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What TV series is /mtv/ following nowadays?
What good, short (2 seasons or less), TV series does /mtv/ recommend?
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Wrong person to answer that (I mostly watch older stuff), but currently watching Vikings. It's not super new, but the episodes I'm at were done within the last 5 years. The writing is a mish-mash of sagas, as well as creative liberty. What happens in the show and what the actors do on-screen is very realistic regarding actual human nature, with only mild romantization. The only flaws are an unnecessary blue tint on the camera and just a tad too much pointless drama (realistic, but I could use less).

Vikings is essentially Game of Thrones, with more realistic and down to earth.
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>What TV series is /mtv/ following nowadays?
I'm stuck in a time warp watching 2003 cartoons and 90's CN. Most free-to-air TV in my country is downright abysmal.