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image:149293851900.png(148kB , 640x345 , agent-min_640x345_acf_cropped.png)
Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent thread

Alright artists, puritanical christian activist group One Million Moms just announced their homosexuality free cartoon, Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent, where Secret Agent Ryan Defrates solves problems with the power of the bible, and no gays are allowed ever.

Your time is now. Go forth. FLOOD THE INTERNET.
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image:149309627200.png(24kB , 200x290 , Ryan Defrates doodle.png)
Why the hell do I want to fuck this anti-gay character?!
Oh well, he's cute. I'll draw some stuffs, here's a very small practice.
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image:149309635800.jpg(419kB , 1096x638 , 666.jpg)
Also, these guys are the devil!