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Solver War StuffAnonymous
Image:171797666875.png(2.85MB , 1721x1273 , Earth.png)
Discuss, theorize & fanwank over all things involving the Solver War
Here are a number of possible discussion points to start things off

>How long did it Earth actually last before getting gobbled up by The Solver?
>What kind of weapons/creations/creatures did The Solver & Humanity employ?
>How did each system end up ultimately succumbing to The Solver?
>What is the current status of Humanity at this point in the show (3071)?
>Is there any Solver War Stuff you'd like to share?
>How long did it Earth actually last before getting gobbled up by The Solver?
Presumably, not very long.
>What kind of weapons/creations/creatures did The Solver & Humanity employ?
DD's, Solverpedes, a variety of eldritch horror tentacle monsters, and maybe some really big kaiju tentacles based on that big one we saw.
Actually taking in the feats the DD's have displayed so far, they are incredibly overpowered.
Humanity didn't stand a chance.
>How did each system end up ultimately succumbing to The Solver?
For how it started is the real mystery. Drop pods full of DD's and Solverpedes raining from the sky maybe?
For how it ended, I'm assuming enough mass was collected to do whatever ritual was needed to summon the singularity.
>What is the current status of Humanity at this point in the show (3071)?
It's over
>Is there any Solver War Stuff you'd like to share?
I love the idea of a Battlestar Galactica scenario.
Where the last remnants of humanity are running across space as nomads, fleeing the Solverfied forces.
I wonder some humans live in a hollowed out asteroid
Image:171797958764.png(103kB , 1120x303 , welcome friends, welcome to hell.png)
are you sure you want to go down this path?
completely, absolutely, positive?
Image:171798816773.jpg(218kB , 2048x1152 , GEfeuAfXEAEG6Cy (1).jpeg)
Can a armored core fight off a horde of DD and a solverpede?
They'd stop and harvest asteroids along the way, but staying in one place for too long is dangerous.
The goal is to eventually shake their pursuers, and find a new habitable planet to settle down on.
There, they will begin humanity anew, but with no AI or advanced tech. As Ludd intended.
The problem is that among the remnants of humanity, there are cultists and corrupted drones hidden among the survivors.
Good idea and maybe they use somekind of biotechnology to replace some of there tech
Slight change in format
Plat-Binary Siege, 3042-3061

Following the complete corruption of the Proxima System in 3024, Plat-Binary became the last remaining system with commercial hyperlanes connecting the upper & lower quadrants of Human-controlled space. With it officially becoming the closest major system to Solver-controlled space, the United Systems spared no expense to fortify the strategically critical planets of PLAT-BINARY 2, 4, 5 and 7a through 7d. Precautions even went as far as shifting all ongoing & planned 'sensitive' Solver research out from Plat-Binary itself and towards the neighboring minor systems on the off-chance of any "unforeseen consequences".
Although Plat-Binary faced a number of minor incursions from as early as 3028, it wouldn't be until around a decade later that The Solver would attempt an actual brute force invasion of the system. Having learned from a number of fatal mistakes made in the defense of Proxima, Human commanders manage to do surprisingly well under a revised doctrine emphasizing the coordinated elimination of High Value Solver Hosts before engaging in any large-scale operations. This in turn lead to a number of instances (most famously on PLAT-BINARY 7b in 3046) where United Systems forces actually succeeded in repelling The Solver's initial invading force.
Unfortunately these minor victories only ended up prolonging what would eventually become the largest, longest & arguably most brutal campaign of the entire war. Between the intergalactic famine of 3047, the sudden loss of the Copper System in the 3050's, the divisive aftermath of Operation: Hail Mary in the 3060's & the continuous attrition of a perpetual enemy it was only a matter of time before Plat-Binary ultimately succumbed to total corruption.
Image:171800708481.jpg(89kB , 1012x828 , GPpkoFeXIAADcPZ.jpeg)
Imagine using this gun but it use DD body parts as bullets
I like switchanons space station 13 crossover thing because i like both space station 13 and murder drones and during the solver war id imagine nanotrasen would be able to hold off the solver and continue like normal because if youve played space station 13 youd know theres worse stuff than the solver
I wonder the honk mother will fight the solver
I have no clue or context for Armored Core outside of it being a mech game, but if I HAD to take a guess from what I know about Murder Drones...
>DDs would be like dealing with wasps; A manageable nuisance on their own or in low numbers but a significant threat when dealing with swarms
>Solverpede would be like wrestling an anaconda capable of creating potentially insidious illusions; So long as it doesn't sneak or break into the mech then it should be a (relatively) straightforward fight

Thinking about Human soldiers utilizing dead & dismembered Disassemblers is honestly a really interesting (and underutilized) idea!
>Taking apart a Disassemblers blade-wings for makeshift armor plating
>Crafting nanite acid sprayers using Disassembly Drone tail canisters as ammo
>Forging a number of throwing combat daggers out of Disassembler claws
Image:171813672652.jpg(53kB , 774x1032 , 1698171691745.jpg)
Alright guys c'mon, this is the Solver war thread, not the "can my fictional character beat your fictional character" thread.
If you want to VSfag make your own thread.
The ultimate DD-made weapon is the Solverpede grenade.
Basically a microwave or a toaster oven with a Solver core inside of it, the heat keeping it docile. When you throw it at something, it breaks and releases the core, which then mutates into a Solverpede and assimilates whatever you threw it at.
Obviously, you have to run like hell after throwing it.
The only problem aside from the danger to yourself, is where to source the cores.
Image:171813965937.jpg(552kB , 1696x2896 , 1712870882586.jpg)
I wonder some human remnants tap onto occult stuff and hoping some greater power would help them fighting off the solver
Christ this does sound like a truly sadistic weapon, especially since I could see something like this being used by both sides of the conflict
>Humans deploying/dropping a trapped Solverpede hungry & ravenous enough to indiscriminately consume everything in its path
>The Solver giving squads of DDs/Cultists a grenade with an unspecified "Surprise" inside to throw in the midst of heated combat

I can definitely see human remnants/factions pursuing increasingly dangerous and esoteric research in hopes of achieving some kind of edge against The Solver; Even in the shows canon the research at CFL involved them trying to create a patch out of 'controlled' Solver Hosts so it absolutely fits thematically.
The big question would be just how far these desperate humans would go in their pursuit of victory (or even just survival).
In my autistic headcanon I absolutely believe that some particularly extreme sects of Humanity have already resorted to all flavors of fucked up & unethical shit (illegal/unethical bio-engineering, nightmarish 'Super Soldier' programs, literal spiritual damnation in hopes of attaining supernatural powers, ect), basically becoming just as monstrous in both appearance and action as The Solver in the process
Image:171818643276.png(673kB , 1280x720 , earth gone pim what are we gonna do now.jpg)
I wonder a alliances of aliens have fought the solver
Kepler Recall Riots, 3005

When JcJenson was finally mandated into issuing a total recall of its commercially available line of Worker Drones the reactions of the public at the time was decidedly mixed. While the Company was able to placate a number of irate consumers with reimbursements for any resulting financial and/or labor losses, there remained a good number of those who for one reason or another refused to give up their domestic drones. This inevitably led to all manner of clashes across Human-Controlled space, with the largest (and most violent) taking place within the Kepler System.

Kepler-7 in particular had for many years been a bastion for 'Drone Rights Activism', with an overwhelming majority of the planet's population holding sympathetic views on Autonomous AI (such as Worker Drones). When it became evident that planet-side authorities couldn't/wouldn't enforce the recall amidst widespread public defiance, The United Systems resorted to deploying militarized "Peacekeepers" to forcibly end the planet-wide protests. Ultimately the Peacekeepers were able to successfully carry out the recall, albeit at the cost of an undisclosed (yet certainly high) number of civilian & military lives.
Image:171830712711.png(382kB , 1974x2065 , Solver War loreposting.png)
Cap made up of some older Solver War loreposts, figured this would be the most appropriate place to share
I remember older thread we have armored core fighting the absolute solver armies and some unit types from the absolute solver
Image:171832163157.png(217kB , 1458x1939 , Arsenal of the Solver.png)
I remember that! A lot of very cool ideas in that thread
Are there any Greentext about human side units?
Image:171832767538.jpg(596kB , 1862x1241 , mfc-longbow-fcr-photo-04-h.jpg)
Not much to really say about human stuff.
Based on what we know they have our current day tech for military stuff.
Actually I take that back. There are a lot of things you could come up with using modern day tech.
You could also use any prototype/in-development stuff that we have today.
like CHAMP/HiJENKS, which is an EMP cruise missile.
Image:171836721841.jpg(148kB , 2048x1442 , GNArcQEW4AAQI_r.jpeg)
Anyone have any ideas for human remnants making use of eldritch tech made by the other eldritch entity they made deal with?
Most of my existing, thought-out ideas involve certain Human factions using retrofitted Solver tech although there are a few vague ideas I have involving 3rd party eldritch entities

>Generic Devil worshipers who have allowed themselves to be possessed by literal demons, giving them access to dark magi-tech & supernatural abilities
>Cultists of a competing Eldritch Elder God that are able to summon & weaponize the monstrous minions of their patron deity
>Regular humans attempting to utilize the mystical Pandora's Box of a long-lost precursor race who got themselves destroyed after meddling with what they had in said box
Maybe one faction manage to find some holy weapons too by the angels
Some guy tried to do an angel OC once and it was complete bueno.
Wonder whatever happened to that guy
Cr1nge is filtered into bueno. Interesting
Image:171842399271.jpg(629kB , 3000x3600 , bombardment.jpg)
Anyone have a idea what the super soldier would be called?
Image:171844527467.png(1.33MB , 908x816 , Frank.png)
Not anywhere certain on a name, but I do have an in-depth idea for what could be considered a 'Human' Super Soldier

>Start with installing a 'pacified' Solver-infected core into a suit of Sci-fi Power Armor, granting the suit (and whoever is wearing it) immunity from direct Solver Magic
>The infected core technically serves as the suit's integrated AI (akin to Cortana) although it has been effectively contained/lobotomized by a combination of high temperatures & magnets
>Although at this point any human can theoretically wear the Solverfied Power Armor there remains a large number of SEVERE complications (Solver Sickness, Suit Mutations, High risk of permanently 'merging' with the Suit, ect) that makes wearing it for any length of time a very dangerous prospect

This is where the actual Super Soldier stuff comes in (spoilering because it gets a bit gross)
>Human candidates who possess a sufficiently 'resilient' psychological profile are pumped with controlled quantities of extracted Solver Venom (it does FUN stuff like melt your body into primordial goop & send your mind down an Eldritch Acid Trip!)
>Once the Solver Venom renders their body sufficiently 'malleable' the human is inserted, integrated & finally locked into the Solverfied Power Armor in order to achieve an "ideal" symbiosis with the suit
>So long as they can withstand the perpetual physical and mental torture involved, The 'Human' is now theoretically capable of surviving a fight with a Solver Witch

>(Un)fortunately this project would still be overlooked/underutilized by most of Humanity in favor of comparatively less expensive & easier to mass-produce projects like the Anti-Drone Sentinels
I certainly plan on elaborating on this idea more in the future
I hope there will be some birth of a new oc like a frank horrigan or master chief type of character with maybe a sentinel companion drone or sapient raptor
Why not make it yourself?
I'm not good at writing only give some random idea
Image:171853084254.png(77kB , 400x400 , 1713430448325650-1.png)
What would happen if Jesus Christ join the solver war
I've been musing over a number of vague ideas for anti-DD weapons. Here is a canon and fanon example

>Anti-Drone Sentinel
Robo-raptors designed to disable & destroy drones of all shapes and sizes
+Highly effective in close quarters/confined spaces, with successful ambushes capable of eliminating targets before they have a chance to react
+Can operate as both support units to human soldiers & as human-indepentent pack hunters
-Ineffective in large open environments, especially against aerial targets
-Bootloop-flash can be resisted by drones under certain circumstances and is virtually useless against organic targets
*Anti-Drone Sentinels may or may not be immune to direct Solver manipulation, although they are still capable of being damaged/destroyed by indirect attacks such as NULLspheres

Essentially an Anti-Drone Sentinel "Basilisk Projector" turned into a weapon for human use. Comes in sizes ranging from pocket-sized handhelds to shoulder mounted 'cannons'
+Handheld variants are light enough for ease of use, making it perfect as an emergency sidearm
+Two handed variants have a healthy balance of range and ROF, making it ideal for active combat scenarios
+Shoulder mounted variants are very powerful and capable of achieving effective ranges beyond what even the Anti-Drone Sentinel can do
-Handheld variants have a short effective range, limited battery life & a relatively slow ROF
-Two handed variants must be carefully monitored to avoid overuse/overheating lest the battery (or even the gun itself) end up ruined
-Shoulder mounted variants require a heavy battery backpack for optimal use, severely limiting mobility and putting extensive strain on the operator
*As stated before bootlooping is practically useless against organic targets (such as Solverfied Mutants or Solver Cultists)
Image:171865802499.png(332kB , 672x431 , 1423.png)
The good ol flashlight backpacks
>*Anti-Drone Sentinels may or may not be immune to direct Solver manipulation,
No clue where you got this from. Solver immunity comes from being a host.
The idea comes from Sentinels appearing to run some variant of the WD OS (judging from the first person perspective shots from Sentinels). While I highly doubt that they are "hosts" by default I can definitely see them being amongst the first to be patched/modified into being technically immune
The patch doesn't make you immune to Solver powers. It just prevents you from being directly possessed by the Solver.
Solver power immunity comes from being a host yourself.
Solver would lose in an instant, duh
damn, i was already thinking of writing a green about that concept, guess you beat me to it
Woops, yeah you are definitely right. Turns out I ended up conflating headcanon as actual canon

I demand that you write your greentext anon, regardless on how similar it may be. Diversity of ideas & takes on any particular idea is based!
Fall of Proxima, 3011-3015

After the corruption of Earth System it was widely believed that Proxima System was the most likely candidate to be The Solver's next target. As such both the Proxima Defence Force & the United Systems prepared themselves for the inevitable attack by extensively investing in anti-drone countermeasures under the assumption that, much like with Earth, The Solver would mainly rely on Disassembly Drones & Witches to do the heavy lifting.

Unfortunately, whether through spying or simple intuition, The Solver had prepared/adjusted it's own attack force accordingly. Insurgent activity by Solver Cultists (who at this point had been grossly underestimated by Humanity at large) created a number of openings in system & planetary defenses for invading ship to slip through relatively unmolested. These ships unleashed a seemingly endless horde of Solverfied Organisms across much of the Proxima System, overwhelming all but the most dug-in Human defenders in nearly every instance. Although the primary planets (Proxima-2 & Proxima-5) were effectively lost as early as 3012, skirmishes of varying intensity continued to be waged across the Proxima System outskirts until a full military disengagement was ordered in 3015.
Wonder some humans who are like eldritch mages is having a guerilla warfare with the solver using eldritch stuff to stop the solver from spreading
He will bring salvation
Just some autism about a hypothetical gun humans could have used ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
EMR-2 Eradicator, AKA "Rail Rifle"
>Length: 1,020 mm (40 in)
>Weight: 9.5 pounds (4.3 kg)
>Munitions: 5.66mm (0.73 in) Uranium Smart-Darts
>Fire Rate: Semi-automatic, 40 rounds/minute
>Magazine: 20
>Designed: 3019
>Produced: 3021-present

>Functionally a (relatively) more realistic Railgun compared to Uzi's; It uses two rails flowing with a magnetic current to make the bullet go really fast
>In ideal conditions it is capable of reliably damaging/penetrating Disassembly Drone wings
>Can effectively pierce Drone Cores, although it cannot actually penetrate the miniature singularity present within said cores
>Smart-Darts use Nanobots & Science to violently 'detonate' the dart should it detect an abrupt momentum change, such as being "caught" or otherwise deflected
>The significant risk of over-penetration makes using this gun inside a sealed environment (like a spaceship) a suicidally stupid idea
>It is best used with a 'Smart-Gun' aiming system to ensure that the small-sized munition actually hits something vital
What about eldritch or arcaniac guns, that some remnants of humanity use
Holy shit I remember posting that
Humanity being over-reliant on weaponry or networks already integrated with solver technology is a real possibility. And it could explain why an AH-64 is wandering around in the year of our lord 30XX. Imagine if every single American warship suddenly shut down because the microchip manufacturer suddenly said: "Fuck you lol"
There was a greentext about a tank company assaulting a Solver base by driving a nuke into it. Couldn't find the green on the new booru though
Developing new traditional weapons to use against a assimilating villain is a double edge sword anyway.
Equiping all your soldiers with the new "ultra death killerizer 9000" to fight against the Solver seems like a great idea until one guy trips and drops his gun. Now every DD is running around with 2 of them.