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image:165931000628.jpg(44kB , 602x503 , 1601257011779.jpg)
Let's have a thread about our favorite game characters. Talk about whatever characters you like. You got a definitive favorite character /cog/? For me, it's Snake with Francis York Morgan and Dante close behind.
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image:165931062718.jpg(43kB , 640x480 , boardslide.jpg)
Snake is cool.
Its kind of fucked how Hideo treated him in mgs4, and that was after his staff revolted and forced him to tone down the downer ending he originally planned with Snake and Otocon being tried and executed by the government for terrorism.

As for Francis York Morgan its a shame DP2 wasn't as good as DP1.
Just trying too hard to capture lightning in a bottle and it came off as really forced.
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image:165931262519.jpg(396kB , 945x1434 , 1609785734386.jpg)
I still have no clue why that skateboarding minigame was included. It's kinda funny though.
>Its kind of fucked how Hideo treated him in mgs4, and that was after his staff revolted and forced him to tone down the downer ending he originally planned with Snake and Otocon being tried and executed by the government for terrorism.
I'd agree but I did like how MGS4 concluded his story and relationships with people, even if bringing Big Boss back was the most contrived shit imaginable. I thought Raiden was done a lot worse with Rose and Campbell lying and manipulating him like that.
>As for Francis York Morgan its a shame DP2 wasn't as good as DP1.
>Just trying too hard to capture lightning in a bottle and it came off as really forced.
This I completely agree with. Him and Patricia were the only good things about DP2. The rest of it just made me want to play the first game instead. Does anybody know how the PC port turned out? It ran like shit on Switch even after the patch to improve the frame rate.
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image:165931392272.png(1.38MB , 1465x1267 , compromised.png)
Harry DuBois of Disco Elysium is a character that is liked by many very much because he's so fucked up and broken as a person and/or because they find his antics funny. Also because of the many voices in his head that contribute to the prior.

Sort of like York seeing as they are both investigators but much more dysfunctional and depressing.
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image:165931499526.jpg(35kB , 1280x720 , 1214214.jpg)
>I thought Raiden was done a lot worse with Rose and Campbell lying and manipulating him like that
The writing of metal gear solid 4 is pretty terrible.

How was Campbell taking Rose and her son in to protect them by pretending as if he was the boy's genetic father supposed to fool anyone who saw them?

The kid is a mini-clone of Raiden with his unnatural anime silver hair, they couldn't have even tried using dye or something to make the ruse more convincing?
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image:165931576322.png(461kB , 688x549 , 1655465196448.png)
I need to get around to playing Disco Elysium. I've heard it be compared to Planescape: Torment which I love, so I shoudl play it soon. A friend of mine got me it as a Christmas gift last year but I still haven't played it due to IRL shit and playing other games like The Witcher and getting back into Yakuza.
Kiryu is another one of my favorite characters after playing Yakuza 5. I like his melancholic taxi driver version, but he's great in all of the games.
I'm convinced that was just hastily thrown together so everyone gets a happy ending. It's so dumb and makes practically no sense. Raiden should've just told Rose to fuck off after pulling something like that.
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image:165931651428.jpg(91kB , 640x640 , John Halo.jpg)
I think Halo is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.
Halo is basically Robocop dropped into Alien vs Predator.
But he can run.
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image:165937715046.jpg(1,014kB , 2000x1270 , hades-credit-supergiantgames@2000x1270.jpg)
Zagreus has particularly good voice acting, that along with the game/writing being high quality makes him a joy to play as and cause you to really empathize with his quest for freedom.

Like he is witty in his repartee with bosses and other cast members but has an emotional sincerity that avoids falling into the pitfalls of being a sarcastic wanker like can often happen in modern media because writers are hacks. That's one particularly point I'm thankful for.
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image:165945741804.jpg(7kB , 225x225 , I Love It.jpg)
I'm all for multi-dimensional characters, but a one-dimensional character who's an absolute gem of a character is just as good as any deep character. Best examples of this are Gene from God Hand, Duke Nukem, and the King of All Cosmos.
Man I love Gene.
He needs to come back in something, even as just a cameo.

Imagine him showing up in a Devil May Cry or a Marvel vs Capcom.
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image:165946199177.jpg(57kB , 592x443 , Boring.jpg)
He was considered for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but Amaterasu was chosen over him, which I guess makes sense since Okami was more successful once the Wii port released, but Gene was tailor-made for a fighting game like MvC or even Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. I mean they probably could've chosen both or have Gene in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Maybe it was because having both Gene and Vergil in the game would cause the world to explode under their power.
Vergil a shit, his fanboys are the worst.
He should have stayed dead instead of being brought back for DMC5 and getting handed yet another power up (In this case literally powered by the blood of the innocent) to make him equal with Dante.
There used to be a rumour going around that Gene was brought up for MvsC3, and the team working on the game basically said "who?".
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image:165946712135.jpg(453kB , 762x652 , Eli_hand.jpg)
Eli is underrated as all hell. Sure he doesn't have much screen time in Half-Life 2 and the episodes, but he's such a chill motherfucker that I always enjoyed any part with him. Robert Guillaume also killed it with that raspy voice. Real shame he died before Half-Life Alyx released, but also he was already in his 70s when he voiced Eli so who knows if he would've voiced him in Alyx.
Valve series are a mess when they just never get finished.

What was the deal with Half Life: Alyx, it was some sort of time warp thing so it undid the previous ending of Half Life 2 (Episode 2)?

Are they going to make more games of the series?
>What was the deal with Half Life: Alyx, it was some sort of time warp thing so it undid the previous ending of Half Life 2 (Episode 2)?
Basically yeah. Eli is alive after the Advisors attack and Alyx gets taken into custody by the G-Man. The G-Man also says that Alyx could replace Gordon so he might be free from the G-Man and his employers.
>Are they going to make more games of the series?
Knowing Valve they're only going to make a new game if they can develop some new technology to go along with it. I get wanting to innovate and be stand-out but I don't think anyone would be mad at them for just making a new Half-Life game that iterates and improves elements of past games. That's what they did with Portal 2 and it's one of their most loved games.
Going back to a series you dragged out then abandoned just to add a new instalment that retcons a previous entry in it seems retarded. Other flaws in terms of writing is how much they've built up both the Combine and G-Man as such overpowered antagonists that the heroes really have no plausible chance of overcoming them outside of some extremely contrived deus ex machinas.
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image:165958538616.jpg(50kB , 610x343 , the team.jpg)
On the topic of Valve, will any ensemble cast in a game beat these chucklefucks? They're all terrific and bring so much charm and personality to the game. The Meet the Team shorts are also the best promo material for any game.
They certainly are better than say the cast of Overwatch.
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image:165961670544.jpg(185kB , 960x540 , Metal Wolf and Michael Wilson.jpg)
Michael Wilson is the best.

And the reason is...


Metal Wolf Chaos XD - Not Over Yet, because I'm The President of the United Statesyoutube thumb
The more I hear of this game, the more does it sound like the God Hand of the Xbox.
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image:165963078016.jpg(145kB , 620x349 , the king.jpg)
Could any game character beat Michael Wilson? He is the president of the United States of America. Only contender I see is the King.
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image:165963885855.jpg(142kB , 1600x728 , solid_snake_vs_big_boss_mg2_by_solidsnake78902_d3gax2l-fullview.jpg)
>even if bringing Big Boss back was the most contrived shit imaginable
Big Boss should have died and stayed dead in MG2.
There is not a thing in creation that the King of All Cosmos could not take on.
Micahel Wilson would throw the king in the harbour before dumping crates of tea on him and declaring the independence of these GREAT UNITED STATES OF EARTH from the Cosmos.
>motherfucker literally burns to death in MG2, complete with seeing his entire body engulfed in flames
>"lol he survived and was put into a coma for 15 years"
Both that and retconning his motivations to be that he and Zero couldn't agree on something so they went to war over it is probably the most retarded thing in MGS4
Then the King would appear above him, commenting on what a waste of delicious tea that was.
No anon.
Kings, being hereditary monarchy, have an inherent vulnerability to FREEDOM.
This is then compounded by the fact Kings are also weak against American-Types performing an Independence action.

When brought together these iron-clad facts logically show that the President would overcome the King.
Kojima is a garbage writer, this is true for all the games he makes.
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image:165966297316.jpg(34kB , 456x403 , bill clinton.jpg)
So only an American president can only beat Michael Wilson? In that case, could Michael Wilson win in a fight against NBA Jam's Bill Clinton?
You'd think his Defence would be higher, after all he was acquitted during his impeachment trial was he not?
NBA Jam's stats are pretty whack, like George Clinton having pretty good speed even with all the weed he does. Maybe George Clinton is just too fast for the rest of humanity and the weed just makes him normal.
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman" is not a good defence.

Also the trial happened years after NBA Jam was released.
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image:165981086445.png(210kB , 500x707 , 6bf5b0ae26abb7cc2dda694e4fb3de60.png)
We've talked about heroes in this thread, but what about the villains? You guys have any favorite villains? Mine is either Rando or Revolver Ocelot.
Again speaking of the writing of MGS4, it sucked Ocelot off a bit too much.

He's successful in all his goals and JUST AS PLANNED everyone while even getting out of being possessed by Liquid by the simple act of cutting off the transplanted arm and replacing it with a robot one (while still pretending to be controlled by Liquid, again as part of his plan).
Snake on the other hand is an old dying retard who crawls through deadly microwave hallwaves when the mini-Metalgear could have done the job by itself. The only things he manages to achieve over the course of the entire game is pretty much what Revolver Ocelot allows him to, even beating the guy to death in an old man slapfight on top of his base as a self-indulgent call back to previous games.
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image:165982564236.gif(952kB , 500x281 , you're pretty good.gif)
I'd agree on that. I liked Liquid Ocelot's personality in that but they took the mastermind aspect of his to a dumb extreme. The thing about him not actually being possessed by Liquid despite MGS3 giving a reason why that could actually happen is also dumb as shit. I liked him the most in MGS3 where he's this dumb rookie trying to act cool. Every time he appeared it was amazing.
Though is kiryu finally going to stop being the main character now that they've introduced the new protagonist in the turn-based Yakuza game?
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image:165988683884.jpg(85kB , 555x312 , 1658805305160618.jpg)
Yes they've confirmed that Ichiban will be the protagonist from here on out. Kiryu is in Yakuza 7 but as a supporting character that doesn't get a lot of screen time. Honestly I don't think he should appear again now that he's not the protagonist. It felt like they brought him back just as fanservice. His character is completed so he shouldn't appear again. What I want most from Yakuza 8 is for these two chucklefucks to come back.
>and the team working on the game basically said "who?"
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image:166015146325.png(340kB , 750x1024 , Lonesome Road Courier.png)
I like the Courier from New Vegas, in part specifically because they are just a dude doing a job with no attachments in their life unlike say the MCs from 3 or 4 who have the WORST family stories hamfistedly forced onto them and making up the primary plots of their games.

What do you know about the Courier? They deliver packages and once in passing delivered one to a place called the Divide, that's about it for their set-in-stone history.
It doesn't force a spouse and child on you that you (the player) don't give a fuck about and try to tell you how much you care about tracking down your son.

Getting shot in the head then needed to track down the sunnovabitch who stole the package that was in your professional care? That's an objective in life anyone can get behind.
Also a bonus in that they are a Fallout protagonist that wasn't a vault dweller, that's always nice.
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image:166016570662.png(459kB , 678x445 , space jesus.png)
The Courier was a really well done protagonist. I agree with all your points. I really like the Jedi Exile as well. They have a defined backstory but you help create it through your interactions with characters instead of having all of it thrust on to you early on. Just ignore TOR and the Revan book.
You should ignore ALL 'official crpg novelization' type stuff.
One of the very worst examples is the 'official' version of the Main Character of Baldurs Gate they made for the forgotten realms setting, a dumb twat named Abdel Adrian.
The BG novels were absolutely terrible.
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image:166046709547.jpg(70kB , 1920x1080 , MGS2M4A1_1.jpg)
I actually liked Raiden more in his original appearance rather than how they later turned him into an edgy animu cyborg ninja waving his katana around and somehow cutting giant robots in half.

And saying a HF Blade is superior because its made from an old katana rather than one purpose-built with modern materials was such retarded cultural posturing.
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image:166048656877.png(3.06MB , 1597x892 , 1569536340057.png)
I'm with you on that. He felt very defined and unique in MGS2, and has a great character arc. I just found him boring in both MGS4 and MGR. It felt like they didn't know what to do with his character in either game, and in MGR he gets upstaged and overshadowed by the villains, who are more interesting and fun than him.
>And saying a HF Blade is superior because its made from an old katana rather than one purpose-built with modern materials was such retarded cultural posturing.
I think saying Jack the Ripper is actually an alternate personality for Raiden rather than just a nickname was even more retarded. It felt like they needed a reason to justify the Ripper Mode mechanic but had to make one up right on the spot. Honestly the only thing I liked about the story in MGR was the villains cause everyone else is just really dull.
Its a real shame the comics they were making sort of fizzled out instead of reaching a conclusion. As is often the case with Valve stories.
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image:166068814606.jpg(52kB , 600x600 , wario.jpg)
I love Wario for his comedic value. Dude is dripping with personality. I like how it shows in his games too, like how you can't die in them cause he doesn't care enough to die, and how most of his power-ups are just him deforming his body in some way.
Its kind of funny with Wario.
Looking at his design alone you'd think he'd be a rival character to Mario, being that its an inverted or twisted version of the hero and seemingly with all the trappings of a 'dark counterpart'.
But he barely has anything to do with the guy. He's just a selfish dude with his own goals on his own adventures and even has his own antagonists.
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image:166101467314.png(424kB , 500x452 , Will Smith Jazzy Jeff.png)
What was the logic behind the choice of secret characters you could unlock in the NBA JAM games
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image:166101821658.jpg(25kB , 320x203 , 262247-1086127906.jpg)
1. whoever was cool,
2. whoever the authors could get the rights to. There's a youtube video about the history of the game that should explain it. They had a lot of Mortal Kombat characters (and even more of the staff) in the game too, because they both worked on Acclaim and maybe on NBA Jam too I forgot.

Even Steve Snake was in the game, in one of the ports anyway.
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image:166125373028.jpg(22kB , 360x450 , Ackerman.jpg)
Forget about Michael Wilson and NBA Jam Bill Clinton, the greatest president in any game is Howard T. Ackerman.
Ackerman on Attack Adsyoutube thumb
Ackerman on illegal immigrationyoutube thumb
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image:166125627348.jpg(59kB , 791x573 , cockmongler1.jpg)
Ackerman was a life model decoy remote controlled by the Japanese Emperor.

The best president, I mean comrade premier, was Anatoly Cherdenko.
Tim Curry is escaping to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism.youtube thumb
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image:166126776953.png(460kB , 780x1095 , ackerman.png)
Get outta here, commie scum. We'll have none of your communism corrupting the American people once we shove a nuke up your ass.
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video:166127147577.webm(2.77MB , 1920x1080 , 1634667000897.webm)
>once we shove a nuke up your ass.
Sounds like someone is compensating.
How was Red Alert 3 so good? There's so much personality jam packed into it. It sucks that RTSs kinda died after it and Starcraft 2 released since MOBAs exploded in popularity.
>How was Red Alert 3 so good?
It wasn't; the economy was retarded and the balance was fucked in that all counters were extremely hard counters. So you had to micro every single unit perfectly because 1 mistake lost you your entire army. The toy tank designs didn't help either. They wanted to make it too micro heavy because of StarCraft and as a result you couldn't build massive armies like in all other C&C games.

The upside is that the music was finally decent (C&C3 may as well not have had any music), and the single player mode was a lot of fun, especially the cutscenes. Shame it was too short. And yeah, the FMVs were great, they put a ton of ham in it.
But to be fair, RA2 was already kick ass in that regard.

Multiplayer isn't that bad but it requires a frankly annoying skill level, since you can so easily sneak in 1 unit and economically cripple the other player.
That's true, things were pretty fucked mechanically. I loved the single-player a ton though, probably my favorite RTS campaign alongside RA1 and 2. Wonder if there's a mod to have the RA3 campaign in the RA1 or 2 engine.
>But to be fair, RA2 was already kick ass in that regard.
Whoever decided Ray Wise should be the president deserves a raise cause he was amazing.
>All this C&C talk
My favourite RTS is Metal Fatigue... because it has giant robots in it...
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image:166148103045.jpg(11kB , 325x231 , 1599448810104.jpg)
Based giant robot bro
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image:166176347641.jpg(47kB , 444x333 , Prince Charles of the UK in NBAjam.jpg)
Are you saying Prince Charles is cool?
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image:166204822789.jpg(346kB , 1920x1080 , biker.jpg)
I like Biker way more than Jacket in Hotline Miami.
He's just way cooler in design as well as the fact he has personality, instead of being a mute psychopath he comes off as a (violent) professional in his hits.
Doesn't hurt that when playing as him its possible to get to the bottom of everything by figuring out the password for the computer (albiet via meta-methods)
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image:166223829669.jpg(79kB , 720x450 , Hotline Miami.jpg)
I still need to get around to Hotline Miami. It seems really fun and up my alley.
Its great fun, its kind of an action stealth game due to your character being fragile and outnumbered by a large amount of criminals who have various weapons.

Its still about deploying rapid frantic brutal hyperviolence but you have to be tactical about how you dispense it and how you take out the enemies/make use of the tools & environment present to do so.
Sweet, I'll have to pick it up next time it goes on sale. What's your opinion on the second game? I've seen conflicting things about it, like some people saying it's way better than the first while others saying it was just kinda whatever.
Honestly I never played it so can't really give any details.

The look of it just didn't grab me like the original.
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image:166242918843.png(902kB , 1304x904 , Rugrats Season Finale.png)
>even beating the guy to death in an old man slapfight on top of his base
>Honestly I don't think he should appear again now that he's not the protagonist. It felt like they brought him back just as fanservice. His character is completed so he shouldn't appear again
I agree with you but they'll probably keep bringing him back for unnecessary cameos to keep tugging off all his fans regardless.
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image:166281292397.jpg(48kB , 540x308 , shinada.jpg)
That's probably the most likely thing that'll happen. His parts in LAD weren't too bad with him passing the torch to Ichiban, but there's no reason to bring him back. I think the only past protagonist that should come back should be Shinada since he would play off Ichiban well, plus he has basically no connection to the Tojo Clan, which fits LAD's ending of Ichiban turning down Daigo's offer of joining a security firm run by ex-Tojo members.
>Are you saying KING Charles is cool
Hah, nice one.
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image:166292499184.gif(3.24MB , 640x360 , sundowner.gif)
I like Sundowner, he's an entertaining villain
Well they brought him back anyway for Yakuza 8 to team up with Ichiban. He's also getting his own spin-off detailing what he did between 6 and 8.
I liked Cuno's original voice acting more than the new one they got after reworking it all for the updated version of the game.
I'm maining Taichi Suzuki, what about you guys?
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image:166354127235.jpg(45kB , 336x592 , Radd-Chan.jpg)
Paul Radd
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image:166369909154.gif(2.47MB , 640x360 , disregard bitches acquire ritches.gif)
Wario is fantastic
He has that Fat Ugly Bastard energy.
But the only thing he's gonna cuck you out of is your gold.
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image:166380644792.png(1.27MB , 785x1109 , Cain.png)
Don't have anything in-depth to say but Cain the french commando machine is amongst the best Robot Buddy characters ever as one of your squadmates in Binary Domain.
He's just so cool.
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image:166453240466.jpg(415kB , 741x1112 , 1664530350279218.jpg)
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image:166487216437.png(292kB , 618x306 , master cheeks.png)
John Halo was cooler before they dragged out his franchise with increasingly terrible video game sequels, and a fucking awful live action series.
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image:166535188338.jpg(203kB , 1000x1000 , the-good-life---button-fin-1584494012301.jpg)
What is The Good Life and its protagonist like, as the latest Swery game?

Is it similarly weird? Its another small town with an outsider PC wandering into it and getting involved in supernatural events, though in this case a town in England instead of America.
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image:166618783434.jpg(59kB , 300x819 , waluigi before waluigi.jpg)
Should Waluigi ever be made 'canon' and actually hang out or interact with Wario? Or should he remain consigned to the sports game dimension?
I don't see why he can't appear in a Wario game. It would give him more personality and would be fun.
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image:166661349412.jpg(65kB , 1280x312 , 1234.jpg)
Just completed Just Cause 3, was fun but the open world sort of runs out of steam toward the end.
Rico Rodriguez is your standard cool action movie hero of the hispanic sub-variety.
At the very least he stands out more than generic shaved head and stubble scowling space marine you see in various forgettable shooters and action games.

Though the games are a little inconsistent, not only in Rico's character design but also somewhat in terms of their overall tone.
What happened to Tim Curry is depressing, been binging alot of old media and it came to mind.

Like there's obviously Rocky Horror Picture Show but he was also good in the Clue movie.
Best movie based off a boardgame I've ever seen.
Wonder if its possible for Hades to ever get a sequel
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image:166768254652.png(985kB , 1200x1200 , 2076.png)
Tony Hawk is my favourite fictional character from videogames.

They need to get a new actor to portray him at events though. The old guy they've currently got filling the role is pretty past-it.
I miss when sports videogames were actually good.



What other characters from random media showed up for no reason in skatboarding videogames?
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image:167007217080.png(307kB , 900x600 , E4W597aVgAEzk2v.png)
Absurdly based, his game is excellent. I should replay it soon since it's been a good while.
>his game is excellent
He had more than one, what are your opinions on the sequel?
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image:167055419599.jpg(87kB , 1200x675 , featured-hades-II-hades-2.jpg)
Praise the Gods, prayers have been answered.
Hades 2 Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2022youtube thumb
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image:167056509245.jpg(333kB , 1316x1836 , 1670563883911856.jpg)
Better image
Never played it actually. I'll play it after I replay VJ1. I didn't play Red Hot Rumble or Double Trouble either. How is VJ2? All I know is that the logo looks really good.
Its alot like the first one, so its very good and worth playing.
Sweet, I'll check it out soon then. Were Red Hot Rumble and Double Trouble any good?
I never actually played the handheld games so dunno. Think they were a bit different gameplay-wise from the 'main' ones.
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image:167157050417.png(1.74MB , 2000x1600 , family.png)
Do we ever get even a hint at what happened to the original Megaman (or indeed any of the major Light robots I suppose) after his games and before X wakes up
I don't think so, pretty sure we only know that Light died. I only played the classic, X, and Legends games so maybe there's a hint in one of the other series that I don't know about.
I remember at some point earlier on in the internet everyone thought "The Cataclysm" was a real thing, where Zero was unleashed by Wily wiping out all the heroes of that era before vanishing until he reappeared in the future to attack Sigma and infect him.

When it was just a plot concept made by the webcomic Bob & George.
Real "Chinese Whispers" effect.
Apparently this is a sibling of the protagonist of the previous game? Maybe she was born after the events of that story what with his parents getting back together.
SWERY is overrated, he only had one 'good' game. And really it was more weird than good like a cheap B-Movie. When he tried to recreate the magic with a sequel to it the whole thing failed.
Command & Conquer "remastered collection" is currently on sale for cheap on Steam for like the next 20 hours, its the original game and original Red Alert.

Is it worth buying?
>Is it worth buying?
The soundtrack alone is like 5 hours worth of ass kicking, and the game plays just like it did in the 90s, but with less bugs, better performance and improved UI. The upscaled graphics can be turned off with a button press, and there is mod support. It includes all the original missions, mission pack CDs, and console-only levels AND cutscenes.

Only downside is that it plays just like the original, so be prepared to cheese the AI and seeing your Harvesters stroll into the enemy base if there are no other resources but there.
Hi-Fi Rush seems like a well-received game that has just come out recently.
The lead game designer was previously the director for Viewtiful Joe 2 and also game designer for Vanquish and the first Bayonetta.
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image:167488066744.jpg(347kB , 1917x1078 , HiFiRush EvilWithin.jpg)
Didn't know that, pretty cool. It seems really fun so I should pick it up soon. Can anyone here who's played it tell me more about it? I know it's like a mix of an action game and a rhythm game but that's it.
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image:167653810161.jpg(48kB , 742x960 , 623236234.jpg)
Which is the better Megaman.

Megaman the Elder or Megaman the Younger.
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image:167676128805.png(129kB , 250x500 , MMLVolnutt.png)
I like Mega Man forma treasure hunter the most
Yeah he's cool.
It bothered me that they changed his voice actor between the first and second game, really hated the new one.
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image:167710100174.png(988kB , 1400x700 , all bout the zenny.png)
>named Megaman Trigger
>because he will pull the Trigger on any Nigger that tries to get in the way of his Grind
Cash Money~~
Uh, The Good Life is getting dlc it seems.
That feels like unusual news worthy of mentioning.
>dat sundowner
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image:167901514584.jpg(65kB , 1242x630 , Lords work must be done.jpg)
Joshua Graham was so much cooler than Ulysses.
Ulysses was an interesting concept but was executed really poorly. His reasoning felt more petty than anything. Graham and Elijah were way better. He had an amazing voice at least.
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image:168043153540.jpg(302kB , 2880x1550 , 6534737.jpg)
I can't believe Sonic the Hedgehog is fucking dead
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image:168053014888.png(1.99MB , 1024x1280 , sheva.png)
Sheva was a cool RE player character, its a shame she vanished into the void and never made another appearance.

When they invariably remake 5 like they are doing with all the other games I hope she's treated well, and not like Jill was in the remake of 3 (though speaking of that Blonde Jill in 5 is one of the worst parts of that game)
I wish he'd stay dead. Just for something like 5 years or so.
Not even his line of consoles being killed can stop him
He is powered by the twin forces of autism and degenerate furry lust
She's in the same secondary player character dimension Billy Coen is in. Though it at least makes sense that he doesn't ever appear again being that he's a wanted criminal who was reported as dead by Rebecca.
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image:168377539314.png(1.56MB , 1910x917 , God Hands.png)
Gene from Godhand is cooler than any of those other character action losers like Bayonetta or the cast of Devil May Cry.
Gene is one of the best videogame heroes period. Up there with Doomguy easily.
Gene and Doomguy should team up to rip & tear through all the demons of hell.
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image:168557347687.png(1.42MB , 1920x1080 , 13_Rodin.png)
Talking about Gene would have been cool had he been one of the cameo secret unlockable characters (like Bayo, Jeanne & Rodin) in W101, Wonder-Godhand.
Daisy is in what you would call a proper mario game now as one of the playable characters.
Maybe they will continue on to making something where Wario and Waluigi are the playable duo.
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image:168874167775.jpg(684kB , 2014x3241 , Captain Syrup Shake It.jpg)
Wario and Waluigi obviously replacing Mario and Luigi, Syrup could take the princess slot as the girl character even though she's more Wario's rival than anything. What would fit the Toad/Yoshi slot as the mascot-style character of the team?
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image:168932700472.jpg(12kB , 280x180 , Bushido Blade 2 M16.jpg)
Bushido Blade was a pretty hilarious game.
It was a fighting game with swords (plus like a sledgehammer and a spear) where if you hit people in a limb it would disable it and if you hit them properly you could one-hit kill your opponent.

The funny part was the first game had a boss with a revolver, and the second game then included another character who used an M16... in a game where people fight with melee weapons that features instant kills.
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image:169047620166.png(280kB , 693x517 , 47.png)
Hitmandude is a cool guy. Also now whenever I hear Ave Maria I think of the series.
Ave Maria (8-Bit)youtube thumb
That 8-Bit Ave Maria reminds me of this:
Priest scene from Machete but it's Father Garciayoutube thumb
You know speaking of Hitman the group of 'elite' female assassins wearing latex fetish Nuns outfits from Absolution were fucking retarded. Maybe even dumber than the "Beauty & Beast" unit from MGS4.
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image:169164329821.jpg(49kB , 300x441 , 1288063400967.jpg)
In the Gameboy games, Wily time-travels far into the future where he finally gave up and Rock was turned entirely back into a helper robot. Wily steals future Rock and remodels him into Quint. Quint presumably gets destroyed by the time of MM(, because he doesn't show up when you have a rematch with the rest of the Megaman Killers.

So Megaman isn't around because Wily stole him and turned him into a worse robot.
Not canon.
As of MegaMan 10, the Gameboy games are pretty canon, as the MegaMan Killers showed up in it. And even if your idea of "canon" is restricted to just the numbered games, MM9 gives you the answer: all Robot Masters have an expiration date now based on if they've outlived their usefulness. Once Light and Wily die, Megaman would lose his special exemption because his two specific purposes (Fight Wily / Assist Dr. Light) would be gone and he gets scraped.
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image:169255058860.png(896kB , 1335x903 , The worst Bhaalspawn of all time is mentioned in BG3.png)
>Abdel Adrian
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image:169450612515.png(619kB , 600x600 , Protoman_MKII MMX.png)
Presumably Protoman breaks down at some point due to being a Loner and a faulty prototype, the patchwork repairs he receives from working for Wily etc only extending the inevitable.
Protoman showing up in the Mega Man X time period would have been so cool.
Not as a reploid but just a robot with a new rebuilt body to better blend in/give him a new design for the new series that lets the developers disguise the fact its immediately Protoman. Would still not include the most advanced cutting-edge tech but his vast experience gives him the edge to make up for it in conflict.

If the megaman setting had been more carefully developed it could have been a thing, maybe he'd also be looking after X from afar alongside the Dr Light hologram.
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image:169687752101.jpg(93kB , 800x1000 , 1696874029098693.jpg)
HUNK is the coolest Resi character.
The cast of Operation Racoon City are okay (though the game itself is pretty shitty) but they are just trying too hard to directly capture the same appeal, its a bit too 'forced' and diluted.
I've got a more general question related to 'Characters' for the thread.
When playing a videogame RPG do you prefer to create your own 'Avatar' character from scratch or take up the role of a pre-existing/pre-defined individual?

Myself I prefer the chance to make one rather than step into the shoes of an existing one.
For a first time, I tend to go for the avatar, but on subsequent playthroughs, I like to go for the latter and try to roleplay more.
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image:170663266854.jpg(806kB , 2436x987 , Lt Surge fought in the PokePal Wars.jpg)
>The Lightning American
Lt Surge is the coolest Gym Master because he's actually fought in wars y'know.

Specifically the war that took place abroad in a region that has only recently been declassified...