a cow-version of it.
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image:151353406700.jpg(152kB , 1200x1402 , Toph x Opal.jpg)