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Nude filter threadAnonymous
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image:140199115000.jpg(505kB , 650x971 , tumblr_n62cpoOeOJ1s2u4wdo1_1280.jpg)
Thread for nude/porny edits of pics and requests thereof. Starting off with a request to make this She-Hulk topless.
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image:140544903100.jpg(519kB , 1264x1920 , __4-color-bushy.jpg)
Something I did.
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image:140544905900.jpg(532kB , 1264x1920 , __1-line-bushy.jpg)
bw version
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
very pretty
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image:140545398200.jpg(387kB , 1200x928 , ____1263064 - All-New_X-Men Angel Beast Cyclops Jean_Grey Lockheed Marvel Shadowcat X-23.jpg)
This nipslip edit almost does not count.
But it does.
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image:140545418800.jpg(258kB , 669x1029 , ___harv15.jpg)
And I'm compelled to post some Amanda Conner's Powergirl edits too.
Can I have the original please?
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image:140569759800.jpg(275kB , 1016x786 , ____all_new_x_men_20_pages_3_4_by_mahmudasrar-d6uv4jj.jpg)
Like I said: Such a small change, a whole lotta difference
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image:140570026400.png(530kB , 1200x1249 , bd425d12cd28f763f4028b52a8e21d28.png)
Hi someone can edit this to make her nude? thx?
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image:140571281600.jpg(493kB , 1974x800 , _Unpublished Catwoman Issue 3 pages 17-20.jpg)
March was not comfortable with drawing a full frontal of Selina.
That's why she wears 2 panties. One white and one black.

And those boobies are definitely smaller than what the costume implies.
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image:140838592600.png(13kB , 469x480 , Orchid_by_WarnerCBadClothesEdit.png)
Edited this for a thread on /e/, and figure it goes here too since it turns out both the content and original artist are western. Was already a picture of a skin-tight suit, I just recolored and put lines on the new suit edges.

Intended the file name to mean it's been edited to have bad clothes, not that I badly edited the clothes. Buyt if I did, then sweet naming skills me.

Reposting since I made another tiny change to the shading.
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image:140838999700.png(112kB , 1200x1249 , Teri.png)
>Hey Gumball, remember when you wondered how you wondered if Teri was naked or not?
>Not really? I remember wondering if you're naked or not.
>Let's not talk about that. I've decided to make a counter example to the idea of Teri's nudity.
>You what?
>Here, just take a look.
>That's... surprisingly anatomical, Darwin.
>I reused her buttons for s bellybutton and areola!
>That's clear, but I'm really more concerned by how apparently that happy zombie incident really happened.
>Yeah, I wonder, how did we got better from that one?
>It's really kind of distracting me from how you're looking like a pervert for making this.
>Yeah, I was about to say that too!
>Good thing I only posted this anonymously somewhere.
>You What?
>Posted it anywhere!
>Um...uh...uh... We're not fighting that internet guy again are we?
>Well you didn't post anything that'd let them know we did this?
>Then just let me get rid of this local copy and all the evidence that it was uploaded form this computer. And.... there!
>That's cool... You know Teri actually came into the library right after you sat down and thought you were making that picture, right?
Forgot to include a part where Gumball asks if printing her out would make her real only to shoo Darwin away from the computer when he tries. Though if I'm writing so much today, I should probably try directing it to something else.
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image:140919281200.png(359kB , 1280x720 , they're definately bigger in this episode edit.png)
Hi everyone, I'm Sauv. I'm just a kid with GIMP and a mouse, so I stick pretty much to flash based shows. Edits of the human characters in Littlest Pet Shop are my main thing, but I'm willing to try other stuff. Only way to get better is to practice, after all.
>I'm just a kid with GIMP and a mouse

Not an actual kid, I hope.
Blythe's flat-chested.
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image:140959177300.jpg(272kB , 1101x1280 , 1409590941.shinragod_mai_fandance.jpg)
Request to have the fan censors removed, please?
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image:141520111800.png(202kB , 800x1200 , poison shippa topless.png)
Topless version of: http://cngsoft.no-ip.org/OC_288-RC2-FIX-WEB-8BIT.PNG
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image:141634639700.png(1.75MB , 2000x1424 , tfyigujpokp.png)
Have some Uber Quest nude edits! It's the closing thing we'll get to UQ porn nowadays...
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image:141634648000.png(252kB , 1053x1057 , smaller.png)
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image:141634655800.jpg(154kB , 1200x894 , surprise-edit.jpg)
Also got some T-Kay nude edits.
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image:141634658700.png(251kB , 762x1017 , 1354106111.t-kay_shinacol3_uncensored.png)

In what alternate universe is that a small rack?!? She looks perfectly fine for me.
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image:141672716200.jpg(148kB , 1280x801 , tumblr_n6ggjtsUJh1tdr1hno1_r1_1280.jpg)

No clue, but they did grow compared to her canonical(?) breast size.

Either that or consistency is thrown out the window for that ask tumblr the original came from.
Just saying because I am very fine with "B" size... that's totally fine on every woman. Frankly the very oversized boobs are more of a turn-off (for me), especially in real-life.
Can we ask for edits of screenshots? Or BE edits?
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image:141771310200.jpg(53kB , 535x800 , 00002325.jpg)
Have some Fran edits, because the artist is too pure and loves cockteasing his fanbase with her...
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image:141771335300.jpg(94kB , 470x750 , tumblr_m88yjrAzQF1rd1xh8o2_500.jpg)
And there we go. Here's to future Fran Cervice edits (or maybe actual porn by someone other than Funky, provided they're willing to).
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image:141779191900.jpg(132kB , 487x700 , 1202581660.thefunkyone_frans_mom_sketches.jpg)
well if anybody's doing more Fran edits, this lends itself very well to it. Dialogue and all.
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image:141797667600.png(328kB , 640x640 , 1eeb832d20de1a596bfa162fde8147c31_u18chan.png)
A bit more of decensoring of Leatherruffian's work
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image:141797669300.png(796kB , 976x1087 , Mother Daughter thing by LeatherRuffian uncensored.png)
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image:141797679400.jpg(1.55MB , 1280x1094 , 1360889171.scificat_rouge_cupid_final_1280w_hoob.jpg)
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image:141962042300.png(673kB , 1663x1532 , vanilla uncensor semi done.png)
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image:170812315854.png(169kB , 223x490 , ChD_img_12.png)
Can someone do her?