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image:140849160900.jpg(788kB , 3760x1360 , SBFF-SG Study02a.jpg)
Model Sheets-Rule 34: If a model sheet exists, somebody must have made a porn version of it! This is intended to be a handy artist reference thread. Bring in your model sheets, height comparison, Breast size Comparison sheets, etc. To Start things off are some Super Best Friends Forever Model sheets that were on the old board, but got lost somewhere.
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image:140849167700.jpg(773kB , 3760x1360 , SBFF-SG Study01a.jpg)
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image:140849169800.jpg(447kB , 2544x1108 , SBFF-BG Study01.jpg)
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image:140849172200.jpg(487kB , 2544x1108 , SBFF-BG Study02.jpg)
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image:140849175400.jpg(475kB , 2320x1076 , SBFF-WG Study01.jpg)
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image:140849203600.jpg(423kB , 2301x1080 , SBFF-WG Study02.jpg)
I've always enjoyed collecting model sheets. Somebody on the old board started altering a SBFF Supergirl model sheet from off of the net and things just sorta progressed from there, . . . . . .

Is that really you Roonghler? Is this where you uploading your stuff now?
Yes & no! Yes it's me, but I'm not uploading all of my stuff, just some of the things like the model sheets. I figure putting some of them out may encourage others to try something with them.