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image:141488984700.png(639kB , 500x708 , thelast.png)
Shonen Jump Thread 2:The Last but probably not really though

Naruto was dumb, Bleach was a cheep-out, and One Piece wasn't there.

Also World Trigger, Assassination Classroom and Others.

So is this the Naruto series really ending or are they setting up for a whole new series?

How much of a dick is Yhwach and how useless are the ones left behind?

How much more tragic will Law's backstory be?

Let's talk about these things and more!
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
>So is this the Naruto series really ending or are they setting up for a whole new series?

Please dear God just let it die already.
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image:141489746200.jpg(112kB , 429x297 , 1256503294735.jpg)
Have no fears, we'll have stories for years.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
And just because Bleach is mentioned in the OP: it finally ended its Toonami run. (Until reruns start in two weeks, but they'll be airing later in the evening and won't start back at Episode 1 so I ain't givin' a shit.)
Been on for 8 years. Don't know why they aren't starting from the beginning though.
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image:141494356400.jpg(281kB , 2555x1425 , 1414937878584.jpg)
>Hinata is about to win the Narutobowl

It won't redeem Naruto fully, but it's a hell of a start.

/a/ threads on this have been great
Still holding out for Hina/Naru/Saku because when has a protagonist won two girls before.

But honestly I don't care.
>Still holding out for Hina/Naru/Saku because when has a protagonist won two girls before.
Tenchi Muyo?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Only in OVA continuity, as far as I know.
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video:141497521200.webm(2.42MB , 640x360 , naruhina killed neji.webm)
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei?
Macross Frontier.

Wako won both the Sugata and the Takuto in Star Driver but that's the other way around.
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image:141498275400.jpg(195kB , 780x520 , legendary ape broly.jpg)
Science has finally gone too far
//youtube.com/watch?v=TdFye_A7zCkyoutube thumb
Everything about that iage and trailer is terrible except for that guy who seems to be Pikkon in a cooler outfit? Pikkon was awesome. and he had more original techniques than any saiyan
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Whoever that was, it looked like he was wearing an outfit similar to that of the Kais. So if it was Pikkon, methinks he got a huge power boost between his last appearance and whenever the hell the scene in that trailer takes place.
Itoshiki-sensei won between one to around like fifteen girls, depending on how you count it. And it's not exactly...the best example?
In the novels he's married and had children with literally everyone.
But wasn't that so he could marry and have children with figuratively one person or something like that?
Naruto spoilers being teased at ATM. Don't look at NarutoForums if you want to remain surprised.

If not, here's the link: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=1011808&page=27
Does anyone actually give a fuck about being spoiled about the next awful reveal in Naruto?

Especially when it regards something so stupid about particular characters so worthless?
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image:141514933300.jpg(58kB , 600x800 , 1415147141425.jpg)
Annnnnd... the big surprise ending may have been leaked at /a/, with Evil from the NarutoForums possibly confirming. So avoid both places, if you want to remain surprised.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I don't give a fuck, so spoilertag that shit and post it here plz.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yeah, I'm not reading through any of that to find what the actual spoilers are.
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image:141516575200.png(1.13MB , 680x580 , tumblr_nejmu6Gxd41te7at9o1_1280.png)
A timeskip after a timeskip in the same movie? That's like a hat on a hat!
So the whole getting her pregnant thing wasn't completly false afterall then
Aw fuck its Avatar/HP all over again.

Also spoiler that shit.
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image:141519577900.jpg(58kB , 500x500 , Spoiler image)
Its barely even a spoiler by this point, everyone who had any sense knew it was coming. The only surprise is how far the movie/epilogue is showing it.
Sharkman Jhones

It's a matter of courtesy, not obviousness.
>with Naruto

Well, whatever floats yer boat, buddy.
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image:141521667800.png(32kB , 710x336 , tumblr_neksph9Uvj1r3rdh2o1_1280.png)

I told you.

I told all of you but you didn't believe me.

Why didn't you believe me?
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>I want to get off Kishimoto's Wild Ride
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image:141522255100.png(75kB , 1413x561 , 1415162631261.png)
NO the ending spoilers are fakes created by hackers on steroids! THIS IS PROOF PEOPLE!

Ah to be fair you aren't the only one to see this coming.
Its been noted for awhile that "The Last" movie was announced to only be the beginning of various Naruto franchise works.
Yeah I know. I was just having fun. I don't think there was anyone out there who really believed Naruto was going to completely over.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Anyone who truly cared at this point probably didn't want it to end. My only hope is that it gives a firm conclusion to the majority of this bullshit so I can have closure and forget it ever existed.
That would require Kishi being passably competent as well as Jump or someone not wanting to milk Naruto like they milk DBZ.
Naruto isn't turning out how I expected. I was thinking more like Sasuke dies of blood loss, and Naruto has to sacrifice his left leg to mold enough chakra to bind Sasuke's soul to a suit of Susanoo with the Eight Trigrams Blood Seal. Then he gets Kankuro to fix him up with a Puppetmail arm and leg, and he and Susanoo!Sasuke go on wacky adventures trying to find the Philosopher's Chakra.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

…I think you've gotten your animu mixed up.
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image:141528776100.png(41kB , 172x469 , yeah sorry.png)
Chapter #699 and #700 are out.
Eh. Really disappointing end to a series that I used to love.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Popped back in to read the last two (dumb) chapters. All the next gen characters and most of the older designs look pretty bad and the coloring is terrible. I don't remember Naruto's art being this ugly.
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image:141529392600.jpg(161kB , 800x1131 , naruto-5284443.jpg)

Kishimoto's art has been in a state of decline for years. He's basically inking with sharpies at this point.

Anyway some of the kids' designs are deeply ugly, but the Ino/Sai kid is far and away the worst. Maybe it would look less awful in black and white where Sai's sickly skintone wouldn't conflict so much with that bright orange hair, but as is it just looks awful.
I hope Naruto is less of a terrible fucking deadbeat than Minato turned out to be in a clutch.

Who's meant to be the mother of Lee's kid? Tenten since she appears in her shop on the very next page?

How old is fucking Tsunade meant to be by the epilogue? Without her false youth disguise she'd be sweeping the floor with every step.

The ending was certainly brief compared to how they had been dragging the entire series out till this point, all the skyscrapers were weird despite the timeskip.

Wait was that the one piece pirate flag on the mountain face? Was that an edit on the version I read?
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image:141529649300.jpg(101kB , 600x800 , B1v73xaCIAEHkGR.jpg)
>Wait was that the one piece pirate flag on the mountain face? Was that an edit on the version I read?

No. It's Kishimoto paying tribute to his friendly mangaka rival, Oda. One Piece gave a shout out to Naruto too.
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image:141529674900.jpg(125kB , 808x808 , Spoiler image)
why does Sasuke and Sakura's daughter look like a black-haired loli-Karin
All's well that ends well.

Or as well as Naruto could possibly end I guess.

Kishimoto just couldn't get it together.
I just realized that's supposed to be Luffy eating with Naruto, but they had Nami(?) blocking the shot.
Thats the most obvious part.
Oda also had Nami, Luffy, Tony as his characters in the scene with NaRuTo.

Remember the Japanese issues with certain letters.
I read that somewhere else but thanks for pointing it out here.

So do you think Oda would do something special for Bleach, or is he not as friendly with Kubo as he is with Kishi.
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image:141532204800.png(432kB , 1049x600 , goodnight sweet copypasta.PNG)
I'm just glad it's over. Er... Almost over.

Because Sakura's not really the mother, obviously. Perhaps, something, something what do you mean Sakura's not really a part of the Uzumaki clan like Karin? something, something.

Also, I really, REALLY hate that Sai ended up with Ino. It's completely senseless. All the other pairings were either implied (Lee/TenTen, Shikamaru/Temari in spades) or plausible, but not Sai. He's an asexual like Gaara is, so I can't see him ever reproducing; it just seemed as if Kishi shoved him in with Ino because there wasn't anyone else left. It's just a front. He's going all Brokeback Mountain with Suigetsu when nobody is looking.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

Here's your explanation for Sai/Ino: Despite everything you would think, Kishimoto clearly demonstrated during the whole Danzou thing that she is not even remotely over Sasuke. And Sai is Sasuke Lite in every single way. He was brought into the series, diegetically and non-diegetically, to replace Sasuke.

This is all fine and good, but it still doesn't explain why Sai would want anything to do with her.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Ino is Sai's beard. They complete each others social hole.
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image:141536084900.png(17kB , 144x240 , waifu4lyfu.png)
I think I found my waifu. How can a character design be so cute and badass at the same time?
A chick in one piece with a sword, so she's pretty useless right?

Still weakness is a common waifu trait so it works.
I can accept that.
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image:141537534800.jpg(83kB , 500x304 , 1415359305199.jpg)
I hate Naruto's terrible writing and that includes in regards to the movies and I'm likely not going to watch more than clips of it but its still nice to know Hinata is so big in "the last" movie.
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image:141538095000.jpg(465kB , 600x1800 , 1414952916000.jpg)
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image:141538749800.jpg(851kB , 1280x1811 , 1415335526807.jpg)
NaruSaku fans are redrawing the ending to "fix" the series even as we speak
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image:141538835700.jpg(38kB , 640x480 , whut_naruto.jpg)

Proof that Ino is the best girl I will fight all of you on this.
Did her getting peed on make her greater in your eyes? Is that why you posted a screenshot of her from that particular filler episode?
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image:141539049100.jpg(92kB , 1075x803 , Reaction_Naruto.jpg)
Nah, I picked that picture because it was a funny reaction face. I find it impressive that you can recall the plot of naruto anime episodes, though. They all just blur together for me.
It sort of stands out in the memory. Naruto, in the form of Ino, peeing on Ino. Who the hell thought that scene up?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
I hate that /a/ has probably sold me on watching that Naruto epilogue movie just for the Hinata stuff.

I thought I was free /jam/. I thought I was free.
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image:141539612100.jpg(113kB , 486x608 , finally.jpg)
You'll never be free.

Admittedly, Hinata winning the Narutobowl has resparked my interest in the series. Not enough to read/watch the entire thing, but to check out a few noteworthy episodes and films. The Last Movie, in particular, has me hyped. Seems like it could be a good romantic and emotional film. And it's directed by the guy who did Midori Days.


Goddamn. Every time. Why are fan fic writers so obsessed with inserting this phrase unironically? It makes no since in English use at all.

Anyway, art wise, this "ending" will at least be better than How I Became Yours. Will probably match or up it in cringe worthiness.
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image:141540453200.jpg(883kB , 1548x1662 , sorry notsorry.jpg)
>>Sasuke on fatherhood
//youtube.com/watch?v=Yt_Fbp-QHbcyoutube thumb

Everything about his quick and total redemption, the 'romance' with Sakura and hell everything that little group of his 'Hawk' which were casually discarded by him but returned like obedient slaves did over the course of the series seem so nonsensical and awful.

Though if we're talking about bastards in this getting rewarded would be sorta amiss not to mention Orochimaru and Kabuto who got off lightly too despite all the flat-out evil and twisted experiments they had performed and all the innocent lives they had destroyed in their time, wandering away scotfree more powerful and immortal than ever.

So many bad guys in this series got 'redemption' and the heroes suddenly acting like they were the best people ever and completely ignoring all the nonsensically twisted and villainous stuff they had done beforehand.
But why is Anko fat now?
It's amusing to see /a/ disgusted by it, but /v/ turned on by it.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
It's too much to expect Kishimoto to have a coherent and well-planned-out ending, redemption or not. The thought was probably "Oh, 700 chapters, that's a good number to end on! But I just started this fight between Naruto and Sasuke... well, I'll just wrap that up real quick, no biggee."

Maybe we'll get lucky and whoever is doing that mini will actually take the world and other characters he built up and do something with them.

It's not a stretch to think that might happen. All the filler portions of the last couple arcs have been much more interesting and entertaining than the actual canon.
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image:141546823100.png(1.7MB , 1296x1976 , 1415322305022.png)
All the offspring designs are really uncreative.

I like Naruto and Hinata hooking up but why didn't their kids get the Byakugan? Is it so worthless an eye it doesn't even matter?
Impure blood I guess.
Sharkman Jhones

Would have made for some interesting character designs, though. Here's this kid that's basically Naruto-with-different-hair, he's always doing the eyes closed smiling/expressions...then bam, pupil-less white eyes that see all.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Now I'm imagining that Naruto was in Sage Mode when they conceived, so the kid gets the huge purple iris and the bar pupil. Either together in both eyes or one in each eye.
I will bet good money that one or both have the Byakugan regardless of pupils because Kishi.
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image:141555212600.png(537kB , 500x490 , 1415544796338.png)
The complete soundtrack list for Naruto: The Last Movie

01 - NARUTO Main Theme '14
02 - New Moon
03 - Friend
04 - First Love
05 - Luner Eclipse
06 - Little Song
07 - Different Sky
08 - Black Bird
09 - Crescent Moon
10 - Crisis
11 - Day Dream
12 - Daymare
13 - Snow
15 - Cave
16 - Caution
17 - Close to You
18 - Shadow
19 - The Day
20 - Good-bye Forever
21 - Frozen Field
22 - Old Stories
23 - and Dark
24 - Destiny
25 - Night to Night
26 - Cache
27 - Remember You
28 - Blue Black
29 - Stardust
30 - Recapture
31 - Red Shoes
32 - Unison
33 - Counterattack
34 - My Sunshine
35 - Chain Explosion
36 - The Last
37 - Moonset
38 - Sunrise
39 - New Breeze
41 - After Story

Eagerly awaiting all the cheesy romance this movie will bring.
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image:141564808000.jpg(51kB , 500x667 , 1415644996954.jpg)
It's Harry Potter all over again!

Kishimoto's assistant, for anyone that didn't know. Angry shippers have been tweeting him about their OTP not being the real deal in the end. There's also the spreading of lies, such as the final pages being fake, or NaruHina only happening last minute for marketing reasons. So much buttmad.
All their delicious tears...
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Anyone who is still emotionally invested in Naruto at this point--especially if they thought that Kishimoto would have an ending that would please them in any way--deserves every ounce of disappointment they get.

Every. Single. Ounce.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

A-goddamn motherfuckin’-men.
The difference here is its not the quality of the ending's writing, the only reason these particular people are bitching is because they are hardcore shippers who didn't get what they wanted just like say the Zutarians at the end of Avatar.

If that only difference had been Naruto hooking up with Sakura instead of Hinata with no other changes they would have praised the ending as being excellently written.


(There's also some crazy shippers on tumblr ranting that the series is homophobic for not ending Naruto/Sasuke to be fair)
>(There's also some crazy shippers on tumblr ranting that the series is homophobic for not ending Naruto/Sasuke to be fair)
It's not homophobic to not end that way, but you have to admit--the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke was given far more attention in the actual show than that of Naruto's relationship with either of his potential love interests. I can see someone making the argument that the emotional payoff of a Naruto/Sasuke hookup would have been more earned than that of any other pairing Naruto could end up in. Which is not to say I like the pairing (Hinata's by far the most likable of Naruto's potential love interests), but given the story we were forced to sit through, the Sasuke Route would have been one of the few ways to justify those two's fucked up relationship over the course of the story.
Thats just Kishi being a terrible writer, especially when it comes to characters interactions and their actions.

Look at Minato, cunt that killed himself because he couldn't be bothered to be a single dad, shushing his wife even as she tried to tell him how crazy and unnecessary that was.

Third Hokage, useless old bastard who didn't do a damn thing right, not with the village and not even looking after the kid of his successor properly (Also it makes no sense that people didn't realize he was the 4th's son, despite looking so much like him, and being the one with the demon sealed in him just like the 4th's wife had in her previously which is the whole reason they resented him, he even had his mother's surname)

Jiraiya, Naruto's Godfather, turns out to be another scumbag. Instead of being a kindly, crazy old wise man who took up this bright looking young man out of interest, he's a fucking asshole who completely abandoned this little baby who was his godson, did nothing for him all the years he was completely alone and crying to himself in his sleep. Its even more nonsensical with the reveal he was willing to take care of three random brats for three years that had no relation to him?

Itachi, the manga fellated him heavily when he cam back as a zombie but it does nothing to change the fact the things he did were not only villainous but also stupid and detrimental to what he states as his true goals. Trying to turn him into a saint after all that was nonsense.

Obito, dubbed by the hero as "the coolest guy", actually a total monster and whiny prick who's petulance lead to massacres of countless innocent people amongst other crimes just because the chick he was obsessed with as a kid died.

As another example of Kishi's poor character writing,
the whole reason this movie is coming out (explicitly called a love story showing things coming to a climax) and the epilogue was so brief is because he's admitted he can't write romance well(/at all).
The reason side characters are more likeable in the series is because they have to suffer through less chances of being written by Kishimoto, have a cool moment or two to stand on and a likeable basic character without plot cancers growing through them.
Sounds like he was mostly making it up as he went.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
This was fairly certain years ago. I think it became most obvious around the time of the Itachi/Sasuke fight.
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image:141574785300.jpg(457kB , 936x461 , hinata is now team 7.jpg)
Studio Pierott is just rubbing it in now.

I think that the whole "keep stretching the manga out as long as it's popular thing" that hits every shounen writer hit Kishi particularly hard. It's pretty obvious with the way the story constantly folds back on character development and plot in order to keep it going. Bringing popular characters back, reusing plotlines, etc etc.

I know it's not anime, but the only thing I can compare it to is House MD. Where you kept waiting for the main character to become a better person and make some progress with his life. And every season finale you would see some progress only to have it all reset, and by reset I mean crash and burn, the next season and go back to the status qo. Except in Naruto it happens on a plot-wide scale.

Despite its faults though, I was honestly satisfied with the ending. I think I'll enjoy it a lot more when the animators and sound team have a crack at it though, and hopefully expanding on some scenes and things that were left unexplained.
Also, it is obvious that Kishimoto didn't plan out much about the ending beyond "Naruto becomes Hokage". I think that was his biggest mistake. He wrote himself into corners for the sake of keeping the story going, and when it came time to tie everything together no one could have done it in a satisfying way.

I don't want to sound like the shippers, but the character design for Sarada could be seen as proof of this. It's like he designed a character to be Sasuke's daughter in advance. But as he wrote the final arcs even he didn't know whether he was going to have Sasuke end up with Sakura or Karin. So he left the design ambiguous enough to be changed around with minor alterations depending on how it turned out.
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image:141576156400.jpg(11kB , 800x1198 , naruto-2465.jpg)
>Third Hokage, useless old bastard who didn't do a damn thing right, not with the village and not even looking after the kid of his successor properly

I'm still so mad about this. Way to just take a giant shit over one of the most effective emotional moments of the first half, Kishi.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y
>Also, it is obvious that Kishimoto didn't plan out much about the ending beyond "Naruto becomes Hokage".

Yeah, no kidding. Honestly, honestly, he sort of blew Naruto becoming hokage too. Naruto's desire to be hokage was never about the office itself, it was about Naruto attaining social acceptance. He wanted to be hokage because everyone had to respect and accept the hokage.

But the thing is, Naruto already has that. After the Pain arc there was no way around the fact that he was an accepted and even honored part of the village. That narrative arc was closed. Which makes Naruto actually becoming hokage just a piece of empty formality, devoid of any real impact.
I wouldn't go that far. Naruto starting out as a kid that flunked ninja school three times to becoming the greatest Hokage the village has ever seen shows how all his hard work paid off in the end.
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image:141580087800.png(347kB , 637x900 , Destiny is Destiny lol.png)
Except that's nonsense, it turns out he's the prophesied child of destiny who is also the reincarnation of a legendary figure and is part of a noble clan and bloodline.
It stopped being about hard work when he got handed multiple powerups just because of who he was.

DudeWithMoney is also right, if Naruto had NOT become the Hokage and been living happily in the end at having the respect of others and a loving family that would be an ending that showed meaning.
Sharkman Jhones
I bet if Naruto had been a girl, and her interaction with Sasuke was left as-is: constantly going after him, refusing to believe he was irredeemable even to the point of physical danger, no matter how bad he hurt her and turned his back on her, some of the same Sasuke x Naruto shippers claiming homophobia would be throwing around words like "problematic" or "sexist." Hell, I bet there's people saying that about Sakura now, for marrying the guy...

Straight out, those two had a pretty abusive and toxic relationship for a really long time, but then they blew off each other's arms and I guess he worked it out of his system?

I know The Last is being written by a different team,* but I'm 100% certain it's impossible for a single movie to redeem literal years of Sasuke mercilessly trying to kill the protagonists and bring the world to its knees.

*Different Team or no, I want to see Hinata actually be useful. It'll be kinda pointless if she isn't at least capable of holding her own in a fight.
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image:141585052100.png(109kB , 390x315 , tumblr_nel8yttXTY1ra1qr3o7_1280.png)
>Hell, I bet there's people saying that about Sakura now, for marrying the guy...

Yeah, that's actually a big problem I have with the ending. I'm a NaruHina guy myself, but I would have accepted a Sakura ending if that fake confession of hers was actually sincere. Having Sakura realize the guy she's been crushing on since she childhood was actually an psycho and that she needed to move on would have been a fascinating development for her. Along with her realizing her true feeling for Naruto as an adult.

I'll admit I'm not a fan of Sakura, but I didn't like how her questionable devotion to Sasuke was rewarded in the end.

>I know The Last is being written by a different team,* but I'm 100% certain it's impossible for a single movie to redeem literal years of Sasuke mercilessly trying to kill the protagonists and bring the world to its knees.

The M.O. for the movie, though, is just establishing Naruto and Hinata's relationship as lovers. The only thing I'm expecting from the film, regarding Sasuke, is when he and Sakura fucked. Because right now the only thing we have going is that "Boom. You're pregnant" edit.

>I want to see Hinata actually be useful.

One of the leaked images from the movie had her with super Byakugan, so it looks like she will keep up.
Well yeah they'd say that, because that's Sakura's arc in a nutshell and it's sexist as hell.
save file
image:141588068900.jpg(19kB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg)
If we don't see a Sekiha Love Love Rasengan then this movie is bullshit
But does Bleach end with everyone dying and becoming shinigami with Ichigo as the captain commander.

Does One Piece end with Luffy finding the One Piece.
I will immediately forgive Naruto for everything if that happens.
So in the wake of Naruto ending only two remain.

In Bleach: Ukitake and Shunsui are being shadier fucks than usual and Kubo still doesn't remember that Shunsui is supposed to have an eyepatch. Meanwhile, the Monk of the Royal Guard isn't going to job out with out a fight it seems.

In One Piece: The tragic tale or Corazon comes to an end and we possibly learn about X Drake's origin.
So what's the percentage chance that the value of the One Piece is more sentimental than actual?
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Or they find that Gold Rodger's treasure had dwindled to "One Piece" of gold bearing his likeness.
It's obviously just going to be a picture of his crew.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Pardon the awful joke, but…OVER 9000%
One Piece ends with Luffy and co. going off for more adventure after having found One Piece, duh.
One Piece ends with the Straw Hat Pirates going off for more adventures in memory of their late Captain
It sounds like half the value of One Piece is political.
One Piece ends with Luffy squatting down and plopping his hat on the head of a kid orphaned by Sakazuki, telling him that he wants it back some day.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y
If One Piece doesn't end with Luffy kicking off a brand new Pirate Age, Whitebeard and Roger-style, I'll eat my hat.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
One Piece ends with Luffy taking every Devil Fruit power into himself, then lives forever in the bottom of the ocean, ridding the world of Devil Fruit.
He's already part of a new generation with the Supernovas.
Sharkman Jhones
I'm not caught up with One Piece yet (I'm on the Impel Down arc) but what would be the most disappointing thing it could be, though? I think by this point, it just being actual money would have to be the least impressive thing. Or maybe if it was some sort of superweapon, a la Halo.

Maybe if it was a time machine.
If the plot so far is anything to go by, it's probably something to do with the lost civilization.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

Roger and Whitebeard were part of a new generation at one point too.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I think Anon was specifically referring to the "Worst Generation", which isn't actually an entire generation but a term for the eleven top rookie pirates.

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image:141608735700.jpg(102kB , 1500x640 , IntX96Q.jpg)
Xenoverse is now available for Preorder on Steam, what do people think about it?

Does anyone know how many characters you can make? Would suck if you could only make the one.

Also kinda hope it doesn't focus on the new movies, at all. Much more interested in the story elements from the online game brought over.
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image:141610897300.jpg(372kB , 2048x1152 , Dragon-Ball-Xenoverse-0623-06.jpg)
It's nice to not have the entire plot of DBZ be retold for the 78st time.
Well, sort of. Plot of DBZ as a self-insert fanfic, but at least it's different.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Speaking of DBZ.

Rewatching DBZ via Kai on Toonami reminds me why I vastly prefer DBZ Abridged. Or maybe it's just the dub, I’unno. All the dialogue sounds ridiculous and there's SOOOOOOO much of it that's either infodumping or Generic Shounen Bullshit. Abridged (when isn't trying to be hilarious) gets plot-relevant info and dialogue into the mix without spending an entire goddamn episode on it.
I've made the Abridged series my personal canon.
Saying shit like that is why some of the people involved with it have gotten so unpleasantly arrogant.
Well, I'm not taking it back.
save file
image:141623534100.jpg(49kB , 337x500 , frieza again.jpg)
what is this shit?
save file
image:141623849300.jpg(57kB , 300x291 , dbztamago.jpg)

>Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F (Dragon Ball Z: F Is For Fukkatsu; fukkatsu in this case means ‘resurrection’, while Toriyama himself said the ‘F’ refers to Frieza)

>An Earth where peace has arrived. However, remnants of Frieza's army Sorbet and Tamago arrive on the planet. Their goal is to revive Frieza with the dragon balls. Their dastardly wish is granted, the "F" that plans its revenge against the Saiyans is revived...!
That's just silly.
But I suppose this is the one long big fight of ultimate destiny that people wanted Battle of Gods to be, so sure.
This is all just like the continuing Naruto novels and manga, though of course toriyama's franchise is no stranger to being milked its simply the new animated fodder brought out after the years since the giant monster movie being them kicking it up a notch.

Hell let's just get Naruto and DBZ to have a crossover movie and make it 'canon' to each series for extra marketing hype.
pfft, all he needs is a Legendary Super Saiyan God form now...
The big question is if you would think better or worse of the movie if it was about reviving Broly instead of Freezer.
Worse, thats not even a question, Umbrelly should not have been kept around after the one movie (though at least the movie featuring his clone was interesting solely in that it didn't involve Goku appearing to take any spotlight in fighting the movie villain AT ALL, not even his ghost showing up to actively take part like against Bojack or Broly in his second movie).

He became incredibly cancerous non-character who got pushed too much, plus his fanboys were some of the most awful examples in the fandom
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
It’s basically fanservice for people who want to see Goku take on Frieza one more time. That's it.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Speaking of DBZ, it occurred to me just this morning that Videl is an anagram of Devil, and her father is Mr. Satan. I don't know how I missed this for more than a decade.
Toriyama said Mr. Satan's real name is Mark, which is an anagram of akuma for devil.
Pan is named after both the bread and the mythological creature.

This is stupid. The entire POINT of Brolly's Legendary Super Saiyan form was that it was a transformation unto itself that had no limits; his power level basically just kept on rising the longer he used it. After the zenkai he got being smushed by the comet and crashing onto Earth, it even exceeded the level of a Super Saiyan 2. Having him transform into SSJ3 or 4 is not only ridiculous, it misses the point.


Okay, I'm honestly really curious about this one. Excepting Yamcha and possibly Krillin, there isn't a single major character in the series that couldn't solo Frieza, hardly trying, at this point. Even Goten or Trunks could manage if they turned Super Saiyan. Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan wouldn't even HAVE TO turn Super Saiyan!

So I'm guessing he's going to somehow have some kind of Cooler-ish transformation that enables him to magically reach the power level of a Super Saiyan 3. Ugh...
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

In the 12th movie, Gohan didn't even go SSJ before he one-punched Frieza into dust.

My guess is Frieza's henchmen (or Frieza himself) use the second wish to make him the most powerful being in the universe or something. It would explain why Bills would need to show up again, anyway.
DBZ power levels are stupid.

It doesn't help all the saiyans have such utterly boring fighting styles, while anyone who has interesting techniques is benched since power level bullshit only cares if you are a saiyan, or more specifically Goku and sometimes Vegeta (not Gohan, even when he becomes stronger than his old man multiple times he's soon bitched out so Goku can save the day)

Seeing the human Z-fighters defeating Freiza through them teaming up and attacking him at once would be far more interesting to see.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
This seems like as a good a time to ask as any: Are they still on Namek?
He wishes for immortality so they just keep beating him up and it's like welp.
Garlic Jr already did that for both the movie and the anime filler arc.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Wow, I can't remember the last time someone actually nutted up and asked for that. Congrats! Can't wait to hear how you f**k this up.
save file
image:141642628300.jpg(17kB , 1024x768 , 1416422030899.jpg)
Man there are some cerazaaaaaay spoilers flying about, wonder if any of them are accurate.
In other news

Bleach: The Vizoreds are back and they brought Yoruichi's little sister with them while Urahara is acts shadier than usual. Meanwhile the monk has his best psycho face on and is seemingly using his powers to cut Ywach's abilities in half. Which means there might be a few more chapters before he jobs.

One Piece: The Flashback is over and we get a status report of that's going on. Law reveals he's a D and begins his counterattack on Doffy. Also Senior Pink saved a cat.
save file
image:141650710400.jpg(155kB , 500x250 , s4ma8z.jpg)
Seems like Jump won't be mourning the hole that Naruto left. Hero Academia is supposedly selling gangbusters. So much so that the tanks keep running out of stock. I'm so happy for the mangaka. This was probably the last try Jump was willing to give him and he actually hit the motherload. And the manga's tons of fun, too.
Looks pretty cool
Alright, let's do it.

Cast your vote on which members of the Doflamingo family will be rehabilitated or help out the good guys, even if just for future cover arcs. Who can be redeemed?

My prediction is that all non-execs get the Baroque Works treatment while Baby 5 and/or Senor Pink get continuing adventures.
save file
image:141651980100.png(46kB , 253x474 , Why is this so surprising.png)
Seeing a western-styled manga superhero organisation being explicitly focused on pure heroics is so uplifting, usually its pretty corrupt with the "heroes" being pushed by the system just to become assholes that care more about earning points and outranking each other than doing good.

I'm loving this series and characters. The art is pretty sweet too and there's some great character designs specific ones made me think of the Xmen.
save file
image:141652270600.jpg(406kB , 700x963 , 31056970.jpg)
The mangaka is a huge cape fan, as evidenced by a bunch of fanart he drew. Even the color pages of the manga are inspired by Western comic covers. He also supposedly draws while wearing Spiderman gloves.
Dear Gintama, please stop beating my heart with emotions. Why do you cut me so deep. I read you for laughs. But I go home crying ;_;
Hero Academia? I might start following that series!

Its nice hearing about comic artists from a region being open to absorbing artwork from other places. Used to be manga authors just consuming manga, americans just having american, and so on. The french side really started standing out when they started combining their own schooling with both japanese and american styles, and lots of upcoming US artists are really coming forward with their japanese influence.

Its healthy and refreshing for everybody.
Honestly no on really.
So who wants to bet that the whole Quincey thing is a ruse and Urahara and those two captains are who we should be worried about.
save file
image:141665595800.jpg(54kB , 720x406 , 1780958_917994948211613_8798287638528253384_o.jpg)
Maybe it'll give you the chance to beat down this petty little bitch with your OC if he has to show up during story mode at least.
save file
image:141668441700.jpg(186kB , 640x1136 , image.jpg)
Why don't you just add all of the mangos?
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

Because that would cost more money, presumably.
save file
image:141676896000.png(151kB , 501x586 , the face of evil.png)
Its kind of hilarious that Sasuke's daughter needs glasses.

Is that gonna be the reason this Uchiha will fuck things up for everyone in the future as is the natural outcome for those of their bloodline? Getting pissy that her hax eyes don't work right?

Yeah, I don't get that stylistic choice AT ALL. Literally the only other person I can think of in the Naruto-verse that uses prescription glasses is Karin.

Seriously, now... is Kishimoto trying to tell us something??
save file
image:141684609200.jpg(98kB , 600x940 , naruto 699.5.jpg)


Kissu confirmed.
>>The Naruto mascot at the showing tweeted the kissing scene perked him up. Some people say the kissing might be to much for kids. Very passionate the knuckle-headed ninja it seems. He has problems at first because Hinata is too short
Really like the MC's hero suit glad that it was explicitly stated he has sent it off to be repaired from the battle damage it sustained instead of just being discarded and sticking him in something "cooler"
save file
image:141697383500.jpg(118kB , 640x470 , tumblr_nfl4f9qKJ21rygxb6o1_1280- .jpg)
save file
image:141708838900.png(3kB , 854x1248 , img000018.png)
I'm starting to get why Japan is so obsessed with Tsuyu.
save file
image:141709038500.jpg(697kB , 1500x1119 , 1416504799164.jpg)
The frog girl of the team got ALOT of attention from the fans incredibly quickly
The Sneaky Tiki
What is this?
It's in the thread >>90289
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image:141709893300.png(38kB , 600x447 , BnHA.png)
Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia

A new superhero manga in SJ that happens to be selling well.

Its pretty awesome.
Looks like 'Mingo's a cut above the rest.
I guess Law now has to fight 'Mingo unarmed.
Someone should give Law a hand.
He's having some trouble keeping himself together.
Bleach:Kubo really like music references as the monk reveals his Bankai to lose to Ywach.

One Piece: Law losses an arm which is probably no big deal since he has his devil fruit. Also Bellamy is about to put in his application for strawhat with one last attack.
save file
image:141713663900.jpg(59kB , 845x1200 , 1415924962863.jpg)
I think Hero Academia has been translated up to around chapter 20 but only if you read Portuguese, for English its up to chapter 14.

Could just go around pulling more pics of her off the web and be enough to fill bout the entire thread.
But I like the gravity girl and the insightful chick with the weapons too
save file
image:141713960000.jpg(161kB , 728x1112 , Thisissogood.jpg)
FUCK, Goddamn it this is so much better than any comic out now, I haven't enjoyed something this much since Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol.
>dem hips
>dem legs
>dat tongue
>dat bosum

Best girl.
save file
image:141717994500.jpg(1.42MB , 1988x3056 , Doom Patrol (1987-1995) 026-000.jpg)
And the more I reread, the more similarities I notice.
Was wondering when someone was going to post that.

Can't believe something Naruto related is getting so hype.

(As a side-note its amusing all the amount of shippers who are only now yelling about Hinata "stealing the heroine role" from Sakura because of the movie stuff)
Just now I'm realizing how amazing it is that he's actually grown up.
At about the same rate as some readers, I believe.
save file
image:141726638900.png(77kB , 1280x695 , tumblr_nfrti4m4lr1td8d19o3_1280.png)
save file
image:141727315800.gif(56kB , 500x292 , Spoiler image)
Ok, I can't be the only one who sees the Aang/Katara parallels now can't I?
save file
image:141734742900.gif(3.44MB , 400x225 , 1414181208709.gif)
People have been talking about Naruto alot everywhere because of it ending and the movie and it caused me to come across this being posted. My only question is when did Shizune get such damn sexy gams?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
I'm sure she's had them, but we've just never seen them before. But she originally got them by heavy scissoring with Tsunade.
Does anyone in Japan even know ATLA exists?
Sharkman Jhones

The first season or at least part of it aired before getting pulled. It had a dub and everything, but it just didn't do well, sadly.
You know it just hit me. Shizune is still around the Hokage's office in Naruto's time, which means she probably served as a aide there through all of Kakashi's term...
Very few, since I think it's a cable show.
save file
image:141754734300.jpg(97kB , 835x389 , 1417545343554.jpg)
Some new clips of Naruto: The Last Movie from two separate interviews.

//youtube.com/watch?v=dDycTj1Kii0youtube thumb


YouTube version of the second video.

//youtube.com/watch?v=6dW_Sy1-ipsyoutube thumb
Man I REALLY like how creator driven manga is.
save file
image:141766296900.gif(2.21MB , 200x174 , 20023sw42yu4.gif)
>First video
>"wait... that song, is it... OMFG IT IS"

Also this, with translations from Tumblr.

//youtube.com/watch?v=5q-BXeJGpyMyoutube thumb


Why? Why? Why are you crying so?
I know all that you went through, you waited so long
Why? Why? I took so long getting to you?
How could I not realize? I finally found you…
It was hard to find

Now my feelings are different
My heart wants to be with you
You’re my other half
In a slip to the stars.

Why? Why? Why that expression?
You don’t have to worry anymore
Why? Why? …
All this time I did not see you
My feelings were confused

I just needed a because to love
A simple decision that I should have taken
Enjoy life with you
You’re the perfect person

That lifelong wait
I promise I’ll protect you
You are the star that shines on my sky
My heart will follow you to the end

No matter what happens
We can overcome anything
That’s what I want…. It’s what I want
That I want to do.

My heart wants to be with you
You’re my other half
In a slip to the stars …
We will face anything
And nothing will stop us …
Nobody can. Nobody can.

Opening from the anime special episode or something, has alot of movie scenes.
Is Oda sick or was I just not paying attention.
//youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_nSVsusFQyoutube thumb
New teaser of DBZ Revival of "F"
save file
image:141776166500.jpg(113kB , 478x712 , next week.jpg)

There was no planned gap announced last week, so if there's no chapter it's unplanned.
Man DBZ is such a terrible franchise, the only thing that is making me think about getting the new fighting game is the in-depth character creator and the fact that the gameplay looks far better/more fun than the past couple of games. Has any new info been released regarding it?
save file
image:141787884000.png(376kB , 500x781 , Spoiler image)
Naruto The Last related
save file
image:141787891500.png(257kB , 500x790 , Spoiler image)
None of this comic is really spoilers by this point

Might as well cover it just in case
save file
image:141788392300.jpg(248kB , 1280x696 , Spoiler image)
Naruto: The Last Movie spoilers.

T4 was here
Confirmed for best girlfiriend.
save file
image:141796029400.gif(512kB , 629x274 , 1417956002895.gif)
Best Girl Won
Man its getting really pathetic with the shippers in regards to the new naruto movie, they are going MAXIMUM ZUTARIAN.

They are intentionally going out of their way to pick out negative Japanese comments and try and claim thats proof that all Japan hates the new movie/Naruto & Hinata getting together, or that it isn't making any money despite making as much money as the previous film did over time on its opening night alone.
Also trying to claim that voice actors are in revolt and refuse to do more work because of particular characters not getting together.

Somehow this seems even worse than those people starting petitions to try and get the movie banned in the west or force Kishimoto to change the ending, its like they think they can sneakily alter reality if they get enough people to believe their propaganda.
save file
image:141797161900.jpg(247kB , 1280x708 , tumblr_ng65wsdH8Z1sokxpgo3_1280.jpg)
save file
image:141798318400.png(534kB , 698x667 , 1417023817209.png)
Anyone else reading Hero Academia? Things are really getting intense for the rookies just now huh?
The Sneaky Tiki
The Sneaky Tiki
So is the big three done now? Can we just have One Piece, Toriko and Boku No Hero Academia be the big three?

that way two of the big three would be incredible with only one being kinda mediocre.
Toriko is awful though.

And even after they tried to push it HARD as a replacement Big 3 member it didn't do very well.
yeah Toriko is the shitty spawn of HxH and OP
If we're going by pushing volumes and merchandise, both Haikyuu!! and Kuroko no Basuke would be in the "new" Big 3 over Toriko and Boku No Hero Academia. The next generation of Jump's topsellers are very much defined by the female demographic. We're entering the age of fujoshi.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Sounds cool to me.
I'm impressed that term even stuck.
Does Yowamushi no Pedal fall into that anywhere? It's mega popular with fangirls despite the icky Matt Smith/Hiddleston/Cumberbatch-tier character designs.
It's not Shonen Jump.
save file
image:141803517300.gif(546kB , 500x636 , tumblr_nfz9j01krM1qjxb31o1_500.gif)
Infinity Girl is awesome, doesn't matter how buff they be she can toss them into the stratosphere! I also like her massive megaman boots.

Something that came to me in the current issues that I should probably spoiler it makes sense that the majority of the villains attacking the heroes are just chumps who can get taken down by the young heroes. Think about it, in this world the majority of people have a superpower or 'quirk'.
They can throw on a costume based around a theme and commit crime but it doesn't mean they are going to be good in a fight or their quirk is particularly useful for combat and criminals don't have to be disciplined or be impressive enough to get into special training schools so they end up just being henchmen called up by other villains simply with flashier outfits. Basically in this world most of the mook villain henchmen are superpowered where in other comic universes would just be common thugs.
save file
image:141803529400.gif(147kB , 548x692 , 1416503861096.gif)
Kishimoto admitted that the reason the Naruto kids don't have the Bakugaun is because he forgot.

Just thought I'd mention that.
If anyone cares about Assassination Classroom shit is about to get dark.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Source? Though I've no problem believing it.

He must have stolen someone's proposal when he created Naruto. He gave us this large world with an expansive set of characters who have a tone of potential... then spends 90% of the series focusing on Ninja Jesus, Ninja Judas, and their deus ex hacks while shitting all over the world, including his own canon.
>He gave us this large world with an expansive set of characters who have a tone of potential...

That seems to happen quite often. Not developing stories beyond the premise. I agree the idea BEHIND Naruto is great - Ninja town and ninja school... but its wasted.
Same with stuff like Battle Athletes, and I'd even go as far as to say Sword Art Online or whatever that's named.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
While it's true that failed potential is not a rare thing, Kishimoto seems to be especially good at it. Also, most stories start off with a small-ish group and gradually open up. Hunter x Hunter is a good example of this, I think; at least, from what I recall, it built up into the lumbering canon that it is now.

Naruto, on the other hand, tried to do a dozen main-ish characters from the start with heavy influence by secondary characters (Iruka was a large part of the very, very early story, but then just popped up whenever Kishi wanted to Naruto an extra reason to up the hax) and in the end almost none of them got any character development.
I can't find it, but It was from a recent interview.
Camrip of the post-credit scene of Naruto: The Last Movie.


Another leaked scene of Naruto proposing to Hinata

Bleach: Ywach "The Almighty" is starting to run it back on Paint Monk, and seems to be as broken as our old friend Aizen.

One Piece: We're possibly entering the final stretch of the arc as some of the weaker members of the family start to drop. Giants are still kinda cool.
save file
image:141848241400.jpg(92kB , 576x1024 , Spoiler image)
Well that is just fucking adorable right there.
>>Does anyone know how many characters you can make? Would suck if you could only make the one.
So anything been announced yet for XV regarding that
That the first of two kiddle for him. Papa Naruto looks a bit scary.
Another leaked scene from The Last.

It's the genjutsu scene, where Naruto finally comprehends Hinata's feelings for him.

save file
image:141858517500.png(583kB , 1717x1250 , img000015.png)
Translations are getting closer to catching up with Japan. All Might doing All Might things.
Its good to give him this chance to show what he could do and why he's the symbol of peace, while at the same time we know this won't be him overshadowing the rest of the cast from their own time to shine in the future...
save file
image:141877470600.jpg(1.35MB , 1187x1750 , one piece amiibos.jpg)
All the Strawhats are in on this.
Oh God as if I didn't have enough reasons to hunt down WFT and Samus.

Anyone know if Amiibo's are region locked?
They are region-free!

Good luck.
Pretty sure hers was discontinued.
About that, Nintendo announced that they'll going to make more of the amiibos that are out of stock.
Bleach: So The Almighty Ywach literally has all seeing eyes and Blood Monk was finally jobbed out.

One Piece: Don inherited his Pinhead Grandpa's army, his super move and got himself a new wifeu in Baby 5. Good for him I guess.

No one remembers who Don is do they?
Don was Chinjao, the old pinhead. Then, his grandson and successor surpassed him, and Chinjao surrendered the title to him. The new Don is Sai, the grandson of a guy who got his head caved in by Garp, who uses a Guan Dao and who has a brother.
The Littlest Remora
The loudmouthed dude from the coliseum who couldn't take a compliment?

Yeah, kinda weird that he'd rise to such prominence, but his ownership of one of the world's strongest naval forces and debt to the Strawhats means he'll likely be an important supporting character.
Baby 5 is adorable.
All Might is amazing.
save file
image:141912099500.jpg(179kB , 890x1307 , 51301.jpg)
He is, and My Hero Academia is SO GOOD.
save file
image:141916112400.png(588kB , 493x812 , Uraraka Heaven.png)
Is it weird of me that the only reason I'm paying attention to Seven Sins is because of the music? Especially since the OST for Aldnoah was kinda mediocre.
save file
image:141921851600.jpg(1.95MB , 1280x7040 , doflamingo vs. law.jpg)
One Piece continues to be great.
Honestly I Sawano's making a bit of a comeback in that regard. It's a lot more original sounding than his last few.
//youtube.com/watch?v=Nj4JtEqlyosyoutube thumb
>American release for PS4 and Vita
If we're talking about anime fighting games

//youtube.com/watch?v=Y71CqaLGDDsyoutube thumb
save file
image:141942736500.png(171kB , 845x1250 , GoddamnAllmightiscool.png)
I really like that it's not just being powerful, he's a good character reader and he's smart.
save file
image:141942745200.png(208kB , 838x1250 , img000007.png)
Nevermind. The editors yelled at him and he had to puss out.
With out getting into heavy spoilers, it looked like it was going to into a thing about exploring overcontrolling parents and the mental abuse they inflict on their children, but just when things were heating up the story was resolved in a quick unsatisfactory manner and it looks like they're dropping it.

It was also going into why the blue haired feminine boy was the way he was.
save file
image:141951184900.png(494kB , 1711x1250 , coolesttagline.png)
I think one of the things about Hero Academia that makes it so strong a series is it's civility.

A lot of jump goes for that crazy "SHIT IS SO SERIOUS, NOW WATCH ME MORPH INTO CHIBI" comedy style.

Hero Academia doesn't really do that and things flow much more fluidly and organically than in most Jump.

Look at this end chapter tagline, this is what I'm talking about.
save file
image:141954364400.png(1.71MB , 1280x1629 , 1417574243360.png)
The things I'd do to that frog.
save file
image:141959515300.jpg(334kB , 728x1114 , jimg004.jpg)
What would you even call that thing Deku wears around his face?
It's the bottom part of his mask that his mom made him. When it's not torn up it looks sorta like All Might. The top part got blown off in his fight with the Grenade Guy.
That wasn't what I was asking, I know he wears the seperate piece on his face with his actual superhero costume and is just wearing another one he bought with his gym uniform, he mentioned that. Its just bugging me that I don't know what to call that piece of his outfit.
save file
image:141964301600.jpg(8kB , 425x118 , 4 wheeler dust mask.jpg)
4 wheeler dust mask.
A Tablet makes the Viz app much more tolerable.
Why they can't add a landscape mode for phones is beyond me.
Now I can catch up on my shonen jumps.
save file
image:141977336500.gif(1.03MB , 362x512 , gravity bounce.gif)
save file
image:141978897200.jpg(343kB , 780x933 , gogeta ape.jpg)
the fun never stops with heroes.
Still better than Super Saiyan God
save file
image:141979489900.jpg(346kB , 1590x1117 , 33238_original.jpg)
>>Horikoshi draws Special Jump Poster
save file
image:141980109600.jpg(551kB , 1325x2142 , 1416533954951.jpg)
>his assistants draw themselves as superheroes
The Sneaky Tiki
It's like looking at the desconstruction of someone psyche, you can figure out who designed what characters just by looking at that.
I think most, if not all, of the characters were designed by him. That's not really what assistants do.
Seven assistants? Is that normal? That seems like a lot.
I don't think any of them designed characters. Something that important would always be up to the author themselves.
Why do you think any of them are actual character in BnHA?

This seems to just be the assistants who work on it getting some kind of mention in relation to the series, not as characters actually in it.
That is not the actual series logo.
You need to work on your reading comprehension, mate. None of those posts said anything about these characters appearing in the manga.
Take your own advice and follow the string of posts, the only 'character designs' being discussed are the superhero versions of the creator's assistants, who were likely designed by the assistants themselves since they were just being used as a shout-out to them in some bonus page.
The assistants quite likely submitted their own designs for themselves for the shout-out instead of the the creator designing them, how much simpler can I make it.
The Sneaky Tiki
You guys are probably right but jeez I'm just blown away be how all the characters in the series seem to have an individual art style without seeming out of place.
I wonder what that zombie-lookin Kid's quirk is, some sort of ability to control the bodies of others? Just a random guess
The designs are very varied, but I'd say aside from All Might who is purposefully different they're stylistically consistent. The artist is just good at diversity.
save file
image:141996152400.gif(1.94MB , 449x266 , Spoiler image)
>Literal spoilers for BNHA 25
save file
image:141997086600.png(337kB , 599x848 , Spoiler image)
So Ice Guy's dad huh?
The Sneaky Tiki
if his mom is ice based then it's gonna be rad.
save file
image:142000030500.jpg(73kB , 500x941 , 1419999898054.jpg)
Explain this to me, because this is what I'm hearing on /a/: There was a scene in the Bleach anime where Ichigo and Orihime held hands, after the Grimmjow fight. That moment wasn't in the manga and Kubo got mad, leading to the scene being removed in future re-broadcasting. Later on, there's a filler episode that's basically IchigoXRukia and it has the two of them holding hands. Kubo's response is that the animation is beautiful. Is this right?

I stopped following the series during the Soul Society arc, so I have no clue about this situation.
>letting someone like Rukia subject herself to a piece of shit like Ichigo
Please for the love of god no.
Rukia has a good effect on Ichigo though, the only times he isn't a worthless shit is when she's involved.

Bleach is terrible anyway, it needs to hurry up and actually finish like Naruto did.
I'd be fine with either one winning the Ichi Bowl.

If Kubo was cool though he'd end it with Rukia and Orihime sharing him.
By doing a timeskip where everyone is paired up and has children?
Wouldn't care either way, the only important part is it being over.
And what would come to replace it? Toriko?
Toriko isn't a replacement for anything, since its also crap and has been around for too long.
They tried to push it super hard in the past and its not selling all that great.

SJ is made up of more than three series, "the Big 3" is more of a western meme than anything meaningful.
>SJ is made up of more than three series
To the point that most posters don't seem to really know what manga are even in SJ.
Death Note and Niseikoi just stand at opposite ends of the doesn't seem like it should be in Jump spectrum
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I'm catching up on the Fairy Tail anime (dub is available on Hulu and it's good for background noise) and just got to the time skip. Stupid. I do recall people complaining, but was it as badly handled in the manga? It was simply one episode things are normal, then sunken island at the end, then next episode we're seven years later, and in 20 minutes everyone is back and okay because herp-derp they were sleeping. Not even a change of wardrobe, which is surprising considering how often they do so in this series.
Heroes made it to the end of GT
//youtube.com/watch?v=umb8e_NHtSkyoutube thumb
Clearly that means things will get much more crazier after this.
>Chapter 26

Dammit Deku, do you ever do anything that isn't cool?
Is that the thread hit maximum posts?
Pretty sure we did.

Bleach and One Piece are still things. The captains are about to break in and the monk thinks Ichigo is going to job. Meanwhile we Leo did a coll thing and rescued the princess and we're still not back to Luffy.