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Game of Thrones General
Joffrey is Still Dead Edition

holy shit that "trial"
holy shit that "confession"
holy shit I love Tyrion more somehow
So much for that rescue mission.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Image:140052882500.jpg(65kB , 640x612 , q4g8MNDl.jpg)
>The trial by combat

OH DAMN!youtube thumb
Why do we even bother.
Maybe some of it could be chalked up to his weird imitation of a British accent but Dinklage was way overacting for me. It's just harder to notice because the dialogue in that scene was so good.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Watchers on the Wall was the worst episode of this entire series so far.
Did something didn't happened?
Image:140229639000.jpg(33kB , 166x220 , 1393859593403.jpg)
We missed out on a fight with a giant.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
They spent all season delaying the wildling stuff with filler and shit, just because they wanted to make Blackwater Part 2: This Time, It's Shittier.

The absolute worst part was how they handled Ygritte, whose death in the books was a lot sadder because Jon just finds her already dying after the raid (in the books, the wildling raiders arrive first, and then Mance's host comes later on and it's a long siege) and never knows if he's the one who shot her or not. Here he fucking stops fighting mid-battle and is just an inch shy of screaming "NOOOOOOO" at the sky.

The scythe and Hawkeye Gough were need additions but they don't make up for them utterly fucking up some of the best stuff in Storm of Swords. I don't normally mind changes in this show, they're about even for the book being better or the show being better, and I've never seen an episode I've hated across the board, but this was just utterly awful.
Huh, so they killed off Pyp.

Is he the first character to die in the show but stay alive in the books?
Myp !1WrIM2hjRQ

Man, what are you even talking about? The scale of this battle was much bigger than what we've seen so far and had a lot of really awesome swordplay. Yeah, it's more depressing when Jon finds her among the corpses in the book, but television audiences (whom this content is for) would have wanted a better send-off than that for that character. It also gives her actress something more to do since she's kind of gone after Jon breaks off with the Wildlings and only shows up again as a corpse.

Overall I was pretty satisfied with the this episode.
Season 1 Marion
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Who gives a shit what TV audiences think they want? This show thrives when it's defying the typical standard for TV.

It was a bad attempt to recreate Blackwater (same director even), and it shows.
>Who gives a shit what TV audiences think they want?

The TV audiences.
Damn man you were always the "I have really STRONG opinions on absolutely everything I watch now let me be as vocal about them as possible" guy but you've been even crankier than usual lately. The fuck happened?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Who don't know what they want.

I am annoyed that I show I have consistently really liked has messed up a great part of the books it is based on super badly. As for being crankier than usual, I don't know what you're talking about as I've not even really been posting that much of late since I'm not watching a whole lot.
Pretty sure Rakharo or whatever Dany's fellow Rider was was said to have a role in the next book but they killed him off anyway because of the actor's schedule conflicting.
Image:140287185800.jpg(218kB , 1920x1200 , 9c8fbc5d9365bb839c5959c3f509e434[1].jpg)
Is anyone else starting to get bored of this show?
I cannot explain it but the characters do not feel compelling to me anymore.

This last season the two characters I actually held interest in were Arya Stark and The Hound and maybe a little bit of Lord Baelish.

Do the books leave you with a similar feeling as /tv/ says?
The Sneaky Tiki
Yeah /tv/ is right, I mean it is different but you still feel like "oh fucking shit I loved X character!"
Maisie on Arya

>“I don’t want people to like her anymore, almost, that sounds really, really bad.I want people to realize that actually she’s not the same anymore. You can’t root for her forever, because she’s not there to be your favorite character. That’s not what she’s there for. She’s real. People go down bad paths and they make bad decisions, but it’s always justified in their head. I want the audience to differentiate that and not just be like, ‘Oh, it’s Arya, we love her.’ Because actually look at what Arya’s doing. She’s being eaten away from the inside out, and she’s not stopping it."

Is she right?
She's not wrong, Arya's motivation for living is basically wanting to murder anyone who has messed with her or her family.
Yeah, honestly, if she were a real person we would be absolutely horrified at the kind of person she's become. POV makes murder seem a lot more sympathetic, but it's still an unhealthy obsession with revenge and a lack of respect for the fact that other human beings inherently have the right to live.

And the thing is, all the people we hate who she's wanting to kill and who we're behind her for--they probably have events very like the ones she's gone through in their past as well. It's just a cycle of violence, and she's the most recent one to get caught up in it.

That said, I do still like Arya--if you start disliking people in Game of Thrones just because they're horrible people, you won't like ANYONE in the story.
>The Tickler
>The Mountain
>Right to live
Perpetuation of cycles of violence and vengeance. Killing those people would be personally satisfying for about two seconds, then leave her feeling empty--meanwhile, it would have created ANOTHER Arya who now has Arya herself on that list. Like the Bride with the daughter of Verdita Green--Revenge accomplishes nothing but making more Revenge.
>a lack of respect for the fact that other human beings inherently have the right to live.
Except this is wrong.
It's hard not to like Arya in the same way it's hard not to like the Bride (to use anon's reference), or even Bruce Wayne when he first starts looking for Joe Chill. Everyone wants perceived justice for something that happened to a character they have grown to like. Arya's the bringer of justice to the Starks.

She also has one of the more interesting stories. Exploring Braavos and the Faceless Men was something that became one of my favorite parts of the latter books.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y
Image:140455108200.jpg(370kB , 846x1280 , v16_ep02_p002.jpg)

Right, but the movie makes no bones about the fact that the Bride is not a good person, and is not made any better by her quest for revenge. We root for her because she's the designated protagonist, because we want to see the people she's killing pay for what they've done, and because she embodies antisocial behaviors that we all wish we could indulge in but are restrained from doing so by our learned codes of behavior. But none of that makes her any less of a killer or more of a good person. In fact, I'd say the only 'good' Beatrix Kiddo does over the course of the movies is finally killing Bill at the end, because that fight wasn't just about revenge. Revenge was part of it, sure, but it was also a fight to determine their daughter's fate. Payback doesn't actually do any good, but keeping B.B. away from Bill does.

I think the best point of comparison is pre-Tower of God Berserk. We root for Guts because he's the protagonist, because Griffith and the Apostles really have it coming, and because Guts is just fucking awesome. But that doesn't change the fact that Guts is a fucking monster. He's almost as frightening as the monsters he fights, and Miura clearly intended for that to be the case. Revenge drives him, but that same revenge is toxic, and it's bad for him and for everyone around him. We cheer for him, and on some level want to be him, but if you think he's a good role model I would call you fucking nuts. Guts himself realizes this, and makes a conscious choice to turn away from his revenge in order to take care of Casca, who is in need and who he badly neglected because he was too busy killing monsters half a continent away. His need for revenge was hurting the people who depended on him.

And that's all that quote is really saying about Arya. Of course we cheer for her. Of course we want to see the likes of the Mountain and the Tickler meet bad ends (although at this rate, she's going to get back to Westeros just in time to discover that everybody on her list is already dead). But carrying around that hatred and that need for revenge isn't good for her, or for the people around her. It affects the way she behaves and does so in the direction of being a not-good person.
>Right, but the movie makes no bones about the fact that the Bride is not a good person, and is not made any better by her quest for revenge
Yeah, Budd made it quite explicit: "She deserves her revenge, and we deserve to die. But then, so does she."
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

In fact, the only character who says otherwise is Bill: "Nah. You're not a bad person. You're a terrific person. You're my favorite person. But every once in a while...you can be a real cunt." Thematically, that's probably related to what I said above: Bill is the only person she took out for reasons other than revenge, the only one whose death really did any tangible good.
T4 was here
Speking off Berserk, what more fucked up, it or Game of Thrones?
I have been wondering about that.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

Almost certainly Berserk.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Game of Thrones is Sesame Street compared to Berserk.

I've only ever seen the anime series, and I still feel confident enough to say that.
T4 was here
Now I... WE can be all like "You think thats dark and fucked? Check out these wasp-faires getting smash by a hugh sword and then turning back to the children they ones was, only now in gore chunks too the shock of their parents." when people gets chocked from Thrones.
But would that make them feel any better?

It cheers me up atlest.
In a "aw it suck that my laptops power cord is broken but atlest I'm not in Berserk world" way with a mix of dark humor.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>4 leaked episodes
I still enjoy this show.

I don't get it. What show do they think they've been watching? What series?

GoT's always been a rancid place to be a gal, like, from the start.
There's a tolerance level, though. I mean, that's with anything. But with that site's focus its obvious at what point that tolerance is broken.

The show went out of its way to do it, so I get where they're coming from.
The Sneaky Tiki
It was disgustingly embarrassing scene that added nothing and exists for no reason.
More feminazi-pandering shit about how rape is a fate worse than death even though murder has been used for a plot device for centuries and nobody gave a fuck.
I agree the scene was bad because of its use for shock reasons, and D&D are stupid (and possibly insensitive towards women) for fusing Jeyne and Sansa like that, but I wish a lot of these sites would realize the fact that portraying rape (or any presence of upsetting content) in a work at all does not necessarily equal authorial condonation of those acts, or that they're misogynists or bigots. Sometimes it is, but it's just like how a lot of people on Tumblr such as Your Fave Is Problematic will attack actors or writers for portraying racists by the logic that they are responsible for the actions of their characters.
You've heard the old saying that you can't really make an anti-war movie, because movies about war pretty much always make war look cool? Or that you can't really condemn smoking *and* show people smoking, because people always look cool when they're smoking?

Rape is always sexual, and depicting it on screen--even while condemning the action officially--is very hard to do without tacitly saying "this is exciting and sexy." HBO is especially bad about this. I'm not saying it's IMPOSSIBLE to depict rape in a way that doesn't fetishize it, but it's difficult, and most directors are not at all up to the task.
Eh, I don't blame them. The site is called The Mary Sue. I mean you can tell its focused on a specific thing.

Its like a comics site no longer covering a certain comic convention because there's nothing comic about it anymore.
"You want to read about GoT? Great, you can do it anywhere else, we're gonna focus on other stuff instead."
The Sneaky Tiki
The Accused would like to have a word with you, Rape is horrifying REGARDLESS, if you film a rape and it ain't appropriately creepy YOU ARE FUCKING SCUM.

Game of Thrones fucked up, period.
If they hated that, then they're gonna LOATHE the DOG-FUCKING and Reek eating her out!
T4 was here
Tell me more~
Not until you learn to stop being such a creep.
Pacing in this is so slow, I can't seem to care much anymore. Something happens and then its ages before something else happens. I feel this will end up failing as it tries to parse further into the books.
Stannis, that was not very Mannis of you.
The series has been terrible in its portrayal of Stannis from Day One.
This time, GRRM told the show writers to do it.

Is it because they're following up on some of his spoilers, or did he tell them that as misdirection for some of the events in Winds of Winter?
Until I hear it straight from the horse's mouth I'm putting blame squarely on the show writers.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
What does is matter (either way) whose idea it was?
Most of the shittiest parts of the show are OC, and whether it really is or not this scene reeks of that, so I'd like to think I won't experience it a second time when TWOW comes out.
The writers really do have a weird grudge against Stannis don't they.
What bothers me in particular is that they haven't even set up the supply of dragonglass yet.

I mean, by now Stannis' ships should have at least been on their way to Dragonstone to pick up a shipment of the rocks to bring to the wall. With the state of things, who's gonna be giving that order if it hasn't already been given?
To hell with it. Go Team White Walker. The Night's King is the right king.
It's weird cuz all this time I thought he was Coldhands and I don't even thing they've ever brought him up in the show. Though it's possible this is one of the things they're actively straying from the books in.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
This guy wasn't even called the Night's King in the show itself, just a website description that has since been removed, and Martin has specifically stated that the Night's King isn't showing up in the books as anything but a legend.

There's still several possibilities for both the book and show: he might be the Night's King, who actually survived in this version, or just some other guy who became a powerful White Walker in the same manner. If it's the latter, the same guy may or may not be the one behind the Others in the book. Hell, the show staff may have deliberately left it vague when he was introduced because they hadn't decided which yet.