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We all know manga can conjure up emotions but what were the times when you found yourself SEETHING with rage reading manga?

ITT Pages that made you angry.

This page is from "Evil Heart" in which an extremely abusive person turns up to terrorize two small children living on their own, I was so angry that he would even dare turn up.
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This is Korean, so technically not manga, but.

In the space of a single chapter, half the cast was killed off and the existing plot was thrown right the fuck out the window, and the existing conflict which was actually pretty interesting and had been developed for like seventy chapters was just flushed down the toilet and replaced with a totally different and way less interesting one that was barely alluded to up until this point. I was so goddamn mad, I didn't even read the last 2-3 chapters of 'part one' - and since the scanlation group broke up shortly thereafter, I have no idea if 'part two' ever even happened in Korea.

The only consolation was that for one character, it was actually fantastic development - but that doesn't justify blowing the whole rest of the damn series up. I'm still so goddamn mad, god damn.
Casca's rape in Berserk. I don't feel like looking for the pages because I don't want to be mad again.
Sharkman Jhones
The entire thing with Satellizer's abusive brother in Freezing. Especially when they kinda/sorta forgive him for all the shit he did.

Fuck that guy, she should have just chopped him in half and be done with it. I think that arc made me stop reading.
Freezing is basically just skeevy rape porn for otaku, it has no redeeming features.
I agree with you that happens to be the most dramatic example of why its so shitty but at the same time its only slightly surprising that the writer would do that.
It's not surprising at all really. Im Dal Young's whole schtick is skeez and misogyny.
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Incredibly effective, in that case.
Guess I was lucky to drop the manhwa earlier than this point, something about the writing started to drag on me though I can't remember the exact reason for that.
Manga of a pointlessly Edgelord bent get that sort of feeling from me in general.

World is already bleak enough, what's the point of such contrived misery porn in fiction.
I hate everything written by Yoko Taro for this reason, all the stuff he makes is ridiculously and self-indulgently grim.