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Captain Scorched Earth is more like it.

Gingers be a vindictive and spiteful sort
So whats this all about?
The Sneaky Tiki
I'm trying to figure that out, seems to be a child of a hero makes friends with people who are connected to defending the world from aliens while men in black types try to fuck with them.

They work for the MIB's but while thanks to the main character actively telling them to fuck off.

I like it thus far though it seems like a little bit of a slow burn at the start.
He's just making Star Driver again, but taking it seriously, which is stupid.
It's about a superhero named Captain Boomerang throwing his boomerang at invading aliens who want to eat human sex energy for food, the aliens also happen to be genetically cloned humans or maybe not with amnesia that can be fixed via alien kissing.

It's hilarious how it could be so boring.

It's worst sin is having a ridiculously long gattai sequence with no real interesting mecha battles to back it up. It doesn't earn that gattai at all.
Is it too early to compare this to BONES' other mecha series?
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Captain Earth Nebula Engine Expand Sequenceyoutube thumb

Move over Earth Engine!

Here comes a New Champion!