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I'm hoping you guys can help...

I saw a clip of an anime and I really would like to know what it is....

The clip shows first a young women in a red armor top, form fitting with brown shorts and a wicked dagger, she has white short hair in a loose ponytail, she flicks her ponytail, looks across stone pillar outdoor area at other young lady who has dark hair, short, with a white bikini top and 2 gold semi autos, dark haired girl starts shooting...white haire girl is running at her, bullets are kinda anime 3d as they pass, white haired girl gets to dark hair and they both end up with dagger/gun at each others head...

Any help would be appreciated.
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Fairly generic, but for recent stuff, that sounds like something reminiscent of Blade & Soul (what little I've seen, anyway). The clothing doesn't match but the MC has white hair+ponytail. Don't suppose you have a link to the clip? Is it more of a current art style or something more from the 80s/90s? Recall any discerning emblems/lines?

Also, this shoulda gone in the general thread, but w/e.
Sounds like Burst Angel to me.