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image:141407551000.jpg(81kB , 833x344 , avengersad2.jpg)

//youtube.com/watch?v=tmeOjFno6Doyoutube thumb

So, rather than save the hi-def release of the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer for Agents of SHIELD next week, Marvel decided to turn the trailer leak to its advantage and released the hi-def trailer for everyone laaaaaaaate last night.

Dat Hulkbuster armor. Goddamn.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Seen on Twitter:

>The linking factor of all Marvel movies is that on some level they're how Howard or Tony Stark screwed up & ruined the world.
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video:141429858400.webm(1.99MB , 1920x800 , HULKBUSTED.webm)
Something I made for the occasion
Also apparently, they're putting some sneak peek footage in its place to compensate for the leak
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Wouldn't surprise me if they reveal Vision. It's one of the big complaints fans had about the trailer, and it'd be a hell of a way to get some big buzz coming off that trailer leak.

It'll likely be part of the big party scene where Ultron walks in, but who knows besides Marvel at this point.
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image:141436518300.jpg(234kB , 987x1500 , HulkTheWorld.jpg)
What are the chances of Za Warudo Hulk?
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image:141443680500.gif(2.95MB , 390x357 , 1379972868760.gif)

How terribly boring.
Then again, he has a decent voice for shouting "By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!"
I don't even dislike Zantbatch. He seems like a great actor from what little I've watched of him and a friendly enough guy IRL regardless of his... looks. But I'm really not looking forward to the shrieking fangirls and all the walking over eggshells I'll have to do when I talk about anything that has to do with this movie because of them.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

God help Tumblr if he and Loki ever have a scene together in a Marvel film.
I'm surprised they aren't splooging out over War Horse as much as they could.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Speaking of new additions to the MCU, the end of Age of Ultron might have at least one.

Tom Hiddleston isn't the most attractive guy either. He's damn average, better than Cumberbatch or Footface Smith at least but friendly looking to be charitable. I'm not fussy with my taste in men but I don't fucking get it. I'm halfway to expecting Danny Devito to become the next Tumblr sex symbol now.
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image:141446869000.jpg(39kB , 500x567 , benedict cumberstrange.jpg)
He might look better with the facial hair needed for the part.
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image:141446942700.jpg(44kB , 468x700 , tumblr_inline_ndt8km3HXH1t0vnzw.jpg)
Looks a lot better that way, but goddamn his eyes and cheekbones still creep me out a little. No amount of facial hair can hide those.
Ok, that just looks fuckin' hilarious. Like Hardy after a hardcore diet.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM


There's a lot of HAPPENING IN HERE
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

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image:141452257400.jpg(92kB , 1040x1600 , black-panther-concept-8a438.jpg)
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image:141452286500.png(1.85MB , 1020x3320 , MARVELOUS.png)
Marvel Studios announced the following movies at their press conference today. According to Feige, Cumberbatch has not officially been cast as Dr. Strange, but Chadwick Boseman is set to play Black Panther.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
WB’s DC film division literally just got its entire shit pushed all the way back in by that event.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Other things of note:

* Feige teased a possible Hulk movie (likely for Phase 4)
* Captain Marvel is confirmed as Carol Danvers
* Easter Eggs for Inhumans could show up as early as Age of Ultron; Wakanda will also be featured in AoU, with a possible cameo by Black Panther
* Cap 3: Civil War is "not about secret identities and more about who do superheroes report to" (which makes sense considering all of the superheroes in the MCU don't really have secret identities)
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image:141452358900.jpg(9kB , 599x240 , not xmen.jpg)
Gentlemen, please, contain your nerdgasms.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Spider-Man in Avengers is deconfirmed. Anything not announced at the Marvel event today is a rumor.

Also, Black Widow won't get a solo movie; she'll only be featured in Avengers films.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Ant-Man is now a Phase 2 movie; Civil War will kick off Phase 3.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
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image:141452515700.jpg(84kB , 600x529 , B1DtWdzCYAEgmJP.jpg)
How Civil War will work (source for the image is @SuperheroReport on Twitter).
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image:141453047100.jpg(81kB , 1040x1600 , black panther.jpg)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
According to Kevin Feige, Captain Marvel will be the strongest superhero in the MCU.

Fuck yes.
My thoughts as a casual Mahvel fan. Feel free to shit all over any bad tastes of mine.

>Captain America: Civil War
Meh. Does set up a convenient leaving point for Evans as well as a way to come back if he changes his mind in the future. A good chance to hopefully atone for Quesada's shit.
>Doctor Strange
Meh. Not knowledgeable enough about it to make a call but Dormammu and Umar are pretty cool characters and the magic focus could be interesting as long as they don't get too campy. Nothing against Cumberbatch but I don't think he's a great fit so I'm really hoping that casting's still just a rumor. Could really go anywhere at this point.
Yes! If it's close to as good as the first. Hopefully Moondragon and Adam Warlock will appear this time. Especially since Gamora suffers a bit from being the token girl of the team.
>Black Panther
Yes! Good to see some more diversity in the lineup, and I've heard amazing things about Priest's run so I hope they take inspiration from that. Would be a good entrypoint for Iron Fist and Luke Cage spinoffs as well.
>Thor 3
Not interested and absolutely hated both of the previous movies. However, as much as I loathe Loki fangirls and his performance in Avengers, I thought Hiddleston was one of the only good things in Thor 2 so the extra focus on him might be a reason for hype if they can get a competent director.
>Captain Marvel
Yes! Especially if it's about Carol Danvers. I would certainly appreciate the girl power, though at the same time I can understand the value of making it focused on original Mar-Vell as a launchpad for all the cosmic Marvelverse BS (unless Fox already has that stuff). In the off chance it's Monica Rambeau, it would be a horrible waste unless of all things it's really a Nextwave movie in disguise.
I like Crystal, Black Bolt, and Medusa on their own, but I'm a little iffy on it. Not sure how they can be tied into the greater verse with the lack of the X-Men or Fantastic unless they see it as precisely the opening they're hoping to capitalize on.
>Avengers: Infinity War
Fuck yes, so hype! Granted most of my knowledge of this arc comes from the Capcom games but hey, they were my childhood.
What about Hawkeye or Hulk? I'm OK with it seeing as she's tied so strongly to SHIELD and it wouldn't be interesting to make a SHIELD-centric movie, plus normalfags don't have the same appeal as the rest of Marvel's lineup. But I'd be happier knowing there's no double standards involved.

No one cares. (Then again, Ant-Man gets a movie).


Disney wanted a new movie after the first Avengers film, but Marvel was hesitate, because of the poor performance of the previous films.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Captain Marvel is confirmed to be about Carol Danvers. Black Panther will show up in Age of Ultron in some fashion (as will Wakanda). The Inhumans are going to be a stepping stone for an MCU expansion post-Phase 3 (as best anyone can figure, anyway). And according to what info can be gathered from things Feige said at the Marvel event, Thor: Ragnarok is apparently going to shake up the MCU during Phase 3 in much the same way Winter Soldier did during Phase 2. (Oh, and Thor is confirmed not to appear in Infinity War—or at least the first part, anyway.)


According to @SuperheroReport, Feige supposedly hinted at a future Hulk movie (so I’d have to think he means for Phase 4, all things considered). Nothing on the Hawkeye front, though Age of Ultron will reportedly feature Hawkeye in a larger role than last time. Anything else not directly confirmed by anything said at the Marvel event today is just a rumor and nothing more.
Hawkeye is alright but out of all the original 6 Avengers he's the least deserving of a movie by far. I'm OK with him showing up in Agents of SHIELD though if that kind of thing is allowed.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Pretty sure it'd be allowed if it wasn't prohibitively expensive for Marvel to have Renner show up on an episode (not to mention having to work out scheduling conflicts and such).
Anymore news about the Agent Carter spinoff show?
>Thor: Ragnarok
Oh god no not Clor again.
I'm fairly certain it's the death and destruction of all Asgard-Ragnarok, not Clor. Feige said that Ragnarok would shake up the MCU in a similar manner that The Winter Soldier did.
It could be both, you never know. Considering they're touching on Civil War with Cap's next film, maybe Tony Stu makes Thor a robot buddy to rule over Asgard in his stead after beating Loki back for the time being or something bullshit like that.
//youtube.com/watch?v=eGwuoYKhqx8youtube thumb
>Captain America budging Mjolnir
Goddamn, I love that shit.
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image:141460325800.png(53kB , 630x263 , based lich king.png)
>Nothing actually happened today. The Internet goes crazy for announcements, and today might very well go down in history as the single most announcement-y announcement in the history of superhero movies or movies or pop culture or human history. But an announcement is not a movie. Anticipation is another word for enjoying something that doesn’t exist yet.


>That is not a culture that loves watching movies; that is a culture that loves looking forward to movies. The Superhero Movie era is an era of announcements. We’re all just unpaid publicists now. The system is in place now; it can’t change. Forget it, Jake, it’s Comic-Con.


Really agree with this piece. I'm happy about Captain Marvel and Black Panther getting movies (thanks DC, for getting Marvel to stop dragging its feet), but I wasn't blowing my load yesterday, like so many were over these announcements. Part of that is because I'm not that crazy over the Marvel Studios films (loved The Winter Soldier, though); another part is that I'm starting to get tired of the superhero movie genre. And I think it's gonna get worse in the next few years, with superhero films and TV show being so dominant. The fact that so much of the excitement is focused on the properties than the actual talent isn't very promising.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I'm more excited about what the potential success of Black Panther and Captain Marvel could mean for both superhero films and films in general.

While Wonder Woman will beat Captain Marvel to the punch in terms of being the first female-led superhero film (fuck Catwoman), Wonder Woman herself is a "safe bet". She's a well-known property; she'll have that built-in audience acknowledgement right from the start. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, is a virtual unknown in comparison. Even Black Widow has more cultural cache than Carol Danvers right now. Much like Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel is a risky bet—but one that Marvel appears to have faith in, given the film's planned release date (right after Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1 and during the summer of 2018). If Captain Marvel succeeds, it could go a long way towards dispelling the notion that audiences don't want female-led films outside of rom-coms.

The real issue with superhero films these days, when you get down to it, is that they all feel too much alike in their final acts—you know, explosions and battles and the heroes save the day and whatnot. This is partially because of the studios employing the same second unit directors time and time again, but it's also because the studios think this is all we want out of superhero films. They think audiences only want to see superheroes destroy and smash and rip things apart.

I've heard that Feige wants to steer future "introductory" Marvel films away from the "origin story" mold that's helped define what we expect of superhero films. A further exploration of what defines superhero films—including rethinking that "third act superbattle"—could help studios redefine what a superhero film could be. Phase 3 represents the best opportunity from Marvel to do just that; everything is years away from hitting the screen, and that gives Feige more than enough time to start questioning what Marvel films can become in the future.

And I want to re-iterate a point I made on /baw/ a few days back: the reason superhero films appear to be so dominant in pop culture right now is that they're getting shitloads of press. Of course it seems like Marvel is dominating pop culture; their films are big business—specifically because of their status as summer blockbusters, which inevitably get more press (and make more money) than a "prestige" film that drops in November ever does. Keep in mind that, on average, we're getting about three superhero films a year (it will likely jump to four by the time Justice League 1 lands in theaters). In the 1950s, there were several dozen westerns released per year (Wikipedia actually had to split the list of westerns released in the ’50s into two separate pages). If you think we’ve hit peak saturation for superhero films, I’ll tell you to wait until Marvel’s releasing one film per month.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go wonder how long it'll be before Squirrel Girl shows up in the MCU somewhere. I’ve heard rumors that Robbie "Speedball" Baldwin might make an appearance in Agents of SHIELD
So Dr. Strange is set to be directed by Scott Derrickson. Looks like it's going to be more of a horror film.
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image:141461803600.gif(3.98MB , 600x250 , thorcapmewmew.gif)
Any chance of Kamala showing up in either Inhumans or Captain Marvel? She's adorable even if her comic suffers from pushing the "totally average teenage girl" angle a little too hard.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I’d bet on Inhumans more than Captain Marvel, but they’re both still years away anyway.
//youtube.com/watch?v=z_OQdaQcXRYyoutube thumb
Strung together for her pleasure.
What's the chance we'll ever see RDJ hollering Proton Cannon or Unibeam?
Well she is the hero out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who actually bears the name Marvel in her title. I wonder what kind of movie it's going to be though though since most of the other films that star similarly overpowered single heroes like Iron Man rely on mixing with other genres to carry them through. A straightforward movie like the Supes films would be too comparatively mundane.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Feige has said they're going to start moving away from the typical "origin story" movie that's come to define what we think of superhero films. There's also plenty of time for Marvel to explore the idea of what defines superhero movies and how it could change those definitions. (Read my big post a few replies above.)

Think of something like Blade: you learn how he came to be who he is during the film, but the film doesn't waste time with an in-depth look at his origins or background. That's the kind of thing that Feige is talking about doing with future Marvel movies (or so I'd hope).
Speaking of Blade what are the chances that we'll see a MCU version of him?
Low, unless it gets a PG-13 rating. (Which, honestly, could work). Don't expect Marvel Studios to produce any R-rated film of their darker characters and I'm not just saying that because of Disney. Marvel wants their properties to be all-age friendly. And with R-rated superhero films performing poorly at the box office (Watchmen, Kick-Ass), Marvel won't jeopardize its film success with a movie aimed at a limited audience.

Maybe Marvel could experiment on Netflix.
> Feige has said they're going to start moving away from the typical "origin story" movie

Well, they technically already did that with The Incredible Hulk, the "origin" part took like two minutes during the opening credits
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yeah, but then we got Thor, First Avenger, Guardians of the Galaxy, and likely Ant-Man (and technically Avengers in re: how the team came together for the first time). Even Iron Man was still stuck in the "origin story" rut.

I really do hope Doctor Strange and the other "introductory" films from here on out avoid the origin story model. It's boring, clichéd, and played out. Let that shit die with Phase 2.
Guardians of the Galaxy wasn't really an origin story, it was an "Assembling the Team" story, like the Blues Brothers or Ocean's Eleven.
I guess their origins will probably be embedded within the movies of the other more established heroes, like Black Panther and Cap 3. In which case I'm guessing Marvel may have her debut in GotG2 and one other Earth movie before starting her own.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Similar principle, though. And really, the big problem with cape films (as I pointed out in that big post above) is that they all tend to end the same way—the third act superfight.
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image:141567605700.png(112kB , 320x240 , WHY.png)

>KEBBELL: He’s Victor Domashev, not Victor Von Doom in our story. And I’m sure I’ll be sent to jail for telling you that. The Doom in ours—I’m a programmer. Very anti-social programmer. And on blogging sites I’m “Doom”.
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image:141569255300.jpg(191kB , 603x418 , 1281062782690.jpg)
This is going to be a cataclysmic failure that will threaten to pull the entire superhero movie genre down with it.
It probably won't be any worse than Amazing Spider-Man 2 or Green Lantern, which were both horrendous but didn't even put a dent in the audience loving superhero films.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
If its clear enough that the whole film is just a sham to keep the licensing deal then I hope Marvel can use the Disney muscle to get the rights back. I want Kl'rt in GOTG 2.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

1.) Don't be so gloom and doom. If shit like Green Lantern, Catwoman, and Blade: Trinity couldn't stop superhero/comic book films from dominating the summer movie season, a shitty Fantastic Four movie (two of which already exist) won’t do much to derail the train.
2.) If anything, the impending cataclysmic failure of this film will just mean Fox has no idea what the fuck it’s doing with the property. It’ll give Mickey Mouse's lawyers that much more leverage to get the rights back and hand them over to Marvel. The real problem would be in getting people to give a damn about another F4 film after two bad ones and the incredible shitpile that’s about to be foisted upon us.
This is such a trainwreck and it just keeps getting worse/better. Here's hoping it'll at least be entertaining as Sonic 2006.
Is it even worth salvaging at this point? I like classic FF and all but I don't think it's possible to make even a good movie that isn't just retreading all the familiar ground of the previous MCU films. I can imagine Disney buying back the rights to it and sitting on it just to keep shittier people from dragging it down further, but the most mileage I can see coming from the license is cameos of the Richards appearing in other heroes' films, or maybe the Super Skrull (?) in Captain Marvel.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Is it even worth salvaging at this point?

Really…no. I can't think of a single reason for anyone (even Marvel) to do another F4 movie, especially after this shit-train derails. Hell, does anyone even still care about the F4 as a comics franchise?
The thing is it looks Batman and Robin nearly genera killing bad.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yeah, if Marvel/Disney got the rights back I doubt we'd see an F4 movie for some time; it would just go towards a larger Avengers roster, perhaps make a genius trio of Richards/Stark/Banner. Maybe they'd get a movie in Phase 4 or Phase 5, but it wouldn't be an origin film. Maybe a proper Galactucus...

Same goes for Spider-man once it returns, I think. They might use the Amazing filmverse as a general backdrop and go forward from there, with him showing up in other movies for the start. Doing this for both Spider-man and F4 allows them to wash away any stink that Fox put on them, set up the characters in the MCU, and then give them their solo outings.
I don't know if they should even bother giving the FF4 a solo film at all. Work some of them or their mythos into other films a little as a nod to the comics fans, or let them appear as secondary characters similarly to Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the Hulk. The MCU is in danger of getting bloated with too many actors and spheres as it is.
That would require people caring enough about this movie in the first place. Even if it flops severely people are still going to look forward to Marvel's other stuff.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

If Batman & Robin, Elektra, Catwoman, Blade: Trinity, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Constantine (the movie), Hulk (the Ang Lee movie), X-Men: The Last Stand, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, and Superman Returns couldn't kill the genre, another shitty F4 movie certainly won't do the job.

Really, to kill the genre, Marvel would have to crank out a full MCU Phase worth of shit. Marvel's the strongest brand when it comes to comic book/superhero films due to all the good movies they've put out (even the worst Marvel movies are still watchable). With Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy doing well at the box office (nearly 800 mil worldwide for both) and the reviewer's table (89%/90% with critics and 92%/95% with viewers at Rotten Tomatoes, respectively)…well, like I said, Marvel would have to crank out a whole slate of films to destroy its brand and take comic book/superhero films down with it.
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image:141625954100.gif(1.5MB , 369x338 , Ronan the dancer.gif)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I’m so glad that was actually a thing they filmed.

Free for today only.

Pina Colada is still terrible.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Got it!
>Free for today only.
What do you mean?
Musics always free on the internet!
Just watched Captain America 2 (yeah yeah I know Slowtakuing) and damn. Def my favorite, can't understand reviewer beefs with Black Widow because I thought she was a great female character but more importantly are they gonna bring Rumlow back to kill off Cap next film?
So does discussion of Big Hero 6 go here or the general?
I'd say general (or even the Disney thread on /co/); it's based on a Marvel comic, but the movie's setting is entirely different (they even took out the two characters who were mutants) and the marketing doesn't even attempt to associate it with the Marvel movies.
I am curious, what review beefs? The ones I recall reading, mostly noticed that it was the first time the character was developed in any significant manner.
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image:141770252700.jpg(356kB , 600x1208 , 120314_visionultron.jpg)
The first look at Vision, via a foreign poster for Age of Ultron.
I wonder why they're so keen on not showing him to viewers.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

My guess is they're not fully finished with the CGI—and they want to save something for the next big trailer (very likely a Super Bowl spot).
Not really crazy about Iron Man's chestplate. Is it a new design.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Britguy Clumsyname is officially Doctor Strange. And yes, official MEANS official; Marvel sent out a press release and everything, so no bitching about ‘unofficially official’.
Aww, I am disappoint.
Stephen Strange never struck me as particularly handsome so I don't have a problem with it but he needs to go full Vincent Price/Tim Curry with the voice for it to really work.
I'm already seeing a few people complaining about Marvel whitewashing Dr. Strange because of this. But I always thought he was already white to begin with. What in the fuck?
Not a bad choice, but an uninspired one.
Yeah I don't fear he won't be able to do the job but it's going to be a heavily by-the-numbers, typecasted performance. I'm not anti-hype for the movie but I'm no longer as interested in it as I used to unless Cumberbatch goes out of his way to do something novel.

It is THE NEW ERA. Casting White Actors as White Characters is racist now. Do you not remember the anger on the pro- side of Spider-Glover and the Jordan Torch?
Oh, and on the anti-side of Cavillman.
Spider-Glover is fine as long as it's specifically for Miles Morales, but Jordan's race being a mismatch for Torch is the least of FF reboot's problems (his getting in for nepotism reasons being a way bigger one).
Yeah but they're specifically calling it whitewashing, meaning that there had to be some indication that Dr. Strange had nonwhite-ness to wash in the first place, unless Tumblr's Windmill Chaser Warriors have really gone that far off the deep end. It's illogical because if Dr. Strange wasn't white, then why was there so much backlash over him being a "mighty whitey" figure, which I would have thought he'd have to be white to qualify for to begin with?
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image:141780832500.png(566kB , 621x825 , Ryan Reynolds on Twitter Uh... It s Chimichanga Time.png)

I actually didn't expect this. It's a good sign for the movie, though. Shows Fox wants to keep what everyone loved from the leaked trailer.
Is the actual movie going to be in CGI or will it be live action?
CGI was for the test footage, for all the action scenes.
>Casting White Actors as White Characters is racist now.
TO BE FAIR most of these characters were created when black people still got beat up in public for demonstrating in favor of their civil rights.

I feel like there's a touch of irony there but its best I don't act upon it.
If Marvel wanted to go the diversity route, then as a nonwhite person I think they're better off promoting more characters who are nonwhite to begin with, like what they're doing Black Panther and the (potentially to become Captain) Falcon, or adapting Kamala, Robbie, and Amadeus, than making originally white characters nonwhite, which is pandering to the point of tokenism and strikes me as a half-assed compromise that says they're too afraid of giving us a character who was nonwhite from day one and thus comes with all the cultural baggage that encompasses.
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image:141781606700.gif(611kB , 200x200 , deady and pooling.gif)
Where did the whole Ryan Reynolds-as-Deadpool connection begin anyway? Was he a long-time fan? Or was it a weird in-joke that crystallized into something like Glovderman?
Bad choice of words there, meant to say "patronizing". Basically my point is, I feel like Marvel putting their faith into one of their nonwhite heroes is a more sincere effort towards diversity than sticking with someone from their stable of already more famous white heroes and slapping a racial coat of paint on them as an attempt to win us over.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Long-time fan, I believe. He’s been working to get a Deadpool movie made for years.
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image:141782384700.jpg(3kB , 235x331 , tumblr_inline_n2vbr5LJR01rjbp2v.jpg)
I dunno, still wouldn't let him into bed but I guess he could pull it off.
In other Marvel news:
I still have yet to watch Breaking Bad so I don't know what she's like, but Ritter looks kinda frail to be Jones.
Either way I don't have much reason to get enthusiastic, Jeph Loeb is in charge of the television wing and he already turned Agents of SHIELD into a pile of mediocrity.
I'm confused, are you saying the final movie is going to be a hybrid live-action and CGI film or what?
The reason why Deadpool was entirely CGI in the test footage is because it's easier and faster to shoot the action sequences for it. Again, it was just test footage. Made to give the studio an idea of what an actual Deadpool movie could be.

Deadpool will be a real life guy in the movie, with possible CGI for complex action scenes, like your standard action flick.
Why the fuck would you guys even want that? The Peter subplot was one of the worst parts of Civil War, goddamn.
An extremely lose adaptation of Civil War is really the only way to go, considering how bad the original was.
>Sinister Six, Venom, and Spidey 3 movies
Meh. They're really risking oversaturating the market with movies that likely won't be as good as Fox and Marvel's offerings. If they want to succeed then spamming Spidermovies out like that probably isn't such a good idea after how bad Spiderman 2 did.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

If anything, this news offers further proof of Sony having absolutely no idea what to do with the Spider-Man franchise beyond "make movies to keep the license". They want the same success as Marvel without putting in the effort to understand why Marvel has reached its current level of success.
If Marvel does manage to get the Spidey license back from Sony who do you think they'd cast? Shame they can't just keep Garfield because I thought he was actually a pretty good Parker. At the least better than Maguire.
Why don't they want Andrew Garfield? Contract reasons or because they just don't like him?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

They want an adult Spider-Man, apparently. One of their plans was to use Cap 3 as yet another reboot for the franchise by introducing an adult Spidey via that film, then carrying him over into the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe or whatever.

The news for Sony Pictures just keeps getting worse and worse.
Captain America 3 is turning into less and less of a Captain America film as it goes.
>because they just don't like him?
Not him, but the movies he's connected to by proxy. Also because he's seen as a liability and the audience will get confused. Big shame though because he's got the talent for it.
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image:141857898700.jpg(79kB , 500x536 , Kidgonnagetteethbroke.jpg)
I feel a good way of doing it would be having some huge bullshit happening that drags Spider-Man in and at the end of it when Peter's all resigned to be forced to participate in every big dumb Marvel wide thing Cap just comes to him and is like "You looked after my city while I was gone, you leave the big stuff to me and make sure you keep it safe, I'll see you ever Saturday for training. You are gonna be one of the greats."

That way you can have Spider-Man or not have Spider-Man and there is good reason for both, you wanna use Spider-Man? Shit is going down in New York. You don't wanna use Spider-Man? It's happening anywhere else.
Yeah I'm already worried about Avengers 2 having way too much shit on its plate to cram into one movie what with Ultron, the Hulkbuster, the Maximoffs and Strucker, Loki and Heimdall, Black Panther, Hawkeye, and so on.

Winter Soldier managed to intertwine itself with the greater universe pretty well while still being a great standalone movie, but then you also have Iron Man 2 as an example of what can go wrong too. The fact that they're movies and the unified creative oversight is an advantage compared to the comic book medium, but between all the different movies and all the new properties they want to adapt that's a lot of plotlines to juggle. I'm really worried that the MCU is going to eventually accumulate so much continuity cruft that it'll turn into a burden, especially if any of their movies misfires they're stuck with it and can't just retcon it away. Look what happened to the Ultimate Marvel universe.
Captain America 3 wouldn't have turned to Cap v Iron Man, if not for Batman v Superman.
No, they needed a way to ease Chris Evans out by "offing" Cap and replace him with Bucky. It's been long evident based on their contract lengths that was going to be the case. Out of all the possibilities a Civil War adaptation was the most likely and logical way to achieve that, and people had already been calling it for months.

The big issue for me is that there might be too many plot threads and characters running around that Bucky doesn't get enough character development before assuming the mantle, but considering how loosely a lot of other plotlines have been adapted it's probably still too early to really speculate.

And as for Batman and Superman, it sounds like Warner Bros. are the ones who are on the defensive, not Marvel.
>And as for Batman and Superman, it sounds like Warner Bros. are the ones who are on the defensive, not Marvel.

I doubt Marvel would have announced a Captain Marvel and Blank Panther film, if WB didn't announce a Wonder Woman and Cyborg film before, consider how long the company has dodged the possibility. Outside of that, DC is scrambling to catch up with Marvel.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I doubt Marvel would have announced a Captain Marvel and Black Panther film, if WB didn't announce a Wonder Woman and Cyborg film before, consider how long the company has dodged the possibility.

Or maybe they didn’t want to give away any of its Phase Three plans before they were ready. Wonder Woman will come out before Captain Marvel, but Black Panther’s supposed to come out well before Cyborg (and BP’s rumored to cameo in Avengers 2).

Also, relating to the continuity issues raised earlier in the thread: yeah, that’s gonna get a bit worrisome as time goes on. Phase One went light on the inter-film continuity (Iron Man 2 aside), but Phase Two really cranked it up, and Phase Three looks to take it to a whole new level (given the Inhumans, Captain Marvel, Civil War, and the Infinity War two-parter). Phase Three is the critical moment for Marvel: can it keep the MCU going while avoiding the ‘continuity cruft’ that threatens to overtake the films? (I’m kinda hoping Infinity War helps ‘split up’ the MCU into manageable ‘chunks’ where continuities are still connected but nowhere near as dependent on each other to tell stories.)
Dude, I know you've got this retarded hateboner for Marvel Studios but it has fuckall to do with them trying to one-up DC's movies (as if Warner has given them any real reason to worry yet) and everything to do with RDJ pushing them for more money:
Oh, and the stuff other anon said earlier about Cap and Bucky's contracts.
The key thing is whether Marvel has enough self-restraint to let some characters have a finite arc, maybe show up for a major crossover if need be, and then disappear once they're done. Don't milk a property like Atlus has been doing with Persona 4. Like, I would love to see Vaughn's Runaways arc adapted into one solo film each, but that should be the end of it. Even if it does extremely well the cast has worn out its novelty (besides, everything that comes afterwards sucks aside from Victor).

The other thing that worries me is how contract renegotiations that expire then don't become renewed until a while after the fact may result in the good old Comic Death Problem and all the half-assed resurrection problems that come with it.
I would believe that, if Marvel Studios didn't have a history of turning down a female or minority-lead superhero movie with "Oh, we're waiting for the right script," and other lame answers of that nature. Especially when it tried to label The Winter Soldier as "basically a Black Window movie," when asked why she wasn't getting one. However, if speculation of her getting killed in Avengers 2 is correct, that may explain why Marvel keeps avoiding that question.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I would believe that, if Marvel Studios didn't have a history of turning down a female or minority-lead superhero movie with "Oh, we're waiting for the right script," and other lame answers of that nature.

Did you ever stop and think those answers might be true? I doubt Marvel wants to blow the goodwill it’ll receive from making a black/female superhero tentpole by rushing said tentpole out there as quickly as possible. Waiting for the right opportunity to present itself and putting out the best possible film is a far better approach than rushing a half-assed, poorly-written piece of garbage into theaters just to beat DC or get brownie points for "progressive" filmmaking. If it means waiting three years for a great Captain Marvel film as opposed to two or less for a mediocre one, I’ll deal with the wait.
No one wants another Catwoman or Elektra if they can help it.
>Did you ever stop and think those answers might be true?

Considering that's the typical Hollywood response on never making a movie starring a woman or a minority, no. Especially when a lesser character like Ant-Man got the greenlight, while Black Widow's fame in theaters only grew, along with demand for a movie about her. The only thing hard about making a woman superhero movie, or a black superhero movie, is getting the studio to actually do it.

And when I say studio, I don't just mean Marvel. The same goes for DC/WB, Sony, Fox and whoever has rights to superhero characters.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Well gee, considering how botching such a film would mean watching the film get trashed for years (see: Catwoman, Elektra) and knowing a bad film would be part of the MCU continuity in a way Marvel likely couldn't just ignore, I'm honestly not surprised they've waited this long to do it. DC/WB just got the DCCU underway, so I'm willing to cut them a little slack in this area. Every other studio can eat a dick, though.
Huh, looks like it might be happening after all.
It's just a pic. Doesn't mean anything. I'm more willing to believe that stoner due from Cabin in the Woods is going to be Speedball though.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Especially since Speedball’s one of the catalysts for Civil War.
Yeah but the Civil War of the movieverse is going to be of a wildly different nature though.
Doubtful. I heard they're not doing secret identities this time and it's going to be Ultron not Speedball which motivates Iron Man to become pro-reg. I heard the rumor that in Age of Ultron Rhodey is going to die.
Yeah, now that you mention it....none of the Avengers' civilian identities are secret, are they? Black Widow and Hawkeye both work for SHIELD, Captain America and Iron Man are both widely known by the mainstream, and Thor doesn't have a secret identity in the movieverse. Bruce Banner might not be widely known by the public, but the government definitely knows who he is and that he's the Hulk.

Spider-man and the X-Men are not part of the movieverse, so their identities aren't an issue. The Fantastic Four still aren't part of this universe either (I think?) and even if they were their identities are public.

So unless the new supers introduced in Phase 3 keep their identities secret, I don't know how you could make registration a big issue in the MCU.
From what I hear it's not about secret identities at all, but more about superheroes making themselves accountable to the various governments around the world a la the ending of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and therefore the anti-reg side is people who don't trust the government or want to be vigilantes.

I'm fairly confident they'll be able to pull it off better this time around as (the original comics SHRA was always too stupidly unreasonable to make a good moral conflict out of), but I am worried about what they're going to do with possibly killing off Cap and replacing him with Bucky. Last we saw of Raiden 2.0 he was still barely able to break out of the brainwashing and is totally at large. I don't think one movie is enough time for his character to overcome it and develop into the role, especially not with everything else going on.
save file
image:141915598400.jpg(2kB , 480x360 , 0.jpg)
Man, The Winter Soldier was really a lot like Metal Gear Solid now that I think about it. I don't care how contrived it would be, I hope Bucky gets to run around cutting bad guys up with a Japanese sword at some point.
It's funny because David Hayter has actually voiced Captain America and Bucky at several points.
save file
image:141924073900.jpg(35kB , 412x770 , Strange but not a stranger.jpg)
From Derrickson's Twitter page.
It actually looks sort of OK. Benedict looks better when he has proper facial hair covering his face to hide some of the unattractive facial features, and he's got the high cheekbones and slanty eyes early Strange had. My main disappointment though is that Cumberbatch will likely bring zero new to the role. He's already typecasted badly enough as it is.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Did you really think Marvel would take a huge risk with this? Cumberbatch was cast precisely because he’s a safe bet.
Hey it worked out for Cap.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
And Iron Man. Marvel Universe wouldn't have taken off if they'd gone with the safe bet on that one.
Actually, Marvel didn't want RDJ to be Iron Man and Jon Favreau had to fight for it.

save file
image:141986587200.jpg(26kB , 655x369 , 10848737-10153044404438313-8580845131336142974-o-116527.jpg)

Groot joins the Inhumans?
"Are you INHUMAN?"
"I am Groot"
save file
image:141987312000.png(153kB , 356x337 , 1403502025175.png)
Fuck yeah.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Maybe tease in some Ms.Marvel.
The rumor I've heard was it's going to be the Winter Soldier going all Elfen Lied on his former HYDRA captors that will catalyze the Civil War rather than Speedball, and Tony's extra pissed because he's the one who killed his dad.
>It’s a movie that just didn’t work very well. I tried to make it work, but I didn’t really believe in all the characters, so that couldn’t be hidden from people who loved Spider-Man. If the director doesn’t love something, it’s wrong of them to make it when so many other people love it. I think [raising the stakes after Spider-Man 2] was the thinking going into it, and I think that’s what doomed us. I should’ve just stuck with the characters and the relationships and progressed them to the next step and not tried to top the bar …

>Rami: [But] directors don’t like to talk about their bad films.

>Hardwick: I don’t think that ‘bad’ is the right word.

>Raimi: Awful!


Raimi sounds like a broken man, when talking Oz: The Great and Powerful.

>Matt Mira: “I think you pulled that off really well.”
>Raimi: *mumbles something under his breath*
>Matt: You don’t think so?
>Raimi: (dismissively) “I did the best I could.”
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
So how is that Peggy Carter show? It any good? Heard it's at least better than AoS which took until the Winter Soldier was released to become consistently good.
Heard mixed things so far but it seems positive overall. Some grumbling by some that they cannot ship her with her best girl since we know how her story plays out in the end.
Someone made the Ant-Man trailer less generic. (Skip to 1:16 for the edit).

//youtube.com/watch?v=j1RwmrUM_Vsyoutube thumb


//youtube.com/watch?v=xInh3VhAWs8youtube thumb

Test footage of the Edgar Wright version still has it beat.

//youtube.com/watch?v=Z-pFrplmexoyoutube thumb

Certainly enjoyed a lot more than AoS, if only because it's own more or less self-contained thing rather than the... overly smug tone that a lot of AoS seemed to have.

Like, I know that Jeph Loeb kind of had more control over Agents than Joss Whedon did, but it still seems more artifical than naturalistic, if that makes sense. Agent Carter in contrast has people acting like people. Flawed people, but more like actual human beings rather than the annoyingly quippy characters in the prior show.
T4 was here
Aw man, I hope that Action Cop girl turns into Wasp 2 or something...
OK so I'm really fucking dumb and don't see a place on the website where I'm supposed to download the Watch ABC app that let's me actually download the thing.
Was that Klaw around the middle?
Well, it looks like they're gonna take care of the problem where all the civilian deaths were poorly implied in the first film.
The Sneaky Tiki
Thank you Marvel, it's so nice to hear a trailer without the BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAing inception horns all over the fucking place.
Who's the woman getting naked? I don't think we've seen her before.
It can't be too much to hope to see a Proton Cannon/Gamma Crush/Charging Star bit show up at some point is it.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Of the three, only the Gamma Crush is unfeasible. But I don’t see Marvel referencing the Capcom Vs. series in its films.
save file
video:142114529300.webm(257kB , 850x400 , Wank.webm)
Cap did a lot of Charging Stars in Winter Soldier. He did a Hyper Combo on that one wall too.
If Winter Soldier ever made it into the MvC games (ha) what kind of moves and supers do you think he'd have? They've managed to make movesets out of people with more generic toolkits.
The Sneaky Tiki
Ummm, is it weird that I can't imagine him as an MvC character but a Killer Instinct character? Cuz Maya is kinda how I imagine him, like a trick character, throw the shield and use the gun to keep it rebounding for combos, if it lays on the ground ricochet bullets off it, that kinda stuff.
Comics Bucky is a lot like Chris Redfield so to make him different they should probably draw more from the movie version of him. Emphasize speedy knife combos like Shiki from Melty Blood, with throwing knives and long distance-type guns like sniper rifles for projectiles. And to keep in line with the comics he'd probably be on the fragile side compared to people like Hulk and Cap since he's just a normal guy aside from the BIONIC AAAAAAAARM. For alts he could have his Robin tights and the Bucky Cap costume.

If he's the Winter Soldier rather than Bucky Cap I doubt he'd have the shield.
The Sneaky Tiki
Agent Carter is the most cancelled show ever, it's way too interesting, has a female lead, no romantic leads, etc.

It's reverse Constantine, instead of being too unfaithful it is SO FAITH AND GOOD.

Might as well ink up the big "FIREFLY" stamp.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Psst. Agent Carter is a mini-series, not an ongoing.
The Sneaky Tiki
That's good.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I'd like to see a few limited series. Maybe one on the Howling Commandos.
Uh, how can it be faithful when its protagonist is as good as an original character and so is everybody else around her, even Howard Stark?
The Sneaky Tiki
Dude, The Carter's are a well established legacy in the MCU, granted we don't have much on Peggy but come on, when was the last time Marvel even THOUGHT about it's past?

Okay, granted, The Defenders, but still it's nice to see some gap filling.
Well Sharon Carter is, but she got massively shafted in The Winter Soldier to the point I feel like the MCU isn't even planning to pair Steve up with her before his inevitable death and her presence was mostly there as a shoutout to the comics fans. While Agent Carter is awesome and all it's covering an area of the MCU which doesn't have much from the comics to line up with. Any shoutouts are probably going to be to other MCU elements rather than the comics, unless they work in another Daisy/Skye in AoS-esque reveal. In particular I'm hoping for Leviathan to turn out to be the first ones to find Bucky and collaborate with Zola before turning him over to them fully, which would deal neatly with that plothole from The Winter Soldier.
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image:142153444500.png(639kB , 1000x700 , tumblr_nhf6egLdRM1r6mt8go1_1280.png)
Well, somebody in the Marvel costume department is a big fan of Killer Instinct apparently.
IM2 had the best hair and TWS was the worst, I don't know what they were even thinking with that. First three suits are so similar I can't really judge which looks the best.
Don't play KI, what's so KI about the design? Is it the Tron neon lines?
save file
image:142155005800.png(171kB , 225x430 , Orchid_(Killer_Instinct).png)
Laser Batons and Black Orchid does the EXACT same pose, plus general armament and similarity between the characters backgrounds to begin with.
save file
image:142155722100.png(58kB , 492x1024 , latest.png)
Eh. Maybe Bucky will get to cameo in AoU a la Jago. Though if I could have a say I'd rather Zandatsus and Ultron robits be involved.
The Sneaky Tiki
"Ultron's malfunction appears to be due to sabotage by a rival company, Ultratech."

I'm hellishly confused to the timeline of the X-men cinematic films. So just like the comics.
Doesn't matter, DOFP basically retconned the fuck out of everything so hard it's as good as rebooted.
Supposedly word is the time fuckery that resulted from Days of Future Past resulted in some characters being born at a different time than they were in the original X-Men trilogy, allowing for these kinds of time paradoxes.

I don't like the other two but I'm not all that happy with Jean Grey's casting. Sophie Turner wasn't terrible but she was inconsistent as fuck in Game of Thrones. Maisie Williams was a million times better.
>I don't like the other two
*Don't know the other two, meant to say. Sophie Turner is the only one I recognize.
save file
image:142232697200.jpg(47kB , 600x398 , 1422320980500.jpg)

Get ready for a Cronenberged Fantastic Four.
>based on Ultimates Fantastic Four
So they're doing the ASM approach? Oh man I hope they don't keep the part about Reed going evil.
The Ultimate Fantastic Four did a whole ton of stuff before they went with that. Hell, by the time Reed went evil UFF was basically dead.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
A joyless slog. Acknowledge that Guardians of the Galaxy worked but missing the point that it was fun. their Ben Grimm CGI okay, from the one backshot that we saw of him. Does Stan Lee cameo in this?
>Acknowledge that Guardians of the Galaxy

How? By being a science fiction movie? Those existed way before GOTG.
An anon found the easter egg hidden in the trailer:

>The easter egg happens at 46 seconds in.
>The computer screen shows the IP-adress
>Just copy that into your address bar.
Trailer commentary by Josh Trank and Simon Kinberg.

So apparently Daniel Bruhl's been confirmed as Baron Zemo in Civil War.

Can anyone explain what the big deal is behind him, other than he's got a long legacy as basically Cap's Joker? The "mask glued to face" gimmick seems campy as hell, as does the whole concept of the "Masters of Evil", especially since both of the Cap movies have been going for a relatively grounded feel, at least in contrast to things like the Spiderman and Thor films.
The Sneaky Tiki
They slowly retconned Zemo from just another Nazi to probably Cap's best enemy.

The long and short of it is the Zemo you are talking about was killed in WW2, when Cap reappears it's his child who becomes the good villain, Baron Helmut Zemo.

He was raised on neo-nazi ideology and repeats his father's errors but he is something his father was not, a capitalist.

Captain America frequently finds his countries willingness to do business with a known terrorist and neo-nazi disgusting and disheartening.

More than that thoughout his history he has a slow warping into what the movie will probably use his as, Captain America's Virgil, the rival villain who is like you but better.

The change came about during civil war so it's pretty likely to be what they are playing especially where his ideology shifts from nazi's to a more grey twisted altruism than Saturday morning cartoon selfishness.
That makes me a bit worried. Unless he's mostly kept as a glorified cameo I'm worried he's going to be the man behind the (Iron) Man the movie is going to suffer from the same key problem Cap 2 did, in that what would otherwise be a genuinely compelling moral conflict is torpedoed by the fact that the side opposing Cap ends up being a strawman due to being run by literal fucking Nazis.
The Sneaky Tiki
Nah man, what I'm trying to say is that Zemo is way more complicated than that but that's where he started.
>Last week, 20th Century Fox released the first look at their upcoming superhero tentpole Fantastic Four, the newest onscreen incarnation of the First Family of Marvel Comics. The response online was immediate: Within a few days, the trailer had been viewed 42 million times, breaking a record for a Fox trailer. The last trailer to perform so well online was for last year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past—which coincidentally shares a screenwriter, Simon Kinberg, with Fantastic Four.

I'm guessing a lot of it was out of curiosity for how trainwrecky it'd be rather than out of legit belief that it'd be any good. I mean, the trailer wasn't terrible so it's probably not going to be another Ghost Rider, but it was extremely boring and uninspired.
save file
image:142291505900.jpg(43kB , 500x383 , 1402887022531.jpg)
>I'm guessing a lot of it was out of curiosity for how trainwrecky it'd be rather than out of legit belief that it'd be any good.

Sure it is.
Don't tell me you were actually confident about the movie being good a month ago? There was practically zero hope for it before the trailer broke, and while it's renewed some people's hope by dint of not being a total disaster, you're delusional if you thought the reboot was something people generally got excited over before this.
>Don't tell me you were actually confident about the movie being good a month ago?

I was the only one defending it here.

And my comment was more about people refusing to give the new Fantastic Four any compliment at all. All the bullshit rumors were debunked. Media and public reaction towards the trailer has been positive (more so than Ant-Man's). And now, the trailer has generated as much hype as Days of Future Past, which performed excellently for Fox. But the only excuse to explain all this is that "people wanted to see if it was a trainwreck and nothing more."
It still has the stench of "This only exists so the studio can hold on to the Fantastic Four property and keep it away from the competition" a la The Amazing Spider-Man. But more power to them if Philip Glass is composing the score.
//youtube.com/watch?v=XC7GPdBV9WQyoutube thumb
Daredevil trailer is out, looks kinda neato. Still wish they got a guy with red hair for Murdock though.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I’m interested in seeing how D’onofrio plays Kingpin.
save file
image:142307172100.jpg(178kB , 640x640 , L9cvpEQ.jpg)
Really hope they go with this costume, a cage to protect murdocks ears while allowing him to hear is such a great idea
save file
image:142307202700.jpg(107kB , 570x289 , daredevil-netflix-series.jpg)
Oh, I guess it's already revealed very, very safe, but that's good, sometimes better to be safe than REALLY REALLY fuck things up.
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image:142307747200.jpg(79kB , 600x316 , NEMvuZfxNQ0qQP_2_b.jpg)
I'm more excited about the Jessica Jones one since they got motherfucking David Tennant and I think he's a fantastic actor. Now if only they could have treated Eccleston better in TDW. Loki may have been the only good thing about that film (I guess Frigga too), but it is his fault in the first place that the rest of it sucked like it did.
>Oh, I guess it's already revealed

Just the initial costume, before he get his official one, I think. Actually, I like that Marvel is taking advantage of the Netflix binging style. You wouldn't be able to get away with a hero slowly building up to his true costume on TV, because the audience would demand it from the get-go. On Netflix, Marvel can drop the entire season and have viewers watch it all flow.

//youtube.com/watch?v=LmP3YFk_YHAyoutube thumb

This trailer sorta makes me nostalgic for movies promoted in this similar style. Someone put this in the Smithsonian.
The Sneaky Tiki
>You wouldn't be able to get away with a hero slowly building up to his true costume on TV, because the audience would demand it from the get-go.

Ummm, both Arrow and The Flash do it, The Flash just had a MAJOR costume change that greatly simplified the costume and was the second in 12 episode, Hell Ray's costume just got revealed and we already know the helmet is temporary.

Hell Ollie didn't get his actual costume mask until season 2, there is even that rumor that Ollie's hood will get destroyed and he will get a new costume similar to Roy's which is when they'll start using "Green" in front of his name.
I seriously question the decision to play Evanescence during the Daredevil trailer. Really didn't sync up at all.
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image:142352647500.jpg(17kB , 400x343 , 9296_b0be.jpg)
>Tumblr getting mad about Agent Carter not having enough POCs and asking people to boycott it

What the hell is wrong with these people? I have to wonder if they even passed elementary school US History. And the last thing we need to do when a show has a genuinely strong and well-written female protagonist, no cheesy token romance shoehorned into the plot, and a heavy (if a little preachy) message of "sexism is bad" is to boycott it.

God I hate this black-and-white mentality that runs rampant within the Tumblr social justice community. Just because it doesn't tick every single representation box at once doesn't make it automatically worthless.
The Sneaky Tiki
I had a poli sci teacher tell me once that political views are basically on a circle, when you get really extreme in either direction you eventually end up going to the same place.

Tumblr is that personified, so concerned with social justice they end up attacking shows that do a good job of actually perpetuating it outside of their echo chamber.
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image:142354382900.gif(2.1MB , 384x158 , spidey's back.gif)


How about some webs instead?

For a moment I thought it was going to say JK Simmons confirmed for ASM3 which would've been even more hype.
>all this film shuffling for more interesting stuff
Boo. Although them delaying Thor: Ragnarok might actually work to its benefit since it needs as much time as it can get to not suck like the last two.
Seeing Mile Morales trend on Twitter made me happy, but I know there's no way in Hell Marvel will use him over Peter in the new film.
I've punched the "agent carter" tag into tumblr and have seen nary a post about this about this, and a whole lot of posts shouting 'watch it now so season two doesn't get canned'. Are you sure it isn't just a couple people again? Do you have a link?

More to the point, we'd probably have an easier time of things if we didn't subconsciously amend 'therefore it should be cancelled and everyone who made it toasted on a large pyre' to the end of every social critique of a silly TV show.

Seems as cool a way of differentiating this Spidey from past Spideys as anything else. It might also be a way of avoiding a full reboot, since two reboots in four years is taking the piss even by Marvel standards.
I love Dong too but he's way too old for Miles at this point.
>Seems as cool a way of differentiating this Spidey from past Spideys as anything else. It might also be a way of avoiding a full reboot, since two reboots in four years is taking the piss even by Marvel standards.

Well, if the leaked Sony email still applies, Marvel would do a soft reboot where Spider-Man is already established. Avoiding a full blown origin movie, similar to The Incredible Hulk. No references to the Raimi or Webb films.
I love the tumblr grumbles about how Carter can never have a relationship with her roomie.
That's the best choice honestly. Nobody needs or wants to put up with origin stories a third time in a row. I'm a little disappointed by the loss of Andy Garfield but I'm curious whether this Spidey will be a teenager or working at the Daily Bugle.
I enjoy plenty of slash and femslash and even I think it comes off as nothing more than shipping goggles. Not every enthusiastic positive interaction between two people means they want to fuck or anything, but don't you dare point this out to shippers or criticize any aspect of their pairing because they'll just call you a homophobe even if said "queerbaiting" amounted to the two characters smiling at each other once.

I especially love it when your profile points out that you're LGBT yourself and they do it anyway, then if you point that out to them all you get for it is a lot of backpedalling, the dreaded "you just have internalized homophobia", "you're just calling yourself bi/whatever for attention", and maybe one or two proper apologies for being presumptuous. It's like the 90s and 00s yaoi fandom all over again except worse now that you've got a whole generation of armchair sociologists spewing buzzwords on issues they don't even properly understand.
I don't know about boycotts but I did see a few "feminist" types go out of their way to hate everything about Agent Carter because they were upset Marvel didn't make a show about the Wasp or Black Widow instead. Because feminism is all about playing favorites, seeing other women as enemies and coming up with the flimsiest excuses to bash them right?
Let's get back to actually talking about the Spiderman news please.
Apparently it's been confirmed Spidey will be in Civil War first. I reeaaaallllly hope it's not going to be the unmasking scene. Sure it was a pivotal event in the original comics, but all it did was destroy Spidey's characterization and plotlines for years on end, plus everybody hated it so much it got retconned away afterwards.
I wish they did a Netflix show for Spidey first rather than another movie. Considering the current state of the heroes in the MCU and his rogues gallery he fits in more with them.
T4 was here
So I gave the first episode of Carter a watch on Hulu.
Nah thanks, its not my jam.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Spider-Man would work so much better as a TV series/Netflix franchise than a movie.
Speaking of, Grant Gustin would've also made a pretty great Parker if he wasn't already in Flash.
Actually Black Panther benefits from the date being pushed back like that, despite all the whinging about racism. It's gone from a rather lukewarm fall position and having to compete with the Justice League (especially a bad place for a B-list hero debut film) into summer blockbuster territory which would give the film a much needed elevation in exposure and advertising. It's a shame Captain Marvel's getting the fall slot now but the claims of sexism don't hold much water since her film was already being treated as an Avengers interquel, Spidey or no Spidey.The Inhumans date change looks the strangest to me honestly, unless the MCU is now treating it as a Phase 4 lead-in.
>I reeaaaallllly hope it's not going to be the unmasking scene. Sure it was a pivotal event in the original comics, but all it did was destroy Spidey's characterization and plotlines for years on end

And here I thought it was selling his marriage to the devil that destroyed Spidey's characterization.
>The studio is still moving forward with the Spider-Man villain-centric “Sinister Six,” and “Venom” spinoff, as well as a film that features female characters in the “Spider-Man” universe. “The Amazing Spider-Man 3″ has been cancelled. While Marvel’s Feige is involved with Sony’s new “Spider-Man” films, he currently is not expected to be creatively involved with the spinoffs, sources say.

That wouldn't have happened if not for him revealing his identity in the first place.
>as well as a film that features female characters in the “Spider-Man” universe
Oh god don't tell me those jokes about an Aunt May film actually had some basis in reality? Because Gwen is dead as fuck and Mary Jane hasn't even appeared yet. Or worse, a Silk film.
Considering they already confirmed secret identities aren't a thing in MCU Civil War, I don't think so.
The Sneaky Tiki
Don't even joke Silk is the worst thing to happen to Marvel in a LOOOOOONG time.
Black Cat and Spider-Girl are both options, though personally I don't feel a Black Cat movie would be particularly compelling. But whether they go with Mayday or follow the USM concept for Spider-Girl, I could see either of those being pretty interesting movies.
The Sneaky Tiki
Black Cat would be compelling as an exploration of the MCU criminal underbelly, bring her in like Lisbeth Salander where Criminal bosses are talking to the Kingpin about how recent Supers are turning from large scale universe threats to undermining their operations and Black Cat is who they use to fight fire with fire, she spies on Supers, steals things from them, helps with security, that sort of thing, introduce snags to her willingness to do certain things, have her playing in both sides of the field sort of thing.
Yeah, I was thinking about Felicia for a while but she makes more sense as a Daredevil-type figure than as a solo film figure, which would probably just be a moderately less terrible Catwoman.
The main reason I'm opposed to it is not the character herself or the storylines that she could explore, but because I worry Hollywood would treat it "Antiheroic not-quite-super-heroine movie" the same way they did the Catwoman or Electra movies.
Wait, people are actually claiming Marvel is being racist or sexist for pushing the movies back? That's beyond fucking stupid. Thor and Inhumans are also being pushed back so does that mean Marvel is bigoted against Asgardians and Inhumans too? I'd rather not have another Spiderman film or save it for Phase 4 but out of all the places in Phase 3 to place it that makes the most sense, since the non-rescheduled films are either Avengers one (too important to reschedule) or have already gone through a significant amount of development (and in the case of Thor 3 even that didn't save it from getting pushed back).
Yeah and for once it's necessarily Tumblr's fault since I've seen the same thing on Reddit and TVTropes before people kicked them upside the head for basically conspiracy theory-mongering and pointed out the same thing was happening for Thor and Inhumans.
She should be a Netflix series. Or better yet, the star of a sandbox video game if Marvel was actually interested in making non-shitty games outside of that Captain America one.
Platinum will never make a Winter Soldier character action game like they did for Korra ;_;
... All this time I thought Kevin Feige's last name was pronounced like 'Phage.
So I've been hearing a lot of hubbub about people wanting Miles Morales to replace Peter Parker (who has already been confirmed to be the one appearing, at least at first, so sorry folks). But when I ask them what exactly his personality's like, nobody can give me a straight answer other than "he's black so it would be progressive". Which is... nice and all, but seriously that still doesn't answer my question. Fans who genuinely do read the comics rather than also seem to love him so I'm sure he's a good character like Kamala and Robbie and not just a bland token, but can someone here who's also read them give me the run-down on what he's like?
The Sneaky Tiki
Yes, he's way more introspective and melancholy than Peter, he's not really as snappy with his villains, usually trying more to reason with or calm them as he fights, he's not even remotely as technologically savvy as Peter was but he's a lot sharper on the draw in terms of focus. Due to being A LOT younger than Peter was he also deals with HEAPS of inadequacy in addition to trying to fill a role that would be instant death for most people.

There is a tension and sympathy in Miles' struggles that you couldn't find with Peter, Like Miles is just a baby but he deals with the most awful things that could happen to a person.

Miles is the epitome of responsibility, he's literally doing a lot of this because he feels that having the power makes him responsible for everything involved with Spider-Man, he's a sweet little kid in WAAAAAAAAY too far over his head, it makes him very endearing and sympathetic.
save file
image:142369439800.jpg(1.89MB , 1988x3056 , Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man (2014-) 004-009.jpg)
Sounds pretty cool, even though I'm a Parker fan foremost I think that going by the personality alone Miles would make an excellent foil for most of the other MCU heroes who have or will probably be larger-than-life kinds of figures. .
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image:142378387200.jpg(4kB , 640x864 , B9pqctXIUAA3Jko.jpg)
why is he looking at a Spider-man costume.
They are making a Ninja Spider-Man movie.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

So...Toei's funding the Deadpool movie, then?
save file
image:142385120800.gif(91kB , 463x480 , leopaldon-stance.gif)
Gibe Leopardon pls
save file
image:142386697700.jpg(143kB , 560x391 , ultornhottoys.jpg)
I'm just gonna say it, I dont like the way this looks.
He's just to sad looking...
I get that the comic dont translate into 3d but he could atlest have a mean face.
save file
image:142387537600.jpg(8kB , 292x302 , 1311562274319.jpg)
Holy shit, until now I had no idea just how horrible Tumblr fangirls have been to Tom Hiddleston to the point that he's had to basically become a hermit to protect himself from them. Now I feel really fucking bad for the times I've made jokes about his kinda odd appearance because he seemed like such a gracious guy before it all went down. And I'm probably going to be saying the same thing about Cumberbatch in a year or two.
Wait, what?
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image:142412447700.jpg(79kB , 640x644 , 1424113392854.jpg)
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image:142412622400.jpg(147kB , 575x757 , 1421269811553.jpg)
To be fair he's one of Marvel's flagship properties and outrageously lucrative to the extreme, thus the one character I can see them going through all the trouble of building backup plans for and rerailing their entire movie schedule around. They were probably planning this Spider-Man film for years and it's known they had backup mechanisms for slotting him into the MCU for a while now (such as the planned Oscorp cameo in Avengers). The Sony leaks made this pretty clear just how high he was on their priorities, so I see it less as disregard for Black Widow and the other minority leads and more about just how ridiculously valuable Spider-Man is to them, and the money really doesn't lie.

To be honest part of why I'm so ambivalent about a Black Widow movie is because even though I like her as a character ScarJo's performance as her IMO is pretty soulless and phoned in, so a movie based around her would probably bore me to tears no matter how well-written. But hey, David Hayter needs a new job.
Wow Spider-Man is that popular outside the US? I know Japan did a show of him but that can't account for all of it.
As the rest of the world becomes more developed so does its buying power, so yeah. The foreign box office, especially East Asia in particular, is becoming more and more important as to how well movies are doing these days. Considering the big success of a lot of Hollywood films in foreign box offices like Pacific Rim, IM3 (kinda), Big Hero 6, The Maze Runner and so on was tied to their inclusion of prominent nonwhite actors and characters in prominent roles, I should hope that the executives should listen closely when people tell them that they should diversify the casts in their films. If Internet social justice advocates won't do the job then surely the sound of those international wallets opening up should.

Also as an interesting side note, despite the lack of Chinese characters Captain America 2 did incredibly well in China due to its anti-authoritarian message (and here I thought it was the power of fujoshi dollars because of the screaming homolust between Cap and Bucky). That's another interesting thing for Hollywood execs to consider.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I don’t see any sort of film you could do for Black Widow that didn’t touch on pretty much every theme raised by her appearances in the MCU to date (e.g. her background as a spy, her desire to ‘clear her ledger’). A solo Widow film would have to tread new ground, and I can’t think of any. Widow works best as support.
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image:142414568500.jpg(108kB , 610x859 , thor-2-fan-poster-610x859.jpg)
>Also as an interesting side note, despite the lack of Chinese characters Captain America 2 did incredibly well in China due to its anti-authoritarian message (and here I thought it was the power of fujoshi dollars because of the screaming homolust between Cap and Bucky).

Speaking of which...
I gotta wonder, do Chinese fangirls tweet their favorite actors porn of themselves and dox them for stalking purposes like Westerners do?
I could see a Black Widow movie that was 95% flashback, about how she first filled out that "ledger". The other 5% would tie into whatever phase centerpiece was coming up.
Question: Was I the only one annoyed by the fact that Cap 2 established Black Widow as being born in the 80s?

Because that bugs the crap out of me, what with the Russian KGB ceasing to exist in the early 90s. And her having served in it. And having turned from it at some point. presumably while it was still the KGB.
>Because that bugs the crap out of me, what with the Russian KGB ceasing to exist in the early 90s. And her having served in it. And having turned from it at some point. presumably while it was still the KGB.
She did mention starting out as early as a little girl in Avengers...
>Also as an interesting side note, despite the lack of Chinese characters Captain America 2 did incredibly well in China due to its anti-authoritarian message (and here I thought it was the power of fujoshi dollars because of the screaming homolust between Cap and Bucky).

From the comments media gleamed from the audiences, I think the fujoshi fangirls were a greater factor in CA2's success in China than the anti-authoritarian themes. After all, The Hunger Games is an anti-authoritarian totem and its latest installment isn't doing half as well in China as The Winter Soldier did.

No one really knows what the Chinese audience wants, not even the Chinese. It's the world's second largest film market (half as big as North America's) where ten years ago it was practically non-existent. You've basically got this gargantuan wad of international box office bursting into existence as if it colony-dropped from planet Mars, and everyone's lobbing every genre they can find at it to see what sticks. Marvel lucked upon some magical money-making secret ingredient with CA2, so it's up to them and the rest of Hollywood to boil it down to its constituent parts and figure out what the fuck that ingredient was, because nobody else has figured it out yet.
Plus there was that episode in Agent Carter where they introduced the Red Room and most of the trainees were little girls around the age Black Widow would've been when the KGB fell.
Part of it might also be that Mockingjay just isn't a very good movie.
Yes, like in the comics she was trained from birth... but Trainees don't pile up enough red karma to require years and years of white hatery to balance them out.

Really, I was mostly just disappointed that Marvel essentially took the less comic book route of just having her be the same age as Scarlett Johansson, instead of making her arbitrarily older to have been a proper Cold Warrior like in the comics.
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image:142426814500.png(53kB , 500x786 , Spoiler image)
I am like 97% sure about something about Agent Sousa.
save file
image:142428373500.png(213kB , 848x444 , I KILLED MAH SOUL.png)
Was thinking more along the lines of this.
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image:142439813300.jpg(228kB , 860x513 , deleteme.jpg)
Soooo I was looking at new shows on Hulu, and this came up: http://www.hulu.com/max-von-oppenheim-the-fascinating-orient It's a documentary, except that the attached image was used for it. I cannot find ANYTHING about an Agents of SHIELD: Double Agent. There's not even an episode titled "Double Agent". Anyone know anything about this?
>“The powers in comic books – they’re always like, ‘And then I can reverse the polarity of your ions!’ – well, we have to ground things a lot more. With Ultron, we have to make him slightly less omnipotent because he’d win. Bottom line. Also, having weaknesses and needs and foibles and alliances and actually caring what people think of him, all these things, are what make him a character and not just a tidal wave. A movie about a tidal wave can be great, but it’s different than a conflict between one side and the other. When Ultron speaks, he has a point. He is really not on top of the fact that the point he’s making has nothing to do with the fact that he’s banoonoos. And that he hates the Avengers for bringing him into this world, and he can’t really articulate that or even understand how much he hates humanity. He thinks he’s all that. That guy is very fun to write. He combines all the iconic stuff. The powers he has are slightly different – he can control certain things, he’s not just firing repulsors.


Completely understandable, but I'm one of those guys that's ok with Superman not being a God outside of comics. I was actually thinking Ultron would need to be beefed up.

Interesting comment in the article about this being the Avenger movie Whedon wanted to make.
I hope he has the self-restraint to not turn this film into a wisecrackfest. The last movie had some really bad problems with that. It's fine on people like Tony and Coulson, but it gets a little iffy on Cap, and then you have lines like Widow's "that's not a party" and Thor's "he's adopted" were so unfunnily character-breaking I unlaughed. He's not a bad director but people really need to stop pretending Whedon can do no wrong.
The Sneaky Tiki
This is not upsetting at all, the absence of Pym and ESPECIALLY Jan is.
You can mostly blame Edgar Wright and his Langfaggotry for that. Though from what I can tell it's going to be implied in that film that Jan wanted to start the Avengers anyway, but it got iced (probably by HYDRA).
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image:142470400700.png(501kB , 622x901 , bighero6.png)
Technically speaking, a Marvel movie just won an Academy Award.
Don't tell Hollywood that. They actually might watch the Animated films to prevent that next time.

James Gunn tells it like it is.
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image:142478653300.gif(134kB , 221x221 , 1424138444246.gif)

The title is mislead but we have a good chance.
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image:142479139500.png(7kB , 601x313 , Screenshot 2015-02-24 at 5.39.32 AM - Edited.png)
C'mooon Miles!
I lean slightly towards white Peter because I'm a bit of a purist who thinks looks matter when it comes to casting for iconic heroes (though nonwhite Peter is not offensive to me like a buff or blonde Peter would be, or a non-blonde Carol Danvers/Steve Rogers) but I honestly wouldn't really care either way as long as he's shown competency. I'm probably the only one here but if he's going to be racebent I'd like him to be hapa. Way too many people even on Tumblr seem to forget or ignore that Asians and biracials fall under the "POC" umbrella.

They've already said several times it's about Peter not Miles. Miles just wouldn't work in a universe that doesn't have a Peter in it already.
I disagree. Instead of Miles being inspired by Peter's death (and subsequently trying to live up to his idealized version of Peter in his head), it could be Miles being inspired by watching the Avengers kick some ass and trying to live up to an idealized version of what a "hero" should be.

They've changed enough of the backstory of the major heroes that it shouldn't matter. Bruce didn't push Rick Jones out of the way, Bucky wasn't a kid sidekick, Tony never had a secret identity/rechargeable chest plate, Natasha never worked with the Winter Soldier and isn't augmented, etc etc
The Sneaky Tiki
At this point plans are still "running" if they think people are down for it they could go anyway...plus Marvel movie-verse could use some diversity, they've played things very very safe and now I think they'll be able to get the leeway to stray from that a bit.

Personally I'm hoping Miles, I think if they racebend Peter it'll cause them more problems from both sides than just casting as Miles.
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image:142480762500.jpg(237kB , 864x1280 , B-n_ClcUAAAMdpM.jpg)
Hee, looks like Anthony Mackie made it in after all.
Also is it me or does Cap look really weird in this shot? Like he's got his arm around Tony all buddy-buddy like? The overall arrangement of the heroes is kinda weird.
At least none of the female characters are half-turned around.
save file
image:142481721400.png(82kB , 620x498 , slott.png)
Considering Spider-Gwen and Mayday, I'd think they should throw in "male" there as well.
Personally, I'd agree with that, but I think something like that is less likely than casting a character like this as a different race. In a lot of ways we are less "colorblind" to sex than we are to race. I could see them making a Spider-Gwen or Mayday movie eventually, but I couldn't see them making Peter Parker female. Or even making a female superhero the flagship of a major movie franchise.
There's also the school of thought within feminism (or maybe it's mostly just limited to Tumblr) that reinforces this attitude by insisting that it's wrong and sexist to have female characters act similarly to men. I mean, I get it if it takes place in a sexist setting, and just writing a male character and slapping a female coat of paint a la James Cameron is patronizing on top of lazy, but when these "feminists" are bashing on Starbuck, Zoe, and Ripley for essentially being butch then it comes off as massively hypocritical. A character's gender should inform but not dominate their characterization and interactions. I would also think having more series, especially ones aimed at kids, where women don't act or get treated that differently from the men (and vice versa since it's important that we also get heroic feminine males as well and Western media is direly lacking in ones that aren't jokes and gay stereotypes), while not the only solution, is a step in the right direction, not the opposite.
>I could see them making a Mayday movie eventually

You sir, are delusional.
A Mayday movie would require them to be able to see Peter Parker as anything but a teenager. Which in >>42025 would probably be entries number 1-9 according to anyone with any level of control over the character at this point.
They've already stated an intention to make a female-lead Spider-man spinoff, without specifying who. Fans are split as to whether it will be Black Cat, Spider-Gwen or Mayday, but I wouldn't count Mayday out of the running even if she is probably the least likely. She's got a vocal fanbase at least.

>Tom Rothman has been named head honcho of Sony Pictures, taking over from Amy Pascal who "stepped down" after that recent e-mail hack fiasco.

Thanks Sony, it's not like people were optimistic about this or anything.
Wait so Howard Stark was in love with Captain America? He never gave off any impression of the sort once. Even Nick Fury seemed gayer for Cap than him.
Fraternal love, dumbass. Take that "two characters can't be close without wanting to fuck" nonsense back to Tumblr.
He was explicitly comparing his feelings for Cap to what Peggy felt. If you actually paid attention to my comment it's obvious I'm not saying this out of shipping goggles.
>Erik Selvigg is back
No! No! No! No more of Thor's shitty human cast!
Aw come on, the others are crap, but Selvig was cool.
I saw it more as obsession than love, but yeah that comment made me do a double-take. Explains why Tony is so bitter/nonchalant towards Steve in TA though. Imagine having a dad who fawned over and preferred a dead man over you
Yeah the first time they said it I was a little confused but now that it's been said a second time it's really making me start to wonder. Although in a world where they actually got together I would be crying "strangled by the red string".
save file
image:142518214100.jpg(345kB , 1034x1600 , Spoiler image)
So the writers for Agent Carter confirmed that Doctor Faustus is involved in the Winter Soldier project. Does that mean what I think it will?
I don't think Sharon is developed enough in MCU for that twist to be all that effective, to be honest. They have none of the history their 616 counterparts do, so the main gutpunch "NO!" reaction wouldn't be there. I think Sam or Bucky ("How can I be worthy of carrying the shield! I killed him!") in Sharon's place would be better.
That's exactly what I was trying to get at. The reveal with Faustus is exactly the perfect setup they would need for Bucky to take her place. Though I'm worried that kind of plot twist would go completely against the whole Bucky redemption subplot they seem to be setting up, voluntary or not.
save file
image:142522571900.png(439kB , 627x706 , Al Yankovic Avengers.png)
Hm good point. Although if the shot happens in the last ~15 minutes of the film and Bucky has been showing signs of remembering/wanting to remember it could still work
especially if they make it so Steve is consoling/comforting Bucky as he's dying a la "it's okay, it's okay. Buck, look at me it's okay" etc etc
The thing is it will lead to an "Iron Man was right all along" scenario, where no matter how much Captain America huffs and puffs about how good of a person Bucky is, or how hard Bucky tries to make up for everything, he really is the kind of person who's too dangerous to let live/be free even if it's not his fault. It would make for a good plot twist that has enough buildup to not be an asspull and lots of tears, but the fallout would be difficult to navigate without turning off casual viewers off.
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image:142527248300.jpg(333kB , 634x1389 , Spoiler image)
I found a leaked image that shows whats going to spark Civil War.
I thought Rosalina was his waifu.
Sorry. The answer is Money. Money is his waifu.
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image:142535655200.png(321kB , 700x334 , 4263597_orig.png)
We really should make a new thread when we get something interesting enough to front a thread with (and isn't just Jumpman shitposting).