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DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y
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Is...is it just me, or is HSDK actually kind of awesome lately?
And yet you post a page that is lame and without hype.

I bet its still bad.
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Well, I could have posted this page instead if you'd prefer.

I find what's going on with Chikage much more interesting, personally.
The Sneaky Tiki
Why does that women have a goat eye?
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y
Because she's evil and shit I guess. I dunno, she just does.
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This has become a good arc. I like that there are turning out to be multiple factions within the bad guys.
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But where is Shigure during all of this? She got loose before the kids landed on the island, so what's she been doing this whole time? Forging all new swag with the help of the engineers she reverse Stockholmed? Because that would be great!
She's a master class fighter. She uses her supreme muscle control to smoosh her pupil into that shape so she has a bigger field of view and can more effectively avoid attacks.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

They've been saying this from the first moment the armed division appeared, but I didn't think anything would ever come of it. I am pleasantly surprised!

I guess the two factions must have parted ways some time after WWII, and each developed differently. The unarmed division stuck closer to their roots as martial artists, with the whole sense of honor and whatnot, while the armed division just went 'fuck it' and took up a philosophy of victory at any cost.
Oh, there's that. But they've been mixing in Miu's mom's group now also. And that ninja warrior guy who trained the kids so coldly earlier this arc on the sub...zero.
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Master Ma is the best master. He can sense boobs swaying.
So hey is it just me, or did HSDK actually turn out to be complete piss?
Yeah it pretty much devolved into ecchi with no sensible plot and characters that were less than one dimensional.
It all went downhill once the masters got involved.
Seriously, when it was just the semi-plausible martial arts that was fantastic, but the master's bullshit was so dumb and boring.
Think I dropped it around the time one of the master's didn't die from his injuries because "hurr ancient martial arts medicine is superior", the scene had been so dramatic and if he'd died with his rival taking over training the kid it would have had so much meaning.
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Such an awful final page.