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image:146164346600.png(14kB , 600x800 , 1389481477798.png)
Ye Furry Dames Thread

Since 4chan's /co/ is a cesspool of mod abuse anyways and the /trash/ zone is basically a goddamn trap of horrors, lets post some good callie/cleo/ms hudson/ pics here

other ladies from these shows too are allowed, in fact what the hell, basically any ladie that russles the mimmies of the 4chan's /co/ mods

Ill Begin!
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image:146164368000.jpg(182kB , 850x850 , 1401581095845.jpg)
Ill myself begin with some cleo the cat from Heathcliff and the catillac cats
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image:146164369700.jpg(361kB , 840x1177 , 1425908357327.jpg)
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image:146164374200.png(357kB , 1200x1600 , 599f8c257ac3f963b20ae027ebd4dcae7b6342e2.png)
Now some good ol Callie....
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image:146164377300.png(135kB , 625x1000 , 1453514345034.png)
Mang, i love this Watatanza callie drawings
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image:146164381900.png(104kB , 478x1000 , e32a05b0a789f055d9cc5cc42824c94ace013f9e.png)